Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I don't care what the Fug-girls say

Wearing a white singlet, loosish brown pants and thongs at work makes me feel like Brendan Fraser as the Columbian Drug Lord in Bedazzled and I LOVE it.


Erica said...

Damn those Fug-girls, that is what I say. Your outfit sounds very stylish indeed.

Oh, and can I have 5 gramms of the finest whatever it is you're dealing?

Enny said...

5 gramms of TGIA*F it is!


Erica said...

What is TGIA*F? Is it some kind of super stuff? If so i will take 10 gramms. Oh dear. I shouldn't comment after drinking. I can't even type my user name properly into the username box.

Enny said...

Thank God It's Almost Friday!

(Although it is Monday by now!)