Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Queensland, baby - wahoo!

Some of you may be aware that I'm headed up to Queensland late next month for some spiritual enlightenment through my martial arts school.

Typically when we've gone up there for martial arts, we've ended up sleeping on the floor of the back room in the hall - boys in the carpeted room, girls in the 'corridor' type room between the boys and the toilets.

HOWEVER, as this is not a training weekend as such, and there are a lot of people of all belt levels heading up, we don't 'have' to stay there. And because I'm the senior of my 'group' (one of my senior students, one of my ex students that now lives in Melbourne and a lovely girl that I bullied in to coming that lives in Darwin) I get to arrange it all - which is a good thing, because if you leave it to boys and/or young people then you will be in a backpackers or sharing a king bed between four.

This means that myself and my two boys are planning to stay here in Brisbane for our first night:

And once the girl lands in Brisbane we plan to drive an hour or so north and spend four nights here:

(old people included!)

Although I'd much rather be spending it with The Hun, I'm sure I'll be able to soldier though one night of awesome blogger friends company, two days of spiritual enlightenment, three days of beach lazing and shopping and four nights of good food, good company and good vodka.


Monday, January 28, 2008

Public Holiday Musing - vote please!

"Hypothetically", you've just cleaned the toilet and left that bowl stuff to soak around the bowl for the required ten minutes or so.

Now you need to pee.

Do you flush first?

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bjork Day Out - 2008

~Warning - this might be a bit of a longie!~

Am back, tired and proddly heavier than I was before I left because even though I did a buttload of walking I think I also ate a buttload more eating than I needed to. But tomorrow is another gym day and time to shake off the woe-is-me's... besides, a recap is in order!

Wednesday The Hun, eldest bro and I took off in the tough lil Swift for the trip to Sydney. The drive was relatively uneventful and we checked into the Pacific International (renamed as of this week I think) without much hassle - not a bad place to stay, it's right near central station BUT it's pretty old and has only 12 carparks for which they charge $25 a night(!!!). We had a look above the markets for a hat for eldest bro (he bought the first one he saw) and then the boys acted like boys and sat for a coffee while I snuck off to buy some super cute shoes which were only $30 and are supercute. I grabbed some sushi for snack, we changed and then headed down to the harbour at 6:30. The was a massive line curled all the way to the middle of the bits where you get onto the ferries - turns out that even though the gates only opened at 6pm, everyone wanted to be in there. The line was actually pretty good - people stayed in a long orderly line, rather than cramming around the entrance like you would typically expect.

We got in after about 30 minutes of wait and picked a spot in the front third (after getting myself a tshirt!!)(why do they only sell stoppid sizes? It will be another few kilos before I'm comfortable in my new shirt!) and chatted to a married couple behind us who seemed to think that we were older than we actually were... or younger... I'm not quite sure - I think my random agreeable conversation gene kicked in.

Enough dilly-dally! The show was FREAKING FANTASTIC. It was honestly the greatest show I have ever seen, one that just will not ever be able to be beaten for me. Eldest bro said he thought I was one of the first screamers in each song - proddly because as soon as I recognised each song I would get soo excited about what was coming up that I just couldn't contain myself. I spent the whole time staring at her on stage in awe, on the screen in awe and looking around in awe at just how freaking fantastic the whole thing was.

I'll be honest - my cranky gene was still there - AGAIN, I am overly tired of f*ckwits who move around once the show has started. I have an idea - if you're a big enough fan to pay close to $150 to see her, set yourself up in a good spot from the start AND STAY THERE. DO NOT WALK THROUGH EVERYONE (ESPECIALLY WITHOUT APOLOGIZING) AND DO NOT ARRIVE HALFWAY THROUGH YELLING TO YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT HOW AWESOME IT IS BUT HOW YOU CAN'T SEE AND THIS IS JUST THE BEST THEN SING THE WRONG WORDS LOUDLY AND OFFKEY.


Because I am freaky stalker-fan-stylez I wrote down the songs in order on my arm so that I wouldn't forget:
  • Earth Intruders
  • Hunter
  • Unravel
  • State Of Emergency
  • Who Is It
  • Pleasure Is All Mine
  • Pagan Poetry
  • Desired Constellation
  • Army Of Me
  • I Miss You
  • Bachelorette
  • Cover Me
  • Wanderlust
  • Hyperballad
  • Pluto
  • Oceania
  • Declare Independence
One of the many things running through my head was just how bizarre it was to be there with The Hun - I listened to Post and Debut for a lot of college and high school when I'd walk to school, timing the leaving of my house so that he'd ride past on his way to school and slow down to walk with me. Particularly with the lryics to I Miss You:

i miss you
but i haven't met you yet
so special
but it hasn't happened yet

you are gorgeous

but i haven't met you yet

i remember

but it hasn't happened yet

and if you believe in dreams

or what is more important

that a dream can come true

i will meet you

i was peaking

but it hasn't happened yet

i haven't been given

my best souvenir

i miss you

but i haven't met you yet

i know your habits

but wouldn't recognize you yet

and if you believe in dreams

or what is more important

that a dream can come true

i will meet you

i'm so impatient

i can't stand the wait

when will i get my cuddle?

who are you?

i know by now
that you'll arrive

by the time
i stop waiting

i miss you

Yeah, corny huh?! ;o)

It was also good to have eldest bro there - knowing how much he and the rest of my brothers hated Bjork purely because I loved her and played her so much. And it was also good to discover that after the show eldest bro was also thinking he should go to a rave because the beats were so fantastic - we're going to try to pencil one in sometime, somehow.

She was wearing a gold bodysuit with puffy frills and I was thrilled to see that our hair is the same - pretty much unkempt and not so awesome, so now I don't hate it as much. She had pom-poms when she first came out, then she threw out a fantastic stringy thing in one of her songs, plus there was an amazing beat-music-glow machine that I cannot even begin to describe, the musicians were all dancing and in crazy outfits with matching facepaint and flags. There were lazers, fireworks and two different types of confetti guns. It was just a spectacle from start to finish AND she actually spoke more than 'thankyou'! There are some photos here and some other reviews - The Hun found those for me (as you weren't meant to take photos and I'm really a very good reviewer!).

After the amazing show we had a pretty decent meal in Chinatown - still taking new tables close to midnight! We had a good salt and pepper tofu and steamed tofu with mushroom and pickled vegetables - we will try to go there again the next time we are in the city.

Thursday we were up early and met with eldest bro and his gf for brekky before heading into the zoo for the day:

It's no longer the simple pleasure trip it used to be, and it wasn't just me who realised it. There is a lot of pacing, a lot of sad and bored behavior - it is just terrible to see some of these animals the way they are. Interestingly enough though, the bird keeper guy raised a good point that I'm sure is not just related to the birds - the reason a lot of these animals are there is because they've been hurt or injured or raised in captivity incorrectly. Had there not been that involvement with humans then there would be no need for them to be trapped in there.

