Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I'll have the Crispy Soy Chicken thanks!

I had lunch with a friend today. We hadn't really kept in touch as his gf I didn't get along (she was able to pick up on my not so subtleness) but as of late we decided to lunch. The timeline goes something like this:

??? 2001 - they start going out (a few months after she dumped his good friend for him).
Mar 2006 - she breaks up with him.
Apr 2006 - they start going out again (to his delight).
Sep 2006 - she breaks up with him again.
Oct 2006 - she starts dating someone else.
Jan 2007 - she's engaged.

Snap. Understandably, he's upset - you probably can't imagine how seriously he took this relationship, he really did see it as a lifetime.

I had a really good time - it was good to be catching up on what people are doing, and talk to the poor guy - to see how he was going. I also talked a bit about the breakup and post-breakup with the stoopid ex - it felt good to finally say some of it out loud to someone who was really listening to what I was saying - who knew both parties involved and to have some understanding of why I don't exactly light up at any mention of the guy.

But he also told me about these - so why not have a look?

If you can ignore the annoying voice and some of the lame gags, you might find something of interest.

The second and third parts are found here and here.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Allergic to work?

I'm tired.

It might be because there was no sleep in this weekend due to the grading on Saturday and the Christening on Sunday.

It's only Tuesday, but both days this week I've woken up feeling ok, and then felt crap as soon as I've got into work - throaty, chesty and eye boggly. Yesterday I felt fine once I was outta work - today I feel worse... I still have a headache. This proddly was also due to the INSANE tute and lecture I sat thru this afternoon (well, 1/3rd lecture) of an hour of struggling to understand the tutor, and 30 mins of looking at a screen of notes that weren't on the site when I downloaded LAST WEEKS NOTES BY ACCIDENT this afternoon. The dude started rambling about the history of Industrial Relations - but the slide on the screen had like two sets of years on it, and THAT'S IT. Rambling about the first fleet was this year, first strike was this year, ladies got the vote in this year, the blah-blah ruling was way back here, the so and so whatever happened then... You can tell I wasn't in the mood for it, can't you?!

Luckily, I found out last week that a friend of mine is also in the class, so I'll email him tomorrow for the heads up - I have NO idea what this course is doing - there is no structure to the tutes, there is no direction on what chapters to read, I know I need clippings about SOMETHING but don't really know what.

So I'm kinda hoping for a flu day because I get the flu shot each year - last year I had 3.5 days off work for sick leave - all in a row the week I got the flu shot needle, and THAT WAS IT. Work is quiet and I'm starting to freak myself out that mebbe the symptoms are actually signs of infection and I'll have to get my foot amputated and so on and so forth.

Anyway, the point of my story was meant to be - how can you tell that I'm tired?

When I try to snooze my alarm for another 10 minutes by pressing the side of The Hun's head (as opposed to the side of my phone).

Time for an early night, methinks.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Do you like Tie?

Travel plans are getting their shuffle on - we paid for the plane tix las week (and are STILL yet to hear from the agent about how he's about to help us plan accomodation et al) and I filled out my passport form and photo on Friday (after an impromptu trip out to Births, Deaths and Marriages (thanks Mick!)).

Ugh - passport photo's.

Now, I KNEW it wasn't going to be good - I've heard they're always the worst, so I (thought I was) totally prepared for the ugmo image I'd be getting. Unfortch, it seems I wasn't prepared enough, as it looks a lot like this:

Although with more forehead shine, and less "I'm famous and smug" and more "I'm being held against my will".

We will be flying out of Sydney to Bangkok on the 17th of April for 10 days and will return from Tokyo on the 7th of May.

And although I am super (awesome) excited about travelling and have been gorging myself on the Lonely Planet guides, I am starting to get nervous about Thailand- for two different groups of reasons.

