Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Five Things Meme!

I got tagged by Bevis!

God knows how long this will take, but I'll give it a go m'hearties!

***** ~BEGIN!~ ****

What were you doing ten years ago?

I was about a month into year nine, about to turn 14. Gonky, Gawky and Gangly, I was still crop-toppin it up and wearing disasterous outfits (white jeans, green skivvy, linen vest and wood necklace anyone?!). I'd been doing martial arts for 6 years or so and was training four times a week, which was not adding to my dreams of getting boobs (not much fat storing!), and the outfits (and pubescent skin) were not doing anything to help me get a boyfriend (which I really, Really, REALLY wanted). I also started to become good friends with The Huns gf at the time. Oh! And watched as my male teacher challenged the girls to climb all the way around a desk (top to underneath and back to the top) in a dress AND SOMEONE DID IT. Roughtly 45 kilos. (Please don't let my teenage awkwardness drive you away from here!!!)

What were you doing one year ago?

Living in the Monash house with two friends and preparing to move to the Conder house. Getting used to the idea of hearing eldest brothers deep guffawing laugh emanating through my bedroom wall from my housemates bedroom *grinds teeth*. Working up the guts to start blogging, same job, same boy, same pay - thats about it! Roughly 67 kilos.

Five snacks you enjoy:

- Movie popcorn
- Crispy noodles from Lakeview Erindale
- Carrots (zero points, so I enjoy feeling righteous)
- Raspberry Cruisers (they're a snack, right?)

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics:

These are mostly in genre's as I tend to remember lyrics better than anything else in the world!
- Most Elvis songs (it's my Dads favourite and was always played when it was cleaning time)
- Anything by Bjork
- Roughly half the Dave Matthews songs (Live at Luther College and The Gorge particularly)
- Anything from the RENT Soundtrack (may be dodgy in parts, such as the fast bit in La Vie Boheme as pointed out by Jelly.
- All of the Tripod songs on my iPod (four albums) plus half of the 'Best of the 1 hour challenge'

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:

- Buy a house in the city in Melbourne, a coast house on the Gold Coast and a beautiful hard wood floored redone house close to the city here in Canberra;
- Pay off my parents mortage;
- Buy myself a Lotus Elise and a car for each member of my family and The Hun (and one for his parents who are lovely too);
- Pay for all the bloggers on my list their equivalent day's wages plus flight and accomodation costs to come for a blogger party in Canberra so I can finally frickin meet everyone! (Else fly everyone to somewhere else if someone could nominate a decent frickin venue!!)
- Buy two miniature black pomeranian boys called Buddy and Buster and pay for the dogdoors, training and food for their lives (and their replacements on the sad occassion of their passings).

Five bad habits:

- Swearing
- Spelling like an illiterate 13yo
- Flicking my nails with my teeth causing splintering etc
- When I exercise I sweat like a man
- Gullibility

Five things you like doing:

- Eating 'naughty' things
- Holidays - anywhere, anytime, anyplace
- Surfing blogs and gossip
- Drinks
- Lumines

Five things you would never wear, buy or get new again:

This is a bit hard coz there's not much I wouldn't buy!
- Miniskirt (not that I don't want to, it's just against common decency)
- Boots
- 'Big' Clothes (I'll try)
- Ugh this is too hard so
- I'll make it look like I got five

The meme stuff:

Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place. Then add your blog to the bottom slot.

Random Concoction
Anyone Can Try Anything Twice
I Blogged Myself
Welcome to the Enny-Pen

Then select five people to tag:

(I know I've read this lotsa places so if you've already done it, lemme know and I'll pick someone else, and don't think that I didn't read ur answers, it's jus they've all blurred into one and they're not at the top of the page anymore!!!)
- Martie (coz she's one of my new addictive fav's)
- Jelly (coz I tagged her and she dogged me *pout*)
- TokenWoman (coz I'd like to get to know more about her and it can count as a belated b'day gift!)
- TCWH (coz I don't think she gets the appreciation she deserves so you read her if she does it and get to know more about her) and
- Jellibabi (coz I'd love to know all her answers!)

**** ~FIN!~ ****

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Give me one lil job and I stuff it up!

I had a lil task to complete this morning. Like I asked for ideas, I get one, I intend to carry it out and I cock it up entirely.

I did a practice run yesterday afternoon, of how I imagined my Sunday Morning to be. But then weighing on my conscience was the fact that it wasn't technically Sunday Morning through my eyes, then I went to a grog-fuelled T'wo party.

