Monday, May 29, 2006

Putting things into perspective

No no, not an emotional mouthing off about the importance of relationships blah blah blah - Eldest Bro sent me these today and I thought they were pretty coo':

Where was this type of stuff when I was in school?!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Gilrs jus wanna have WHINGE!

You gotta love those monthly cards that come along with being a girl...

My rant for this month came about over the weekend.

Sat arvo I had a birthday afternoon tea at my friend from martial arts place with two other martial arts ladies, my ex-instructor, my friends partner, his 7yo and a 5 yo, 3yo and 2yo.

The afternoon was spent sitting in a house surROUNDed by a bunch of screaming, running, yelling, messy, noisy kids.

It started at 3 - 3 cruisers and 3hrs 45 mins later I was leaving for the Conder house - The Hun was to be at the club to catch up on a blokey type night - unfortch my maths was out and I forget to include the time needed to get home, blah blah blah - I dropped him and one of his buddys (one of my ex-housemates) off at about 7:30...

Come 2am I was still up on the lappy, (chatting!) and perousing the big brother forums before finally giving him a call to see if I were still even meant to be awake!

Flip forward 2 1/2 hours to find him shuffling into bed after winding up the night wandering the streets of 'bundah after a house party of 3 grads and his 3 friends.

This morning I headed off to a 1st birthday party (funnily, the baby is son of The Huns high school gf - not his baby!!) whilst he 'slept it off'... then I popped back in post party to find him foetus-style on the couch, so popped back out again to take advantage of Harvey Normans 15c prints special (anyone wanna tell me what 480 * .15 is?!) and popped back in and found him doin pretty much the same thing.

And then I was meant to do the groceries. ALONE.

And so I started my monthly snap.

Let's do the math peeps:
* Arvo tea surrounded by noisy young things
* Few drinks
* Having to leave early to drop off The Hun
* Having to pick up a friend
* Having to sit alone and eat hummous and bread for dinner
* Lack of sleep
* Being woken up at 4:10 to hear about random drunken night spent with good company
* Being told at 4:30 (amongst all the great things that I do honestly love to hear when he's been drinking and all lovey) that he doesn't THINK he would ever love anyone else like he loves me (keyword: THINK)
* Being woken at 5:30 for his emergency dash to the loo that involved a bizarre opening and closing sliding doors unnecessarily ritual for an almost-spew
* Driving 20 minutes south to attend party by myself this morning
* Spending 2 hours surrounded by babies and married couples ALONE
* Driving 20 minutes back after attending party by myself
* etc etc etc

Basically - don't add hormones, tiredness, babies, married couples and extended periods of time alone when by rights I feel I should have company if you want me to not go a lil nutty.

I think I've sorted it out - I sulked, pouted, slammed things, raised my voice, stamped my feet then had takeaway and gave a fair amount of head scratchin (IN A NON EROTIC WAY!!).

It's usually just that simple!

BUT, can anyone answer me these:

Do all boys not go to things they're invited to like that?
Do they have a long line of excuses to avoid these things such as working overtime, going to a friends house and being hungover?
Is it normal as a girl to put the drunken comment + the lack of attendance + the lack of diamond rings, wedding plans etc together to create a girly tanty that would bring me no closer to those things that I want?!

(You're welcome to comment too, gents!)

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Don't ForGET the BET! (rhymes)

Ehm, yeah. The Bet.

For those of you who dunno about it - The Bet featured quite heavily in my posts in early-mid January. The basics: Ppl at work had three months to complete an important goal, be it quit smoking, get a six pack or lose ten kilos (of which I was doing).

Nayways, I started out well (thanx to food poisoning), then started to plateu a bit, then had one good week and then quit. Why? you ask - here's why....

{Deleted by the Author - sorry dudes!}

And then this was sent by the fellow doing weight loss who was almost guaranteed to win:

I entered this competition in the spirit of good fun and camaraderie. I will contribute to the winner(s)as detailed in the contract, however I do not expect anything in return should I achieve my required goal. I would still like to go to lunch - but I'll pay for myself. I am not in this for a prize. My motivation is personal and not worth bickering about. If it was about the money it would've been cheaper not to start.

I believe that anybody who makes an honest attempt to achieve their goal is a winner. Having said that no one should expect that I won't cajole, tease, taunt or congratulate along the way as I believe light heartedness is as important to the competition as my personal results (which are
superior to everyone else's!).

