Thursday, March 02, 2006

Week of fuckw!t exes!


To celebrate the occassion (you never know when it's gonna come round!) I thought I'd share a sparkler with you, courtesy of one of MY fuckw!t exes.

(Background: you may wish to scan this to get a bit of perspective):

FWXBF: Hey,I saw (The Huns ex) the other day, shes looks good (cancer free) better watch
out for (Immature nickname for The Hun), he get back with her now... do you and her still talk or what?

Enny: Yeah, she had another scare on like August 04 and went thru chemo again but came thru fine and went to europe for a like 3 months for like world youth day or something but yeah, she doin well I see her at parties n stuff.

and why would he choose her over me?

FWXBF: I don't know just a thought... Why would he not choose her over you? Na, just thinking he left her coz of that and now that shes all her systems are go he might have second thoughts. Just a thought.

Enny: he didn't leave her because she got sick, crazy!!! They broke up in august and she got ill in january!!!!


It's not the content that bothers me (I have absolutely no fear of that happening), it's just the way that FWXBF's jus seem to get their kicks from coming from nowhere to interject with their 'advice' and shit. There needs to be some sort of crunchy-munchy machine that squooshes them down to little cubes that you can flush down to the crapper so they live out their days in the stormies.

(Oh, and there's plenty more of these -I could go on forever, but some of the published ones are like how I told Martie bout his response on being told my dog died, or how I told Desci about his excuse for cheating, or the time.... Ah, forget it. I'm sure I'll reach a word limit on this thing. EXES ARE FUN!)


Erica said...

Gar, ex boyfriends. Just be thankful that your's doesn't know your blog address and read religiously.

From the stories on your blog your ex does sound like a complete fuckwit. Did he just send you a random email out of the blue, or do you email reguarly? It sounds like he's hoping The Hun will get back with his ex so he can have another crack at you. Gar, ex boyfriends!

On a slightly related note, I went on a date tonight that didn't go so well, and I'm trying to work out how to tell a very nice guy that there's just no "chemistry". He's friends with a good friend of mine, so it could possibly make things akward. I can't post this on my own blog, as he knows it exists and may read it, so your comments are the next best thing. Any advice? I'm kinda new at this whole "dating" thing.

TCWH said...

Enny-pen! It's Friday! It's Friday! YAY! We've survived another week. Without the ex boyfriends.

Enny said...

TCWH - TGIF! TGIF! (technically, it's saturday now, but that's also great coz it's the weekend!) TGITW!!! TGITW!!!

erica - heh - I'm the last to ask for advice! If it were me, I'd give him one more chance if he made contact and see how it went. If it were the same (doubly sure that it jus ain't workin), then I wouldn' make the contact and speel off the whole 'he's a really nice guy but...' thang.

His email was completely out of blue. Every so often I'd go into these phases where I'm like "oh, we should keep in touch" and I'd send a cas email - he'd reply once or twice, usually with a dig about The Hun or some other bullshit, which would set me off because I can't jus ignore that stuff and then he would jus not reply which would drive me even more insane!! It was like the whole relationship again within a few emails! But this time he started it, yet he got to end it again. >=o|

But yes, he's a fuckwit - you never really get to know what a person is like until you've broken up with them and in that awkward "post breakup kinda still seein each other" thing - that's when you really get to see someones true colours. AND THEY WERE FUCKED UP. But, also very glad he dunno about this site (that I know of!!).

BEVIS said...

I'd offer my own piece of advice on this, but then you'd think that maybe we'd dated ... and you'd speak ill of me on your blog!

Russ said...

I come over to see what Enny has been up to (Hi Enny I am new here, great blog) and I saw Erica's feedback. Erica, was going to ask you about your 'date'. To bad it didn't go so well. I was actually waiting to read it on your blog.

Oh dear, Sunday already!

Erica said...

Now you're stalking me in other people's comments, Russ?

(Russ is the keyboardist from my band, just to get you up to speed)

I have a whole hilarious post worked out about the date in my mind, but can't blog it because the datee will most likely visit, and read it, and that wouldn't be very nice at all.

From my recent experiences with my ex (and from some advice from the Student), I decided that any contact, especially out of the blue contact, should be avoided altogether. I have come to the conclusion that it's best just to let the past be the past, and not contact them at all.

Then again, if someone sends me an email out of the blue I know I would have to reply, because I wouldn't want them to think I was snobbing them off...


Enny said...

Bevis - luckily I remember ALL (four) of my boyfriends and you weren't one of them - so feel free to share!

Russ - Welcome! Welcome! Make yourself at home and meet the other guests - oh, I see you already are! ;o)

Erice - Feel free to mail it - I can post it for you, but dunno how your reader would find it! And I'm the same - I.. jus... can't... help... replying!!!

Russ said...

Speaking of exes, stalking is the appropriate word! Thanks Enny, I look forward to stalking, ahem, I mean meeting, other guests aswell!