This morning I woke up, played Lumines a lil, made some french toast, cleaned house, peroused some FHM, picked up my car from The Parents and did the groceries. Then I was delegated back to the bedroom as my lappy was flat and we ran out of plugs in the loungeroom. And as I was sitting on my bed, I let a mutter of a swear word out, realising it was Sun Arvo and too late, and did a quick update.

Enough with the blabby-blab, here ye go mateys.


Saturday Afternoons "Sunday Morning: Through My Eyes"

Splain?!: 'Santa' gave me "The Historian" for Christmas and whilst he's normally spot on with books, I'm struggling a bit with this one. I love the Anne Rice novels for the romanticism, the characters being intertwined through all of the books and some of the naughty bits, but novels based around the 'actual Dracula' just don't do it for me. I'm trying to get through it, but I often find myself becoming distracted by other things - in this case it's one of the FHM's from the showbag. You can also see in the wardrobe three of the four jars of chocolate given to The Hun (one is at his work) and this was one of the main things causing me turmoil - I delivered one of these jars to youngest bro after this photo was taking, meaning that it wouldn't be there Sunday morning (pedantic I know, but it's the lil things people!!!).


Sunday Afternoons "Sunday Morning: Through My Eyes"

Splain?!: Although we spend the morning cleaning, this room actually looks messier now than it did in the previous photo! You can see in the foreground I was perousing my blogroll at the time, with the charger cord in the right. The blue clown DID contain Purple Heaven slushie yesterday, but is now half full (optimist!) of water, as an attempt to wash out the badness of all the chocolates I've been eating - you can see that one of the jars in the wardrobe has been removed, and that the one on the left is decreasing in content. WHY MUST THEY TASTE SO GOOD?!?!!! Also, the angle is different, as I can't use the lappy when laying down, whereas I can read laying down.


So there you go. They're not particularly deep or insightful, just a look at how things are from my point of view. It was interesting to think about what would/could/should be done or shown, and if anyone has any ideas, I'd def do it again! OR if anyone else wants to take it up, I'd be very interested to see it!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Grogg Bloggz Again!

Hopefully this time I'm nowhere near as crook as last time!

I had the (un?)fortunateness to attend the bosses tupperware party - no one else from work would attend and when I was the last to try and back out she said in a small voice "oh... but there's only four other people coming" *Sigh* so I went.

It was actually alright! The boss, myself, a lady who works with the bosses husband, two ladies married to men who work with the bosses husband, and the bosses husbands cousin all sitting around the pool and trying to politey shhhh the bosses 5yo daughter, intent on filling the rock'n'serve with pebbles. It was a 'cocktail' theme party, so she made us some vodka sunrises (tequile sunrise with vodka in place and tonnes of cruisers to fill in the gaps!).

Nayways, the point of this rambling is that I'll be hosting my own on May 13th (yes, I realises it's almost 3 months away, but I like to plan these things and wait for the catalogues to update!) so if anybody is after some T'wo (as us hips peeps calls it) then I'm the bisnatch to get in touch with (for those in on the t'wo, go-flex is shortly arriving in 2-ltr, as well as new digi-scales AND some that go from freezer to fridge to microwave to oven to dishwasher - AMAZING!!)

Get in touch if you're interested (you dun hafta come over, you can just order)

Tis a sad day when you have to bribe someone to come to the show with you

but I am back home now, stanking of The Show and full of content (and slushy).

Luckily, my complete lack of volume/area/guestimation skills rendered The Hun with four(!) glass jars full of Toblerone, Mars Bars, Crunchies and Aeros for our anniversay on the 21st, and allowed me to buy off youngest bro with one for his company for two hours.

I finally go my first taste of the tag-team-dog-racing-over-hurdles-for-the-ball that I read SOMEWHERE ON MY BLOGROLL AND I CAN'T FRICKIN REMEBER WHEREWHENWHOHOW?!?!? And it was a delight. Little toy poodle couldn't get his lil ball out, and newbie dalmation would only jump one before returning. I also didn't get any photo's (ggrh!) so I can't turn this into the photo type post I wanted to (the poochies, the terrible tshirts, the giant balls on those bulls, fluffy baby animals and a ride call the 'Rock'n'Tug' *snigger) but jus wanted to stop in and say thanks for the blogger who introduced the TTDROHFTB, and must now go rifle thru and censor The Hun's FHM showbag (they didn't have Mens Health there this year!).

Did anyone else go/enjoy/capture?

