Friday, December 29, 2006


Middle Bro and I took a trip down to the doctor yesterday - me to get my second Gardasil jab (yup - still hurts!) and him to get the form signed for the gym (see here for preclude).

The doc was happy to sign the form and talked to him a little bit - she initially recommended that for his height he should lose 50kg (his BMI was off the chart), however taking into account his muscle structure, she thought that a minimum of 30 would be good enough, though 40 would be better - and talked to him about breaking it down into smaller goals.

Middle Bro then brought up with the doc that he'd had some blood tests done that he'd never got the results from - seems he got some tests done in 2005. Turns out that everything was all good... with the exception of his liver tests - the figures were lit up in red. She had a bit of a chat to him about safe amounts of alchohol - she said that 6 drinks was the most, drinking a full 7ooml bottle of turkey was a lot over the safe limit, and contributing to his weight - we went into the blood place and a couple of vials were taken for more tests for his liver, as well as iron and hemochromotosis (which we have a family history of).

When we got home I spoke to mumsy and dadsy about it - recommend that he gets back on those home delivered meals - he did good when he was on it before, but thay stopped ordering them and he went back to old habits. He also really needs to curb the alchohol - he can't keep doing what he's doing, in the quantities he's doing it. And I know that we do have a bit of fam history of the social drink (moreso in summer) I don't think it's a good idea he emulates my parents patterns. Not that I think there's a serious problem there, but he's only 21.

In a way, having 50kg to lose could be a bit of an advantage - he will get results quickly and has time to 'learn' how to look after himself. Plus he could do that within a year - how nice would it be to be like a third of the weight you were the same time last year?

And I'm sure that under his 'yep, yep, I know, yep' he has got some idea that this is a big deal (he's walking poor Max every day and is all hyped for a New Year exercise plan), I thought I'd chuck up some info I found....

From here:
If you drink at more than moderate levels, you may be putting yourself at risk for serious problems with your health as well as problems with family, friends, and coworkers...
  • Drinking and Driving;
  • Interactions With Medications;
  • Social and Legal Problems;
  • Long-Term Health Problems;
  • Alcohol-related liver disease:
  • - Alcoholic hepatitis
  • - Alcoholic cirrhosis
  • - Hepatitis C virus (HCV)
  • - Heart disease
  • - Cancer
  • - Pancreatitis.
From here:
ALT and AST are enzymes made in the liver. They are also known as transaminases. The liver uses these enzymes to metabolize amino acids and to make proteins. When liver cells are damaged or dying, ALT and AST leak into the bloodstream. Many different things can cause liver enzymes to rise above normal levels, including:

* Viral hepatitis
* Excessive alcohol intake/Alcoholic liver disease
* Liver inflammation from medications and certain herbs,
* Auto-immune hepatitis - a condition where a person's immune system mistakes the liver for an invader and attacks it,
* Fatty liver- fat build -up in liver cells, called steatohepatitis when the fatty liver is inflamed
* Inherited liver diseases
* Liver tumors
* Heart failure

GGT and ALP are also called cholestatic liver enzymes. Chloestasis is a term used for partial or full blockage of the bile ducts. Bile ducts bring bile from the liver into the gallbladder and the intestines. Bile is a green fluid produced in liver cells. Bile helps the body to break down fat, process cholesterol and get rid of toxins. If the bile duct is inflamed or damaged, GGT and ALP can get backed up and spill out from the liver into the bloodstream.

ALP metabolizes phosphorus and brings energy to the body. GGT brings oxygen to tissues.

Causes of elevated ALP and GGT levels include:

* Scarring of the bile ducts (called primary biliary cirrhosis),
* Fatty liver (steatosis),
* Alcoholic liver disease,
* Liver inflammation from medications and certain herbs,
* Liver tumors,
* Gallstones or gall bladder problems.

