Monday, March 13, 2006

Enny loves her new shoes!

Oh yes she does, Oh Yes, She Does!!

Look at you - smoochy woochy wooh wooh
Who loves you baby?
Enny does!
Worth every cent even tho I couldn't afford you, huh?
How could I resist?
How could I?!
I couldn't!
I jus couldn't!
Who's so pretty?
Who is?
You are!!
Yes you are!!
Yes you!!!



*gets cheap thrills from the 'adult sound' that comes when walking on tiles*



Erica said...

Guilty pleasure shoes are the best kind

Enny said...

Normally I can resist coz I'm a tightass... but I just couldn't help it!

(And I LOVE them!)

tokenwoman said...

One day I will understand this shoe obsession most females seem to have...

Or maybe I am just yet to find the right pair to start the obsession off :)

Erica said...

Token, you are definately yet to find the right pair. I never understood it either - until I saw this pair of shoes I REALLY wanted in the Myer catalogue. Unfortunately those shoes were too expensive so I didn't get them, I settled for something similar, cheaper, and in my opinion now much nicer. Since then it's all been downhill from there...

Martie said...

I used to have a huge show obsession - Huge!

But sadly, there's no point buying hot heels when they can't really be worn (see, I'm practical too?), and I just can't get excited about smaller heels and flats that much.


But yay for your shoes ;-)

Enny said...

TW - I've only jus started, honestly! I'm not a typically girly-girl, but in the last 12 - 18 mths I def noticed shoes and bags doing strange things to me! Yes I'm still happiest in thongs, jeans and a singlest...

Erica - that's more like it! See, I was going to duck over the SFW (top brands at half the price) but I had youngest bro with me, and we woulda had to leave the mall, cross the road, scan the shop for three minutes, cross the road again and jus buy the original pair anyway, so I save us some time =o)

Martie - I'm still practical! I'm too tall to really wear heels, and I have balance/ankle/stability issues so I can't wear shoes that have a thin heel! Luckily, they are chunky (and adult-sounding) enough to tide me over without jacking me up to giraffe height.

TJ said...

BullSHIT you're too tall to wear heels, girl.

I'm a LOT taller than you and I do it every day.

(Sure, I sometimes collect chandeliers with my face, but by GOD my calves look good!)

sheriff of nothing said...

mmm I love a good pair of shoes!!

Enny said...

TJ - that may be true, but I think the 'too fall' comes from the fact that you could fold anyone of my teammates into something the size of my thigh (read: short tiny people)

SoN - I think you're at the right place then!

tokenwoman said...

Thanks for the advice erica :) In order to save my bank account, I will be staying well away from myers....

And I'll post a pic of me wearing my pair of pink converse sneakers for you to all admire :P

Enny said...

Ooh! Ooh! I have the white ones with the pink carpet detailing!!!

tokenwoman said...

Now I am sooooooo jealous!! :)

Enny said...

TW - I'll show you mine if you show me yours!