Thursday, February 23, 2006

EnnyPen 101 - Week One

Woah, De-ja-vu.

I'll try and keep the weeks in order too, this time.

My timetable's pretty much the same this time round. 8:30 - 10:30 lecture, 10:30 - 11:30 tute, 1:30 - 3:30 lecture, 3:30 - 5:00 tute. Of course, the total lack of tutes in week one has put me smack bang in the middle of a three hour break - a portion of which was spent by discarding $1250 in fees and $220 in books, and soon to be another $6 or so for lunch.

One of the potential sparks was that Eldest Bro has started uni this year in a similar degre to mine, however he seems to have breaks everywhere apart from my 2 hour middle of the day break. I think my willingness to buddy him has him a little overwhelmed, as he is now desperately trying to get his car registered in order to avoid the car pooling drama that could entail.

I almost made a real friend tho - I was stiting second last to the end of a row and a friendly girl sat down and we made small talk about the unit outline (I had one, she didn't etc). BUT, she got up and left halfway through. I didn't see her sit down anywhere else so I can only presume she had another lecture to go to - leaving me with the dilemma of deciding whether to take my chances on talking to anymore get-up-and-leavers or jus park my self down the front with the old where I can open my lappy and tippy-tap without fear of retribution nex week. That said, both my courses seem to have the lecture notes up BEFORE the lecture so you can scribble on the notes, meaning that my lappy will proddly only be used for completing my I'm insecure and shy and don't meet new people well bubble of iPod in'n'on at all times unless a lecturer is talking and blogging and surfing in my two hour break. Home Sweet Bubble Home. Although my boss DID tell me to make some friends this semester (her daughter has jus started kindy and has no interest in friends and I think this is stressing her a lil so she is projecting onto me).

Geez I sound like a pathetic loser.

I guess that means I'm well into the uni life again.


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

*** Open for Suggestions ***

Moving on from the previous post, and determined to find something else interesting about myself, my perspective and my world through my eyes, I have a bit of an idea.

Can you think of a scenario you'd like to see through my eyes?


Like, "Through your eyes - Friday Night" "Through your eyes - Getting ready for work" "Through your eyes - Doin the Groceries"*

I'll try and recreate it (without yellow smiley heads if I can) and share a little of my life with you.**

Post any ideas below or send me an email if you've got one.

* I'm not sure these are even of any interest to anyone, but they were off the top of my head and basic everyday things - I challenge you to submit something!

** Please realise I'm not a world-class photographer, high-level techie or particularly creative, but I can be dog-gawned determined.

My Marmy says I'm special.

Everyone thinks they're special. Obviously. Otherwise you'd proddly decide it was time to stop the whole 'living' thing. And that's the reason we blog.

When I was younger, I never thought of myself as physically special. I was stick thin when I was younger, 48kg in yr 10, 58 kg in yr 12. No boobs till uni and alchohol stuck and then I was, err, a lil 'curvier'. I grew up as a bit of a tomboy (the whole three brothers, martial arts, only two Barbies thang) and never really grew an interest in girly-girl things. I only wear makeup for special occassions, even then it's the same tube of Maybelline coverall I bought in year 12. I rarely wear heels. I prefer pants and jeans. I don't do many girly chats - I was the last of my group to join the 'grown-ups' (end of year 8 thankYOUverymuch) so I missed out on those two years of girly talks about that kinda girly stuff. I never had a boyfriend until college, hence the first one that showed any interest got my full attention.

It was during this time that I tried to develop myself as one of the 'funny ones'. I was never going to be 'cool', so my best option was to align myself in a position where I could get any kind of attention. Tending to lean towards Monty Python, sharp tongued wit, demeaning insults and obscure references, I tried to cover as many aspects as I could, increasing my chances of success while always being aware that not many people shared every aspect of my sense of humour. Still, I always thought I was pretty funny, I got my fair share of laughs, I considered myself fairly quick, and I loved to tell a story.

In first year, when I finally got some boobs, I started to use it as my next drawcard. It's not a particularly good thing to be saying, nor is it a nice feeling to be admitting it. Dress 'em up and joke, draw the people in, then they'll get to know the real you.

"Thank God for your boobs or we would never have got together... Well, you have to admit that your sense of humour is a little odd."

Such is the nature of relationships and people in general I guess.

You build up an impression of yourself as you think people see you, what they will like and what will work best for you. Build on your strengths, portray an image and go with it. Become somewhat comfortable with the way you are, what you value, what you do and how you feel. Yet this can be shattered and bring on a self-concsious tear, confusing haze and sense of grounding once you realise just how much someone really knows you.

