Saturday, June 30, 2007

Jus asking for a friend of a friend of a friend of mine...

I've only heard about a few proposals in my time - there have been many more that I just don't know the details of.

I know someone who was taken to Melbourne for a weekend, where she was proposed to with a ring on a carriage ride before they chose an engagement ring together the next day.

I know someone whose boyfriend mentioned they should go to the snow for the weekend, giving her only a few days notice - she agreed if he'd organise it all. They were out on the snow all day and then once back in the room he told her to wait in the bathroom while he got ready - she was allowed back in almost an hour late to find the room covered in rose petals and candles. He proposed with a setting he'd had made with a diamond he'd ordered from the US.

I know someone who kept asking and asking until she finally agreed the third time.

I know someone who brought it up as an idea and then it just sorta happened, though it's still kinda secret for a while (NO, NOT ME).

I can't say I know of anyone who has proposed to their boyfriend though.

Do you?

Would it suck or would it be lovely?

Would the girl forever why she wasn't 'special' enough to be proposed to like other girls have?

Just wondering, y'know...

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Noises from a hole in the face

Has been an interesting few days.

I managed to get some skin coloured tape so that it looks less obvious - instead I look like my face has got some funny textured rash and that I'm snearing at everyone and talking in monotone. And it is also prone to hanging down into the corner of my mouth. Noice.

Anyway, the reactions have been kind interesting and a little suprising.

Youngest Bro told me it looked like my whole face hurt - that was a nice one as I'm a sucker for sympathy.

There was the lady sitting next to me at the Branch meeting that I have never met that just came out with the 'So. What happened to your face?'. I must say that I admired her bravery, but not so much her tone.

The Hun's reaction has been lovely, clucking on me to see that I'm ok, telling me that I look like I'm in pain, and trying to make me laugh so that I produce my tilted snarly half smile.

There was also the guy at work who did the whole 'What happened if you don't mind me asking' which is the path I would take for fear of upsetting someone who may be not entirely well.

The most surprising was the lady at work who told me she was disgusted that I did it. Why on earth would I get them removed and that was disgusting, I just should have left them. I honestly can not understand where her disgust is - it completely baffles me. I tried to tell her they were just growing and growing and that it would be different if it were her - she would get them removed. But she cannot accept it and just carries on like I have instead had a big hairy mole inserted on my face.

The most pleasing, has been the lady at martial arts who told me 'Good on you'. It was nice to be congratulated for doing something that was completely my decision and does not affect anyone other than me. It was particularly nice after the crap day of being paid out by the lady at work.

Anyways, I'm off to kickboxing for the first time in FOREVER which will be interesting - my face is a little stingy (not stingy like cheap, more like it stings) from having to keep pressing the tape back onto my lip, so I hope the sweat doesn't make it worse and I wake up and it's all magically comfortable again.

I'm gonna look so tough rocking up with my face holes, but so pathetic when I mince around at work tomorrow as my muscles pay me back for abusing it.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

9am - 10:30am...

9am this morning:
Look at me with my sense of humor. Hilarious!

10:30am this morning:
Oh! Not mucking around now, are we?!

Well, THAT hurt. Anyone had needles to the throat and neck? It hurt like hell - I think I was crying as I was breathing very fast and loud through my nose and my eyes were watering. Then I thought I was going to faint or snap and pull his hands away to get him to stop.

There's two sets of stitches in my face and two holes in my neck - making them look more like the vampire bites I used to joke they were.

I have today off work, so I'm going to sit on my ass to see if this landlord actually exists, then going to the shop to buy some fruit, misery chips and hopefully some skin coloured tape to make my tape fact a little less gawkworthy.


Sunday, June 24, 2007


Guess who succumbed to the cold? Yup - The Hun and I. And as this is the first day I've felt better more than I've felt worse I thought I should let you know that we haven't died yet, festering in our germ house of snot.

Wednesday night was THE worst nights sleep I've ever had - I was up twice for the loo, and woke up roughly each hour with a head full of snot. This is turn woke up The Hun who was feeling progressively sh!ttier as the night wore on (apparently my tossing and turning didn't help). A phone call to the boss allowed me a day to rest it off and he signed off with 'see you tomorrow, maybe'.

I perked up a bit on Thursday just before lunch, then came crashing down again. I lay on the couch for almost four hours with a facewasher on my head - my head was burning hot, my feet were cold, I'd sweat then I'd cold sweat, then I'd need to sit up to blow my nose and my head would ache.

Friday morning I woke up to discover it hadn't sunk to my chest - it had expanded there. So I still felt like sh!t and now had the voice to match it. Another phone call and another day off. Again, I perked up in the middle of the day, but crashed again - lowlight being waking myself up after falling asleep on the couch accidentally by choking on my own lethal phlegm combination.