Also - that snow leopard went off because some d!ckhead parents let their children (and one of the adults) jump over a side fence thing and go right up to the edge of the cage! I would have LOVED to have seen a finger come off, just to teach them a lesson.

Thursday evening I got a call from Mick telling me that Bjork had pulled out of Friday's Big Day Out - a great big shock for me! I kept my fingers crossed, fooling myself that perhaps she'd change her mind - Rosanna can testify to this as she also thoughtfully messaged me to make sure that I'd heard and to check in on how I was taking the news. It put a bit of a dampener on the night, but I was ignorant enough to pretend it wasn't really happening and had a great night with one of The Hun's best friends and his new wife (those of the foggy Blue Mountain photos of October last year) at an amazing Dumpling House at the top of China Town and some awesome schnapps on York street at a Beer Hall (it was after that night that I declared I was more than ready for The Hun to get a job in Sydney City!).

Friday was the Big Day (Out) and we met up with the rest of the bro's as well as two of middle bro's good friends and one of their girlfriends (all of whom are realy lovely people) and headed into the stadium.

We saw Operator Please (good as always and I still want to marry/adopt the drummer), Josh Pyke (who I don't know that I ever really realised how good he is IF ONLY HE'D DROP THE VEST AND GET A HAIRCUT), some Kate Nash (who I don't really mind), some Dizzee Rascal (who is SUPER HOT ZOMG), the end of Spoon (of whom I didn't hear my favourite song from and I had a nap during), Augie March (good, as I expected), The Nightwatchmen (he should proddly stick to what he does best but I admired his sentiment), Billy Bragg (who is fantastic and one of my highlights but may have been preaching to deaf ears), Unkle (who The Hun loved), Arcade Fire (which I also quite liked - the timetable changes worked out quite well in that respect), and Rage Against The Machine.

Now - I was VERY lucky in RATM to be pretty much surrounded by tall guys (middle and youngest bro, The Hun, and middle bro's two guy friends) who weren't jumping around two much because even though we were roughly halfway back people were packing it in tight and jumping around like selfish wankers, mostly selfish. Then there was a mosh pit to our right, less than three people distance away and massive circle(of)jerk behind us (there was a girl behind middle bro who was part of the surrounding circle) - a bunch of d!ckheads with their shirts off running around in circles, puffing out their chests and fully bashing into each other as hard as they could then hugging each other at the end of each song. Total ridiculousness and entirely the type of people that make BDO so full of annoying wankers. It was good that a lot of the losers ran out of puff about halfway through - the most annoying guy who was all elbows at the start (and who got more than one poke in the ribs courtesy of yours truly) started to wind down after about four songs - roughly the same time that a new guy appeared to our left that was big and stocky and surprisingly calm, making for a good safety barricade.

It was an alright day, but I think that in retrospect I shoulda traded in both mine and The Huns tickets for a refund, saved a nights accomodation and parking and paying for overpriced food and drinks, gone to the movies and added $500 to my savings account. And I know I sound like a total killjoy but it was only an okay day - I really had banked a whole lot on Bjork being there and it being fantastic. But it was overall just a pretty good and expensive day rather than an awesome day.

And for some reason, like I was telling a friend of mine, I really resent the fact that she is now playing Melbourne and Adelaide. That she couldn't do Sydney but she can do the other two, like it's something personal or that I haven't done enough by not having tickets to those other shows the she is going to play at. Explain that one, huh?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

And out the other side

So THIS is what 501 feels like?

Much the same :o)

Justed wanted to drop you a line to say I'M SEEING BJORK IN JUST OVER 24 HOURS AND THEN AGAIN TWO DAYS AFTER THAT!!!!!

I will admit I am a little bit excited, as in very. As in I haven't seen her since I was in year eight and I only knew one of her songs back then. As in now I know them all off by heart and I cannot WAIT for it to happen and I will gladly stand IN FRONT of The Hun while she's playing rather than my typical position of hiding behind him (crowds do funny things to me).

Will be back on Saturday evening (after BDO and some of the Hottest 100 party) and will give you a proper post when I'm back.

Will proddly see at least one of you there!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Happy 500th!

Well, it's 10:18 and I'm stuffed full, with half a glass of wine to go!

First - the evidence:



And if that wine looks a little small I'd let you know it's about 'standard' drink size and that cruisers are 1.3 standard drinks... plus it was all I had left in the bottle and couldn't justify cracking another... plus I couldn't phyiscally fit another cruiser on my insides my outsides are another story.

So - it's 10:27 and I FINALLY get to read those questions - wahoo!

(Pre-PS - I totally apologise if this is EXTREMELY anticlimatic.)

Question One from "Secret Admirer of Yellow Faces": 500 posts... wow! Where did the time go? Congratulations on the milestone :). With what you know after 500 posts, if you were starting blogging now, what would you do differently? Happy 500th!

WooOOOoh! Well, it definitely took me a long time to get into my 'stride' (look who has tickets!) but I think that I would advise that you don't just write about whatever you can think of to fill space - my uni posts are a prime example of what not to do. Bloggers do often say that they write for themselves, but that's not true - if they did they would just keep a diary or email their friends or write into the newspaper. As a blogger, you do write for the people. So don't try to bore them to death, do try and keep things interesting. If you had a friend who only ever talked boring details about people you don't know, would you keep in touch with them? I don't think so.

(Now, off to reread the past 499 posts for some severe editing!).

Question Two from Alyndabear: Erm.. I won't ask the real name one, since I sort of invision you as an 'Enny', hee. How about a blogging one.. What blogs do you read DAILY and why do you love them so? xo.

Don't feel bad, A'bear - a lot of the bloggers I have met do still think of me as an Enny! The thing is, I'm a BIG fan of reading ALL of my linked ones daily - I will admit it has been easier since I've started using Google reader. There are quite a few that I do read as soon as I see there has been an update, and they are as follows:
Perez - because I am totally obsessed with Britney and am waiting for her to reveal that the past however long has just been a bizaarre publicity stunt/experiment.
Lolcats - because seriously, who doesn't?!
Yourself - because you are a daily blogger and I love reading about your 'new' life overseas.
D'jen - because I am obessesd with her life as she is so lovely. And I apologise if she no longer likes her nickname, but in the same way I will always be Enny etc... ;o)
Adam - because I love it when he updates and I wish he lived here so we could be better friends.
Desci - because I have met her and read all her posts differently now that 'know' her.
Mick - because I have also met him and I love reading of his adventures.
Sarah- because I have read all of her backposts and she has an amazing style to accompany her amazing stories.
Lulu - because (again) we met (AND WENT CELEBRITY SPOTTING OH MY) and we're in quite similar points in our lives.
Two Peas, No Pod - because they have a beautiful daughter and they are a good source for vegan things.