Can we start planning the next workplace challenge now? I'm going to start jogging each day .......................

And my response:

I've been stewing on this since he sent it - and I agree!

If I 'complete' the bet, I don't want anyone to pay for me. The chances of me making are fairly slim anyway, but I am moving into a very busy period -I've got lots to do at work ((project name here) anyone?!), feeling left behind at uni, and LOTS of martial arts stuff coming up - I'm running short on being able to afford the time to go the gym and do homework and train/ plan/ organise martial arts AND keep my job (lucky I have an understanding boss - awww)

Also, in the interest of team-building and team-adhesion, rather than team-tearing-apart, I want to make it as relaxed as possible - yes I want to at the very least maintain my weight (I still want to lose!!), but I don't want to made to feel bad if I'm stress-zonked out of my brain and
someone hears me rustle a chip packet or if I'm not at the gym. If things the 'dark side' of the bet keeps going at the rate it is (and gets worse closer to the due date) I won't be able to talk to half you people, let alone buy you lunch ;o) so I'd rather you know that I'm not expecting any
praise or monetary payoff - I'd rather go out and enjoy my lunch with my team (normal shouting rules will apply for drinkers!)

So in the spirit of good will, don't feel like you owe me anything on the chance I do lose ten kilos - I've lost more than half that and I'm happier and fitter than I was, and I plan to keep it goin' that way.*

And it was never spoken of again...

Until this month!

My boss, the guy who almost completed his bet and myself have a sneaky quiet cheeky lil bet going based on percentage of body weight lossed per week. It's conducted almost entirely over email and only the middle techo guy is aware of it otherwise. If you are not 'the biggest loser' for the week (every Thursday), you have to put $1 into a big fat buddha money box - it sits on the winners desk for a week as a trophy and the money goes towards a plate of fruit or something just as exciting at the end of the bet.... This is hopefully going to be a much better arrangement as we are all doing the same thing, have no set (potentially unreasonable!) target to reach and we're not super competitive - just wanting to encourage each other to get healthy!

Week One I was the middle loser, so doin okay so far...!

*Ignore the fact that I immediatley stopped exercising, ate tonnes of junkfood and as at Monday was higher than my starting weight in January

BB BIG NEWS (That could be old news/no news)

I was lurking the Big Brother Forums last night (as I'm prone to do) and found a bit of an interesting discussion.

If you are a BB'er you MUST have a look at THIS.


Do they share a twist?
Is it just Michael trying to stay in the game?
Do we vote him out coz he's a turd?
Do we keep him in coz he's jus crazy in love?!


Updated wit pic courtesty of BehingBigBrother Forum Post:

Friday, May 26, 2006

EnnyPen 101 - Week 14

I've been letting the team down - first 101 post that's should proddly be titled 101+1 (day).

Normally when I do my blogging at uni it's just after the first hour of my two hour break - unfortch, as we had a group presentation present, 'we' were meeting up to practice during my writey time.

Enny + 40yoish femme + 1st yearer femme + 1st year male = group

I won't go into too much detail (you get the gist of it above) but a few main gripes:

You get forced to hang out with ppl you don't wanna/typically hang out with for whatever reason - age, education, available time, hobbies etc but you can't do anything about it. If it were a normal working situation, you're all at the same place for a lot of the time, you have roughly the same workload, you 'd proddly get along and be willing to work together and you could proddly get some sorta intervention/management/guidance if things don't go as they should. And there is no way you learn all about the topic - you only learn about the part that you got assigned to (and even then it's only the minimal cram so you don't retain it).

We had quite a few no-shows and dropped-off-the-end-of-the-earths - I was only the naughty member once (when I piked out a Sunday morning meeting post T'wo margarita's) but I was on the net the whole time being productive, rather than bumming around an empty lecture theatre, waiting for the non-attenders, not having my opinion listened to and not actually achieving anything or making progress. Seriously, if you are a student - you should have email and check it v regularly so I don't have to drive my hungovery ass into the city on a Sunday morning when I can do more in my jammies on the couch.

(PS - We got over 76% for the presentation - One of my sections was the only to receive 'excellent' instead of 'very good' and I'm currently on a high credit for a course I hate, know very little about and obviously don't appreciate/understand/respect!)