Saturday morning I woke up believing that somebody had created an eye out of whole new materials and replaced my eye with their new one. While pondering on why somebody would do that to me I woke up properly and realised that of course it was just a dream - instead thinking I had conjunctivitis.

There is a point to this story.

It seems that housecleaning is the cure for the cold - The Hun and I spent the weekend cleaning up for our inspection that's occurring either today or tomorrow. What's that? One of two days? Don't landlords have to give notice of the date and time they'll do an inspection?

Well, as said as I took over Michelle's comments:
  • We got sent a letter on the 5th to say there'd be an inspection on the 25th of this month and that someone had to be home as they didn't own keys.
  • I emailed on the 8th to say that every other inspection had been done without us there as they do have keys, however if someone must be present can they change it to the 26th as I would be home that day. No reply.
  • I emailed on the 18th to see if she had received my email. No reply.
  • I called on the 20th and someone else answered to say she was away from her desk and would call back. No reply.
  • I called the general office on the 22nd and left a message on the answering machine. No reply.
  • I called her direct number on the 22nd and took it out on the poor thing you answered the phone to say that no one would be home on the 25th, so they either find the keys or do it on the 26th. No. R.E.P.L.Y.
So, we spent the weekend cleaning for someone who may or may not turn up tomorrow or may or may not turn up the day after.

My money is on her not showing and instead rescheduling - will let you know how it goes.

Anyways, we're both snotty and coughy and occasionally headachey. Can I please recommend to all you people out there - next time you get a flu or cold, don't allow your partner to catch it at the same time. There is nothing worse than being sick and having someone compete for your sympathy, rather than looking after you. Meals just don't happen, no one will pat your head to make you feel better because it hurts to move their arm, and there's no one giving you that extra bit of leway for being rude just because your sick.

So now youngest bro has three people after him - eldest bro caught it as well and all fingers seem to point to him. Though I guess we should all forgive him seeing as the same bug caused him to almost pass out in the line at Subway the other night...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hot room, warm head, cold feet.

Guess who's in bed with the tissues, headache and scratchy throat?

Seems that standing in the rain for a few hours on Friday and Saturday to see His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the sleety freezing walks back to my car from work yesterday and Monday AND hanging out a bit with youngest bro has deemed me suitable for a flu. It's also worrying that The Hun is feeling somewhat similar - though at least we're getting it at the same time... the typical pattern is for me to get a bug, and then he is to catch it just as I am better but of course his seems 10 times worse as is the case for all men, it seems. He always gets to win.

For all my hypochondria, I'm actually quite healthy. I only had one flu last year - the week of my birthday and the same week I got the flu shot. I remember when I was younger I would think 'I wish I was sick - I'd love a day off'. Then of course on the rare occasion I actually was under the weather, I'd swear never to wish for such a stupid thing again.

There is more than a slight chance that I have been wishing for illness as I too have succumbed to Facebook and am spending all my waking (and some of my should-be-sleeping) hours trawling for people I know and spying on their friends. Oh MySpazz, you almost had me - but Facebook is so much easier to use and more entertaining (even IF I can't remove any of the applications I have already tired of).

Anyways, in it's twisted little way, I am kinda hoping this isn't just an afternoon flu, and does give me time to sit on my ass. One of our two heaters broke the other day (as in, it was producing large amounts of heat when switched off and producing sparky oil crackle sounds when it was flicked on again) so we are heating the house off one coil heater stored in the bedroom. 3.5 hours of heat in a bedroom is too much, but I just can't get my feet warm...

Where was I? Oh yeah - on my ass.

Beacuse I would love a day of heated couch doonaing, soup in one hand and The Hun's head in the other - he's a stickler for a good headscratch and I'm jumping at the chance to use this lolcat I saw the other day:

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

You want to know MORE about me?!

Lulu tagged me!

So even though I just gave y'all 100 things about me, and I'm sure I've done this at least once before, I'm still going to give you even more!