Bilirubin is a yellow fluid produced in the liver when worn-out red blood cells are broken down. Bilirubin can leak out from the liver into the bloodstream if the liver is damaged. When bilirubin builds up, it can cause jaundice - a yellowing of the eyes and skin, dark urine and light colored feces. The causes of abnormal bilirubin levels include:

* Viral hepatitis,
* Blocked bile ducts,
* Other liver diseases,
* Liver scarring (cirrhosis)
From here:
  • Alcohol abuse damages the nervous system and destroys brain cells: Different parts of the brain are more sensitive to alcohol than others. Alcohol is a toxin that damages the transmission of nerve impulses in the brain and nervous system. Chronic alcohol abuse causes organic damage that manifests itself both physically, psychologically and in the behavior of people affected. Physically it is manifested through loss of balance, impotence, numbness of the feet and hands, tremor and in blindness. Psychologically and behaviorally by loss of intellectual abilities, impaired ability to learn and in mental confusion. Alcohol abuse causes a condition called delirium tremens in which the person experiences mental confusion, extreme excitement, anxiety, trembling, rapid pulse and hallucinations.
  • Alcohol abuse causes cirrhosis of the liver: If the damage is severe it is known as cirrhosis. Cirrhosis can lead to liver failure, liver cancer and death.
  • Alcohol abuse causes infection and chronic inflammation: Inflammation of the stomach (gastritis) and digestive system leads to ulceration. Perforation of the stomach and intestines is life threatening. Inflammation of the digestive system means that food is not digested or absorbed properly. Inflammation and infections are associated with poor diet, malnutrition, lifestyle changes, accidents and self neglect. Diseases include pneumonia, kidney and urinary tract infections, kidney failure and pancreatitis.
  • Alcohol abuse causes malnutrition: Vitamin deficiency is due to an inability to absorb or a lack of various vitamins. Wernicke's disease and Korsakoff's syndrome are characterized as a memory disorders caused by a deficiency of vitamin B1, also called thiamine.
  • Alcohol abuse causes Cardiovascular problems: Excessive drinking can lead to high blood pressure, it can damage your heart muscle (cardiomyopathy). Damage to the cardiovascular system can put you at increased risk of heart failure or stroke.
  • Alcohol abuse causes sexual problems: Erectile dysfunction is common in men with alcohol problems
  • Alcohol abuse can cause Cancer: Alcoholism has been linked to a higher risk of cancer of the esophagus, larynx, colon and the liver.
  • Alcohol abuse is linked with diabetes
From here:

The more obese a person is, the more likely he or she is to develop health problems...

  • Increased Health Risk of Premature Death
  • Increased Health Risk of Heart Disease
  • Increased Health Risk of Type 2 Diabetes
  • Increased Health Risk of Cancers
  • Increased Health Risk of Fatty Liver Disease
  • Increased Health Risk of Gallbladder Disease
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Increased Health Risk of Arthritis.
...Made a new years resolution yet?

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Did you have a good Christmas?!

I did!

Check THIS out:

(Yes, it's all about family but the gifts are still great!)

See who got spoilt!

The buddha is from mumsy and dadsy - he'll be on the coffee table until I can convince The Hun that we need a new dark wood hutch thing to put it on.

The glass bowl is from dadsy's sister - it's shaped lile a sunflower. On top of the box are the (brown mary jane) crocs I got from youngest bro that I LOVE (I am totally embracing my inner dirty hippy) and a candle holder from The Hun's mumsy and dadsy - they also gave me the vegan cookbook with the cake on it at the front and some honey body butter that I love the smell of, but the whole honey-not-vegan thing means I passed it on to mumsy (who's more likely to use it anyway!) but I do feel a bit bad because she went to the effort of finding something not tested on animals...

The piece of paper in front of the box is a note from middle bro who made a donation in my name to our community - the people behind - that was really, Really, REALLY thoughtful! He also got me the two Korjo travel pouches that are on the left there.

Can you see the swede in front of the Oreo's there? That was from Santa - 'apparantly' 24 is too old to be still getting gifts from Santa, so the swede was an indication of his patience tiring... though he also got me the Oreo's, the banana bubblebath, the jacks game, the magnetic tic-tac-toe game, the big (beautiful!) Zoo book in front of the Buddha and Sarah Kramers How it all Vegan book (Santa actually bought one I'd already bought, but he decided mumsy and dadsy could keep it and they could buy me a different one - and as mumsy already has La Dolce Vegan I can jus nick hers if I wanted recipe's from it).