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Follow up - The Da Vinci Code

(Apologies for lateness - v busy yesterday)

I'll try and keep it brief to avoid any spoilers...

As much as I loved Audrey Tautou's hair in Amelie, I loved it more in this film. Compare:




In term's of the actual movie - ehm, yeah. As I'm sure you'll hear see many bloggers say: myeh

I mean, it was okay... I've read the book four times (twice normal, twice illustrated) and preferred the illustrated version - to be able to see some of the stuff that was being talked about really helped me with a lot of it. Mebbe what I'd gained from the illustrated version took away some of what I could have got from the film?

But on the other hand - I have terrible memory for stories. So a lot of the twists and turns did still grip me, but it still didn't seem like it gripped me enough for me to really enjoy it as much as I felt I should. I think that all the talking up of it, then all the putting down of it has just taken the sparkle off the film - I wanted to go see it because I wanted to see the story, not because I felt I had to find out if it was any good or not.

There were a few small changes (I think, remember: terrible memory) but it wasn't too much of a big deal.

And although I can't think of anyone better to do it, I don't really like Tom Hanks that much.. That said, Robert Langdon isn't supposed to be the likable hero.

So after that poor attempted ramble: all in all, I enjoyed 'V for Vendetta' better, but still glad to have seen it.

Does anyone else who has seen it want to comment?

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Whoooooooooooooo's goin to see Da Vinci Code tonight?

(and she still loves WordArt!)

Stay tuned for thoughts, peeps...

Sunday, May 21, 2006

T'wo - the aftermath

Hosted my second t'wo party last night to varying level of success.

I started cleaning jus before lunchtime and finally showered n sat down around 5:30pm, totally stuffed and feeling like jus vegging out... I pretty much did!

- My Boss rocks up on the dot, cruisers in hand;
- Mumsy rocked up 20 minutes late but ordered (and gave me the can opener keyring she won);
- My two old housemates arrived right on time - Eldest Bro's gf was a pleasant suprise as they'd been down the coast all day; and
- Dadsy's sister arrived an hour after start time and receipt of a "Did you forget about me?" phonecall.

- Most Senior of the Other HR Ladies called in with non-attendance due to her continuing flu;
- Middle Techo Guy messaged to say he was coming down with flu (unlikely to attend in first place as he has just suffered the unfortunate loss of his grampa);
- Martial Arts friend called to say she was stuck down the coast with a broken car;
- Other Martial Arts lady doesn't even reply to 'are you still coming tonight?' msg;
- Lady married to Marital Arts student (and her mum) got sidetracked but will order and host; and
- Mumsy's sister piked but will order to 'get me over the line'.

For a paltry attendance rate, it actually went pretty well! I still have bliploads of food (as I was aiming to feed twelve guests plus myself and the T'wo lady and others who were meant to come over at 9pm) which is poorly timed - I'm starting another diet bet tmr *sigh* (What happened to the last one? Ask me and I'll tell you!) .

Cruisers, Vodka Sunrises and Frozen Margarita's were drunk; tim-tams, spinach triangles, clinkers and banana-caramel tarts were ate; and jokes, gossip and laughs were shared.

And I tell you - May is the month to be hosting this! For FREE (ie no cost to me) I am on track to get a cookbook, a red microwave jug, a grater, a pikelet scooper, a 'mystery pack', a hostess 'bonus' pack, a flat bottom scoop and the start of my cupboard collection!

AND I have also increased my T'wo keyring collection to contain a grand total of the following:
- Pink Go-Flex
- Long Fridgemate
- Can Opener
- Peach Wonderlier
- Kitchen Scales
- Shape-o Ball
- Rock'n'serve


Friday, May 19, 2006

Viva l'Italia take II!

You might remember this post from ye olde time ago, feat the glories of the beautiful Italian Union team.

Well. It appears that soccer is to be the season of the fiscal quarter, going by the gist of some of the emails I have received - but luckily, it seems that this world cup thing is for everybody!

For the men, I received this in my inbox:

Extremely important advice and recommendations to be passed on to wives, girlfriends, fianc├ęs, mothers, sisters, daughters, etc. (to all women in general) These rules are to be communicated prior to the World Cup in June/July this year...