The rules are:
1. I have to post these rules before I give you the facts.
2. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
4. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
5. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

  • I am (somewhat) unashamedly messy: I don't know what it is, but putting things back in their place when I'm finished just doesn't seem to be the way it goes.
  • I like to start the day with a Chocolate Soy popper in bed: It's like starting the day with a treat in warmest place in the house.
  • I hate strongly dislike cats but I love lolcatz: Writing stoopid words and bad grammar over something I dislike will instantly make me want to marry it.
  • I enjoy giving The Hun (other) nicknames: He's been a Rofldog and a Puppydog boy, but I'm also a fan of calling his attention with c*nty and sl*tbag/face/pants/box. I don't think he reaaaally minds.
  • The only foundation I own is from my year 10 formal: I'm not big on makeup (though I believe Deb and D'jen are about to change that!).
  • I cannot keep treats in my house: Once it's opened it will all be gone in a very short span of time. Chips, rice crackers, Ice Soy, turkish bread, crusty bread, biscuits...
  • I spent too much time on my computer: Even while eating, watching TV, having friends over - my lappy will always be in my, er, lappy.
  • I am a tech fadjumper: ICQ, MSN, Blogger, MySpace, Flickr, Picasa and now Facebook...
I'm not going to tag anyone for this one... I know you're all loveable freakz.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Most likely to make 400 posts

As suggested, and then seconded in a lovely manner, I'd like to present some awards to my loyal readers!

Now, I'm not entirely sure of the way this is going to work... so bare (bear?) with me (and yes, there are a lot of exclamation marks, but that's what awards ceremonies are about)...

  • Adam wins the take me out for a drinking night award. He gets to take me out drinking for a night so that we can drink lady drinks and make bad jokes and talk too noisy and joke about that time that D'jen and I spied on him from the balcony and it will be awesome because she will be there too - that's the special part of the award!

  • Amanda wins the most persistent CD sending effort award - though she does also get a very honorable mention for also being the most easy going person that I am yet to meet - she seems to get along with everyone she's met!

  • Ampersand Duck wins the person I'd most like to be my cool aunty award! She's so engaging and friendly and looks to make awesome meals (with assistance of course!).

  • Audrey wins the person most likely to deserve a frickin break. She's had a poor run and seems totally lovely in an older sister that would get me drunk kinda way!

  • Aurelius wins the most intriguing new male award - I only came across him recently (via Mick) and do hope I can continue too - seems he's got a lurker on the loose...

  • Bevis wins the most creative award - he's like TV in an online brain kinda way (and I do so miss Big Blogger)!

  • Boysenberry wins the most likely to be accidentally bumped into without knowing it award - he's a local but also not the type to blogmeet, though definitely an interesting guy I'd like to learn more about!

  • Brooke wins the secret stalker award, as we both 'came out' to each other at the same time!

  • C & P win the achievable lifestyle award, showing everyone how easy it can be to be happy, healthy vegans with a lovely happy, healthy vegan baby! I'd also love to meet them - they're like my vegan blogger mecca!

  • Chesty LaRue wins the continual entertainment award, for providing entertainment to me every lunchtime that is always humorous or entertaining (or both)!

  • ChickyBabe wins the first commenter award, for being the first commenter and perhaps even the last one day (if she is still here)!

  • Crapping On (Canberra) wins the most likely to be someone I work with award. I dunno, I just have a feeling that's how it's going to turn out one day..!

  • D'Jen wins the most delightful award (obviously!). She is also the most likely to respond to a an emergency phone call with 'Stay put dear, I'll come and get you'!

  • Dean wins the NOT the most boring man on the internet award (after I embarrassingly pointed out I'd heard him referred to as) - as part of this he gets to host a Singstar party *fingers crossed*!

  • Deb wins the vivacity award, with a bonus for the most awesome hair cut and colour!

  • Desci wins the award for being the first goth chick that I ever met, thus breaking down the barrier that they're all freaky scaries - Goths be pplz too, yo.

  • Erica wins the award for being the first blogger I ever met in RL! She gets to be stalked by me via email, messenger AND MySpazz!

  • Fluffy wins the one cool mama award - for being one cool mama!

  • Jac wins the dark horse award - we've met, but not properly 'met'!

  • Jane wins the personable courage award, for always replying to every comment personally, blogging in multiple places at once and putting up with a whole lot of crap. And if I can ever work out where on the map the place is that she lives, I'd love to visit it one day!

  • Krankiboy wins the constant overseas companion award - for being a good overseas buddy!

  • Lulu wins the kawaii award - she was an awesome host and tour guide and a lovely, lovely girl who will get a Canberra tour on the offchance she visits!

  • M. wins the hidden talent award, for 'sneaking' into the blogosphere and also being an awesome MySpazz friend!

  • Mars'n'Dot win the the awesome foursome twosome award. I would LURVE to meet up with mars, as long as she didn't start a fight and expect me to jump in...!

  • Martie wins the icecream date award - I don't know how we'd work it out because I can only eat So Good and she'd want Cold Rock, but it would be an AWESOME icecream date nontheless!

  • Michelle wins the nationalised Aussie Battler award - she's had a struggle and it's all starting to come together for her at last.

  • Mick wins the blogger I'm most likely to meet next award. Just a (totally non stalky) hunch!

  • Nat wins the dust animal award for being funny as heck, in both BL and RL!

