Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Goin' camp

Remember this?

I'm leaving tomorrow to do it again *sigh*

Expect something similar to this on Monday or Tuesday

Ta ta n behave, kittens!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Some things are just too good to be true...

Taken from the BB site:

"The Big Brother House designer assures us there were no closets included in his BB06 design, but the moment David set foot in the House, the usually openly gay farmer quickly found one.

His housemates might not have cottoned on yet, but there is something about David, that he has actively decided to keep from them. The HMs know the 26-year-old is a farmer, they know he's an ex-model, but for reasons best known to himself, he is going to considerable effort to be evasive about the fact he is gay. When he applied to be a HM, he described himself as a "young, bright, committed gay farmer". He's openly gay in his community and is 'out' to his friends and most of his family. Even newspapers and internet forums are now buzzing with reports that David is gay. So why has he chosen not to tell his HMs?

David decided to go into the house with a clean slate, so to speak. He indicated last night to Big Brother in the Diary Room that he wants the HMs to get to know him as a personality rather than a sexuality. There's no doubt the HMs already think the world of him, and they seem like a pretty open-minded bunch, so would the truth about his sexuality really even upset anyone?

The answer to that could depend on how long David decides to keep his HMs in the dark. While he hasn't actually lied to anyone, several times he's gone out of his way to avoid the truth. He's had several opportunities to 'come out' over the last few days. On day one when Katie asked the group: "Is anyone here gay?" David turned a deaf ear to the question and left the room. Since then he's been questioned repeatedly about his previous relationships, but he's simply maintained that he hasn't had a girlfriend in six years. That's absolutely true, but he has also omitted mention of any boyfriends.

In the Diary Room last night, David confessed to Big Brother that he "feel[s] kind of, in a way, deceptive," in his interactions with Camilla. She's made it no secret that she's keen on him - something which has not escaped his notice. "She sees a relationship there, which can't happen," said David.

As for when David's going to take the plunge and finally come out of the closet, we can only wait and see. "I feel uncomfortable with the fact I haven't divulged everything," he told Big Brother. However, suggesting that he is happy with the tact he has taken, he added, "I think it's more important people get to know me [first]."

It may be important to David that the HMs get to know him, but he'll need to be careful not to dig himself too deep. That closet could get awfully uncomfortable if he stays in there too long."

Yes, I've been in denial since the first rumour, but still, ;> <; It won't stop me pervin', unless they vote him out for deception when they find out, SPESH Camilla, poor dear... Mebbe now's a good time, seein as they have some 'secrets' task this week?!

And are we sure he's the ONLY gay in the village house?

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Laying on the SMACK DOWN!

If I were Adro, I would fully lay the smack down on that smarmy AJ - I mean, WTF get him out of the game and then 'pop over' and tell him he's back in almost straight away?!



is this thing stuffed?!

Friday, April 21, 2006

When bad temps go wild

Today starting out as an OK day and then started it's downhill slide... Over hotdogs today (from Wendys. not the BB guy), the middle techo guy informed me that he and my boss were off to a conference on the Gold Coast later in the year with another random from a different section.

Not fair.

They're MY gang and I don't get to go.


THEN I get my economics test results - 26/40


Clocking closer to 4:30 I was sinking into my funk and getting ready to clock off - work was a lil quiet today and Mondays is bound to be almost dead - when there was an email from some guy in my work inbox, with an intruiging title...

WTF is a wastrel? I pondered, before scanning the email and calling out to my bay and then the next if they knew the face that matched the name. "Oh, you mean Jesus?*" asked middle techo guy - Intrigued yet? Here's the text (my edits is in brackets to maintain the beauty of his efforts - if the writer finds this - email me! - I'll keep you updated on the reaction!):

To: All Staff
Titled: Attention Wastrels

Stop trying to throw out staplers, tape dispensers, and hole punches if they still work.