*End ramble*

Saturday, February 18, 2006

RL Busy, BL Quiet (and boring!)

Thing's have been busy, so apologies for lack of (and only boring) posts.

VDay was noice - The Hun got a card, some car speakers and a photo of our friend who kindly offered to install them for him (and picked them out for me!). I got sent a very cute e-card, received a lovely bunch of flowers (irises and lillies - hooray!) and we went out to Ruchi Restaraunt in Pierce - it's the same place we went last year for VDay and the host lady is really friendly and checks the (sometimes lax) waitstaff are being kept in order. We had the mixed entree, prawns in creamy spinach curry, fijian pork special, rice, naan, and cucumber yoghurt (mental note: next time MILD!). You always leaved that place so stuffed - two mouthfulls of stolly or water for every one bite of spicy hot curry!

Wed I had to skip outta work a lil early early - we received our inspection notice for Thursday morning on Friday jus before we left for Dalmeny. I emailed some 'before' pics to my boss as she requested and was delighted to find out that the entire team had crowded around and 'had a good laugh'. Hrm. It wasn't too bad, mainly my mess (you've seen my room - check the archives!) - check out some excerpts:

(Note: 4 hrs of cleaning makes me thirsty re: cruiser on bench)

It went well - ie, we still live here! It'll be one month short of a year on 24/03, so we're holding breath for an 'end of lease' or 'price increase' letter on nex Friday.

Yesterday we drove to Sydney for a wedding - The Huns cousin got hitched. We left about 10:30am and got home aroud 3am, so my sleeping till 1am has been somewhat pardoned. It was a nice ceremony - the priest was cas and made a few jokes, the dress was beautiful and the reception was on the water - here was my view:

Best seats in the house.!It was in Balmain, at the bottom of a hill, and the place started with 'P' - I'm not being cryptic, I jus can't remember!

Nayways, I better ship off again - The Huns sis turns 21 today and I'm due for some cruisers.
I'll try and do better tmr, swears.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy V-day, bitches!

Don't eat them all at once, y'hear?!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Mini break!

The Hun and I took a minibreak to Dalmeny - five minutes short of Narooma on the south coast. I had to get kays up on my car for the whole salary-sacrifice thing and my mums side of the family has a house down there two blocks from the beach, so we trecked down on Friday arvo.

There wasn't too much going on down there - we walked through rope thick spiderwebs before coming accross the biggest and fasters motherfucking huntsmen either of us had seen:

(Please note he was much bigger and faster than he appears in this pic)

The Hun finally managed to scooch him out of the house with the mop bucket and a monopoly lid, after we spent 20 minutes shaking sheets, mattress, bedframe and floor out with a broom - the bitch was behind the door.

Here he is on the road - can you see him?

We always visited this house when we went on holidays and always paid Mumsy out as she reminisced about all the furniture and memories - I've been told I'm now the same. "That was my brothers quilt" "That was from my Aunty" "This is the old shower" blah blah blah. I don't care - cheers for memories!!!

It was also interesting in that the house is full of everybodies old second hand crap and unwanteds, yet The Hun wanted to switch iron, television, DVD player and vaccuum cleaner with ours (please note we don't live in a junkshed it just SOUNDS that way!!!).

Sat we his the market (v small but I bought some beads and made a necklace), had brekky in the carpark and hit Narooma to look for crab meat. We didn't find any but we did find prawns and some scraggy rough kindy-age kids hanging round the carpark waiting for burnouts while we ate icecreams in the car with the air-con on to keep the prawns cool (I can't eat a magnum AND drive!!).

Sunday we hit Mogo zoo - have you been? There were some cute monkeys:


And best of all - the frickin meerkats!! Sure, half of them looked dead or dying, but they are one of my new favourite animals! Observe:

(Gifts of meerkats would be loving accepted for upcoming birthday on March 27 - ta!).

I also tried to shock my body out of it's appalling only 400g loss over 10 days with the following:

Deep fried fish
Potato Scallop
Prawn Skewer
Chocolate Challenge Icecream Sundae
Scrambled Eggs
Buttered Toast
Magnum Icecream
Half a kilo of prawns
Buttered Breadroll
4 cruisers (mental note for nex time - 3 makes me randy, 4 makes me fall asleep during Family Guy)
White Costello Cheese
4 rows of 'three wishes' chocolate
3 rows of 'three wishes' chocolate (for breakfast)
Chicken, Cheese, Avocado and sundried tomato foccacia
Chocolate Gelati
Peanut Brittle
Gummi Bears
Gummi Lips
Chocolate Milk
and Conder Pizza.