  • Rosanna wins the fresh newcomer award - I only found her recently (thru d'jen!) but she's just so lovely and a pleasure to read (and hear from)!

  • Steph wins the coolest person that may not be that scary in real life award. I'm easily intimated but do hope that if I were to meet her that we'd get along - she seems very down to earth!

  • Somewhat Sober wins the tiny, tiny world award - I found her when I was new to the blogosphere, then she disapeared - only to reappear very close to home (albeit sporadically)!

  • TokenWoman wins the not updating in the longest time yet still ensuring I check back on the rare offchance she has updated award! She also hooked me up with awesome tupperware keyringage!

  • TJ wins the amazonian idol award - the first person whose archives I obsessively read and finally got to meet - she was inspiration for me to start this whole shebang.

  • Thanks team - it's been 400 worth of pleasure!

    Thursday, June 14, 2007

    Trained belief

    I don't know if I'm smart enough for this at the moment (I'm eating terribly, it's late-ish and middle bro, youngest bro and I are off to Sydney tmr to see the Dalai Lama concert and the free talk on Saturday before the drive back).

    Was talking to gf1 about her getting a new house mate - apparently the girl does three martial arts, is a 2nd dan in one and knows of me. I only found out the third point after I critiqued that any one who does/has done three different martial arts is more of a dabbler than a martial artist (because I'm a snob like that) but I should give her the benefit of the doubt before being a judger or a hater. She also doesn't know me as such, more that she trains in one of the halls we also train in and I have a sneaking suspicion she's from the school that would use all our gear until one of youngest bro's friends thanked him for leaving all our stuff out for them to use - we bought cupboards and licked that sh!t up quick smart.

    Anyways, with martial arts and religion on my mind and without my direct boss in the office, I got to thinking about how easily I can believe or be a part of one thing, yet not another in a similar vein.

    I've only trained in the one martial art and I've only ever believed it to be the right way. Like as much as it has evolved and changed over the years, I have always believed it was the only right. I understand that the energy originates from the one point, that the mind then the waist then the elbow then the fist makes the most power, that I can break a concrete block with my head.

    I've also only been indoctrinated into one religion. And as much as the churches beliefs or systems have changed, I'm not really feeling it. I don't believe living together is wrong, I don't think contraception is wrong, I don't believe that homosexuality is wrong. On a more base level, I don't know if there is a heaven... I mean, I think I do, but I also think that I don't. I don't think all the things about burning bushes and ascension and parting rivers happened...

    I've been to training roughly 3 times a week for more than 18 years now, and I've believed it all.

    I've been indoctrinated into the church and would attend weekly on top of class lessons, but I've never really believed it all.

    It could be to do with proof - the fact that I can try something out and see how it works. Or is it that I look for it and think it works because I want it to work...? Because then really that should work for religion too, right?

    I'm not quite sure what I'm trying to get at - it did make more sense when I was supposed to be working.

    Do your religious beliefs follow the same patters as your other beliefs?

    (ALSO - Any ideas for post 400? QUICK!)

    Wednesday, June 13, 2007

    Take THAT Exams!

    Two exams two mornings in a row = crappy.

    The first one went terribly. I studied all the stuff in general, principles and relationships etc and focussed on the hints that our tutor subtly gave us for two hours in a hushed voice, stressing we don't share it with anyone. Unfortunately, it was the opposite to one of my previous exams where I memorised calculations and formulas and relationships, only to be asked about general high level principles. The essay questions where very specific - the type of things you'd be asked in take home essay questions - and not at ALL related to what the tutor highlighted. Like the time I spent learning about the federal tribunal, arbitration and conciliation COULD have been spent on actually knowing specifics about how conflict is the lifeblood of the organisation and details of specific employer associations... What might be ok is that I was on 42/60 pre-exam, so if passing the exam is not a requirement, I should still be passing the course... perhaps even scraping with a credit if I get 23/40?!

    The second one this morning went well, I think. It was a two hour exam and I walked out at the 90 minute mark, after only graspng for answers and fluffing about on one of the questions. Proddly the best part about it is that one of the questions was about the group assignment, designed to catch out the people who didn't do a fair share of the work and/or only did their part. This meant that I basically got free points as I did my group assignment myself so knew what it was about. Again, I think.

    SO. My point is - it's done. And I will spend the nex month utilising my free time by sitting on my ass playing Lumines, cleaning my room and printing out photos. AndPerhapsApplyingForJobsAsIhaveNotHeardAthingFromThatOtherOneWhichIs

    I have my big four-oh-oh coming up - any suggestions for the post? I know adam was a fan of The Hun's interview, but that was a struggle to get together, and he seems to have abandoned us for RSI town. *sniff*.