The inside thongs on the right (they're very comfy!) and the Little Britain notebook came from The Hun's sis and I got a beautiful travel notebook from eldest bro and eldest bro's gf for Japan (under the cookbook in the middle) and last but not least I got a NEW iPOD!!! Yup - it's a 30gig black one and it works and everything - from The Hun (awwww!). I've already braced the crowds and bought an iTrip for the car and an aluminium case (this one's NOT going to break! I promise!).


Hope you had an awesome day! (There was also lunch at the Gowrie house with my fam and two stops at the Fadden house with The Hun's fam, but we all know nothing terrribly exciting ever actually happens on Christmas day!)

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Weighty Issue

Last night we held the second annual Cuzmas at the Conder house. The short of Cuzmas is that the bro's and I were daytime babysat by mumsy's sister (who brought her two kids along) for a lot of our youth and mumsy's other sister brought her two kids along too - so the eight of us were fairly close when we were younger. Last year we thought it might be nice to get the gang together so they all came around and we drank and played Xbox and air hockey.

Cuzmas las night was a bit smaller, with only one of four cuz's attending - the other three being out of state (albeit two of them are only 15 minutes out past Gunghalin) - and he arrived four hours after the bro's turned up. It was aight - we drank a lil, played some poker, ate some pizza and tried out cuz's Wii (from his work - was good fun!).

But that's not what I wanted to write about.

{Deleted by the Author - sorry dudes!}

Middle bro was a lil chubby when he was younger, but over the years has built up a bit - he's an ex rugby player, so he definately doesn't have the same shape as cuz. Middle bro joined the gym a few weeks ago and we did a session together - at the end of it he jumped on the scales and saw a number that I think is roughly 10kg than the highest he's been before - the tone in his voice indicated that he was a lil suprised and a lil dissapointed. He went off the next week to get his gym program - I wasn't able to make it that night, but saw him pop up on MSN and asked him about his program, he replied he didn't get one. Turns out his blood pressure was too high, so they wouldn't give him a program - he needed to see a doctor first. He took his blood pressure himself for a week and I'm gonna book him to see the doc nex week when I go in for my 2nd Gardasil.

My weight has been up and down pretty much since I turned 18 and discovered alchohol and my metabolism caught up with me. Three years ago at this time I was 70 something kg. Two years ago at this time I was 68 kg. Last year at this time I was low 70 something. This time this year (funnily enough) I'm 1kg for every centimetre tall I am over 1 metre. Today Dadsy commented that I must've been eating too many vegan patties - only one other time have either of my parents commented that I've been overweight - they bought me a singlet and pointed out that it was XL and that I was going to look like a big orange pumpkin.

Middle bro has really taken it in his stride - rather than give up or sulk about it he's taken Max for a walk for the last three days (the poor lil fella is absolutely stuffed!) and has asked if I've booked the Dr appt yet. I want 2007 to be the year that he gets himself to a healthy level of fitness and gets the self confidence to get the happiness he deserves.

I have a bridesmaids dress to fit into at the end of March and I have to start ensuring I'm eating correctly - eating vegan isn't good enough if I'm living on carbs and sat fat. I want 2007 to be the year I develop healthy habits that will keep me at a comfortable and sensible weight.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


L - R: Enny, Adam, Nat, TokenWoman and D'Jen

(...please note that my shoulders aren't actually THAT manly, but Adam had his shove on and is pushing me forward...)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Do I know you from the internet?

A post starring D'jen, Adam, TokenWoman, Nat, Deb, Jac and Jade (no link?!) because I don't want to have to keep linking them all the way through - LAZY).

Because I am that sad I am actually paying to write this in an internet cafe. I coulda waited until Wednesday, but somebody voiced their confusion and distaste for the Kanye West post, so I'm doing a bit of community service and pushing it further to the bottom (I guess you have to be THAT uptodate with the celeb goss to appreciate the irony and ignore the obvious nonsensical manner in which I laid it out).