Stop leaving boxes full of various objects in the (printer rooms) for me to sort out. Remove all the paper and put it in the paper bin. Remove all the stationery and put it with the rest of the spare stationery - there SHOULD be a dedicated spot for it nearby. If there's not, use your initiative, and friggin' CREATE ONE. And the BIN doesn't count.

Stop throwing out envelopes (blah blah work specific rant) OF COURSE YOU CAN! (some more blah blah work specific rants) So why snub the coffee mug?

Stop putting paper in the garbage bin. The paper bin is right next to it, it just takes the tiniest extra effort to lift the lid up. And God knows you need the exercise.

Stop taking the lift when you are capable of taking the stairs. We have to burn coal in order to power those lifts. We should be burning fat instead. I won't be happy till we are powering the whole building with pedal power -which will give us one-hour MANDATORY daily exercise.

Turn your monitor off when you're not using it, for the above reason. You wouldn't want to be pedalling for no reason, would you? So why burn coal for no reason? That just makes EVERYONE puff.

Stop grabbing two paper towels to dry your hands with, especially after you didn't wash them properly to begin with. And if you insist on two towels, then try DRYING your hands properly. Note that this takes a substantial number of seconds. When it comes to your botty, two squares for the first wipe, and one thereafter is sufficient in most cases.

Stop ordering things when there are already plenty of old ones around. This includes in/out trays, cardboard shelfy/filey thingos, and RING BINDERS!!! Pretty much everything you require is here - you don't even have to look hard.

Find a use for all the surplus stock of the above descriptions. If you can't, find someone who can. Messy (Printer Rooms) aren't useful - but neither is landfill.

Catch a bus.



Stop complaining about the price of petrol. It's only going up because you keep using it.
And you do know where plastic comes from, don't you?

Don't let water run unless you're intentionally wetting something.

Waste not want not. Keep it in mind at all times. You are a disgrace otherwise.

It has been a pleasure working with you all.

Any bets a young temp's contract finished today?

Some of that shite is GOLD - "When it comes to your botty" "God knows you need the excercise" "It has been a pleasure" GOLD!!!

Tho I'm feelin a lil bad now for chuckin all those ring binders in the printer room (we were told to clean out all the cupboards and didn't want to chuck them out!)

*Seems 'Mr Cessation' has been letting his hair "grow out" a lil - sleepless nights preparing his farewell?

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Good. On. YOU!!!!

You came through for me!
You beauties!!!

Don't get TOO excited, but we got a note in the mail to check that the address for the gift subscription was correct (it was!) and an email to say that the shirt will be here in ten days.

Pats-on-backs all round!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I can't keep doing it alone - my arm's getting sore!

So I need some help - from as many of you as are willing to participate.

My Luvbster tshirt and my Women's Health Magazine are still yet to arrive in the lil letterbox. EVERY AFTERNOON I check that damn box and EVERY ARFTERNOON I give it a 'shake of fist'.

And this is where you come in.

*Wild eyed look optional*

I figure the postie comes around 2pm, so if each and every one of you could do me a favour, and at 2pm on Thursday* mutter 'shake of fist' and shake your fist, I'm sure the karma will get to him and he will bring one and/or the other:

Thanks for your help!

* Timezones not enforced - I'm not that picky

Monday, April 17, 2006

One Year Anniversary - Flashback Clip Special of the year that was!

Yes I know it's yawn worthy, but this way I can use it as a handy reference index if anything catches your eye you can get straight to it - Enjoy!*

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17/05 - Partial rant retraction/cactus wang
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- Free Tupperware!!!
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28/03 - Post Birthday Sick Day post
29/03 - Pseudoephedrine changes
29/03 - Pictures of all my P!mps and B!tches (same as sidebar)
29/03 - Explaining P!mps and B!tches
30/03 - Sick Day roundup - week 6 of uni
06/04 - Economics test - week 7 of uni
07/04 - Meet Max!
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11/04 - Eldest Bro's promotion
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15/04 - Folk Festival Announcement
16/04 - Folk Festival Roundup


So there you have it - 183 posts over one year of my life.

