Friday, March 10, 2006

Only a fortnight late - timewarp!

In the comments of this post, Erica asked for some photographic evidence of my most cringeworthy wardrobe moments.

Ignoring the fact that every day of my life is a bad wardrobe day, I flicked back thru my rapidly detiorating photo album and picked some favs to share (awwww) - I had hoped to share them while they were still relevant, but it's been an interesting fortnight with youngest bro - stay tuned for that one.

Here's my top eight (if I'd been assed to count them, I'd'a picked ten!) fashion moments of the nineties (that can be proven via photographic proof otherwise it never happend, y'hear?!):


1) EnnyPen circa 1994 - the Tshirt dress:

If you're a girly and say you didn't have one or want one then you are a DIRTY STINKING LIAR. I wanted one for this particular farewell party but I didn't have any money, hence spent the week before the party in typical year 8 pouts and pointing out the pic in a catalogue (I think it was $40 at like Susanne - the shirt was joined to the dress and didn't really exist below the fact that it was white sleeves and neck and was very slinky). Completely out of character, Mumsy took me down to the shops before the party and bought it for me (awww). Note also, stone ring on leather strap necklace. Tres in.


2) EnnyPen circa 1995 - the Flanny:

Check it out, punk. My flanny wasn't technically a flanny - it was thin and din't keep out the wind, had a zip at the top for the collar and came from SmartyPants down Erindale way. I also got mine about four months after everyone else but made up for it by practically living in it for about a year a half. I also seemed to have developed a fancy for posing fully clothed with bed hair and sunglasses on in bed....


3) EnnyPen circa 1996 - bad hair/ grown up jumpers (feat. scrunchie):

"Hey Enny, why don't you wear your hair out?" THIS. IS. WHY. Uncontrollable mopsy twists in all the wrong places - although this was a fav pic of mine for years as it looked like I had highlights in my hair (I wasn't cool enough to have them in high school/college). I guess I never realised how stodgy my Jacqui E jumper was - I think this was the only time I wore it. (Bonus trivia - that's youngest bro in the background - he's 19 now and taller than me!)


4) EnnyPen circa 1997 - pyjamas to school:

School sports carnivals were often themed - my classes theme this particular year was pyjamas (Note the bjork hair - I thought I was pretty cool). Funny (in retrospect) moment: Mumsy passing comment that it wasn't like I could just roll out of bed and straight to school because I had to out a bra on under my PJ's - I'd forgotten. I'll never forget that terrible cringing blushing pain I got as I got out of the car jus after she'd said that.... BUT! An interesting photo nontheless - the skipping line features from front to back: Me, The Hun, The Hun's best friend at whoms wedding he was best man, The Huns good friend that was my disk-chat-swap friend for three years, (someone), The Huns best friend at whoms wedding he was best mans future wife-to-be, (someone) and my good friend who bought a house with eldest bro's girlfriend. INCESTUAL!!!


5) EnnyPen circa 1997 - FREAKISH SILVER MAN

Sorry - I'm the one on the left. Not too much interesting to say except that I still have this jumper and wear it. AND THAT THE SILVER GUY WAS A FREAK AND MADE ME KISS HIS CHEEK BEFORE HE'D LET ME GO AND I PINPOINT MY CRIPPLING SHYNESS AND SOCIAL RETARDATION TO THIS ONE MOMENT IN TIME.


6) EnnyPen circa 1997 - Skinny formal wear!

Highlighted in this post - 48 kg and booby-less in year ten (in the green). From L to R: my good friend who bought a house with eldest bro's girlfriend, Enny, my friend who took me to see Brokeback, a friend who is all 'we should stay in touch' on the offchance you can pin her down, and The Hun (Oh yeah, I sat next to him at Yr 10 formal *flutters* but this pic does no justice to the uncomfortable look on his face).