Firstly, can I say, that before last night I had only met one person from the internet - the trip down to Melbourne for the Comedy Revue was to become the first time I would meet someone (and erica was very lovely and someone I do keep in touch with as much as her schedule will allow!). Yesterday afternoon was still scary tho, in that I'd be meeting SEVEN new people.

The ever-so-sweet D'jen had organised to meet people at a pole, but had the forsight to meet me in my hotel foyer - I was nervous and procastinating by doing Sudoku in my underwear when she called to say that she was looking for the hotel entrance as we spoke, so I rushed my stuff together and met her in the foyer.

D'jen is very lovely - and luckily had unwittingly put herself in the position to be the one that everyone recognised - however the tables were to be turned...

We caught the bus down to Southbank and wandered the markets until the inevitable bad weather broke (I refuse to believe that it was her fault!!!) and we settled in at the bar an hour early, purloining the best sneaky pole-watching point with a nerve-calming drink.

Adam arrived early and we watched him for a good ten minutes - praise the Lord it WAS him, though it could have been worse as we never actually approached the dood to ask him if he was an IT Ninja. I'll have you all know that it was KILLING d'jen to sit there watching him look around for people that he might know (not enough to make her call out his name, but enough to make her feel bad as she stalkishly sipped her drink and stared at him..). She had send her number to ppl so that they could contact her if need be, but had neglected to send it to him - so our ESPing of 'JUST CALL' didn't work and it wasn't our lack of brain skills that caused it to fail.

When I got a message from TokenWoman asking if we were there yet - we spotted her instantly, waved like internet stalkers (as was the theme of the night) and rushed down to meet her. We met her and were on our way out to see if it WAS adam when this guy approached us with a 'Hello LAYDEEZ' that had me stop in my tracks, wondering if we'd been balcony stalking the wrong guy (answer: no, we weren't - hooray for instincts!).

We worked out who we all were and headed back in to try and get a table where we ran in to Nat and her husband (who excused himself once he realised it was safe to do so) and we managed outselves a table after some hustle against some young punks (I will totally give the credit to Adam as he was to be the manliest of the night (even tho he wasn't with D'jen and I as she TOTALLY outsted those punks) and found Deb, Jac and Jade near the bar.

SO. Enough with the banter - I shall do it thirteen-thirty-seven Adam-stylez (manly) and wrap you all up.

D'Jen: You are absolutely the lovliest little thing there is. She was friendly, went out of her way to help me by picking me up, ordering a cab, checking I was drinking enough, ensuring I escorted her to the bar, showing me how one should order the long island iced teas and the drinks with the crowns on, getting me home and PAYING MY PART OF THE FARE! My attempts to pervert her were thwarted, but that's okay - it was delightful to meet you!

Adam: Whoah! You are a very funny fellow and also quite delightful. He made sure he expressed his distaste and many things (my drinking of the water, my veggies for my hommus, the afore-mentioned Kanye post) but also expressed his taste for other things (my beatingupness, my man shoulder, my swear words) and was able to hold serious conversation too, which I thought was great (PS - cleavage - room for improvement, but charisma +43).

TokenWoman: Do you mind if I call you delightful too?! She was lovely and friendly and funny and managed to coin a new catchphrase - I swear that ReadMyLipsSperm WILL (fingers crossed!) be the catchphrase of 2007. She has a scar to make a pirate squirm (not really! It's not that bad at all!) and has settled very nicely into her 'new' place - I wish I'd caught up with her (and Rom!) last time I was up too.

Nat: You are De-f()ckin-lightful. Now, I will be honest that I had only seen her via Steph link-bombing but I will be obsessively trawling her archives because she is frickin funny. Get thee to her site now, but she is the object of MY affection and you can't have her (or her chewy yoghurt). I do plan to get me some back dimples tho...

Deb, Jac and Jade: I didn't even really get to speak to!!! This is quite a shame because I'd started going back in their archives so I could get to know them a bit (I hadn't read that much though!) and then they all had to leave. I'm sure that if/when it happens again (and I'm there!) I'll be sure to put on my brave pants and make some convo!