*Going thru that, I felt that I actually post a lof of boring crap - but gimme a break, I mean, in RL terms, I wouldn't even be walking yet! You gotta learn to walk before you can run (or leap or dance or do anything too exciting)...

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Folk Festival Roundup

I got 'the call' from Mumsy & Dadsy a lil after 10, saying they were ready for me to come over and take me to the festival - I went with them once about five years ago where I'd seen the pre-fame The Waifs and a very entertaining Rory McLeod and promised myself that I'd come back again - but usually the ticket price ($70!) and the whole Easter Weekend thing meant that I couldn't always get around to it. This weekend, however, a lack of The Hun meant I was looking for other entertainment and The Parents let me know they were headed out and invited me along.

We arrived at about 11am and left at about 9pm, and here are the events of the day (I did take my camera, but pics are far and few between, mostly due to my -1337 camera and skills):

- Arrive at the gates roun 11.30 where Dadsy says he'll pay for half of my entry fee, Mumsy says 'Just give me $10' and my production of only a fiddy means that they paid for it all!

- Pop into the Mallee to see Allez-Gator playing whilst an 'older' couple teach the general masses how to dance. Much hillarity ensues - let's jus say the majority of the ppl there do not have the best dancing co-ordination and that the awkwardness of being one of the last ppl left without a partner does not decrease with age BUT they all looked like they were having a great time.

- Walked around to see what there was to see in stalls and food and saw a bit of Pat Ryan and Ken Howard in the Budawang (the big one up the back where the CIT students were learning to do cameras and sound). They sang old folk tunes (I'm really bad with remembering the details such as WHERE they were from, but it WAS overseas and I'm thinking of England, so we'll go with that for the time being). She had a lovely warbly voice and they were both really friendly, as was the younger girl accompanying them.

- Stop past Seaman Dan in the Troubadour - an eldish looking Torres Straight Islander who was very commanding in his performance - in that he would sit and sing and command the dude on the far left 'Harmonica!' or to the guy sitting to his left 'Solo now!'. He told a story about when he was younger he was given a little pony and didn't know what to call it, so he was named My Little Pony and got a song written about him. You could tell that it was decades and decades old but it was nice - talking about his pony getting his hair brushed and whatnot. We also walked past him a lil later with his gang, so that was my claim to fame for the day.

- Dropped into the Union Concert back in the Budawang- ehm, yeah. The place was absolutely packed and was opened by Kate Lundy - making it the most political thing I've been involved in. We stuck around for the opening and then a Scotsman started to play - When he was talking to the audience he was great, but then his songs were very 'Whatever happened to 1-2-3 what are fighting for' (that's a direct quote) and he was a lot about how people used to want to make a difference, but now they're just factcats working for the man... it wouldn't have been as bad, except that his style of accompanying himself was a little confusing - the guitar didn't seem to match the music in any way and would be in an odd timing - it was like his playing and singing were completely different - we left after the third song.

- Walked past these ppl on the way to get something to eat:

At first, I thought they were men, a la Little Britain, but they weren't. IN FACT I saw them in the Sunday Times the nex morning and they are one of the performers for the day. The paper was talking them up, but all they did was walk towards the lentil burger place and repeatedly sing 'Won't you take me to Folky tone?' which got a bit annoying. I liked it better when I thought they were men...

- Had a Kransky and those little Dutch pancakes for lunch! Yummo!

- Saw some Morris Dancers (I'm still not sure what they're all about except that Blackadder doesn't really like them...):

- Tried to get a cheeky photo of this young man - you can see he's not THAT impressed about it. My plan of waiting until the crowds parted to get a clear shot wasn't that succesful in that obviously he would see me once the crowds parted:
I just wanted to get the pic to show you how I would play guitar (yeah, yeah, I know he's a slide guitarist with CD's and all, but I like to know that if my career doesn't quite cut if for me, there's a place I can go to make some music my way!).

