Saturday, April 30, 2005

Take the personality test!

Ok! I went and did the Personality Test:

Your Personality Type:
You are an optimist who is often more focused on the past and the future than the present moment. You have an active imagination. You have good hunches and intuitions and people notice that.

Your Motto:
"I want to discover the truth in life."

How You Work Best:
You work best in cooperative, harmonious environments. Competition, a rushed pace, and a strict format for communication don't work well for you. Your strength is your open-mindedness. Your Achilles heel is that you are sometimes too hard on yourself.

Your Life Situation:
You are not fully satisfied with your current life situation. It is in your own hands though to change this. Every day you have the opportunity to improve your life situation by making decisions that suit your personality best.

I think I've been suckered in to doing a quiz to try and get me to buy the damn book - any suggestions for decent quizes?!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Speak up! I can't hear you thru the hair in my ears.... *grumble mumble bumble* (*)

After a quick battle with the snooze button this morning (7am, 7.10, 7,20 and finally up-time at 7.27), I still managed to start work at 8am.

I was feeling cosy, which is a good sign - I swear my office thinks that if you air-condition a building enough it will eventually get warmer - but something just didn't feel right.

The feeling kinda lingered, like a bad foot stink, until it came to me with startling realisation in the ladies room, just before lunch time...

- Polishable black shoes - check;
- Blue-Grey little bit man style pants - check;
- Non-descript taupe singlety undershit - check;
- Brown cable knit superbargain slight-fit cardy - check;
- Tired look that comes from getting up for a run yesterday and only feeling it in my legs today - check.


Today I came to work dressed as a grampa.

And today was one of the few I didn't have an afterwork nap!

(*) Please note: my ears are not hairy - in fact, they could be described as 'nekked', much like an Opossum...

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Deep breaths everyone (breaTHs you dirty perve!!)

Okay, okay - so My First Hens Night didn't go as badly as I thought it would.

*dreamy swirly flashback effect to 2 years go*

Back when Mrs-Batman-To-Be was just Batman's GF, we were fairly close. Her Batman and my bf at the time were in a Famous Five type gang of five - mates who did everything together. Being from an All Boys School, they were a very 'tight knit' group. Every social gathering included all famous five as well as their fabulous gfs - the two most fabulous bein Batman's GF and Yours Truly. As a result of this, we spent a lot of time squatting in the corners at parties, sloshing cruisers and champers, bitching about the other 'fabs' and our primary school arch-nemesis, laughing at our clever innuendos and making boob jokes. We would spend time talking about loves, holidays, dreams, pasts, presents and futures...

*swirly flashback reverses to now*

These days, well... I don't quite know how to describe it...

Imagine making a flat bread pizza - start with something basic and plain and top it layer by layer with beautiful and tasty treats. Lovingly swirl on the sauce, giggle at the knobs of boccocini and daintily garnish it with garlic and oregano. Take a step back and admire your artistry and awesomeness - marvel at how delectable it is yet to be - pick it up and turn to face the oven - then trip on your bloody shoelace.

Look at all the mess on the floor.

Look up at the mess on the roof.

Look round you at the mess on the walls, in the second drawer and in the gap beside the fridge.

And look at how you are left holding something basic, plain and messy, but with potential for rescue...

It's kinda like that =o)

I just can't wait for all the stress, business and excuses to be over and done with so we can sit back with some breezers and talk about boobs again...

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Night at the movies - In Good Company

Went down to the Hyperdome to see In Good Company last night with The Hun. We almost didn't as I HATE MISSING PREVIEWS and he seemed to be doing his darndest to stall the whole 'leaving on time' thang. Still, the Sticky Taped 200 made it to Tuggers with 10 minutes to spare...

Side Note: My poor beast is sticky taped thanks to some 'creative parking' at work the other week, requiring some handy-manning-with-duct-tape to hold the front bar on. The only plus side to this is that it could kinda look like I did it while drifting, which would give me some (much undeserved) street cred. So it'll be staying there for a while. Dah-rift-uuuuuuuuuu!!!