I also do have a pic, but I don't know how to use this cafe comp with my camera and chord (and those yellow faces don't just make themselves!) so I'll update this on Wed night.

Hope to see y'all again when I'm up in Sem1 2007!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Five Night Funness


Here's my plans for the next five nights...

I fly to Brisbane just after lunch tmr and cab it to the hotel. From there I meander my way to Chirmside (thanks to the help of the very d' d'jen) to meet up with a martial arts person who'll take me out to the training hall where I hopefully won't have to use my spiffy new shinpads. Then we'll have a little party (special vegan food for me!) and my 5th Dan senior will then drive me the hour back into Brisbane.

Sat I plan to sleep a lil, shop a lil, and then meet up with miss d'jen at 2:30 - she's done a super lovely job of organising a shindig, so be sure to check in with her for deets (I'm useless!) - and others (adam, T'woman, Deb, Jac, Rom & mebbe GBE I think!) for the evening.

Sunday I plan to loll around in bed and then mebbe leech some internet from a free hotspot, watch DVD's and play some minesweeper on my lappy.

Monday and Tuesday I'm running training for work (eep!) - with Monday night spent on a martial arts phone hookup and more martial arts training on Tuesday night. AND THEN? Fly back to work on Wed mrng.

So, there you have it. As much as it pains me, I will proddly be quite absent from these parts till Wednesday (THO VERY NOT ABSENT TO SOME OF YOU ON SAT!) tho I'm determined to get at least SOME internet in there!

tee tee eff enn!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006



"F*ck dis! (My video) cost a million dollars, Pamela Anderson was in it, I was jumping across canyons and sh*t! If I don't win, the awards show loses credibility. Nothing against you (J&S), but hell man."...

"I haven't seen (the Justice V Simian video). Possibly it could have been quite good but no way better than 'Touch The Sky'.

"That is complete bullsh*t, I paid a million. Obviously it's not all about the money, but the response it got transcended everything, it really made great TV.

"It took a month to film; I stood on a mountain; I flew a heliocopter over Vegas. I did it to be the king of all videos and I wanted to walk home with that award."

He said of the Justice V Simian's win: "That was some spread the love bullshit, 'Oh everyone should have an award'. Please press people print 'Kanye says f*ck that!'...

"That video that Kanye West put out is the most worthless piece of crap I've ever seen in my life, and he uses my image to catapult himself on the public,"

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Headingless post

(Jus a quickie!)

Today is a milestone day! Grab a pen and mark it down - 12/12/06 was the first time I ever tried:
{Insert musical fruit reference here}

Verdict: Hrm. A bit mushy, but I didn't have the urge to just chuck them out - I had them with cruskits and I've been told that next time I should have them with toast.

It was funny tho, as soon as I got someone to open the can for me (I can't open ringpull cans and I have a scar that required three stitches to prove it) I immediately thought of middle bro. Baked beans on toast was a weekend staple for him in my house - Dadsy and middle bro eating them, with Landline on the telly on a Saturday...

I have the feeling it's one of the last things that I just hadn't tried because I didn't want to (OMG MIDLIFE CRISIS?!) - I have come quite some way over the past few years - Soup, dip, white wine, beans, tomato, parsnip.... I think a bowl of wet cereal, porridge and canned spaghetti may be the last 'everyday things I don't eat' that I can think of! However, we don't keep soy milk at home (other than my chocolate poppers!) so that knocks the first two off, and all the canned spaghetti has contained cheese that I've seen, so they won't be coming anytime soon either.

I went almost 25 years without even a TASTE of that badboys!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Almost on holidays


And it's HOT down here.

And smokey - my car has grey ash specks all over it - Canberrans are getting edgy in their seats.

We had a martial arts grading yesterday morning - my 5 little boys did their damndest (I was quite proud!) and the other kids and adults did a good job too. We then headed over for a Christmas bbq in the the hot hot sun for three hours and then headed over to my exhousemates (xhmM) new house (that is just 30 seconds away) and had another bbq to which I BOUGHT a BOTTLE of WINE (PS - went to ANOTHER bbq today - charred flesh is in)!!