- Saw Bluegrass Parkway in the Fitzroy (near the what's in the tent? tent where you can pay $2 to go in and find out...) - this was one of the two acts the parents most wanted to see. It was four men and a woman who would dress old styles and sing around one mic, playing guitars and a big bass. They also brought out a woman who specialised in 'dancing the boards' and came out in an old dress and did some board dancing to a song a two. Dadsy pointed out that this must be a very niche market - waking up one day and deciding to specialise in dressing up old and tippy-tappying on some wood. They also brought out a young lad playing the mandolin named David Long - he was a bit of awright. They were pretty good, I guess I don't really know enough about the style to fully appreciate it. BUT they did also have a groupie - a lady who jumped up and writhed around in front of them for a while.

- Caught the end of Les Smokin' Gitanes in the Troubadour - a kinda faux gypsy troupe who were actually quite good and entertaining! I'd like to see a full set of theirs nex time.

- The parents settled in with a bottle of wine and some dips and I went back to one of the Op Shoppy stalls and bought a work coat:
My first Op-Shop purchase - $30 from $35 and frilly pocket details. It has blacks, grey and browns in it, so I can wear it with my recently purchased fav shoes. I was initially after a tweed cape thing - jus as long as the coat with little slits for your hands to poke out of, but my man shoulders made it look terrible. Pretty dissapointing as I liked the pattern on the cape better, but this one will do fine, I'm sure.

- Stayed on the Troubadour for the next session and saw K'crasher - at first we were a little unsure - she was warming up with Monty Python's Philosophers song and it seemed a little tryhardish BUT when she got into it she was really good with her fair share of bad luck - she's a blind lady whose father was murdered (still unsolved) when she was nine. She had a really poignant voice and you could really feel it when she sung, so glad we got to see her.

- We stayed on at the Troubadour again to catch David Ross Macdonald - normally a percussionist/drummer, but doing the acoustic singer/songwriter thing a go. Again, we weren't sure after the warmup (Queen's 'I want to break free') but once he got into it, he was really good as well - he had a really touching song about his grandfathers walking stick and given the recent grandparent with a walking stick thing, it was really nice and could be properly appreciated.

- We were starting to get FREEZING but stayed on to catch a bit of Zhiva Voda in Troubadour, but I just can't say I really get Bulgarian music, and so we headed out for a bit...

- To buy ear hats! Dadsy kept going on about how 'It's one of those things that seems like a good idea at the time when everyone's doing it, but after this weekend you'll never wear it again...' but I'll be wearing mine again:
(That's it on the couch btw) - it was knitted by a real Nanna and it kept my head and ears nice and warm!

- Got some of that Lebanese Naan type bread with Spinach and Cheese in the middle - Frickin delicious!!!

- Headed out of the cold and into the Budawang to see The Wailin' Jennys. We were sitting there for like ten minutes while the Canadians fiddle-fart-arsed about on the stage, bitching and pouting at the sound dudes and gesticulating wildly for things to be fixed - they seemed sooo pretentious, so when they started I wanted to not like them - it only half worked. They would've been my fav performance there - three singer-songwrites that grouped together - they are all really talented and have amazing voices, it was really beautiful. IF ONLY THEY HADN'T PUT ME OFF WITH THEIR PRE-PERFORMANCE ANTICS! If they're back next year, they're a must see.

- Unfortch, we had to pop out after four or five songs to get into the Fitzroy for a good seat for Jigzag - The Parents other must see. A three piece with a bonus fourth piece, they're high energy and really draw you in. Pretty folky and apparantly started as a youth church group, they have a lot of passion and the main lady has a beautiful joyous voice. Def a must see - they finished with a great big jam of that surfy-track from the Pulp Fiction soundtrack - I know you know what I'm talking about!

- We stopped back past Allez-gator in The Mallee on our way out, and caught a portion of the find of the night - a gang of five youths - four girls and a guy playing the guitar and singing (in a rather nice operatic tone!) 'Blood is thicker and better than wine - Sodomy is not just for animals, human flesh is not just for cannibals - la la la la la la la la laaaaaaaaaa'. Odd.