Now - if you're not on this list it does not mean I don't read you daily, nor that I don't love you because if I didn't you would not be in my feed OR stored in my favorites if I can't feed off you *snicker*.

Question Three from Mars: which blog/blogger do you desperately want to meet in real life? which blog/blogger do you wish you could be more like? which blog/blogger do you (secretly) kinda think sucks?

Heh heh - straight to the point huh?!

In real life - Yourself because you are a piker and chickened out last time. If that doesn't count then Martie because I think she is awesome and would be great to hang out in a pub with.

To be more like - Sarah, because she has such an engaging style of writing. Or Dasbecca, because I think she has the cutest son in existence and I fear motherhood for the fact that my (hypothetical) son could never be as fantastic as Elias is.

Who sucks? - That guy that left freaky comments of RYWHM, creating blogs full of comics mocking her - COMPLETELY MENTAL. Also, I have a hard time reading forums/comment blogs without rolling my eyes at the fuckwits and pressing the red cross in the top right corner. It seems that anonymous commenter's on 'topic' blogs are an annoying pack of whinging c*nts most of the time.

I get potty mouthed when I've been drinking!

Question Four from Adam: If your family was actually made up of bloggers you know, which bloggers would be your mum, dad, cousins, brothers, half-brothers, nieces, uncles,etc? Would you marry any blogdudes or chicks? Is 3 drinks enough for some truly, great drunk blogging?

Heh heh - I'm not entirely sure at this point, you tell me! I'm thinking I might have to top up at the halfway point (after question six) but we'll see how my bladder/liver/dignity is coping at that point.

Well, I'll assign parents, brothers and sisters.

Firstly, Erica would be a sister because she knows more about me than most and I think that's what sisters do, right? Plus she has awesome taste in style so could fix me up propers, and give me hints on good music and places to hang out. Shauna would be an awesome sister because she would keep me in check about body things, TJ would be a good sister for telling me when I looked like sh!t and helping me out, and Audrey would be a great sister for keeping everything real and bringing it to poetry.

You would be a brother because you picked on me and my man shoulders pretty much as soon as we met, so you're free game as far as I am concerned - that is certainly how my brothers and I treat each other, but you are much nicer. Mick would be an older brother because he seems good with the advice,

C of Two Peas would be my mum (even though she is too young) because I read most of their posts as coming from her, and Mr B'b'rry would be my father (again, too young) because he seems pretty awesome a dad AND I COULD FINALLY PUT A FACE TO A "NAME".

Would I marry any bloggers? Trent because he is uber sexy and d'jen because everything she lives I feel I'm living too. And she would make me awesome clothes and style tips.

Question Five from Sarah: A Death blow is a Life blow to Some;Who till they died, did not alive become—; Who had they lived, had died but when; They died, Vitality begun. Emily Dickinson.
What's the most dangerous thing you've ever done?

Wow... just, wow. That is the BEST spam I've ever got! Most dangerous would probably be a tossup between nearly drowning at Tuggeranong pool when I was in primary school, and being hit by a car when I was in year 11 (1998). The near drowning is partly responsible for my all consuming fear of deep water, and the car accident meant I could not cross a road unless at a crossing until only a few years ago. Whilst the near drowning meant that snorkelling was one of the most TERRIFYING things I've done, I guess it was not that dangerous - although accepting a travel sickness tablet of a stranger in Thailand was in retrospect pretty dangerous. I guess the first night I drove my 200sx I nearly fanged it into a lightpole with two of my bro's and a bro's friend in the car was pretty f*cking stupid and pretty dangerous, and I did do a lot of unlicensed driving when I was on my L's and my friends were drinking... the truth of it is that I am just too much of a pussy for danger, it does not sit well with me! So now I am curious about the most dangerous thing YOU have done!

Question Six from Adam: Jumpasodasdoausdasdhasdyasdasd asdasdkuyasdjhs Asdasdiuasdasjkldj asldaosdasdh akjsdhaisdhasjdbh Asdasdasd Asdasdliuasdj,hasd Asudbaisudbsjsbn Can you please name your first born 'Blogger' and your second born 'Facebook'? Is the Hun totally drunks right now? Can you dare him to shotgun a can of beer right this very second?

Haven't I answered one from you already, mister cheeky?! The answer to the first question is no - I'm sorry! I am hoping that my first daughter will be 'Eva Elise' and I do hope that my first son does have 'Joshua' in his name, but that's as far as I have gotten with that. I will ask The Hun now for you...

Enny: Oi! Adam wants to know if you are totally drunks right now?
The Hun: Me? Me? I'm not totally drunks.
Enny: Adam and I dare you to shotgun a can of beer right this very second.
The Hun: I don't have a shotgun.
Enny: No - to shotgun. To shotgun a can of beer.
The Hun: *blank*
Enny: Hunny?
The Hun: What shotgun. I don't have a shotgun.

I'm sorry Adam - sometimes I think he thinks this is his own comedy site... you totally need to ask him how they moved the Big Merino ;o)

Question Seven from Jen: Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah how's that for filler :) K, my burning question is.......what color(s) would you like your scoodie? no, that's not really it, here's my real ones:
** (If) you didn't have to work for money, what would you spend your days doing?
** If you knew you only had 24 more hours to live, what would you do in your last day on earth?
** Would you travel to space if you were given the opportunity?
That's about all the good ones I can come up with, you can answer all of them or just choose one if you like! Look forward to reading the post!

My scoodie? Black would be good I think - with purple inside! Also if you could make me a hoodie jumper with long sleeves with holes in them for my thumbs to stick through I would quadron off a corner of my room and set up a shrine for your greatness :o)

If I didn't have to work for money I would spend my days fostering dogs. I would pat them and play with them and then walk them and feed them and coo at them all day long. Then I would come home in the worlds best mood, have a lovely meal, go to bed, get up and do it all over again. I could not think of a better way to spend my days!

If I had only 24 hours left to live? I would write a will to keep it all fair. I would ask The Hun to marry me because I am selfish and immature and could not imagine him being with someone else and happy. I would get my star tattoo on my foot and a Bjork tattoo down my spine saying "Carry my joy on my left, Carry my pain on my right" in lovely script.

The Hun: What's shotgun? Skull? I don't want to do that. Don't say I don't want to do that. But I don't want to do that.