The Ticks:
- Topher Grace (of That 70s Show fame) looking very Toby Maguire-ish... I don't really know why that makes it a plus coz I'm not that big on Mr Maguire, but he was nontheless quite pleasing to watch - I think I'm doing my bit to look out for the meek;
- Scarlett Johansson in general. She's pretty cool, I rate her (so does The Hun, but I think thats for different reasons - given away by his 'Is she the one who's proud of her curves? She should be...); and
- The Sountrack. Kinda Garden State-ish, methinks.

The Crosses:
- The lack of any real plot, character development, or any real ending;
- The way Scarlett Johansson had the butchest voice I'd ever heard at the start, but tuned all nice and girly-lilted at the end; and
- The way that it cost over $40 bucks for tickets, popcorn, drinx and icecream to see a fairly sub-standard PG movie, in a theatre with Noisy Group of Girls in front, and Guy Who Guessess Out Loud What The Next Line Will Be behind.

I don't think that I'd recommend it, I'd proddly suggest seeing either Robots or Hitch, both of which I would like to see, but haven't yet.

In fact, the only highlight was when Dennis Quaid was farewelling Scarlett as she started College, and he had to rush off coz he was gonna cry (and he is oh-too-tough to cry in front of his daughter). Something about the way his face crumpled up struck a cord in my stupid tear ducts, causing my eyes to water and a little scumpled 'Aaauuuuuuw'' to escape from my mouth, causing The Hun to turn and see the watering eyes and the provide the 'point and laugh' that magically seems to occur each time I get choked up over something stupid... In an effort to try and turn the situation around, I tried to flip it into a laugh, which came out as a snort, leaving me shaking and shuddering with grunts, giggles and tears...How did I manage to become so cinematically retarted? I don't know... ask Yo Mama (heh heh, I Kill Me!).

So yeah, don't bother =o)

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Yes, I like Pina Coladas...

Returning to The Hyperdome yesterday to pick up The Hun, I drove past a little boutique baby shop (no, crazies, for expensive fiddly baby things, not the actual babies) off one of the main roads (not exactly prime shopping-for-babies territory).

In an effort to drum up some (any?!) business, there was a little chalkboard sign out the front:

Baby Starting Kits Here

*Snigger snigger* what do you reckon it is, Barry White CD's and Candles? Pina Coladas and umbrellas (for taking walks in the rain, d'uh!)?

Or maybe its a front for the local Tuggies male brothel...

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


I'm guessing there are a lot of other ppl out there concerned about new Pope (as announced this morning)...

Personally, I'm not much of a Catholic - On one hand I still say my prayers before I go to sleep (a mental bundle I've collected over the years of Catholic schooling that are repeated in order for fear of judging who deserve to be prayed for and who don't...) but on the other, I don't think that living with The Hun is a sin that'll send me down, Down, DOWN! Martial Arts training has given me a broader sense of what should be considered right or wrong - as long as I do what's right for others, then I'm doing right for myself- but that can all wait for some other discussion...

As I woke up this morning I was woken by the news that the new Pope is an ultra-conservative, german man - Josepeh Ratzinger. My concerns?

Ultra Conservative: That does NOT sound like it's going to help the millions and squillions that could do with a little help from their good friend The Church. I read an interesting opinion piece at SMH the other week - did you know in Kenya senior church officials burnt condoms and safe-sex literature and released a pamphlet claiming that condoms cause AIDS?! - have a squiz - I was hoping for someone who would put more bums on seats by making some changes for the better of the whole, y'know, human race thing (just as I'm sure tonnes of others were)...

Having the nickname 'God's Rottweiler'?! Whats WITH that?!

RatZinger?! Is anyone else getting an image of His Holiness burninating a rat with a laser beam? Kicking Bunnies, Shooting Kittens, Stomping Sparrows...? No?.. No one? Oh-keeee...

Please Note: My Pa has boots that were used only for stomping sparrows. Needless to say, there will be no Pope Penny the 13th any time soon - especially as he's at 95 yo...