Summary: If you can, go! It's a good laid-back day with an atmosphere you won't find elsewhere in Canberra - the price keeps the skanks and hooligans out and everyone's just chillin out. Greeash.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Lies make baby Ducky cry...

I was at Ampersand Duck's (online) place and I lied - I am in fact going to the Folk Festival this year afterall.

Peeps - if you're there on the offchance on Sat, and spot a young 20-something with the wild craze of a fortnights diet of easter eggs and cruisers, accompanied by two 40-something 'grown ups' gimme a hoy-hoy (I'll be wearing a green and white argyle jumper if that helps any).

Enjoy the rest of your night/day!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Ehm, I've got a lil something to say

After reading Desci's List for the Comedy Festival (damn funny State), I piped up to say that we have tix to see Ross Noble when he comes to Canberra nex month. This reminded me that The Hun had chucked his and Teri's JJJ podcasts (both seasons) onto my iPod before we went up to Sydney for a wedding and we didn't end up listening to them (I was quite short-tempered that day).

I've been listening to the podcasts all week.

This has had three immediate results:
a) I've been getting funny looks from my boss after snorting n laughing, not realising I was doing it that loud;
b) I've given myself permission to follow in his footsteps and speak my trains of thought out loud without always providing the important links between the said-out-loud bits; and
c) My internal monologue has taken on his voice and accent (plus my desperate need of a haircut has given us similar hair).

Ehm, it's great! That's the best bit, I think, the whole 'Ehm' not 'Um'. And I plan to practice the talking part of it over the long break - The Hun has tripped off down to the Bay wit his family for a weekend with Grandparents, giving me free reign of the house to walk around making witty observations in a delightful accent omitting the crucial linking parts (Trust me, if I had a Noble-like obsrevation ready I'd share it with you, but I've been too busy eating Easter Eggs and playing Sims2 already)...

Happy Easter!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Eldest bro got a promotion

...and now he's senior to me (albeit diff department).

Does it make me a bad person that:
a) I've been telling my boss how happy I am for him (so I can get a promotion);
b) I'm telling everyone I'm happy for (him but I'm jealous);
c) I've told a close friend and The Hun that I'm (a bit) jealous;
d) I'm telling anyone who cares to read it that I'm seriously jealous. (SERIOUSLY. TEN. SERIOUSLY); or
e) All of the above.

Monday, April 10, 2006

If the lovely young man from "Hardly Normal" is reading this...

.. can The Hun please be your friend?

You two were so cute together I wanted to pull out some tonka trucks and a carpet mat and leave you both at it all afternoon, right there on the shop floor.

P.S - thanks for the great deal on the:

We heart you.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Trip down Mugga Lane

The first time I saw his picture I wasn't so sure. I was actually interested in the guy standing next to him, although I was curious about both of them and wanted to know more.

I sent out a couple of emails and made a few phonecalls to get some more opinions, making sure I was doing the right thing - after getting a positive response, I made the phonecall to see if I could find out some more info - it turned out I could come in and meet him that afternoon.

I went in and all three of them were sitting there together - both of the ones I'd looked at seemed perfect and I wanted them both! After spending a little more time with them, it turned out that the one I was originally interested in was quite a bit older than I'd originally thought, making the decision a little easier - we hit it off immediately. But just when it seemed he would be coming home with me right then and there, it turned out there was a bit of a deal going on where they were all planning to go home together. I was told not to worry - I'd get a call tomorrow and maybe he'd come home with me then.

I was a bit upset when I got hom to The Hun - a bit thoughtful, a bit quiet, a bit reflective . When he asked what was wrong, he got the typical 'Oh nothing' - I wasn't really sure what I was thinking - how could I tell him?

I had a bit of late night 'hitting the books' and was getting ready to leave work at lunch when I got the call - he was ready to come home with me! The timing wasn't the best, but I figured I could swing past to meet him and take him back to my parents - no one would be home for a few hours and then I could head back to the Conder house and get on with my reading...

