Thursday, March 23, 2006

EnnyPen 101 - Week 5

They say that the majority of students that drop out will drop out on or around the Week 4 mark. And I can see why.

Similar to The Student, I haven't been always putting study at the top of my priority list.


Week Two: Given presentation questions and presentation date of Thurs 23/03.
Fri 17/03: Pubs it up for St Patty's day, watches a martial arts class and has takeaway for dinner.

Sat 18/03 - Mon 20/03: Drives to Blue Mountains and does copious amounts of everything except study, such as walking, admiring nature, ordering takeaway, napping, taking photos, flicking thru Austar and drinking in the spa, then drives back. Spends remainder of Monday surfing blogs and partaking in Family Tea night.

Tues 21/03: Wags out on Aquaerobics to 'study', veges out on couch, has friend over for pizza and drinks.

Wed 22/03: Wags martial arts to 'study'. Upon arriving home from work:
5.00 pm: Watches telly
5.40 pm: Burns toast
7.15 pm: Realises that required reading is 6 chapters
8.00 pm: After reading just one chapter, attempts one question on paper
9.15 pm:Starts transferring answers to overhead
9.25 pm: Black texta runs out
9.35 pm: The Hun arrives home and asks why it's not being done in Excel and printed onto overhead
9.45 pm: Realises that used wrong colour
9.46 pm: Tears up, pouts, eats microwave meal
10.00 pm: Turns on computer to do questions in Excel
12.45 am: Finishes doing questions in Excel
1.15 am: drifts off to sleep
6.20 am: Woken by alarm and feeling ripped off as dream was about uni
7.00 am: Arrives at work
7.40 am: Contemplates escape plan if printer is not overhead safe and catches fire ("Are there cameras? Will they know it was me? Could I get a Doctors Certificate?")
8.10 am: Finishes dicking around with charts and runs out of building
9.00 am: Arrives at lecture half an our late (Shout out to loser Canberra drivers who can't merge near belco, backing parkway traffic up to the Woden sliplanes! It's not the rubberneckers fault - keep me trapped in the tunnel of doom for 40 minutes I've EARNED the right to stare!)
10:25 am: Walks out of lecture having learnt not a thing, but with labelled slided
10.30 am: Tutor doesn't show up
10.40 am: Tutor still hasn't shown up (++ Friend points for chatting to friend-girl)
10.50 am: Writes name on list for tutor who didn't show up of people who DID show up (+++ Friend points for giving friend-girl printer able slides for her presntation)
10.55 am: Emails presentation to tutor, thus ruining chance of copying other answers to ensure they're correct only because otherwise I got five hours sleep for nothing!

Who wouldn't be ready to drop out after that?!


Boysenberry said...

And just think, these tutors are getting about $36/hr. Lovely, isn't it?

Mine can't get through the assigned work in an hour, and needs correction from the class. Wooo-hooo! :(

Erica said...

I'm so glad I'm at TAFE now and have done away with all that terrible reading.

I find the worst time to drop out is not week 4 first semester, but week 4 SECOND semester. And I'm onto my third course, so I should know.

Enny said...

Mr Berry - I was less than impressed. HOWEVER, he has emailed me to say that of course I won't be penalised and it was his fault in that he had to rush somewhere else and didn't have time to get in and post a note on the door - I'm hopin that as I sent him the stuff I wont have to present it at all ;o)

Erica - It's stupid amounts! I still haven't read the other five and there is a closed book test the week after this and I'm gonna be stuffed! Methinks I need to take a day off... I think in any unit the gleam comes off after the third tute or so.