7) EnnyPen circa 1998 - S.K.I. - T.R.I. - P.P.P.P.P

"Sounds like fun!" she said. It was't. It was shit. It was cold and my lack of skillz meant 'stop' required me to drop onto my ass and grab for snow for stoppage. The trip was spent sliding down the hills on the side of the paths on my ass. All. Day. Long. AND I had to wear this tacky hired suit (unimpressed face purely optional). If I ever go skiing again, I'll be cruisin the bar.


8) EnnyPen circa 1999 - bad formal taste:

Oooooh yeah, saucy mama. What do you mean you've never seen anyone wear a see-thruey over dress thing with feather trim to a formal? YOU HAVE NOW, OH TAINTED ONE. Plus it was a shit night, my fake nails kept falling off and you can pick the 10kg increase.



(And I'll proddly be doin one of these in another 5 years time)

Now, I hope to see something similar from at least one of you!


Russ said...

You are as elusive as our drummer. You can never see your face in any photo.

Call me niave, but is it the theme to your blog? I mean Erica shows her face and some bloke emailed thinking she was a pornstar!

I am sure that you don't show your face because "you don't want to be mistakenly identified" tho. However, I did think the huge jumper and jeans photo was a classic.

Erica said...

Ohhhh the shirt dress...I had them, except mine weren't attatched. They were old dresses that I wore with a T-shirt underneath to be up to date with the style.

Did you wear your's with scrunched down socks and blundstones?

Erica said...

Thanks for the photos btw! Some friends and I were having a discussion last night about 80s fashion vs. 90s fashion, and we decided that the 90's was so much worse than the 80's. Seeing these photos, and remembering my own abominations, I think that's the truth.

Russ said...

I thought the shirt dress was still "in"...

Enny said...

Russ - that's the point! I try not to let any real 'acual' stuff come thru - names and faces etc. I think I jus like the anonymity of knowing I can say/think/do what I like with some protection of being 'found out'. That said, I think I do show more 'real stuff' than a lot of other places, jus not my facee/name! BTW - shirt dress = out!!!

Erica - ur welcome! It was proddly the only time I had something that was 'in'. I'm not quite sure what blundstones are but I did have one pair of scrunch socks (they were green so I wasn't able to wear them to school like the REAL cool girls).

Erica said...

Blundstones = brown leather work boots with elastic sides. Tradies still wear them, but they were really popular in primary school/early high school for kids. I sell them at my work and will definately be buying a pair with my staff discount before I quit. They are actually quite useful now - especialy for mud trudging and other jobs you need waterproof, hardy shoes for.

I'll see if I can find some photos of me wearing them to show you - although I don't think I have too many photos that show my feet, so it could prove difficult.

Russ said...

Yep, I was born yesterday. Being from the country a girl in blunstones + knee length footy socks = HOT!

TJ said...

Go on, show your face. I did and I got recognised on the street! (Really!)

Actually, now that I think of it, that kind of sucks. Come back Sweet Anonymity - I miss you so.

Enny said...

Erica - I seem to remember hiking type boots being popular, but I don't remember it with the dress - tho I don't think I got my boots till much later ;o) And if you find a photo - post it!

Russ - noice!

TJ - i dunno if there is anything on here I want to be recognised for! Also, if I was to be recognised, I'd want it to be from commenters/other bloggers so at least I don't feel like a total paparazzi victim and get a chance to have some idea WTF they are before they jump me!

Martie said...

Dude - awesome post! Although I'm NOT a liar - I never ever had and I never ever wanted a t-shirt dress.

I have to say that Erica is spot on - 90's clothes were definitely more horrible than 80's, fo shiz.
And as far as formal dresses go, I wasn't down with that whole thing, so for one, I turned up in a dress, with pants underneath, and a denim jacket, and for our Year 11 formal, I went all goth in a purple velvet dress with lace trim

*loses self in memories*

Enny said...

It's wonderful isn't it - the reminiscing - once you get past the pain and cringiness of it all...