  • From 9th June to 9th July 2006, you should read the sports section of the newspaper so that you are aware of what is going on regarding the World Cup, and that way you will be able to join in the conversations. If you fail to do this, then you will be looked at in a bad way, or you will be totally ignored. DO NOT complain about not receiving any attention.
  • During the World Cup, the television is mine, at all times, without any exceptions. If you even take a glimpse of the remote control, you will lose it (your eye).
  • If you have to pass by in front of the TV during a game, I don’t mind, as long as you do it crawling on the floor and without distracting me. If you decide to stand nude in front of the TV, make sure you put clothes on right after because if you catch a cold, I wont have time to take you to the doctor or look after you during the World Cup month.
  • During the games I will be blind, deaf and mute, unless I require a refill of my drink or something to eat. You are out of your mind if you expect me to listen to you, open the door, answer the telephone, or pick up the baby that just fell from the second floor... it wont happen.
  • It would be a good idea for you to keep at least 2 six packs in the fridge at all times, as well as plenty of things to nibble on, and please do not make any funny faces to my friends when they come over to watch the games. In return, you will be allowed to use the TV between 12am and 6am, unless they replay a good game that I missed during the day.
  • Please, please, please!! if you see me upset because one of my teams is losing, DO NOT say “get over it, its only a game”, or “don’t worry, they’ll win next time”. If you say these things, you will only make me angrier and I will love you less. Remember, you will never ever know more about football than me and your so called “words of encouragement” will only lead to a break up or divorce.
  • You are welcome to sit with me to watch one game and you can talk to me during halftime but only when the commercials are on, and only if the halftime score is pleasing me. In addition, please note I am saying “one” game, hence do not use the World Cup as a nice cheesy excuse to “spend time together”.
  • The replays of the goals are very important. I don’t care if I have seen them or I haven’t seen them, I want to see them again. Many times.
  • Tell your friends NOT to have any babies, or any other child related parties or gatherings that requires my attendance because:
  1. I will not go,
  2. I will not go, and
  3. I will not go.
But, if a friend of mine invites us to his house on a Sunday to watch a game, we will be there in a flash.
  • The daily World Cup highlights show on TV every night is just as important as the games themselves. Do not even think about saying “but you have already seen this...why don’t you change the channel to something we can all watch??”, the reply will be: “Refer to Rule #2 of this list”.
  • And finally, please save your expressions such as “Thank God the World Cup is only every 4 years”. I am immune to these words, because after this comes the Champions League, Premier League, Italian League, Spanish League, etc etc.
Thank you for your co-operation.
Men of the World

Okay, fair enough. Go men, ha ha, ballscratch, grunt, etc.

Now - for the laydeez - the real reason to be watching the soccer this winter is for these apparantly legit (but not all Italian) soccer players (PLEASE NOT IN FRONT OF YOUR BOSS/LOVED ONE/YOU WERE WARNED IN THE INTRO) :

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Discussion Questions:

- What does the sizeable percentage of HM's with (past?) eating disorders say about the relationship between beauty and starvation? What other issues does this raise?

- Describe the difference between amused and bemused.

- At what age are masturbation/pornography typically 'utilised'? Do you consider your exposure to these to be positive or negative?

I'd love to hear what you have to say on any or all...

EnnyPen 101 - Week 13

Much the same as last week, it seems.

I was 20 minutes late to the lecture this morning - I didn't have copy of the lecture notes to make notes, and the 'sometimes' lecturer took the lecture this morning and his accest makes it a little hard to gain a lot of benefit from attending. EXCEPT that next week they'll be talking about the exam.

I expect my next class to be much the same - I mean, the lecturers a good talker, it's quite easy to sit there and listen to her, but I feel like I'm missing something vital, I'm missing the decoder or the key or the thing that will finally and abrubtly make it amazingly clear to me the use that marketing will have to me in my career. Let's just say it's a little 'frosted' at the moment.

I can't wait for this sem and nex sem to be over (Marketing - tick; Economics - tick; Org Behaviour - tick; Accounting - tick) and start to get into the HR stuff that I'm actually here for!

And it appears I'm not the only one tiring of the slog - the lecture theatres, tutes, carparks and campusses are getting emptier and emptier each week...

(Oh, and I got 14/15 for this - how awesome is that? Spesh as I didn't even present the presentation! - if only it were worth more than the paltry 10%...)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Random Junk

I'm not really focussed atm, so a few dot points:

  • I haven't SEEN any of Rob, but I do hope that he and David get along REALLY well (no need for me to comment on the eyebrows or the hair here!)