Yup - you read that right. It was a Moscato and it was lovely and sweet and I felt like a grownup carrying it in, however that feeling disintegrated a little once I developed a headache after the first of the three cruisers that precluded the one glass of wine. Even though I drank (I swear) 6 glasses of water at the same time AND had some panadol.

BUT The Hun and I won the first game of Pictionary (we usually SUCK as a team) and then xhmM's gf and I won the second game. And then xhmM and I lost the third game - by this time I had a grumpy headache and wasn't liking my new feeling of losing.

This morning we made a start on the Christmas Shopping and this is the FIRST year I'm feeling quite good about it all - The Hun finally worked out something that he wants that I can get without it being money or something that he doesn't really want and will only pretend to like. I've bought Dadsy's present, Mumsy's present, part of Eldest Bro's present, the little presents to go with the Christmas cards for people at work, small little presents to go with the gifts for Mumsy, Dadsy, Eldest Bro, Middle Bro, Youngest Bro and Eldest Bro's gf.

I know what I want to get The Hun, Youngest Bro, the rest of Eldest Bro and the person I drew in the KK thing that Mumsy's side of the family is doing now for Christmas (The Hun and I bought the one for the person he drew today) - I'm mostly sure what I want to get Middle Bro and I'm gonna think some more on a suprise part for The Hun.

Luckily, I'd planned aheaad to take the Swift into the dealer across the other side of town on Wednesday (there was a rattle in the door for like 1000k's that has CONVENIENTLY stopped now but I'm still gonna get em to have a look) so I have flexed Wednesday off so I can pick up the gifts, have lunch with The Hun and sit on the couch watching Little Britain (I just finished reading the book and I've only seen a few episodes).

There are still a few things that will need to be done - I'm SERIOUSLY considering buying a new tree but The Grinch Hun doesn't want me to spend the money when we're saving for Japan. Also - gifts still need to be bought for The Huns Mum, The Huns Dad, The Huns Sis, The Huns Sis' Boyf, The Huns Grandparents and The Huns Gf (I'm hoping for a new mp3 player to replace my ROOTED iPod Buddy - anything 20g or bigger) and he's not yet sure what he wants to get them. While it's nice to be feeling a lil calm about Christmas now (tho still cringing over the fact I sprayed L'Occitane HOUSE spray on my arm thinking it was PERSON spray), it's not so nice to know that The Hun isn't and that I'll be playing the part he has played for the past two Christmas' (putting up with the stressed persons crap and irrational emotional abuse).




Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The morning after the night before

*** Disclaimer - this is one of the ones that people that know the real me should proddly steer away from reading***

On the drive back from Sydney, gf1 and I got talking about my veganism. I was explaining that it's difficult for me to know where to draw the line, as I had just started my Gardasil vaccination and I'm on The Pill and hadn't thought about it until it was brought up on a forum the other day, and she was talking about eating plants and other living things, and would vegans take the morning after pill (her younger sister has recently started work at a chemist).

"You wouldn't believe the number of people that come in and ask for it... she says there's quite often five or six people in a day... Maybe because she is girl and she is young they ask her... there is a special form for them to fill out with a special name... at least she is seeing the consequences of what could happen... though I guess they justify that they might not have been pregnant anyway so it's not like they're really killing a living thing...(gf1sExBestFriend) had one..."

And I couldn't not say something.

"I've had it."

"...Oh... When you were with Stoopid ex?"


"...Well... you weren't ready back then anyway."


Again, another thing I'd never really thought about until it slaps me right in the face.

When I first became 'active' I only used condoms - I have NEVER had unprotected sex -until the time that I was housesitting and experienced a tense 50-something days between periods and decided that enough was enough, and I'd build up the guts to go see the lady doctor (proddly three years after the first time). After I'd already started The Pill, I remember going in to see the doctor on a Thursday or a Friday for a different script and being told that I was to be careful as it would reduce the effectiveness of The Pill. And I remember going to the doctor on the Saturday morning after that to get the morning after pill and being chided for not doing as she had said. It wasn't that I 'couldn't help myself' (as much as I'm sure he'd love to think) but that because I only had one 'level' of protection and that made me very uncomfortable.