    Monday, June 11, 2007


    Sorry doodz, I'm 'studying' so things'll be quiet for a few days... Industrial Relations - 9am tmr (eep!) and Document & Workflow Mgmt - 9am Wed then I promise to be back boring you about how glad I am to not be studying and instead focussing on something else trivial to whinge about.

    In the meantime, why not entertain yourself with my 100 things and entertain me with your comments? You KNOW I'm checking my email every three minutes for comments...

    Friday, June 08, 2007

    100 things about me

    1. My initials match up to my Myers-Briggs test results.
    2. My middle name came was handed down as a sign of respect to the family that rescued my ancestors in the gold rush.
    3. I was embarrassed about my middle name and almost complained to the school when they used it in a 'team building' task for my year 12 class as 'whose middle name is this?' task (for breach of privacy).
    4. My surname is Welsh for Reddish-Brown.
    5. My family motto is 'Deus Pascit Corvos'.
    6. The name I've picked out for my first daughter is my dad's mothers first name and the name my parents were going to give to the sister I never had.
    7. I would love to have three children - boy, girl, boy.
    8. I don't know if I'll change my name when/if I get married - I hate hyphenated surnames but I'll have a hard time saying goodbye to my current one.
    9. I'm 178cm tall - when I was younger I wanted to be as tall as my favourite aunty.
    10. I had a different favourite aunty before the tall one, but then she turned out to be kinda weird.
    11. My favorite uncle also turned out to be odd in the end - none of my favourites were blood relatives.
    12. I am the second oldest of 19 (I think) nieces and nephews on my mums side.
    13. I am the third oldest of 6 nieces and nephews on my dads side.
    14. I am 11 months and 4 days older than the next brother down from me.
    15. My earliest memory is dreaming when I was in kindergarten that I was having a party and my teachers head fell off while she was on the swing.
    16. My earliest saddest memory was when my parents had to give our two pet whippets away because they kept jumping the fence.
    17. My guiltiest memory is when my Nana died and I wondered why would I be sad when my dad broke the news and told us not to be sad.
    18. My last memory of my Grandmother is when I visited her in hospital and she called out angrily that I'd woken her up.
    19. My last memory of my Pa is sitting with him in the front room of his house where he lay with his dog.
    20. I never met my grandfather as he died of lung cancer while my mum was still young.
    21. My grandmother had skin, ovarian and bowel cancer and I think this contributes to my hypochondria.
    22. I've had a mole, 3 warts and 2 skin tags removed from me.
    23. The first skin tag I had removed was accidentally done by my mother as she was holding the piece of string the doctor had tied on to it.
    24. I had 3 stitches in my finger when I cut it opening a can of dog food when I was 21. I've not opened a ring pull can since then.
    25. I had 7 stitches in my forehead when I got hit by a car and smashed my head into the curb.
    26. I also received the nastiest case of gravel rash on my side that same day - my pyjamas stuck to it while I slept and I nearly passed out from the pain of showering to pull the material out of it.
    27. The day I got hit by a car was 1 month before my 16th birthday.
    28. My boyfriend of the time crashed his car while dropping me home the week before my 17th birthday.
    29. I was convinced I was going to die driving a car on my 18th birthday because of this.
    30. It took me 24 lessons to get my P's.
    31. I had a lot of driving practice over a few years including those lessons - I liked to go clubbing with my friends and then drive everyone home if they had even just one drink... even though that was illegal.
    32. I've done martial arts for 18 years.
    33. I'm the 11th most senior practitioner in Australia of my art.
    34. I've broken wooden boards with front kicks, side kicks, step up side kicks, roundhouse kicks, axe kicks, crescent kicks, hook kicks, spin back kicks, jump spin crescent kicks, vertical punches, horizontal punches, inner palm chops, outer palm chops, vertical punches, horizontal punches and a jump side kick over two people.
    35. I've broken roof tiles with a horizontal elbow.
    36. I've broken a cement block with my forehead.
    37. The most senior instructor of my school described me as 'the most unlikely martial artist but with a heart of gold'.
    38. I used to hate going to martial arts class, but once my parents told me I couldn't go any more because I kept wagging I realised that I really wanted to go.
    39. I never did any other sports and I think my lack of coordination suffered from this.
    40. I remember being yelled at in Harvey Norman in Woden after asking my dad if the toasted sandwich maker he was buying would make toasted vegemite sandwiches - I still don't know the answer.
    41. Before becoming vegan I labeled myself a meatatarian as I rarely ate veggies, fruits or beans.
    42. When I would visit my favorite cousins house, I would apparently only eat large amounts of lettuce.
    43. I only ate dip for the first time when I was 21.
    44. I've never eaten a honey sandwhich.
    45. I want to have two miniature black pomeranian boys named Buddy and Buster as soon as I can.