Logically, there are still travel warnings from smart travel as follows:

  • We advise you to exercise a high degree of caution because of the high threat of terrorist attack. We continue to receive reports that terrorists may be planning attacks against a range of targets, including places frequented by foreigners. Reports indicate possible bombing attacks at crowded places such as department stores, and sky-train and subway stations in Bangkok on Friday 23 February 2007.
  • On 30 January 2007, two small explosions occurred at the Rama Gardens Hotel and the Daily News, both in Bangkok. A series of bombs exploded in various locations in Bangkok on 31 December 2006, killing three and injuring over 30 others, including six foreigners. Further attacks cannot be ruled out.
  • There is uncertainty over the political situation following a military takeover of the Government on 19 September 2006. Martial law remains in place in parts of the country.
And so on. We don't speak the language and I have trouble interpreting thick accents such that I often pretend I know what's going on and leave confused. I don't know how well it can be guaranteed that I won't be unintentionally ingesting animals left, right and centre. I don't want to go on a day trip to find it's a fake and end up losing all my money and belongings and be left in the forest somewhere. I don't want to have someone break into our hotel room (if it in fact exists and we haven't paid someone for a non existend room). I don't want to be on a boat trip and have it catch fire. I don't want food poisening. I've been advised to steer of the tap/local water as it's packed full'o'germs, steer clear of fruit and veg as it's washed in the local water, and that The Hun should steer clear of the meat and it's hot over there and everything goes rancid quickly. And so on.

Emotionally, well - where to start. My stoopid ex was Thai. He would always speak in Thai to his family and never tell me what was going on (this frustrated me to no end). He cheated on me in a nightclub with a girl that I believe to be Thai. He bought me a ticket to Thailand to meet his family for my 21st but we broke up before then and so I never went, but there were many months where I was in emotional distress and was torn between wanting to go and never wanting to see him again. Before we broke up he was texting a lot with a girl who was the sister of his (Thai) friend from school. He then replaced me with this new Thai girlfriend. She went to Thailand on the holiday that was meant to be my 21st gift. Her name is also a Thai word for a type of food (which is both hilarious and annoying). The Hun has also started playing tennis with a Thai girl from his work once a week, so you can only IMAGINE how my green eyed monster is being sedated...

So, it's taken a bit of a coming around for me to stop boycotting the entire country and want to travel there.... yet there's still the more normal emotional reasons for being nervous - I'm taller, bigger, louder, paler, wider and bustier than the majority of the population...

Here's hoping for a hassle free trip ;o)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

You asked for it!

More precisely, you specifically asked to not have it.

But because I'm a crappy photographer (I blame my tools - we're buying ourselves a new camera for our birthdays (hooray for being 8 days apart for birthdays)) you can see my before and afters as if through a primitive camera phone! The 'before's make my foot look pretty gross, but keep in mind it'd been infected and was scaling off everywhere...

I had a peek today while redoing the bandage (again) and the holes have filled up quite a bit. I rinsed it in salt water but forgot to have another look... that's really the end of my story.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Warts and all


Three trips to the doctor in two days, anyone?

I'd had a wart on my foot for years... and in recent years two more had appeared. I became particularly self-consious of my foot at martial arts camp, when I realised that while sitting cross legged, my senior would be able to see the cluster up at the top of the ball of my foot. Also that on the rare occurance I took the class through warm-up, they'd notice them too.

When I was younger and visited the doctor with a plantar wart, we were advised to lucoplast banana peel to it - suprisingly, this worked rather well (though it died it didn't fall out until my cousin accidentally scratched it out whilst crawling behind me). Middle bro succesfully used nail polish and duct tape to suffocate his, but I figured that as my curse was more than a few years old, it was too happy to be shifted in such a remedial manner.

I visited the doctor twice late last year to get the warts frozen off. Both times I limped away thinking they were succesfully removed - both times I was dissapointed. A trip to the chemist resulted in a cream to be applied directly to the wart - ignoring a few minor directions (only use it for two weeks *cough*3.5 weeks*cough* and one wart at a time *cough*three*cough* *cough*and cutting at it with scissors*cough*) I was 'suprised' at getting an infection that left me unable to bend or straighten by big toe or put any pressure on my foot.

"Take these antibiotics, leave it for two weeks then come back and get them frozen again." stated yet another doctor.
"But I've had them frozen twice already!"
"Well, some of them take five or six or seven goes to die..."
"But I read that they can just be burnt out?" (The Hun's mum looked it up in her medical book)
"Well - we don't recomend that as it's far too intrusive... and there's only one doctor here who will do it... and he's very busy at the moment..."
"Hrm, ok... thanks."