  • If anyone need's any T'wo - gimme a yell. Hosting a party on Sat night so I can get ye teh goodz0r

  • I can't remember how it came up, but in an effort to be trendy:
(Can't say I really get it yet tho)

  • Also - anyone (local) intersted in joining martial arts southside way? We're having an 'open day' next month (email if u want the deets)

  • Finally, I'm the queen of weeds! One of the boys that waters the plants at work complemented my pot plant on my desk 'We've never had one do that well indoors! You're doing really well with that!' to which my boss made sure I was aware that in her country it's just a weed, grows everywhere and you can't kill it if you try... I don't care - it's got purple underneath it and one branch of it is growing out towards me by itself, like it wants to bask in my glory and give hugz all day.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Smacks of the truth

I found these here (via here and here) and I just had to share:

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Because I couldn't NOT mention it

We went and saw Ross Noble last night - The Hun's parents bought us two tickets for our collective gifts.


I've only EVER seen two comedians live, and both have been in the last few months - we went and saw Billy Connelly (B-Con) when he was hanging around the place earlier in the year.

I've been prepping myself - once we got given the tickets I started listening to the 2006 podcasts of the Ross & Terri show, and the soundtrack to yesterday was the start of the 2005 series.

- Row B Seats! (bizarrely enough, the fifth from the front) (we were in the second back row when we saw B-Con)
- Knowing some of the 'in-jokes' due to my 'study'
- The amazing and inspiring way he just keeps talking and looping and detouring and segueing(?!) and sidetracking without missing a beat
- His breastfeeding baby piece, making me cry with laughter and confirming the creepiness of the feeding babies
- His sense of humour (inc toilet humour) was PRICELESS and a lot in line with mine and teh families.

- He can be a lil creepy and intense looking at times when's all close up and pacing like a loon
- His hair reminds me of my hair - I just wanted to rush up there and give him a laccy to tie it all back
- Wankers who go to these shows think they're teh sh!t and insist on calling out/heckling/providing running commentary/laughing louder than necessary

Personally, I rated him much better than B-Con - I wasn't bored, it didn't feel like it dragged on, my butt wasn't numb, I spent the whole time smiling and cringing and crying and being fully engaged, he was value for money (app $35 compared to B-Cons app $95), he did THE BEST Bill Bailey impersonation, I wanna marry his accent and I'd def see him again.

He promised to be back next year, maybe a few weeks earlier when it's warmer, so I'd highly recommend you get to see him.

If you got to see him this year: Noodle Box! Face Transplant! Commonwealth Games!

(also - happy 200 entries Enny - Woot!)

For Mothers Day - Things to teach your children

For those with kids/having kids/wanting kids - My current reading led me to an educational discussion with The Hun this morning:

Do vegetarians eat eggs?
Why's that, hunny?
Well, because the rooster hasn't fertilised the eggs yet, isn't that like eating an unborn baby?

Short story long, my edumacational lesson for today is that it's proddly in everyone's best interest for you to find out that roosters DO have doodles and DO mate with chickens (in fact ALL male birds will mate with female birds), NOT that the male bird has to do some magical thing with the egg after it is laid BEFORE you reach 24 years of age.

(Here's a helpful link - at least I didn't thinkit had to do with head pecking)

Thursday, May 11, 2006





{Deleted by the Author - sorry dudes!}

EnnyPen 101 - Week 12

Having trouble of even thinking of anything uni-related because there are THE most FRICKING annoying nerds causing a hubbub behind me.

Don't get me wrong, I like smart people, people who know stuff, people with interests BUT these people have to be seen heard to be believed (I refuse to turn around to even look at them). It's all annoying quotes, talking about hugging guys, singing Ava Maria in your nasally overly homosexualised talk and thinking that going out as a group for a smoke makes you less annoying.


Next time, learn from the nerds to my left, studiously discussing something I can't understand or take a lesson from me and STFU and bitch in silence via nerdy interweb.

Nayways, the only other slightly uni-related thang going on is I think it's leading me into a bit of a slump.

I'm back like I was at the start of semester, only just floating. Imagine me David Blaine stlyes, only a little pocket of air keeping me alive in a fricking huge transparent bubble....