I'd never thought of it as an abortion.

I don't know what I'd thought of it as - it had slipped right back in my mind.

It's disheartening to look back and remember the time that I was quite adamant that I would have no issue with abortion. And not quite so far back that I was foolish enough to put myself in a position that there was even a small tiny minute chance of falling pregnant. And not quite so far back before before that that I made a decision so flippantly without even realising until NOW what may actually have been going on.

Not that I wish I had had a baby back then. Not that I regret the decision as such. But that whilst there have been times I've regretted my 'history' (things would be SO much easier now had I waited for The Hun), I've never REALLY realised that I was playing with fire. Until now.

Have you had it?

What did you think at the time?

What do you think now?

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Heyyen Heyyent - a roadtrip we have went!

I'm back!

How was your weekend? Proddly better than The Huns, who had a 'boys' weekend planned, but misplanned one vital step - the step where you head out to the car to go to a LAN and then have a boys night in then sleep in and schlep around but you remember to take your car/house keys WITH you (rather than leaving them on the coffee table)... this meant he spent the weekend at his parents with only the clothes on his back, his wallet and his mobile (our real estate agent doesn't do ANYTHING on weekends, it seems...).

We arrived without too much hassle, we hit the shops above the markets (I bought five tops, some summer PJ's and some thongs for me; and some boxers and shorts for The Hun), we sat around, we hit the hotel bar and then we had hotel bar snacks for dinner (the weather was MISERABLE out there and there were no restaraunts in the immediate vicinity. What was the hotel restaraunt offering? Seafood buffet only. Which is no good for the vegan, the (mostly) vegetarian and the buffet hater. Then we sat around again, then slept (and then woke up to gf2 sleeptalk planning soccer - I actually thought she was on the phone and messaging a friend at 6am this morning!).

Today we got up, zipped thru Paddy's Markets and then made it to the DFO where we were for like 5 hours!!! But it was great - I bought two pairs of shows, two pairs of jeans, some black pants and some more singlets for me; and four shirts for The Hun.


And that was about all!

It was a really good weekend - the first of that sorta thing that I've done in a long time (if ever!).

BUT I'm back to diet and gym tmr - shopping with someone who's taller and a size or two smaller than you, and a friend who looks awesome in an XS is a somewhat humbling experience.

As much as I love my dear new bag, he is not the most practical fella for shopping - he is relegated to 'special occassions'.

I also need a new wallet to go with this new bag (my current wallet is three shades of purple which looks a trite bit ATROCIOUS) but I am not a big fan of all the shiny gold faux snake inside the matching wallet.

I do also have a few things on my mind that I'd like to post about... which would you like to hear about first:
- Morning-after pill ethics;
- Unhealthy weight; or
- 'Healthy' relationship windows.
Also, don't freak out - they're not pressing or necessarily about me here and now, but just some things swimming around in my head (hormones mebbe? I skipped my womanly time of celebration because of the whole room sharing thing)(And as much I wanted to make that red, I couldn't bring myself to do it again!).


(PPS - We passed the house inspection, but we have new 'inspectors' and I get the feeling they're young and trying to prove themselves - out 'garage floor coverings' and 'bathroom exhaust' are 'dusty', our 'toilet roll holder is peeling away from wall' (how is that our fault?!), we need to 'check smoke alarm batteries regularly (they didn't comment about the one that just FELL OFF THE ROOF!) and our yard is 'dry'. B!tches)

Nigh nigh!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Heyyo Heyyo - A road trip we will go!


Jus poppin in to let you know that I'm about to pack my new Nutrimetics pleather bag and my spiffy new handbag (yes, him) into my beasty lil car for an o'night roadtrip with Gf1 and Gf2 Sydney.

Will hopefully be back with tales of giggles, spending and hilarity (and water polo men built ENTIRELY of muscle...).

Have a lovely w/end chaps!