Five minutes later I was back at my desk requesting a 'have a look' appt with the busy doctor for two weeks time, and another 'burn em out' appt for as close after that as I could (Thursday 15th and Monday 19th respectively).

Well - it's Tuesday, so you know what that means!

Monday morning I nervously shuffled off to my appointment. May I say that having a local anaesthetic poked through the calloused ball of my foot to quite some depth three times is THE MOST PAINFUL AND UNCOMFORTABLE THING I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED (Tattoo? Check. Stitches in forheard? Check. Stitches in open wound from can opener? Check. etc). "Well, I said it would be uncomfortable, but I didn't tell you quite how uncomfortable it would be..."

And then? A plate thing was put under my calf to stop the electric current - yup - electric. He then used electricity and wire to burn them out. No pain, but I will say that the smell was somewhat unique.

Ten minutes later and I was back at work - shaky and sweaty. I handed the certificate over to my boss and said that although they'd said I'd be fine straight after, I might go home and put my foot up - he readily agreed and sent me on my pasty way. On my way out the door, I stopped in to tell my old boss that I was leaving and was greeted with points and gasps that my foot was bleeding... out of the bandages, all over my foot and ruining my shoe. At this stage it was still numb and I was more concerned with how shaky I was and how hot and clammy I felt and hadn't noticed. So back to the doctor with a squeak to the receptionist ("um, excuse me, I'm meant to keep this bandage on for a week but it's covered with blood and has ruined my shoe...") and I was back on the same bed for a rewrap.

I hate doing the whole coedine talk - I told the nurse I'd go straight home after popping into the chemist (my fear of pain is harsher than actual pain) and she managed to 'find some' there for me so that I could get home and put my foot up immediately. I always get super anxious about looking like a junkie when it comes to drugs - I know I'm the least likely candidate for drug addiction, but I cringe to think of the way I reached for the drugs before she'd finished explaining the risk.

Anyways, I spend the evening with my foot wrapped up double-smart, wondering what on earth I was going to wear on that foot what was so thickly bandaged I couldn't possibly fit it into anything. And work this morning was fine - I managed to find one of those massagey thongs that had velro over the top to strap on, though it doesn't mean it stayed on (as I can't/won't curl my toes). After a trip to the shops at lunch I settled down to relax a bit as I felt a little warm and was worried I could feel a pulse in the ball of my foot - a quick nip under the desk confirmed that something was once again leaking through the bandage.

A trip back to the doctor and ANOTHER afternoon off, I have my foot wrapped up in a heavy duty strapping bandage. Still no crutches or advice other than to 'keep doing what I'm doing" and only one coedine left - I'm a little worried about when the pain will kick in.

And I can tell you that you will be suitably disgusted with an 'after' pic - I sneaked a look today while it was being rewrapped... for all you omni's out there - imagine cutting into a side of pork - white, white skin at the top and the deepest darkest ruby red at the bottom of two cubes that have just been sectioned out.

Roast pork anyone?

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Oh Quoints, Dot Points!

  • 'Bout time I updated with something other than whinging and YouTube, eh?
  • I am so excited to be sitting in front of the telly atm - I've been hanging out for Celebrity Dog School! 9 minutes in, still loving it - though the coach for the cricketer is a PAIN! But then - Biggest Loser AND So You Think You Can Dance - I LURVE SUNDAYS!
  • We made it into two (TWO!) travel agents for some discussion re: holiday plans. The plan? 17th April - 28th April in Thailand; 29th April - 7th May in Japan. So excited! We're telling the travel dood tmr to go ahead and book the plane tix, and then we'll be using him to book everything for us (hotels, tours, transfers etc) as we've never been overseas, neither of us are particularly adventurous and I know I'll FREAK OUT if we get lost along the way. I'm sure this will make for many posts in the months to come.
  • We also made it to Fyshwick yesterday - The Hun lost his Fyshwick virginity! His verdict: "Can we go home and watch the Basketball?". And why were we there? Shopping for Magf's Hens Party - any bride to be who includes pole dancing lessons as part of the Hens Night is just BEGGING to be covered in flashing penis' (penii?).
  • Went to ANOTHER Blogmeet! Funnily enough, while I've met Melbournites and Bris Vegans, I'd never met any Canberran's - and all it took was a couple of visiting Melbournians to get some of us to meet! Desci and Bob (of here and here) were coming up for the Mummy exhibit and managed to hook up some of their Canberra listeners. I was proddly most nervous about this meetup, but (like the others!) it went surprisingly well - I popped my podcasting cherry, though I don't believe it's anything worth crowing about. Desci and Bob were much less scary than I thought they would be (Desci is great fun!) and Kerces was lovely and it was good to put a face to RandomGit. I had to pike early as The Hun was picking me up (and the vodka and lemonade I had at the restaraunt wasn't settling down properly) but they were heading out - I hope there's some sort of wrap up post!
  • I've mentioned before the warts on the bottom of my foot? Well, I'm off to have them burnt out tmr - stay tuned for the before/after pics (eww/ouch).
  • I'm off for foccacia and chocolate fondue - tra la!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Turn a new page, tear the old one out