    46. My favourite colour when I was younger was red.
    47. When we were younger, my favourite cousin and I planned to drive to the 2000 olympics in Sydney in my red Ford Capri convertible to watch the gymnastics - it never happened.
    48. We we younger we would also pretend to host a cooking show - I was Stacey and she was Tracey.
    49. I was really terribly bossy and nasty to my cousin when I was younger and didn't realise until I was in high school and found a recording of us when we were younger. I cried a lot and wrote her a letter and she told me she'd forgiven me - I don't think I can ever forgive myself for being that nasty.
    50. When I was younger I wanted to be a teacher so I could draw on the board and yell at the students.
    51. I have photos of two of my three brothers dressed in drag.
    52. Before moving out of home I lived in the same house for almost 22 years.
    53. I've share housed with 3 other people in one house, two other people in another and now it's just me and my partner - I would never share again.
    54. My worst share house experience was at the end of a party when a housemate went ballistic at me about all her pent up feelings.
    55. It was pretty much to be expected as I was dating her ex boyfriend and she was recovering from cancer.
    56. I have no regrets about that.
    57. I've had four boyfriends in my life and kissed five people total.
    58. I got my first boyfriend when I was 16 - we worked in the same pizza shop.
    59. We broke up after a year and a half when I turned 18 and I started to become a different person - he wouldn't let me break up with him.
    60. So I went to the coast and hooked up with a guy I'd had a crush on at martial arts, only to be treated like it never happened - my first boyfriend accepted then that we were broken up.
    61. I met my second boyfriend at uni when I asked for a lift to an excursion - we'd actually met before but I was drunk and couldn't remember - he remembered me spinning a broom handle and hitting my self in the head.
    62. We dated for over 3 years before I realised I could do better with somebody else (I was cuckolded the night after my 19th birthday) .
    63. Then followed the darkest few months of my life as I coped with being alone for the first time since I was 16 whilst being used by my ex who became power mad and entirely self centered.
    64. I met my third boyfriend on a course at work on the day I bemoaned to my workmate "Why can't I just meet somebody? I have so much love to give".
    65. We dated for roughly two months before I realised as nice as he was, it just wasn't right.
    66. My partner and I started dating just before my 22nd birthday - we'd known each other since primary school.
    67. When I walked to school I would try to time it so that he'd pass me on his ride to school - when he saw me he almost always stopped to walk with me.
    68. I've never had a one night stand and never had any urge to.
    69. I think I compensate for that by being extra crude.
    70. My favourite part of my body is my eyes.
    71. If I could have three body fixes they would be: full electrolysis (excluding hair and eyebrows of course!), belly liposuction and thigh liposuction.
    72. I never realised I had a gap in my teeth until my friend asked how I coped looking at it every day.
    73. I apparently have small teeth.
    74. I cannot stand wobbly teeth.
    75. I fear a lot of things - heights, speed, deep water, not being in control, being buried alive, flying, birds swooping me and snakes or mice crawling up my pants leg and into my mouth.
    76. If I'm in a coma, I don't want the life support switched off.
    77. I often find myself thinking about what songs I would play at my parents funerals.
    78. I have very poor spatial and guestimation skills.
    79. I do not have one best friend.
    80. I find guys easier to get along with than girls.
    81. I'm instantly cautious of girls and do judge, as much as I wish I wouldn't.
    82. I do not like one-on-one things, even with friends.
    83. I grind my nails through my teeth when I'm stressed or bored.
    84. I'm yet to have a haircut I'm entirely satisfied with.
    85. Even with deodorant I can always smell me.
    86. I've never had a professional massage.
    87. I've got two tattoos - one of my family motto that I got with my youngest brother and one I put together myself.
    88. I would love to get another tattoo but don't know where or of what, plus my partner would go absolutely nutso.
    89. I have six ear piercings and a belly button piercing.
    90. I still think that one day I'd like a nose, tongue or eyebrow piercing.
    91. I'm very messy without even noticing - even when I try to be tidy it's never quite enough.
    92. I've sung backing vocals on a CD produced by my college.
    93. I've played the piano and keyboard and wanted to learn the clarinet - I blamed my parents for me not learning as I was too scared to ask for them to pay for it.
    94. I've never inhaled a cigarette.
    95. I've never used illegal drugs.
    96. I've never been to a rave.
    97. I don't want to meet any celebrities for fear of being so awkward - just knowing about them is good enough for me.
    98. I often pretend the world can see what I see through my eyes like a television.
    99. I hope that one day I'll be brave enough to do karaoke - I practice for it enough in the car.
    100. I hope to be remembered for exactly the way I am.