I would have a banquet lunch from Kingsland delivered to wherever I happened to be at 12pm. I would fill a room with well treated pomeranian puppies and roll around in it for a while (not hurting them obviously!!!) lapping up the love and the cuteness. I would fly to the Great Barrier Reef first class and snorkle in the coral. I would invite my family and a great big bunch of friends (RL and internet) to fly up and we'd have a massive party in a 5 star resort. Then at 11pm I'd retire to my room with the bestest view, ask The Hun to spoon me while we talked for my last hour and then I'd hopefully retire peacefully (probably repeating the Hail Mary because my year five teacher told me that if you say it in the minute before you die you will go to heaven).

Would I travel to space if I had the opportunity? Nope. Because heights scare me and I'd fear burning up on reentry. I would settle for seeing a picture in really high definition. And maybe a quick ride in the zero gravity room just to see what it's like - but I don't think I'd enjoy it!

Question Eight from Lulu: Question time: Sorry they are so dull!!!! Oh and if you have answered these somewhere on your blog before just ignore them (or point me to a link!) Enny's questions
1. If you could buy anything in the world right now, what would it be?
2. Have you ever started or spread a rumor about someone? what was it?
3. Be honest- How many hours a day do you REALLY spend on the internet?
4. What would be your ideal girl`s night out (or in)?

The hun's questions:
1. when are you going to propose to darling Enny?
2. What was your favourite part of Japan when you were here?

Man, I am sorry I can only come up with lame questions?! Good luck for you 500th post!

Heh heh - not lame at all!

If I could buy anything at all right now it would a house. A big one, with a spanking new kitchen, polished wood floors, an awesome entertaining area, ducted heating and air conditioning and no bills to pay. Because then I could get a puppy!

Have I ever started or spread a rumor? Not intentionally... though I am guilty of misinterpreting and unintentionally over exaggerating things I have heard, so perhaps I have!

Time on the internet? A LOT. I come home from work and turn it on, looking at my feeds and my facebook - at home I'd say it's on as follows:
Mondays: 9 - 11ish
Tuesdays: 5ish to 11ish
Wednesdays: 1030ish to 11ish
Thursdays 5ish to 11ish
Fridays 5ish to 11ish
Weekends: Whenever I am home and out of bed.

Pretty terrible, huh?! I turn it off when I'm at the gym and stuff, but I keep it on when I'm watching TV, eating dinner etc. Plus The Hun's lappy is always on because it takes soooooo long to boot up.

My ideal girls night is hard to define, because I do tend to be a bit more comfortable with guys! But, I would say we would start at my house eating the dip of awesome and drinking Brown Brothers whilst we played the Wii. I would have an outfit planned that made me look slim and sexy and my hair and head would be looking faboo. We would head out to a club that was not full of skanky 18yo twig girls and all my favourite songs would be playing and all the guys would watch but not do anything inappropriate. We'd cab home and I'd fall asleep in the arms of my lovely boy and wake up with no hangover. HOORAY!

Now - for The Hun's questions, he guessed what one of them would be, so don't be surprised if he answers with something pre-meditated and totally comedic ;o)

Here goes!

Enny: Hunny, Lulu wants to know when you are going to propose to darling me?
The Hun: Just put "dot dot dot".

(He ain't answering that one!)

Enny: Also - she wants to know what was your favourite part of Japan when you were there.
The Hun: Kyoto.

There was some discussion about how to answer this in terms of places or times - but he really liked Kawa's restaruant in Kyoto next to the Traditional Inn we stayed at - he did say for everyone to visit Kawa's. That answer aboveis the long story short, with some convinving from me that just answering 'dot dot dot' to the questions asked of him would not make him popular, even if he doesn't want to be popular.

You know what guys are like when their girlfriends have been drinking ;o)

Question Nine from Desci: So here is the bit of crap at the top. Enjoy this bit of crap, which is finishing up... ... ...NOW!
1. What's the stupidest thing you've ever done?
2. In your whole life, when have you been the angriest? The happiest?
3. You've done martial arts for a lo-HONG time. D'you reckon you could kill someone? (I know you're a pacifist, but I'm saying are you physically *able* to?) Say some big guy was about to rape and kill you, so it's you or him. Or something equally as morbid (god! Sorry).
4. You can eat one food for the rest of your life. It's cruelty free (so if it was meat, say it was from cows who were treated like pets and lived long, deliriously happy and free cow lives, then died of old age) What would it be?
5. Actually, yeah. What's one food you wish was cruelty free, or one food you've struggled with the most when becoming a vegan?
Don't worry if you don't have time to read them all. CONGRATS! Can't wait to read the post! Dxo.


I guess the stupidest thing would be the same as the most dangerous from a bit before ALTHOUGH taking back my stupid f*ckwit cheating ex was a stupid idea as it wasted three or so years of my life that could have been much better spent than ruining my self esteem and making myself thing the two of us were better people than we actually were. Heh.

The angriest I have ever been? Being quite passionate, it seems that almost every time I am properly angry is the angriest I have ever been ;o) I would say that the time I went off the deep end at The Hun for something I can't even remember (proddly about getting married) and just blasted him in a post which was up for about an hour I must have been pretty freakin' angry. Funnily, I was REALLY angry at my mum after I had the dream she was eating baby turtles she found in the backyard of the family home AGAINST MY DIRECTION - that anger was under the surface every time I saw her in the week or so after that. Even though it was a dream. I was also pretty angry when I lived in my first share house and The Hun's ex drunkenly yellingly and tearingly confronted me that she could not cope with the two of us being together and I overheard one of our friends saying that The Hun had traded down. Ooh - and when the firewall prevented me from getting Bjork tickets and work - so angry I nearly cried at work!!

Happiest? I would honestly have to say the night The Hun and I *finally* hooked up at In Blue - he kissed me on the top of the head. For the next few months or so I remember thinking to myself that I finally understood what it felt like to be one of those people that said that they could die straight away and die happy. Aww.

Could I kill someone? You know... I'm not sure. They say that a lot of training is about honing your instincts and whilst my initial-initial instinct is to jump and gasp and squeal, my next instinct is pure panic. Like I have a point even when The Hun is playing around that gets crossed and he ends up a little hurt - because I have a fair amount of control and understand his balls might be of value to me one day. But I think that were I attacked I would work on hitting pain points as much as I could - eyes, throat and balls. I would try to get out as quickly as I could, screaming as loudly as I could, and look for weapons that could also be used to subdue the attacker. If they stopped moving I would not keep hitting until I saw brains, but I would keep hitting until they stopped moving towards me.

That IS morbid!