The moment he sat down in the passenger seat and turned to me with his big brown eyes - I was done for - I couldn't control my feelings anymore, I couldn't hold it all back, keep holding it all in - relief, joy, grief, safety and a intense loving bond...

Meet Max - he's the one on the right. Originally, we were looking at the one in the middle (the lady at the pound told us he was 6 and that Max was 9, but she had it the wrong way around).

Somebody decided to move house and hand in their three shih tzus - I've been keeping an eye on all of the dog websites since Tom passed away in February, in an effort to find Elvis a friend to keep him company during the day.

We almost didn't get him - there was a note on the file to avoid splitting them up if possible - the guy had to check something out. Mumsy reckons she saw a note on the file of the eldest dog (on the left) that said she was not to be put down under any circumstances - she also reckons she saw a note with a phone number to call - perhaps a number of an old people's home or somewhere that would take them in if they couldn't find a home. I hope so - the other two have been taken off the pounds website.

The thought of someone just handing their three pets into the pound to be rehomed makes me really angry. It really arcs me up to think that this family has had these three dogs for years (the youngest was six!) and then decides to up and leave without them, or without at the very least finding someone else to look after them. Why not just move house and decide not to take your kids?!! If you're not a dog person, you may not understand, but particularly with these breeds - shih tzu's are total lap dogs - quiet, tame, inside dogs, needing little more than somewhere warm to sleep and nap during the day and someone to scratch behind the ears and rub bellies at nights. They become part of the family - they're always there, they come to greet you and love you unconditionally. How dare you abandon them in pursuit of somewhere else to live?!

Before I'd even strapped him into his little seatbelt harness, I had tears in my eyes - the image of his two friends sitting so close together, shaking and peering as far out of their cage as they could to try and see where their friend was going - it was heartbreaking. But the Gowrie house couldn't take all three - it would break Elvis' heart to be replaced by a whole new family, and we couldn't take the 9 year old - he was acting a lot older than Elvis - rickety and very subdued - we couldn't bring Elvis a new friend and have his new friend die first, or die shortly after Elvis. But the moment the harness clicked into the seatbelt and Max just lay down quietly in the car with a sigh and look up at me, I was bawling like a baby. To think of how he was abandoned, how they'd been there for almost two weeks, how he'd been separated from his friends. And then to realise that Tom was really gone, that this was like sealing the fact that he had passed away. And then back to this poor new dog, how he was was going to fit in, if his new family would give him the love he deserved after being abandoned and almost close to death. And what would happen to his friends? And the 40 or so other dogs that were in there?!

He's only been at the Gowrie house for two nights now - I've been to visit him four times already (on top of the time I spent reading my textbooks after dropping him off there). Thing's aren't going so well - he's trying to work out where he fits into the hierarchy rather than just 'slotting in', so he's getting narky towards Elvis, then getting smacked and then getting confused when I come in unaware, see that my brothers aren't playing with him, and so I pay extra attention to him. They're wary of each other - skirting around each other, taking turns for attention. The first time it was Elvis growling him away from me sitting with him in dad's chair, then it was Max going for Elvis when I was rubbing Max's belly in the hallway - the last I heard Max didn't appreciate Elvis' mood and playfighting and snapped at him instead.

When I'm at work or at home, I find myself thinking about him. I open up the picture here on my desktop at work and wonder how he's going. I go to the Gowrie house early when I pick up my brother for martial arts just so I can see how he's going and hang out with him.

I really hope the two of them get along.

And I'm looking into volunteering dogwalking at the pound to try and bring some light to the poor fellows stuck in there.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

EnnyPen 101 - Week 7

Ahh - Mid Semester tests - where would we be without them?

I'm fresh outta a 30% close book multiple choice Economics exam - the fact that I'm out less than hour after it started is either really, really good or really, really bad.

Having spent most of my weekend watching car racing rather than studying, I've had to spend a LOT of outside time hunched over the textbooks the last few days- I believe I read 22 chapters (of which the last 3 or 4 could be politely classed as 'skimmed') and I was tracking OK on the sample test - 32 out of 40. And thats 22 full, brain aching, heavy, dense chapters.