Calm down
And get straight
It's in our eyes
It's how we operate

You're true
You are
I'd apologize but it won't go very far

Please come here
Come right on over
And when we collide we'll see what gets left over

A little joy
A little sorrow
And a little pride so we won't have to borrow
Wherever you lead, I'll follow

Turn me inside out and upside down
And try to see things my way
Turn a new page, tear the old one out
And I'll try to see things your way

Please come here
Please come on over
There is no line that you can't step right over
Without you well I'm left hollow
So can we decide to try a little joy tomorrow
'Cos baby tonight I'll follow

Turn me inside out and upside down
And try to see things my way
Turn a new page, tear the old one out
And I'll try to see things your way

The way that we've been speaking now
I swear that we'd be friends, I swear
'Cos all these little deals go down with
Little consequences, we share, we share

Turn me inside out and upside down
And try to see things my way
Turn a new page, tear the old one out
And I'll try to see things your way

And I'm gonna love you anyway
Try to see things your way
Try to see things your way
Try to see things your way

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hallmark says: F*ck You

On Valentines day three years ago, I finished work at the Thai restaraunt my stoopid ex worked at and picked The Hun up for a night on the town. It was a great night, and the precursor to us going out.

Valentines day two years ago I was frantically putting together a CD of songs that reminded me of our first year together, painstakingly formatting a booklet in Excel containing the lyrics, our photos and a description of what each song meant to me.

Valentines day one years ago I bought too many chocolates to fit into a jar and presented The Hun with four giant glass jars of sweets.

Today I gave The Hun a card, a stuffed grizzly bear, some premium ice cream toppings (with icecream) and a cookbook.

I'm taking the cookbook back tomorrow.

In the time it takes to painstakingly prepare a breakfast of hobo eggs and coffee, a car could drive to the shops and back.

In the time it takes to style hair and brush some teeth, a card could have been selected.

And in the time it takes to take a sh!t, my name could have been written at the top and a heart could have been drawn at the bottom.

Yes, we went to dinner and a movie and we had a lovely time - I offered to pay (after I was the one so determined that if we couldn't make it to dinner on the Wednesday because he wanted to play touch then we should go to dinner the night before - at the same place we've celebrated Valentines Day that we've been together).

But a day of seeing people celebrating being in love - be married, engaged or semi-unwanted attention from a half-stranger, it sucks to feel that you aren't worth the time it takes to walk the log.

So I'm going to share some happiness that I should have gotten today with anyone else that wants it.

I recently replied to this post of Fluffy's and received a CD of awesome from Miss As-a-cat herself. I promptly sent off a mix off songs that were what I thought were kinda cool but actually indicate I'm a softie for heartbreak folksongs with some pop mixed in.

If you email me ( your postal address I will send you a copy of BOTH of these CD's (mebbe also lemme know what name I should put on the envelope so as not to freak out the postie/your parents/your neighbours).

I promise not to stalk you.

No really, I PAHROMISE.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Welcome back, me?

Hullo - she has returned.

I'm back from my three nights away - rising at 5:45, spending 9 hours a day at the hall, and keeping an eye on five 18 - 22 year olds (and one 40-something).

It was suprisingly tiring for what it was - I didn't do any training and when I wasn't teaching I was wandering around and correcting, not sweating it out. We had an hour and a half for lunch for two days and I managed to nap during both. We were up at 5:45 each morning but were asleep by 11, but still suprisingly tired!