If I could live on one food for the rest of my life, I would say it would be the DIP OF AWESOME because it is healthy and has lots of different ingredients and is eaten on lots of different things (if you want the recipe, email me - I'm not sure of the copyright coz I was given the recipe over the phone!). When I was younger I often told people that if I had to live inside one giant foodstuff it would be a sausage roll because it was full of hot salty meat and surrounded in crispy crunchy pastry.

I was an unusual kid.

One food I wish was vegan was Blue Brie cheese. Because I loved Brie and I loved Blue Vein cheese. That said, it's proddly best for my waist line that it isn't because I could eat that motherf*cker for breakfast, lunch and tea.

Question Ten from Mick: LALALALALA - THIS IS FILLER - LALALALALALALA Ok, that should be enough. My Question for you, and here's hoping you're not a Sam Two-can :) This question is a little bit based on what I have been going through in my head lately. If you got to the point where you wanted to quit the Public Service and find a new vocation in life that could still support you financially and you would enjoy, what would it be?
It's probably a little deep for after 3 drinks, but am interested in the answer! Happy 500th! *hugs*

Heh heh - I've never heard of Sam Two-can!!

If I was smart and rich enough, I would love to run a foster home for abandoned/mistreated animals. I could look after them and make them happy, then people could come and buy them for a reasonable price after I'd checked out that they did really want them to love them. That way I would be happy all day, I'd be helping the suffering and I'd be making new happiness with the new pets and owners. At this point it's not really viable, so I would probably try being some sort of vet nurse or with the RSPCA, but without too much distress. Because animal suffering turns me to tears and I would be miserable. To everyone.

Let me know more about this sea change as it comes to hand!

Question Eleven from Jac: Ok, I thought it was about time I got on this band wagon and sent you a random question for your 500th post. Enough ramble? Ok, let's get to it. Question: Have you ever faked it? And you can interpret that whichever way you like, but I'd be interested to know if you've ever told a lie (or a series of lies) so big that it's affected people and events around you? Has it gotten you into trouble? Ok, that's all. This is going to be fun! w00t! Jac xox


Okay. Well. I don't believe that I have intentionally been involved in a lie that affected people in a ripple... although I remember when a good friend was going through a stint of ecstacy use against my approval and I confiscated his pill. He called me up on Christmas Eve begging me to bring it to him and, because I was a good/bad friend I took it out of it's hiding place and got in Dad's car to take it to him. I was so angry at my friend and inexperienced in using this particular car that I actually reversed the front corner of the car into the side of the house - my dad was less than impressed. So I guess my covering my friends ass affected quite a few people that night! I also stayed with the boyfriend between the stoopid ex and The Hun for longer than I should have but he was just so nice - even if I wasn't really 'feeling' it... he told me he'd already pictured me in a white dress (although, this was after only six weeks!).

I think that my 'brutal' honestly gets me into more trouble than lying - I will tell someone/say what I think, they will find out, I will have to explain myself. Like the issues that I had with eldest bro's gf many moons ago, or when I argued with The Hun over wedding related things, or when I voice my dislike or disagreement with someones belief or action or situation.

Question Twelve from someone whose blog name I'm unsure of if they even have one so I will refrain from posting it: OMFG I have to write stuff so that Gmail doesn't spoil the surprise
for you! Cogito sum, ergo cumquat? Okay, so here's what I want to know: what's the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you at school? For me it was probably an
incident involving chocolate iced coffee.

Hrm... there was the time that I wore pyjamas to school as part of a sports today and literally went in the pyjamas I wore straight to bed the night before so forgot to wear a bra (although I was a total bean pole in school so it was not so much of a travesty!). I wore bright red bike shorts under my school dress that had holes in the thighs and I think people saw. I started the hairy part of puberty in year six which was embarassing in itself. I wore socks over my stockings and got told by my nemesis on more than one occassion that I just shouldn't. There was the time I went to give blood but got knocked back because of an incident involving bodily fluids. There was also the multiple occassions I thought I should be a singer for music and no one could hear me so I kept failing. Basically all of my schooling was an embarrassment ;o)


It's 12:29AM and time for this shenanigan to come to a close!

I hope it wasn't too anticlimatic or boring and you enjoyed the read.

Thankyou SO MUCH to those that participated and SO SO MUCH to all of those who have read me, commented, linked me or let me hijack your podcast! It's been so much fun, it's been a pleasure to meet the many of you that I have, and it will totally be a pleasure meeting the rest of you that I do!


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Post 499 coz I don't know when I'll next be three drinks heavier!

Composed in the form of dot points:

  • Middle bro and youngest bro arrived back from their US trip today - I left work an hour early to rush home to bake a loaf of bread for a rushjob dinner to welcome them home. Seems mumsy and dadsy both conveniently ignored didn't see the part of the email where they were to do salads/sides, so everyone got one piece of bread and one sausage (I had two pieces and a veggie sausage) with some grapes and cherries. They're both still a little holiday stunned (middle bro didn't really sleep on the 27 hours worth of planes) so I'm hanging out for a lot of the comments that will come with the photos when they're up on Facebook (980 photos, to be precise).
  • Coming good on one of my 'resolutions' I have organised to ride to work tomorrow with one of my work friends. The plan is to meet at 8:15 at the school crossing... until I looked at my mums bike (through all the cobwebs) and realised the tyres were totally flat. And that the pump I bought didn't have the bendy hosey bit. So the plan is to meet earlier at my house and he will bring his pump. Only he hasn't responded to my SMS yet...
  • My eating well and gymming has been going fairly well I think - because I am a psycho, have a look at my chart....I don't know if I'd recommend this method or not... on the one hand, it's good to see a downward trend and it's good to feel like your efforts from the previous day(s) have been rewarded... but those days when it doesn't go down, or plateu's or goes up SUCKS. And I know it's the way the body works, and harder when you have all that baby-making-business on your insides... but still:

  • Am going to see Juno on Saturday with gf1, gf2 and eldest bro's gf - should be good... I've heard a lot of good things about it, so hopefully I'm still pleasently surprised!
  • Work has had it's frantic moments as of late... I already had a 'full time' job, then one of the consultants left, so I became the go-to girl for the division head as well. Now, the two people who do the next part of one of my biggest tasks each month have both gone on leave, so I have to do a lot more of that stuff AND I'm currently working between my division and another on resolving one of those things that comes up every six months or so. I might have to meet the division head next week *eep*.
  • The Hun might be hopefully applying for a new job this weekend - he is really Really REALLY underpaid for what he does, he has to work for some horrible people, and he works on the other side of Canberra to where we live. It sucks that someone who has two degrees (with honours!), who knows what he wants to do and loves to get in and get a job done is being treated so poorly and in the position he is in. I would just love for him to have a good job with decent pay and the respect and fulfillment he deserves.
  • Also - he got a speeding ticket last week on the GDE, also known as the most retarded road in Canberra. I'd advise against going 100 like everyone else does, if only for the sake of your license.
  • I have martial arts students coming over tomorrow night for a Wii party because an ex student is up from Melbourne - I offered to host it so I can drink and not have to worry about dirving home! SO - perhaps your questions will be answered tomorrow? How exciting/nerve racking!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Big Day Out Timetable

Even though I didn't take any extra leave over Chrissy/NY, every week feels like a four day week - tomorrow should be Friday and I feel totally ripped off!