A possible positive is that we've got like 10 years before he 'moves along' -which could potentially be enough time for the masses to open their eyes and spend that decade trying to prep a decent pope-to-be (who doesn't have a name that sounds like an extermination company).

I guess we'll just have to wait it out... Grab a coffee and the paper, I think there's gonna be a bit of a wait...

*Later in the day when I finally got this working*

It now seems that his son was one of Hitlers dudes (tho I may have misheard that one?!) and that his brother has basically said he's too old tobe Pope-ing around town and not even all that nice a person...

P.S - Hint for the (not so) wise - if you're going to iron your work clothes on your spiffy new birthday ironing board, please make sure you're fully awake and not in low slung jammie pants to avoid burning yourself on the stomach - not that I found this out by experience *cringe*

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Public Servicism #2703: Birthday Elitism

{Deleted by the Author - sorry dudes!}

Monday, April 18, 2005

I soooo need to work out how to use this picasa thing - it's goddamned ridiculous! Here's the band looking serious - Sexy Hair Guy, PsychoTherapist Guy, Angry Guy v1, Beautiful Beautiful Kirk, and Angry Guy v2.

Metallica: Some Kind of (loving and thoughtful) Monster (Now With Feelings!)

I was up past 1am last night watching Some Kind of Monster with The Hun last night - a rock-doc(o) lasting round 2.5 hours + another good hour or so of bonus features... (Side Note: I'd give it one thumb up and one thumb sideways- I like the 'snooping on rockstars' element of it, but my eyes were begining to loll around in the back of my head after the two hour mark...)

I'll be the first to admit that I know very little about Metallica - I mean, I was kinda interested for about a month in year 11 because one of my guy-friends was like totally in love with them and he was able to like draw that fancy 3D type band logo and you'd find it like all over the school and his motto in the yearbook was 'Tools Cool but Metallica Rule' and he gave me some like tapes that I've still got like five years later you ask him now and he reckons he didn't really like them THAT much...

But I digress.

I want to marry Kirk Hammett *Sighing and melting into a puddle of lust*

Yup - I don't want the alpha male with big, meaty, rugby type noggin that I'm normally strangely drawn to...

You can keep the angry drummer who spends all his time in his silky boxer shorts and wife-beater, rolling his eyes and chucking a tanty when no one tells him 'bout the Hawiaan Shirt Party for my beatiful brithday boy...

Help yourself to any of the bass players (I think there is like four in the film?! Tho the one they get at the end does have sexy hair) ...

Watch as the other men strut around like the Little Engine That Could And Did And Will F&*% You Up Hardcore Mother f&*% If You Say That He Couldn't, then be delighted as the film moves straight to footage of Kirk on his ranch, riding a black pony in a pink shirt and cowboy hat (Kirk, not the horse!).

Admire his lovely low-necked shirts with floral motifs and flowing permed locks (that in some shots look a lot like hair plugs...).

Maybe it's the way he describes himself as the example of 'no ego'... Maybe it's the way he seems to have learnt oh-so-much from the oh-so stylish therapist or maybe it's the way he suggests thrashin out the music instead of thrashing out each other... But I'm totally heart-ing the 'Behind The Scenes' Kirk (i'm not so big on the 'On The Stage' Kirk)

Kirk - I soo shoulda researched you more in high-school, I coulda totally turned goth rock chick just for you. I felt your pain when the other meanies wanted to cut your solos and told you that you were too... I don't remember, something nasty....

Mind you, I also felt the pain of the Poor Ol Doc when he was being told that he wasn't really 'part of the band' and that they would be 'ending the contract' when 'the clients decided it was Time-Out'.

And I'll be damned if Bob Rock (Producer/Bass Player/Hair Flipper) looks alarmingly like Queer-Guy Carson?

P.S Did you know that the lead singer of Air Supply was a guy?! Yeah, in that "Without You" song?! Me neither!!

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Goodness, is there any rrrrreverb?

This is just a test for formatting purposes - I promise it'll get better!