The candidates did a fantastic job - protocol started to lapse towards the end, but Magf and myself were just as much to blame and I'm not that stressed by that sorta stuff. It was good to see them bonding and getting friendly and it was also good to see youngest bro step up as the senior of the group.

There was an amazing amount of rain last night - 12 hours of rain! Something I haven't seen or heard for a long time, and something that definitely made it easy to get to sleep when sharing a bunk bed room with another person.

We also found two tiny baby sparrows! I headed out to the bathroom and heard something fall behind me - it was a tiny little baby bird - I ran into the hall and fetched the 40-something lady to come fetch it as she has done a lot of wildlife caring and would know what to do - she picked the little fellow up (who was amazingly uninjured) and put him into a tissue box. Not two hours later there was some chirping in the hall (louder than the rest of it) and there was another tiny fellow sitting in of the sheet nets that were hanging from the roof! The hall was over 100 years old and had all these nests in between the walls and roof and the birds were falling out (I think the nets were put there to cushion the fall from all the babies) so we were lucky there weren't more. She has taken both of them home to look after and will release them near her mothers house - her neighbour has sparrows everywhere, apparantly. They were so cute (so tiny!) and I wanted to take them home, but knew that it wouldn't be a good idea with The Hun's dislike for animals and the whole rental agreement with the not having of the pets (including goldfish!).

I think I'm off the blues train again - I think that having some time away from everything was helpful (thanks Adam and Mick for your talking me through, I really appreciate it!). I think that being in the camp situation (which is such an all-consuming environment) helped to put a full stop it in all - like when you slap down on a mosquito bite to stop the itch. I just needed an 'out' to catch my breath.

What was also helpful was reading more of my Buddhism for Dummies book that I bought a little while ago. Whilst it may seem that I'm jumping onto D'jen's bandwagon, it's something that also I've been thinking about for quite some time, more actively since my vegan transition - and with the Dalai Llama and our Rinpoche making visits/tours this year, I'd like to make sure I have at least some idea of what's going on! I've read less than 30 pages of the book so far, but I've already read something that struck a chord with me:
"...suffering and disatisfaction originate in the way your mind responds and reacts to lifes circumstances - not in the raw facts of life."
It might'n't sound like much, but it was a bit of a !ping! moment when I realised that things aren't just the way they are, they are how I perceive them - and I have the ability to control that.

I've also organised my valentines and anniversary gifts for The Hun for Wednesday and the Wednesday after - after finding out there would be no going out for dinner on either of those days, and then wondering why to bother at all, I've picked myself back up again (at Adam's insistence) and put that effort back in there. Because it IS something that makes me feel specialer. The Hun also mentioned that he read the last post and comments and does love me, and will forever and was sorry to hear I've been down in the dumps and please don't leave to rediscover my youth with some slutty 19 year old boy in a nightclub. Which was never going to happen (of course!) but was good to know.

Anyways, I'm gonna catch up on my LonelyGirl and get back into my reading - nigh nigh!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Sorry there's been a bit of lack of post atm - I'm off to the coast for three nights tmr.

Sounds nice, eh?

No. It's not.

Magf and I are running a Dan Camp for four of our students (including youngest bro) who are grading to 1st Dan/2nd Dan in another two weekends time. So, we adapted the timetable from the last 3rd Dan Camp we went on in Qld (one of those weekends away where I whine about training 12 hours a day and sleeping only four each night) which means we'll be running them ragged and trying to exhaust them. Shall be interesting.

Anyways, I'm kinda riding the blues train at the moment. I've been mopey for about two weeks, feeling narky at The Hun for nothings (or almost nothings) - I think the whole Japan holiday plan has been canned, work is building up, uni's going to start again, I have bridesmaids stuff to do, I'm getting tired of always being told what to do (being "given advice"), seeing other people happy is making me jaded and twisted and I'm about to turn 25.


I hate it.

It's not even/just the whole thing about where I planned to be at 25 - but I have this terrible feeling of time running out. But for what? Lawd knows what I even want to do/be/see.


Back Sun/Mon.

Friday, February 02, 2007

*UPDATED* I got tagged!

Thanks Mick!