I have no money.
I have a car needing lotsa repairs.
I'm gonna need to plan to fix car, sell car, order new car for October.
I don't know enough for my assessment starting soon.
I have lotsa uni and crappy training meaning I'm spending less time at work (even tho it doesn't sound like it, it's a bad thing)
I'm gonna only be getting more stressed as we get closer to tournament time.
I have more and more pressure from martial arts.
I keep getting hassled to go to the gym more (if at all).
I'm too messy.
I'm too fat.

It goes on and on...


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Remember when I warned you that if you know me you only have you to blame?

...(It's like two posts prior to this in case you need your memory refreshed) - Now might be a good time to click that little cross in the top right corner and come back in a few days (also if you don't want to know me in 'that' kinda way).

{Deleted by the Author - sorry dudes!}

Sunday, May 07, 2006


... if you don't agree that the clip at the end of the 'sleepy yawny' montage on tonights eviction show showing sleep tousled David was THE most beautiful thing you've ever seen...

(This will do until I can get a pic of the actual pic)

The one where Enny contemplates her artistic integrity


What would I say if some of my RL peeps were to find this and put the two and two together?

I have been thinking this for a whle, but it got pushed a lil higher on the ol' priority list, at middle bro's 21st party last night.

"Enny!! I know you are Enny! Are you going to post about me tomorrow? I read your journal everyday The Enny Pen!! GIMME A HUG!!"

Ah yes, if there's one thing to be said about a drinking middle bro, it's that (after a point) he loses his surliness and his attitude, he drops his defences a little, he talks some sensible sense in there and he gets VERY affectionate.

In fact, one of the jokes told in Dadsys speech was that they often called him Albert when he was a baby, Albert Ross - no, don't google it, it's nothing like his real name - alluding to the fact that when he was a baby he just always wanted attention and would hang off Mumsy or Dadsy or I, a la the albatross in The rhyme of the ancient mariner.

Nayways, back to the point.

What would I say were these two worlds to combine?

To my family: Wassup?! I know that youngest bro knows and I now know that middle bro knows - I wouldn't be suprised if eldest bro, Mumsy and Dadsy knew as well. So why not pipe up every so often now that you're here! That said, you may wish to avert your eyes sometimes as I may say talk about some stuff that you don't want to know about, but when you think about it - you're the ones reading MY journal - you only have yourselves to blame ;o)

To my workmates: Hi. Are you reading this at work?! I know there have been times when I've ranted and raved about you, but there is nothing I've said here that I wouldn't say to your face - you all know me well enough now to know I have tanties and crisis' when I'm busy and stressed and Redeye free. I do think you're all fantastic people - it's not the work that's keeping me where I am. And when you think about it - you're the ones reading MY journal - you only have yourselves to blame ;o)

To The Hun: I KNOW you're here! Fetch me some icecream n get back to the housework bisnatch ;o)

To my friends: Hi! Now you know another of my hobbies. Sometimes there are things I need to get off my chest or put down in writing that I can't or won't or shouldn't share, so I put it all down in here. If there's something you want to talk about, I'm here and willing to talk it out - you should know me well enough to know I'm shit at coping in person but I can do a lil better via writing. And when you think about it - you're the ones reading MY journal - you only have yourselves to blame ;o)

To any bloggers I may meet: Eep. I hope it's not awkward ;o)

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Sophie Delezio

... Did anyone else (besides youngest bro and I) automatically think of Final Destination?*

Not intented to make light of a very serious situation.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

EnnyPen 101 - Week 11


Got up, went to lecture, sat thru tute n now vegging out in the refect before 1:30 lecture.

Then picking up my watch (it was brock), mebbe going to visit The Hun's Pa in hospital, reading some Womens Health mag (it arrived!!(albeit without the free gift)) and then going to bed.

Sorry dudes!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Gone camp

Rested, bruised and finally sitting down!

I'll give you the quickie on it - the experience was more about the internal than the external, and would be too hard to really put into words, but it might be nice to give people some idea of this aspect of my life.

{Deleted by the Author - sorry dudes!}

Thurs we flew up to Brissy and stopped for a few hours at the DFO - two lessons were learnt: I need to sort out my money sitch VERY SOON as I'm getting more and more PO'd with being the way I am with money; and you should always call your instructor straight away and save the 'other' stuff for after (or arrive another day early and do that stuff after you've already stopped in).