I'll let you know if my plan worked ;o)

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I don't care what the Fug-girls say

Wearing a white singlet, loosish brown pants and thongs at work makes me feel like Brendan Fraser as the Columbian Drug Lord in Bedazzled and I LOVE it.

You make me smile with my heart*

*I'm not trying to drag it out - honestly- it's jus Youngest Bro didn't show me this till today and it's better than the other one I had. Don't feel that you have to comment on this - Regular posting to resume shortly .

Monday, February 06, 2006

Poor Little Fellow

When I was in year six, a dirty white dog used to run up the street and hang around our backyard. Rueben was a real bitch - not as in an 'authentic female' kinda way, more like a 'pat me or try and pick me up and I'll spin and try to bite you' kinda way. Eventually we found out his owner lived down the bottom of our street, and that Rueben's bitch Lily was to have puppies.

Lily had three pups - Oliver, Rose and another girl with an equally as poxy name. We decided that since he was obviously the runt (he was smallest) and had an endlessly entertaining habit (rolling onto his back as soon as he neared someone to get his belly scratched), Oliver was to be ours. We already had one dog (a shitsu-miniature poodle cross bought from the Canberra Times for $50, renamed from Bingo to Elvis Poodely) and $200 dollars later ($50 mates rate discount!) we were the proud owners of a purebred maltese pup, renamed to Colonel Thomas Barker.

We eventually rid him of his habit (the novelty didn't take long to wear off) and he finally settled himself a spot at the bottom of the hierarchy, just below youngest bro (who himself was below Elvis). His destiny was soon evident when it was discovered that one of his nuts wouldn't fall. Whilst on the operating table, being prepped to have it sucked out then detached (sorry fellas), the vet decided it was also a good time to rip out half his teeth (I'm still not sure why, but it was the done thing) leaving us with a very sore pup. He also had a tendency to have constantly weeping eyes - I'd say for at least the first five years of his life, he was easily recognised by his morone stained eyed rings and snout. Apparantly that's normal too.

He was always a 'special' little guy - as a new youngun his weight on his front legs while his was eating meant that his back legs would lift right up in the air. He couldn't wag his tail as it was constantly curled up in a tight piglet tail, leaving his rear end to twitch around a bit. He was the ugliest creature in the world when he was wet - his pink skin shone thru his white hair, and his amazing amount of sunspots were evident for the world to see. He would cry and cry and cry if we all walked down to the shop and one of us went inside - it didn't matter if the other five of us were there still with him. He had less control than was hoped for once we had cork tiles put in the house - he was always introduced by the skitter-skitter-tappy-tappy of his nails on the floor as he tried to run for his meal, sliding everywhere but trying to grip in with his nails nontheless. He would never walk out the front or to the side when we took the dogs for a walk - he was always happy to just hang right out the back of your ankles. He was also good for stirring up Elvis - picking Tom up for hugs and exclaiming loudly 'Tom's such a good dog' would cause insane jealousy in Elvis, and Tom just loved his chance in the limelight.

The second time my dad tried to give him a haircut, something funny happened. He was crying and then he was shaking and panting. Seeing he was stressed, my dad put him on the ground where he promptly threw up and collapsed. This was the first time he had an epileptic fit, discovered after may vet trips, scans and tests. He was prescribed Valium to prep him for stressful situations such as long car trips, or to help him out after he was stressed. At first it was a joke about the dud dog - missing a nut, not many teeth and epileptic. He was always the 'other one' - whilst we always thought of Elvis as the King and Tom as just his sidekick, everyone else thought that Tom was the best thing ever. 'He just sits and loves the attention' 'He's so cute!' 'What a lovely little fellow'. It was only every so often that he'd take fit - he'd pant and cry a little bit, his legs would collapse, Elvis would howl and cry a little, and then he would come good.