Hopefully I'm correct in assuming that this exam was easier than the sample test - we'll find out in week 9 - but it was kinda warming to see all the posts on the unit message board about first yeareres cramming at 3am and hear the youngins outside the lecture theatre yelling to friends how they always promise themselves they'll start study three days before the test and not just the night before but failed again (helpful when Canberra's colder than Melbourne).

Finger's crossed peeps.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Total BS

'SIF these kids can't tell the difference between milkshakes and alcho-milkshakes. You can't get accurate results from surveys - one of the few things I've learnt in marketing is the only accurate results are from ppl don't know you're studying them... Plus you don't even get the taste of alchohol if you don't swallow it - it's all well and good to swish some baileys pre-mix round the mouth of six 12 year olds, but a proper survey it dun make - spesh not newsworthy!

And who gives a fcuk if kids like it anyway?! That doesn't mean it should be banned... While we're at it, why don't we make chocolate illegal? And christmas? And Pokemon? AND ALL THE OTHER THINGS THAT I ENJOY.

"Oh, but we'll keep making bourbon drinks!"


And of course they aren't ONLY marketed to people in their mid-20's - do you know how hard that would be? One drink for people within a 1-3 year age gap?

Give me the flu, make me fail economics and post useless drivel, BUT DON'T MESS WITH MY CRUISERS.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Pass the baton...

(Sat Mrng):

The Hun
's caught my lurgy, while my week off has fixed me up quite a bit. Really, I should've spent my time studying for an Economic test I've got nex Thurs, but weekdays at home are full of things to do like:

- Polish off the rest of the Treasure Cake...
- Ellen, Oprah, Dr Phil, that cooking show with the tomato and capsicum ...
- Sleeping till 10...
- Obsessively reading all the mudflinging going on in three or four diff blogs...
- OMG! Taylor told Ridge she cheated!!! Where was she when she was 'dead' anyway?!...
- Why does a roast take 3 hours to cook when the shrinkwrap said 55 minutes...?

But I was really hoping The Hun wouldn't get sick - my poor lil baby boy *awww* - he is one of the worst sickies I've ever met, and while I do seem to get kix outta babying him, we're hosting ppl over here for a bash tonight and he hates parties.... I'm not quite sure what it is. He doesn't like preparing for it, he doesn't like 'new' people,


In between then and now (Sat night), he came home from getting his haircut, I did some shopping, watched some racing, decorated for the party (YES. BALLOONS. AND. STREAMERS. ARE. STILL. COOL. AT. 24), had some drinx, entertained 30 guests and then sat down to blog.


In between then and now (Sun Mrng)the last of the guests left (middle bro and some of his friends - NOT COZ I WAS ON THE LAPPY), I went to bed, got up, cleaned up and sat down in front of the car races again.

This really is going nowhere, so I should just hit publish and put this week of crappy posts behind me, but before I'm done: See 'V for Vendetta'.

Not half an hour after asking desci to review it to con The Hun into seeing it, he says that my good job of cleaning (EVERTHING WAS SPARKLY*) should be rewarded with a trip to the movies to see it anyway!

It's a bit of a genre-collabo: Drama, Action, Thriller, Romance, Literary, Political sci-fi - you name it, it's in there. Plus it has N-Po in it (Ms Portman herself) and if I could be anyone in the world it would be her - I loved her Garden State character so much that I'm planning to just sorta evolve into her, Pokemon style. Jus give me some energy cards and some time ppl - it will be done.

I'd actually like to see it again - my lack of face and name recognition skills has made me feel like i didn't get as much out of it as I could have -I think in my head there were an extra four characters than there actually were.

But it's a good watch and bound to get the thinkers thinking and the activists activating and the ppl who just like to watch a good film doing what they do.

Off you go (and don't forget to flick those clocks back!).

*excluding my 'dressing room' - but I've told The Hun his b'day pressie is in there so it's off bounds! CUNNING! WIT! EXTRAORDINARY!