Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I've found a new hobby!

No, it's not perving on that new Super 14 ad (ButOMGitIsFrickinHotttttttttAndMakesMeWannaGetOutThereNchaseSomeBalls!!!)

It's Aquaerobics!

I hit Erindale pool (first time in a public pool since like high school) with a friend from martial arts and the fiance of one of my students - she has a wedding coming up and dropped 9 kilos since November just by doing it down out in Struggletown Queanbeyan - she had three pieces of garlic bread AND chips AND schnitzel AND sauce out at dinner on Wednesday last week (keep away from Erindale tuggies - it's a ripoff!) but you can really see the difference! (Of the aquaerobics, not the MumchyMunch).

So, because there is another martial arts camp coming up this April *groan* for which I will be hopefully ten kilos lighter for *rejoice*, the other martial arts girl decided we would all try it out together.

And it's great!

There's something so fulfilling about it - Something about being able to move freely, jump around without having to worry too much about the excess bounce and churning up the water with women that are 30 years older and 30 years heavier than yourself. Being the 'lite' in the 'full cream' soup. And if getting joy out of the thrill of being smaller than these poor women who are too embarrassed to go to the 'real' part of the gym or can't physically do exercise out water or who enjoy it for the lack of judgement is wrong - well, suck it biatches, it makes me feel good.

Today was the only time anyone other than The Hun has seen me in swimmers sans singlet and boardies - mind you that was in the changeroom afterwards - class was done nonsans singlet and boardies. There might have even been some ass shaking.

That said, I could proddly do without the mental image of a 50 year old standing stark naked in the doorway of the changeroom and gouging around in her 'ladies pocket' with a towel to ensure it's dry (proddly the same way she scrounges for change at SupaBarn).

That also said, I could proddly do with some more of this tho':

Sorry gents - SplashySplashSplash has got the feel good ladies juices flowing*!

*(The kind that makes ladies feel good about themselves, NOT the type that makes you want to feel good ladies)


The Student said...

Things have been decidedly blue around here lately.

ChickyBabe said...


I didn't come across these when I researched my boxers vs briefs debate!

Erica said...

I keep clicking back here and marvelling at the design of these togs. From a textile designer's point of view of course.

Enny said...

Da'Stu - I dun understand what you mean...? Is blue like pr0n? I thought that was red....

CB - I got sent it a few days after you published it - Otherwise it woulda been straight to ur inbox!

Erica - I'm admiring it from a packaging point of view, so I understand. ;o)