Sunday, January 29, 2006

Paris sez it so it must be true

Thank God - otherwise I'd be stuffed!

I left work at bout 4:30 on Friday (note for the slackers I was working on the Nobody-works-that-Friday Friday) and came home to sit on the net (note: figuratively). I noticed my eye was stinging a bit at about six and logged off about eight to start dinner, figuring it just needed a rest from all the intermenets.

The little bitch kept stinging and I hit the pillow at about 11:30.

At 2am I woke up with tears streaming down my face - not from nightmares or yet another palm-heel to the face courtesy of a sleeping The Hun, but because the little bitch was trying to clean itself out.

At 3am I got up to research how to flush the little bitch out, convinced there must be something in there.

At 3:30am I got back to bed after half an hour of attempting to open the little bitch into a bowl of water without throwing up (interesting fact - opening my eye in water causes a bit of a dry retching and burping effect - I've never been able to do it!).

At 4am I finally got back to sleep.

Having no idea wtf was in there, no matter how much pulling on my lid and trying to see through the tears or pulling-over-the-bottom-lid-then-flicking was partaken, I 'dropped into the local' chemist for some drops. To be put in every two hours. LUCKILY they go into the lower lid so they don't make me gag.

Todays verdict is that the sting has moved from one isolated spot in the top-back of the little bitch to a general all over sting, that has slightly subsided over night.

Now why would I regale you with that boring shit?

Because no matter how much Pink hates her, I want to be Paris*

*Not true. Pink is way cooler. Have you seen the film clip? HOTT.

BTW - Bet update - down another 1.8! If I can refine my skillz I might try n find a lil HTML thermometer for my sidebar. Or sit and wait for all you cleverones to send me a link on how to do it.

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