    Thursday, June 07, 2007

    Knee mole sez "I ain't moving, mistah!"

    He's been deemed 'not sinister' so will be staying put back there - albeit with a chunk missing from his middle. Can't wait to have these stitches out next week and finally be able to straighten my leg - can't say I'm enjoying the calf cramp I've developed!

    Tuesday, June 05, 2007


    I celebrated my one year veganniversary on the 1st of June... to celebrate, I thought I'd copy this 'act' I found on the net here (and posted on the forum I visit, so apologies if you've already read it).

    Passive-Aggressive Vegan Grocery Cashier:
    A Day in the Life.

    - - - -

    6:30 a.m. Awake to a bright and morally untroubling day. Waft into kitchen to prepare a healthy, animal-free breakfast. See that girlfriend (Jennifer) has cooked cream-of-tomato soup in my saucepan, and has left it in sink. Don't want to start fight. Instead, blend spirulina breakfast shake in blender for entirety of time in shower.

    7:30 a.m. Put PETA "I am not a nugget" T-shirt on under work polo. I know I've made a small difference.

    8:15 a.m.-8:25 a.m. After leaving questionably sarcastic note for Jennifer, drive to work. Tailgate Durango with "Carnivore" sticker. Feel he noticed: small victory. Arrive at work. Clock in. Intentionally snub butchers' department; give them the finger with hands in pockets.

    9:20 a.m. Fellow-cashier (Brandi) asks for price on eggs. "The price is too high," I say. "Too high." She is so moved by my answer, she does not consult me for price checks for rest of day.

    10:25 a.m. Get poultry drippings on shirt from raw chicken at checkout. Consider changing into extra work shirt, but decide not to. Fluids will be Pink Badge of Sacrifice. Brandi tells me I have chicken blood on my shirt. "But not on my hands," I say.

    11:00 a.m. Overcharge woman buying Jell-O.

    11:15 a.m. Lunch break. Eat bagel with peanut butter sprinkled with texturized vegetable protein. Brandi sits nearby, eating turkey sandwich. Stomach turns. She asks if she should eat elsewhere. I say, "No, I just won't breathe through my nose." After meal, go to loading dock and smoke cigarette to clear air of turkey smell.

    11:45 a.m. Return from lunch break. Remove Burt's Bees products from display next to register. Manager complains. Tell her I'm sorry, that from now on I will be more accepting of the exploitation of bees. She asks me to work every Saturday for the month. I accept, interested to see how many pork products are bought on Sabbath. Will make great entry in journal.

    12:50 p.m. Customer comments on "Go Veg!" sticker, which is on my water bottle under counter. I give short discourse on Marxist view of man-vs.-animal struggle, especially as it pertains to bovine lactation exploitation. I "accidentally" spill his container of feta on floor. He informs me he will no longer shop here. I congratulate his grass-roots activism against the grocery industry.

    1:30 p.m. Ask customer if she wants paper or plastic. Add, "Or a coronary," as I cough into hand. Feel energized about standing up for beliefs.

    2:55 p.m. Brandi asks if I am mad about the sandwich incident. I say no, but know she knows I'm mad. Continue covert glaring toward her register.

    3:10 p.m. Smoke break. Co-worker (Dave) says, "I'm surprised you do that." "Well, being vegan isn't for everyone," I counter. Note he must be jealous of my self-control.

    4:00 p.m. Receive call from Jennifer. Asks if I can pick up birth-control prescription. I begin to mention the evils of hormone harvesting from horses, but refrain. Decide to "forget" to go to pharmacy.

    4:30 p.m. Clock out. Grab wheat-grass smoothie for drive home. Accidentally let shopping carts roll into butcher's car. Oops.

    4:45 p.m.-6:00 p.m. Confrontation with Jennifer over birth control. She says pills are "synthetic" hormones. I say the only thing synthetic are my shoes—no leather here! I refuse to have intercourse until a non-latex-based, nonhormonal birth-control method is established. Jennifer rummages through vegetable crisper, retires to bedroom. I believe she is beginning to see the light.

    7:45 p.m. Leaf through PETA catalog (new hemp shoes!), eat tofu stir-fry. Decide not to brush teeth after eating as I usually do to accommodate Jennifer's soy sensitivity. Give her sloppy kiss when she emerges from bedroom. Swear that resulting hives are from a built-up Midwestern resistance to healthful, nonmeat alternatives. She begins to cry. Finally, a breakthrough.

    10:20 p.m. Read Vegan Delights cookbook in bed, fall asleep on goose-down pillows Jennifer put on bed. Could go to closet and get fiberfill one, but don't. Will blame Jennifer forever if ideological tenets are damaged by night of fluffy respite. Pledge to record this in journal tomorrow.

