Sunday, February 05, 2006

Friend of a friend

(Note - this was actually posted jus after midnight on Saturday night but somehow dissapeared, then found still cached in a Mozilla window)

Is there etiquette on inviting friends of friends to events?

It was a friends birthday today, and we decided to celebrate it by hitting the Mawson Club. Technically, we decided to celebrate it by ogling gay cowboys but the line was out the door at Manuka Greater Union so we decided to pre-celebrate by going to her place, then actually celebrate at the Mawson Club, but you don't really need to know that level of detail as it gets a lil confusing and irrelevant.

I digress.

I rocked up to see a small cluster of people around the back corner of the club - pre-mentioned friend (F), other friend (O), two uni friends (U1 & U2), eldest bro (EB) and his gf (GF). GF also lives with F so that completes the nice lil triange arrangement we have going here.

I'm no mathmetician, but lets jus create our own little formula to try n make this simpler. I'm friends with F, so F * Enny(E) = 1. The lower the number, the more relevant. Gettit? Gottit? Good.

In addition to our motley crew, there was a friend of one of the uni friends: F * U2 * x = 2.

There was also two of eldest bro's friends: F * GF * EB * x = 3 (note F * E * EB * x = 3 as well - thats the beauty of dating friends family members).

There was a also a friend of GF there: F * GF * x = 2. And a friend of hers: F * GF * x * y = 3.

Now, call me pedantic, but there was a very high rate of extra's there tonight. WTF is with that? Who decides "I'm going to bring a friend to a friend of a friends birthday party. And to add insult to insult, I'm not going to introduce her, but let her sit and get drunk and flap her tits and shaggy eyebrows around and not say Happy Birthday to the birthday girl, even when I'm leaving. Coz that's how good a friend of a friend I am'.

Then again, it is Canberra - turns out U1's team mate is the sister of the wife of the man at who's wedding The Hun was Best Man: E * The Hun * Groom * Wife * Sister = F * U1 * team mate.

Or late last week when I got an email that came to me from the ex-gf of a friend that was a friend of my ex-boyfriend who went to school with a guy I used to work with via a random somewhere in the middle there: E * ExBF * friend * ExGF * friend * random * exworkmate = mindblowing.

I heart teeny-tiny Canberra.


Erica said...

My brain huuuuurts from all those human equations. So much so that I can form no succinct answer to your question, except say that friends of friends can get mighty confusticated.

Erica said...
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Erica said...

Somehow my comment got posted twice. That is the reason for the deleted comment. I swear it is!

Enny said...

I hate it when that happens! I once posted somewhere one, then posted trying to clarify my previous post, then stuffed that up, then found the 'Trash' option, then had to post to clarify the large number of deleted posts!!!