Friday, April 14, 2006

Ehm, I've got a lil something to say

After reading Desci's List for the Comedy Festival (damn funny State), I piped up to say that we have tix to see Ross Noble when he comes to Canberra nex month. This reminded me that The Hun had chucked his and Teri's JJJ podcasts (both seasons) onto my iPod before we went up to Sydney for a wedding and we didn't end up listening to them (I was quite short-tempered that day).

I've been listening to the podcasts all week.

This has had three immediate results:
a) I've been getting funny looks from my boss after snorting n laughing, not realising I was doing it that loud;
b) I've given myself permission to follow in his footsteps and speak my trains of thought out loud without always providing the important links between the said-out-loud bits; and
c) My internal monologue has taken on his voice and accent (plus my desperate need of a haircut has given us similar hair).

Ehm, it's great! That's the best bit, I think, the whole 'Ehm' not 'Um'. And I plan to practice the talking part of it over the long break - The Hun has tripped off down to the Bay wit his family for a weekend with Grandparents, giving me free reign of the house to walk around making witty observations in a delightful accent omitting the crucial linking parts (Trust me, if I had a Noble-like obsrevation ready I'd share it with you, but I've been too busy eating Easter Eggs and playing Sims2 already)...

Happy Easter!!

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