Interlude: Here's something more entertaining than the post below - first forward I've received in a while to make me laugh out loud:

Five useless facts about me (that you might not know).

Where to begin...?!

1. I'm a hypochondriac. Ok, you might know that already, but within a six month period I'll have been to the doctor for Gardasil, to get a blood test, to get my blood test results, back to the doctor for Gardasil, to get a mole checked, to get my warts frozen, to get my warts frozen again, to get my warts uninfected, to get my warts inspected, to get my warts quarterised (eek!), to get my final Gardasil and (if we end up travelling) to get some needles. And within there I have resisted a few urges to drop in to get more moles checked... I'm paranoid about skin cancer - the story about the girl who got the phone call from David Beckham is my worst nightmare. She saw a few doctors who all told her a mole on her neck were nothing to worry about, but by the time someone took her seriously it was too late and had spread. She died just the other day...

2. I'm super ticklish. You name it, I'm ticklish there. And if you so much as make the ticklish motion towards my body, I get phantom tickle and freak out. My version of freaking out whilst getting tickled also tends to come with my groping for your neck or eyes because my instinct tells me it's the quickest way to get you to stop. I'M. SO. SORRY.

3. I (used to) love squishing eggshells. I don't know what it was, but I LOVED to scrunch empty eggshells in my hands and rub them round and round. Interesting.

4. I've never had a filling. I'm off to the doctor for the first time in almost three years on Monday - this might change.

5. I'm freaking out about my birthday. I used to love birthdays - the happy day, the party, the work lunch, the gifts... I turn 25 this year. 25 is more than a quarter of my life gone. I'm meant to be an adult. I'm going to have grey hairs. I'm going to get wrinkles. I haven't travelled overseas, I have no savings, I don't own a house, I'm childess, I'm unwed, I'm in a job that I fell into and don't know whether I like it or not, I'm still at uni... TWENTY FIVE IN LESS THAN TWO MONTHS. I'm predicting tears on my birthday - that's my heads up for you peeps.


I was up until 2:30 last night and couldn't sleep, so thought of another five for you folks:

1b. When I sign my name in my signature, I use a curvy 'E' like a backwards three. Why? Because that's how Elvis Presley signed his (and my dad's an Elvis freak!).

2b. I hate bugs. But I hate seeing them killed more. This usually results in shivers, squealing and dancing feet as I try to catch the blighters (spiders, ants, cockroaches) in a cup and paper and put them outside without squishing them. This is also why we had to purchase a humane mousetrap (there's a MOUSE in the HOUSE!) but I have NO IDEA how I will cope with transporting the lil fella.

3b. I have a shocking short and long term memory. I have trouble remembering what I came into a room to do, what the point of my story was, what I was going to blog about. I also have toruble remembering things a while in the past without distorting them a bit. This means that my propensity for retelling stories from the past can cause some grief, what with it changing all the time and making me look like a liar. And I had another point for this but can't remember!

4b. I have an addictive personality. I will play a game to death, to the point where it affects my everyday life. Play Mario till I see a little mario-man jumping between the words when I'm reading a book, playing tetris till I find my self looking at objects and wondering how I could sort them together to make lines, playing minesweeper till I find myself looking at a room and itemising each object with a number depending on the number of other items close to it. This is why I'm happy to eat the same thing for breakfast of lunch or dinner for extended periods of time and also why I haven't taken up smoking or anything (I only just broke my red-eye habit!).

5b. When I'm trying to learn or memorise or remember something, I break it down into initials. That's how I (almost) remembered my points for this post from last night - it was like 'ASAP' with with an M in the middle and slightly different - ESMEI (Elvis, spiders, memory, addictive, initials). As you can see, my letter breakdown might not make a lot of sense to anyone else and it requires me to try and relax and let them come back to me (which is no good as I always need them for an event or something!) but I just can't think of how to learn any other way.

I'm so sorry that wasn't more interesting...!

I tag:
D'jen - because I'd love to know what she has to say!
Lulu - because I feel bad I didn't do her last meme (don't let the thinking hurt your head)!
Mars - because I want her to realise she's not Bridget Jones!
Deb - because I'd love to know more about her!
Somewhat Sober - because I want to check she's still alive!

(And anyone else who wants to participate of course)