He'd been having more and more eplileptic fits (like daily) in December so the vet ran some tests and found fluid in his lungs and an enlarged heart. He was put on medication (2 tablets every morning and every night for the rest of his life at $1 per tablet - that's four sponser children!) and his fits started to reduce. Unfortunately they started up again over the week or so and more trips to the vet determined that although his heart had reduced a bit in size and the fits had reduced in severity, he was still suffereing post-fit apprehension - becoming tense, nervous and anxious. He was to have another tablet every morning and night in addition to his existing ones, as well as liver function tests and lotsa needles which he hated. These new tablets were making him think he was really thirsty all the time, so he started drinking himself silly - like a kilo's worth of water in a day- which in turn increased the fluid around his heart, backing blood up into his lungs, making him short of breath and making his heart work harder and so on and so on. He had also developed bruising outside on his chest. They took him into emergency vet on Sunday for some shots to lose some of the excess fluids, and to ensure he didn't pee all through the house, youngest bro was to sleep in the shed with him to make sure he had his next round of meds at 1am.

He was panting fairly heavily when my brother went into the house to hide the tablet in some raw sausage - when he came back outside Tom had passed out in the middle of the pavers, convulsing with fluid and blood flowing from his nose. All the family was woken up and he was rushed to the 24 hr vet in Deakin, but by the time they got to the second roundabout on Ashley Drive, he had passed away.

I got the phone call this morning - he was 13 years old.

We always thought Elvis would pass first - he's two years older - and we worried what Tom would do - he worshipped the ground that Elvis walked on and we always worried he'd die of a broken heart.

Even though we stirred you, laughed at you and made you the butt of all the jokes,
we loved you dearly and as a part of the family.
We all miss you - especially Elvis - and we hope that you're happy and able to relax at last.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Friend of a friend

(Note - this was actually posted jus after midnight on Saturday night but somehow dissapeared, then found still cached in a Mozilla window)

Is there etiquette on inviting friends of friends to events?

It was a friends birthday today, and we decided to celebrate it by hitting the Mawson Club. Technically, we decided to celebrate it by ogling gay cowboys but the line was out the door at Manuka Greater Union so we decided to pre-celebrate by going to her place, then actually celebrate at the Mawson Club, but you don't really need to know that level of detail as it gets a lil confusing and irrelevant.

I digress.

I rocked up to see a small cluster of people around the back corner of the club - pre-mentioned friend (F), other friend (O), two uni friends (U1 & U2), eldest bro (EB) and his gf (GF). GF also lives with F so that completes the nice lil triange arrangement we have going here.

I'm no mathmetician, but lets jus create our own little formula to try n make this simpler. I'm friends with F, so F * Enny(E) = 1. The lower the number, the more relevant. Gettit? Gottit? Good.

In addition to our motley crew, there was a friend of one of the uni friends: F * U2 * x = 2.

There was also two of eldest bro's friends: F * GF * EB * x = 3 (note F * E * EB * x = 3 as well - thats the beauty of dating friends family members).

There was a also a friend of GF there: F * GF * x = 2. And a friend of hers: F * GF * x * y = 3.

Now, call me pedantic, but there was a very high rate of extra's there tonight. WTF is with that? Who decides "I'm going to bring a friend to a friend of a friends birthday party. And to add insult to insult, I'm not going to introduce her, but let her sit and get drunk and flap her tits and shaggy eyebrows around and not say Happy Birthday to the birthday girl, even when I'm leaving. Coz that's how good a friend of a friend I am'.

Then again, it is Canberra - turns out U1's team mate is the sister of the wife of the man at who's wedding The Hun was Best Man: E * The Hun * Groom * Wife * Sister = F * U1 * team mate.

Or late last week when I got an email that came to me from the ex-gf of a friend that was a friend of my ex-boyfriend who went to school with a guy I used to work with via a random somewhere in the middle there: E * ExBF * friend * ExGF * friend * random * exworkmate = mindblowing.

I heart teeny-tiny Canberra.

It's no iDog, but it's a new hobby nontheless

I cleaned my room again today (first time since this) and moved a coffee table into my room (taken from my Pa's house).

Tired of weekends spent sitting on the couch doing shit all, I've decided to restart a puzzle - I've tried it once before but I cracked a tanty when one of my housemates decided she'd 'help' while I was away and RUINED IT FOREVER EVEN THOUGH IT WAS ALMOST HALF DONE.

Newly Purloined coffee table? Check.

Also Purloined family portrait from about 17 years ago? Check

Box of dried (the only) roses I got from The Hun? Check.

Cute lil handsfree thang that I'm never going to remember to take out the to the car? Check.

Lappy dowloading Dawn and Drew? Check.

Bottle of water (I'm trying to ensure I drink 2ltr a day)? Check.

Pint of Diet Raspberry Cordial? Check.

Fresh popped slightly burnt lite popcorn? Check.

Puzzle? Check.

I'll keep you updated*.

*Don't hold ur breath, I'm prone to starting and not finishing tasks.