To get some semblance of a holiday I only have a two day week next week - I'm in Sydney Wednesday to Saturday for Bjork (SQUEE!), the zoo (WAHEY!), Big Day Out (WEEE!) and a recovery day (REST!). And of course I have done the good girl thing and flipped my timetable around and filled in my excel spreadsheet as follows:


** ALSO - I have gmail and it has a tendency to preview the first line or so of your email so put a blurb of rubbish in there too **

Monday, January 14, 2008

24 hours in the life of Enny

The Hun went camping Fri & Sat night with some of his buddies, leaving me home alone to entertain myself. This is a dangerous thing to do to an introverted extrovert who is on a diet.

I sat playing the internet for a while, feeling like I should do something constructive - walk down to the shops to buy dinner groceries, go to the gym, pump up my bike tires or walk up the hill near our house with an apparently amazing view (after some killer stairs). As a compromise to doing absolutely nothing, I went out the back and did 20 minutes of easy weeding before attempting some of the hardier weeds. These weeds have thrived so well in our paved dust bowl yard that they can no longer support themselves vertically, instead crawling along the ground. Turns out they are so strong, that my two arm tugged only resulted in pulling the leaves off so I took to them with the hedge clippers (we had an earwig nest growing under a weed with a half metre diameter!) until the mosquito bites that kinda looked like spider bites scared me inside.

After sitting on the couch for a bit I got talking to Erica and one thing turned to another - next thing we knew I was taking a photo of myself drinking two cruisers for dinner through my hot pink party hat:

Can I just tell you that drinking cruisers in this thing is either potentially awesome or potentially dangerous - it goes to your head MUCH quicker and if you don't keep drinking it, it will pour onto your nightie and almost get on your couch.

After a quick change of costume it became a bit of a competition, taking photos of ourselves in hats and facebooking them:

(matching Erica's beanie)

(In answer to her request for my round denim hat)

It was after this that I figured it was time to have something to eat (English Muffin! MMMM) and head off for bed.

The Hun's mum called just after 9 on Saturday morning to give me the recipe for the DIP OF AWESOME and I packed my day with answering calls from my mum to see a movie (unfortunately declined as I had other chores to do), trained my Nintendog Pugsley, played some Animal Crossing, emptied and moved the bookshelf in the Family Room, picked up our Bjork tickets from the Post Office (SQUEE!), did some groceries, did two loads of washing, took recipt of my new hutch $395 from $795), cleaned out the Tupperware cupboard, filled up the hutch, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the loungeroom, cleaned the toilet, watched Glitter and Uncle Buck on TV, did two sinks of washing up, made a loaf of bread, made the DIP OF AWESOME and waited for mumsy and dadsy and eldest bro and eldest bros gf to come over and play Wii.


You can just see the DIP OF AWESOME and my new favourite champagne - Brown Brothers Zibibbo is like a vegan Ricadonna!

Now mumsy and dadsy are now bidding on a Wii package on eBay, I learnt I take much better self portraits when I've been sculling cruisers, and The Hun learnt that putting an icebrick in the freezer door will lead to me whining all day that my middle left toe is broken even though it shows no sign of bruising and can bend every which way, even though it has a constant numb throb.


** ALSO - I have gmail and it has a tendency to preview the first line or so of your email so put a blurb of rubbish in there too **

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Eight Things Me(me)

I've been tagged by both and Rosanna AND Amanda for this one, so I like to think it means it's appearing by popular demand.... Here's hoping it doesn't take TOO long *gulp*

Eight things I am passionate about:

My family - All in all, a pretty awesome pack of six we make. Hence why I'm inspired to get that kid thing done young if I can, so that I can be under 50 and have a group of people in their 20's that what to hang out and drink with me and share their ups and downs (I'm choosing to ignore the mess, the surliness and the arguing that would also come with this).

My friends - Fiercely passionate, you could say. You know the friend who will live your problems alongside you, yet cannot resist giving advice/sharing her opinion/relaying similar experiences? Yup, you've met me.

My The Hun - Surely my almost lifelong obsession would have to feature on this list! I love my man to bits, even when he sh!ts me, and even when I've sh!tted him (in fact, maybe even a little more when I've sh!tted him). The only person who I am really me with and amazingly still around and willing to commit his life the obsession that I am (oh, and have).

My martial arts - The middle of this year will mark my 19 year training anniversary, of which at least five has been spent near, if not at, the top of school. I have such a fantastic class, I've met some really lovely people and I love what I do, even if I don't do it so well.

Veganism - A fairly recent development, but one that is not just going to not exist all of a sudden. June this year will mark my 2 year veganniversary and it has made such a difference to my life - not to mention the lives of those around me. I've been lucky in that my decision has had a bit of a ripple effect, with Deb, with my family, with The Hun and his family, and with a lot of my friends. Day by day, day by day.

My emotions - A bit obvious/obscure, but I'm a pretty emotional person down in the murky deep. And I love that. I love that it's not all out in the open all the time, and also the manner it will pop out and suprise me. This may have a bit to do with what I've experienced over the last few months in particular, but I just find the breadth and depth of emotion available an amazing thing, something that should be cherished.

My future - Well, if I'm not - who will be?! I cannot wait to live my life, I cannot wait for each day, I can't wait to see what happens. And I'm not so big on the thought of dying, and there will be no future for me once I've passed, so I should stress that I'm passionate about being alive!

The internets - Aww - yeah, you guys! I spend a lot of the time on the internets - blogging, emailing, chatting, facebooking, reading, commenting, sharing - and I've met some really good friends and shared some really good experiences. Group hug time!

Eight thinks I want to do before I die:

- Get married;
- Have at least two kids;
- Buy a house;
- Learn another language;
-Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef;
- Visit the rest of my top five locations: NY, Vegas, Italy, France, Tokyo;
- Own at least two dogs; and
- Be able to look back on what I've done with a smile, and embrace the future with a contented sigh.

Eight things I say often:

- Interesting;
- Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu*k you;
- I read it on the internet;
- No worries;
- Hunny!!!;
- Do you want a drink?;
- Totally not vegan; and
- Redeye time.

Eight books I’ve read recently:

- Paint it Black - Janet Fitch. Just don't.