    Monday, June 04, 2007

    Cut it up

    A daytime post means I'm unwell or meant to be studying. Today it's both.

    I think I've mentioned before that in January I visited a doctor about a weepy mole behind my knee. It was diagnosed as an ingrown hair ("if you could look closely at it you'd see what it obviously is") until I showed my surgical type doctor as I was getting my foot looked at a few months later and he let me know it was most definitely a mole and I should have it removed if it changed again. While we were in Thailand it got itself a red ring and I decided that I would just get it taken out when we were back.

    And yes, I'm aware that I seem to spend a lot of time getting things taken out (Tiffany the head lump, those troublesome foot warts, that whole sebaceous cyst thing and now this) but I maintain that the only one who's going to look out for my health is me, so I'm allowed to get as many things cut out that I like (spesh when my Grandmother had skin cancer twice (down to a wig at one stage) amongst other cancers).

    This morning my good doctor spliced out the middle of my 'funny little thing' (as he titled it) and told me I'd get the stitches out next Thursday morning - he's sending it off to the lab and will give me a call if it's something worth worrying about, otherwise I'd just see him next week.

    I asked him to check out my others while I was there (to get my moneys worth*) and he told me that if I wanted, I could get the mole above my lip removed with minimal scarring, and he could lop the top off the two in my neck while he was at it. I asked if I'd need a referral to a plastic surgeon, but he told me it'd be the same result as if he did it, only not covered my Medicare.

    I've long thought about getting my lip mole removed - although it's been there as long as I can remember and would look/feel a little odd without it - it's been growing and it will continue to grow and grow and will end up a hairy slug taking over my face that crawls into my mouth. My neck moles don't bother me too much, though I've knocked them a few times whilst playing with my necklace and bleeding moles are a terrifying experience for hypochondriacs!

    So, I thought I'd put it out to vote - though I should disclaim that (like the interview) I think I've already made my mind - and give you some glimpses to help you decide. Please note that I am most self conscious about the soft part under my chin that always decided so jump out and swallow my face in photos, so please be kind...

    Pre Celebrity Make Over

    Post Photoshop Celebrity Make Over

    Pre Celebrity Make Over in harsher light

    Post Photoshop Celebrity Make Over in harsher light


    *It didn't cost me a thing! When we arrived at 8:25 the crazy receptionist told me that the nurses weren't in yet so could I please take a seat... at 9:20 I asked the other receptionist if the nurses were in and she looked at me like I was a madwoman - the nurses were there all along... I'm guessing the bulk billing was a form of apology for the incompetence.

    Friday, June 01, 2007


    I am totally the chariot leader of brainlords.

    (No - I'm not drinking - out of cruisers and Moscato - ;wah;)

    You know that whole 40% assignment I had due the other week? That I was up till 4am doing?

    I got the marks back last night - 21/25! Add that to my other awesome scores so far (I have the loveliest tutor) - I'm on 92.5% for the course, b!tches! Jus have the 30% exam and the results from a 5% presentation left, and I'm tied for top of the tutorial! I have NEVER been that awesome before. Obviously, Enny = excited (and d'jen = trendsetter).

    I sent in the application - the process basically went along these lines:
    • Tues 12pm - Draft selection criteria dot points
    • Tues 2pm - Ask old boss for tips on what to write
    • Tues 8pm:2.30am - Draft 5.5 / 7 answers accordingly
    • Wed 8pm - Email to parents
    • Wed 8.30pm:2am - Finish other 1.5 and then cut 12 page document to 6
    • Thurs 8am - Send updated copy to parents
    • Thurs 8.30 - Read that parents think there is fair chance you might get interview
    • Thurs 10am - Show old boss
    • Thurs 10.30am - Listen to boss say she'd be surprised if you don't get interview
    • Thurs 5.30pm - Get heaps of feedback from brother
    • Thursday 5.30p,:6.35pm - Make many changes from comfy chair at uni
    • Thursday 6:40pm - Submit.
    It could go either way I guess - whilst drafting I realised how under qualified and inexperienced I am for the position, but your awesome feedback kept my going. At least they know what I do if they have an opening in future... I've decided not to mention it to my big boss unless I get some kind of offer, for fear of her laughing at me for aiming too high, or dissing the place as a terrible place to work.

    And MySpace? Well, it's been interesting, though it's still a bit nonsensical. Basically, I found as many RL peeps and bloggers as I could, made lots of friend requests without messaging to tell them WTF I am, got told off for using LolCatz (which I lurve!), got tracked down by an ex boyfriend and found out a good friend from school has cancer.

    All within less than a week... what a week,