Thurs we went into Maroochydore for dinner - a FANTASTIC Thai restaraunt - Som Tam, I think it was called. Highly recommended on the offchance you are in the area. There was a bit of a spat - only F2 and I had hired a car and it was Getz - specificaly small so we couldn't drive everyone around like they did last time - their solution was that F2 (she was the 'driver') do two trips instead. She was not happy.

Training starts at 5am - cleaning the area (we sleep, eat and do all in the hall) then going in for Chi Gung and Meditation. Breakfast follows, then it's basically 10 hours on the floor, with a few breaks for water, bathroom and lunch. F2 and I had planned a head a little and ensure that for all sessions our big toes and balls of feet were absolutley COVERED in Lucoplast of cloth tape - you would have some idea of the blisters that can come with training (here and here for the uninitiated) - so whilst the soles and balls of our feet were achey and sore, there was no actual 'liftage' or 'peelage'.

- Shopping (with the exception of the bling thing) - I got a bubushka (sp?!) singlet for $6!!
- Watching M3 attempt to iron his badge onto his new top of the range uniform by using the bottom of a saucepan that was heating up on the hotplate (granted, not so funny at the time, more in retrospect)
- Rushing out to ask one of the Masters if there was a fire extinguisher on the coil of the oven and it was totally flaming in the bottom of the oven after we used our girlish charms to get M5 to have a look at what it was that was making all the smoke, and finally conning M2 into wrapping him arm in a tea towel and removing it with tongs (again, better in retrospect);
- Watching M4 running into the bush at the afterparty holding an axe and then just dropping out of sight as the foliage was even but the ground descended sharply. He summed it up with 'well, I achieved my goal of making Enny laugh at least once this week!';
- My first acupuncture-ee session and feeling a big difference;
- M2 apologising for releasing his 'anal lock' a little toooo much in chi gung training;
- A demonstration on one-point training that also resulted in some botty-tooting (sorry, I can't help enjoying toilet humour if it's not me!);
- Watching M4's internal struggle after being challenged by our two most senior instructors to set the tree on fire;
- Guidance and confirmation from our instructor that we are doing a fanstastic job with the Canberra School;
- Getting to know the group a whole lot more and forging friendships that will last the rest of my training career; and
- Getting so totally immersed in training, but not just learning physical techniques and changes - Spiritually, Mentally and Emotionally - the changes are immense. It is a fantastic experience, and given me confirmation of being in the right place, being part of something that is so important and guidance for my spiritual and religious path.

- Sore muscles and lack of sleep;
- Tension during a discussion on what gifts to buy when M2 and F2 WOULD NOT agree, both thinking they were right, with M1 just talking over the top for the sake of talking, M3 tersley exclaiming that they fully understand our position on not liking being the ones who will have to organise everything as they couldn't get anywhere as THEY DIDN'T HAVE A CAR;
- Getting into a heated discussion at the afterparty with M5 about his gf - my position of 'if you know you don't want to be with someone, don't waster their time' was not being listened to, and F2 was trying to be in the middle by mollycoddling me and saying it was ok. I'm about to email him to get my point accross clearly to try and resolve it a lil;
- The sense of being totally terrified and frustrated during the sparring session; and
- Crying. Like a Girl. My terrifiedness and frustratedness tends to come out a bit girly, as much of a hardarse that I like to think that I am. This particular incident was at the afterparty (at least I was out of uniform and out of the dojang) at about 2am - I'd been watching others do it, and had difficulty watching my seniorinstructor getting hit - the exercise was about defence and attack (sticky hands, for those in the know) and I couldn't get the hang as much as I tried (even though everyone else had gone and done really well), and was being told to hit my head instructor harder and I couldn't do it - whilst simultaneously being hit about the head, being watched by all present and crying harder when I realised I was crying like a baby in front of all of my peers. Leaving me quickly sobered up and in a very introspective mood for the next 24 hours.

So thar you go, maties! My parting words?

Martial Arts is one of the paths you can choose to follow - another building along the street of life. The majority of people will walk past it without giving it a second look. I've been in the foyer for the last 17 years, and this camp has helped me walk into the main hall - I can see so many different aspects in the giant room - so many opportunities.

It really is an exciting path to be on.