- Lipstick Jungle - Candace Bushnell. Again, just don't. I am never buying from the 2 for $20 table again.

- Tales of the City, More Tales of the City, Further Tales of the City - Armistead Maupin. These ones I really like, and yes I've read them before. It also appears there are another three in the series that I had no idea about, so I will have to do some internet searching.

- Harry Potter and (insert one of seven options here) -J.K. Rowling. Yup, read them all this year - pretty good! I think I might reread them, I have a terrible habit of not really 'getting' a book until after a few reads, and I will admit I was skimming for a fair bit of it because I just wanted to know what happens.

- Skinny Bitch - Kim Barnouin, Rory Freedman. This one I quite liked - it makes a lot of sense, but I can't honestly say I've followed it to a T. Maybe half a T? So like an uppercase I?

- The Complete Idiots Guide to Vegan Living - Beverly Lynn Bennett, Ray Sammartano. Not one I really needed to read, but I'm glad I did. I'm also hoping my parents will read it, seeing as they borrowed it.

- Matthew Reilly - Area 7. I didn't finish this, or even get part 100 pages. But I maintain that anyone smart enough to get a book published should be smart enough NOT to put exclamation marks in their sentences... like "... and then the ice tower collapsed!".

- The Chaser Annual - 2007. *Yawn* I'm glad they do okay TV...

Eight songs I could listen to over and over:

- Earth Intruders - Bjork;
- Toxic - Britney Spears;
- Must I Paint You a Picture - Billy Bragg;
- Paper Aeroplane - Angus & Julia Stone;
- Maps - Yeah Yeah Yeahs;
- I Summon You - Spoon;
- Girlshapedlovedrug - Gomez; and
- Childhood Dreams - Nelly Furtardo.

But if I was making a triple cd (8×3) I’d also include:

- Ode to Divorce - Regina Spektor;
- Aeroplanes - Erica Ordinary;
-There There (The Boney King of Nowhere) - Radiohead
- Dancing Nancies - Dave Matthews Band;
- Damn That New Body - Holly Throsby;
- So Broken - Bjork;
- Once in a Lifetime - Talking Heads;
- Such Great Heights - Iron and Wine;
- Work It - Missy Elliot;
- Lose My Breath - Destiny's Child;
- Take Me Back To Your House - Basement Jaxx;
- Here We Go Again - Angus & Julia Stone;
- Up With The Birds - Holly Throsby;
- BMFA - Martha Wainwright;
- Till I Don't Know Who I Am - Rory McLeod; and
- Summertime - The Sundays.

Eight Movies I have seen Eight times:

- Grease (I knew this off by heart when I was younger);
- Labyrinth (Mmm, David Bowie);
- Centre Stage (I can't help but watch it each time it's on TV - it's like a compulsion);
- Waynes World (Party Time, Excellent!);
- Waynes World II (How could I not?!);
- The Sound of Music (Long time staple);
- Superstar (My hilarious cousin's favorite!); and
- Bring It On (Eliza, how I'd turn for you....).

And lastly…

Eight people who should do this meme:

Alyndabear, Mick, Martie, Michelle, Mr B'b'rry, Sarah, Lara and M.

That didn't take TOO long!


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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Post 495 with a possible come-on

Enny is looking into the trolley next to the checkout that is full of Christmas decorations, earbuds firmly in place.

Old guy with shirt tucked into shorts with light blue pockets: (something noiseless)
Enny: (taking earbuds out): Sorry?
OGWSTISWLBP: I said, you'd be ready to forget Christmas by now!
Enny: No - I wish it were Christmas EVERY day!
OGWSTISWLBP (I THINK):You'd be a present every night...
Enny (not realising what he just said): Damn straight!
Enny: *blank*
Enny (putting earbuds back in): *blank*


** ALSO - I have gmail and it has a tendency to preview the first line or so of your email so put a blurb of rubbish in there too ***

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

My own little special fame

I got into Google Reader at the start of December and it's been a bit of a lifesaver.

One thing I've noticed is that it's detached me a bit from the blogworld. In that I'm not looking at templates or noticing changes in comments, or even following myself up. I guess in a way it's a good thing, but it's also kind of sad.

On the flip side, I did have a bit of an Amanda moment (I think it was Amanda?!) and found myself referred to my own blog through the Google Reader (when my blog isn't in my own reader):

It's one of those funny things you want to share with people, but there are only a select few you can really share that with.


Monday, January 07, 2008

7 to go - hip hooray ho!

So, I'm like 7 posts away from my 500th post now and I've come up with a lame idea loosely based on your suggestions that might be good for some fun. Well, for me at least!

It came from the comments backing a drunken audio post -whilst I am super awesome, I'm not awesome enough to be able to do that, so I will do the next best thing.

Imagine we've met up and things are going swimmingly. My social retardation ensured that we met up in a pub so I could 'relax' and now I'm getting a bit too boisterous - laughing a bit too loud, eyes sparkling and darting, probably a bit sweaty and now rubbing my elbows that are blistered from leaning on the table like the poorly mannered lady that I am. I'm obviously feeling pretty relaxed now, I'm opening up a bit and I do seem to love talking about myself.

So nows your chance.

The deal is, I will sit down on the night I'm due for my 500th post and I will have 3 (three) drinks (because really, 2 drinks is just another night work for me) and I will honestly answer your questions spur of the moment.

And how will you ask them?

I want you to email me - the address is there on the left, a bit below my profile pic. Put the word "secret" in the email title and I PAH-ROMISE not to open it until the time I'm posting. And because The Hun was so well received that other time (and I know he was totally flattered by all his fans) you can direct them to him and I will try to get him to answer them. He may well not, because he doesn't usually down one on a weeknight, if at all, but I will do my best.

Of we go, kidlings!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Thinking and/or Ooch

Unsurprisingly, I've been walking like a weirdo since Wednesday nights Pump class - walking like I have legs full of knees that I have to precariously balance in order to move around. To try and loosen up, Magf and I went to Body Combat last night which was just as cringe worthy as I remembered - it didn't help there were lots of fit skinny keen girls in the room and that the cute instructor was teaching *sigh*.

Anways, I read this meme over at Brooke's and I liked it, so I thought I'd give it a go - a retrospective on 2007.

1. What did you do in 2007 that you’d never done before?
Went to Big Day Out. Met Rory Mcleod. Travelled overseas. Got in the ocean where I couldn't touch the bottom. Snorkelled. Poledanced (and unsurprisingly hated it). Was a Maid of Honour. Spent a full day one on one with someone outside of family or The Hun. Drove to Melbourne. Bought a Spice Girls CD. Lost a friend.

2. Did you keep your new year’s resolutions, and will you make more for next this year?
No - I don't remember what they were, but they were probably weight related. I have kind of made some more this year, see here.

3. Did anyone close to you give birth?
I wouldn't say we are super tight or anything, but two friends from school did have babies!

4. Did anyone close to you die?
Yes - I lost Max and a school friend 15 days apart.

5. What countries did you visit?
Thailand and Japan.

6. What would you like to have in 2008 that you lacked in 2007?
The answers can be found here...

7. What dates from 2007 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?
01/11/07 - My last day of uni for the year.
03/12/07 - Max passed away.
18/12/07 - My friend passed away.

8. What was your biggest achievement of the year?
I would say snorkelling was pretty big - even I didn't think I would do it!

9. What was your biggest failure?
The number of times I got stupidly over emotional about not being married/engaged. I hate it.

10. Did you suffer illness or injury?
I actually had a pretty action packed year! I got two warts cut out of my foot, a mole cut out behind me knee, two moles cut out of my face and two moles cut off my neck. I thought I was going to need one of those knee passage scrapes done but that seems to have calmed down, I had a few colds (one after our needles for OS, one more recently) and a few of those eye migraines (two in two days means I'm making an appointment to see an opthamologist this year).

11. What was the best thing you bought?
Half of my DS and half of my Wii. I'd also claim the camera - even though The Hun paid for it, it's 'ours' (heh heh) plus the overseas holiday was worth it!

12. Where did most of your money go?
Proddly p!ssed away on rubbish, though I paid off my laptop and am leasingmy car, and I pay rent, food, bills, phone etc. I did get a fair amountsaved this year, well fair amount for me anyways....

13. What did you get really, really, really excited about?
Overseas holiday and the Wii.

14. What song will always remind you of 2007?
To pick just one, it would be Regina Spektor's "On the Radio", but also:

Regina Spektor - Ode to Divorce, Chemo Limo.
Angus & Julia Stone - Paper Aeroplace, Mango Tree, Here We Go Again.
Bjork - Earth Intruders.
Missy Higgins - Steer.
Radiohead - Nude.

15. Compared to this time last year, are you:
a) happier or sadder? Generally, I'd say I'm happier - I'm more settled with myself.
b) thinner or fatter? Bit chubbier, but not by toooo much.
c) richer or poorer? Richer, but only by a little!

16. What do you wish you’d done more of?
Sensible eating. Saving. Couch to 5 k running.

17. What do you wish you’d done less of?
Eating misery chips, telling people I was dieting, working myself up,talking myself down.

18. How did you spend Christmas?
How convenient you ask - I have a detailed post here!

19. Did you fall in love in 2007?
Nope - I was already in love :o)

20. What was your favorite TV program?

21. What was the best book you read?
The Harry Potter series - they all merge in to one, right?

22. What was your favorite film of this year?
Superbad - how funny was that?!!

23. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you?
I turned 25 and had a few meltdowns, but you can read about it here.

24. What kept you sane?
Blabbing to people on the internet - here, Facebook, gmail chat, messenger and email.

25. Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most?
Ooooh Michael C Hall.

26. Who did you miss?
I missed catching up with D'jen, deb, jac and kristy in Brisbane. I also missed Max a lot.

27. Who was the best new person you met?
Lulu in Harajuku and Mick in Cheese on Toast.

What are you waiting for? Give it a go!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

48 into 08

So, thoughts on 2008 so far?

It's been lovely and warm which I like, but the warmth has meant going to sleep with the window open and being woken up at 6am on both mornings- this morning it was the birds outside, the morning before (NYD) it was by a gaggle of European backpackers doing aerobics on the oval behind our house. No, I'm not kidding and no, I wasn't still sleeping. I was very WTF and very nearly walked out the front door, round the block and up onto the oval just to shoo them away but they sounded like they were having fun and I don't do sexy-bedraggled when I wake up (it's more ogre-bedraggled).

A lot of the New Year has been spent playing the Wii - I discovered I have a sweat glad surrounding my right hand ring finger that only kicks off in the Medium final battle against the devil in Guitar Hero 3. I also got myself some silver meddles in Wii Play and bemoaned that our Louis 14 didn't get picked for the first few pages of the Mii Channel. The Hun has followed in a similar vein, developing near RSI from his Zelda DS obsession - he said it's not too hard so I might be able to overcome my fear of video games that you can die in (I could never get as far as the bro's and they wouldn't always help me, so I stick to baby games).

I've also fielded a couple of calls from mumsy and dadsy - for all their moaning about youngest bro and middle bro being messy and noisy and eating/drinking them out of house and home, they seem to be seriously missing them now that they're living it up in Vegas. Dadsy got an internet phone installed specifically so he could talk to them every second day, and he's laminated himself a spreadsheet with all of eveyones phone numbers for quick dialing fun. I've also been making a loaf of bread a day with the exception of today - I think I'm having warm crusty withdrawals.

New Years itself was quite good - nine of us were down the road at the house of one of my first housemates. It was four couples and a friend whose girlfriend is currently in Jolly Old England with her family for 6 weeks. The boys played some cricket and badminton, The Hun smacked himself in the head with a racket then tripped and grass stained his short-pant things (he's not normally so clumsy), I drank 8 cruisers over 8 hours with 8 glasses of water, we played some of the Spicks and Specks game I got for Christmas (my team lost twice so I can't say I'm loving it at the moment) and then the boys played "Grubbers" in the street which apparently involves chucking a ball around and trying to get it to bounce up awkwardly at people while I sat in the street with one of the girls and she spilled her heart about the past 7 or so years of her relationship. It was actually pretty nice!

We went and saw Golden Compass last night - we both thought it was pretty sh!t. I'm all for discovering new talent, but a prerequisite is that they actually have talent. The young girls accent dropped in and out, her attitude would change this way and that and I found myself resenting her. And she has weird bulges in her forehead like horns are trying to get out. The highlight of the movie was Nicole Kidman's eyebrows though - I loved them.

We also saw The Darjeeling Limited (which is now SO last year) which I quite liked, The Hun not so much. I really enjoyed The Royal Tenebaums and the film is of a similar vein - nice to look at, a bit arty, a bit of sadness, a bit of humour and it sorta just floats its way through. I've booked gf1 and gf2 to see Enchanted, Juno and 27 Dresses this month, so I'm hoping I enjoy at least one of them (my main driver for Juno is that Michael Cera is in it *sigh*).

I'm back at work and wondering if Nintedogs has a Pomeranian.

(Edit - It does not, but the daschhund version has chow chows and pugs and is also the one I couldn't find in the shops. And in a lovely twist, I was able to spend the last 30 minutes at work playing Animal Crossing - my house got extended!)

Off to Pump class now - woah! It must be the new year!