Monday, December 05, 2005

*returns to usual programming*

There must be something in the air, coz I bought a new phone on Tuesday!

Actually, there must be lots of little things in the air, becuase in the last week, I have purchased:

- All of The Huns Chrissy Present (*no hints!*)
- 6 buddhas (safety in numbers!)
- A pair of oh-so-cute purple and lime button over flower shoes from Redpath (they DO come in big girls sizes!!)
- A singlet and cardi set (for that crappy Canberra weather)
- Two skirts (Marry me DFO Table Eight!)
- Two kinda dressy singlets (see above)
- Two more sporty singlets (see above the above)
- A pair of three quaters khaki shirts (above the above the above)
- Sunglasses (Exactly the same as the pair I broke at the start of the year)
- New thongs (These ones are brown and yes I do need 4 pairs of different colours)
- A new bag (Yes, I also need about 9 of these even though I'm not a girly girl)
- A Parka (Dang that cold weather)
- Another singlet (I like singlets!)

.... and I think that't it.

The Hun's Chrissy party was in Sydney this year, meaning I got to hoon up to Sunny'o'Sydney and hit the markets. I then got to lie in bed eating Schnitzel, chips, wedges, Krispy Kremes and Raspberry Cruisers whilst watching the Biggest Loser final (I only cried a little). And then got to fall asleep with the telly on from pure 'OMG I NEVAH THOUGHT I'D EAT THAT MUCH 'TATER AGAIN IN MY LIFE' bliss guilt.

I also got to see Harry Potter this weekend... seriously now? That's some scary shit! I guess my tolerance for melting flesh, tortured animals and floating corpses is a little less than the avarage four year old as I didn't hear any of them gasping or jumping or cowering...

Lastly - I have a public service announcement - For anyone unfortunate enough to see the 20-something girly flail like a spazz on her slippy heels with the 2cm 'faux stilletto' heel and then land on all fours outside of Foot Locker in the Hyper D - please don't tell anyone if you saw my undies.


(P.S - Teej - I think one of my bros is one of ur lurkers but don't know if he knows about my 'House of Net'. Small frickin world!!!)


Erica said...

It must be the time for spending up big. I am not going to confess how much money I have spent in the last week or so attempting to become a "business owner", but it's over $1000...and I haven't even started any Christmas shopping yet.

How gratifying is a little retail therapy though? Especially clothing retail therapy. And then when you wear your purchases for the first time and feel all special and new!

Enny said...

If it weren't for the fact that I stacked in one of my flashy new skirts it woulda been a whole lot nicer ;o)

TJ said...


Which one is he do you think?

I'm kind of collecting lurkers like flies on a corpse right now. I get heaps of emails about posts, but the buggers are too chickenshit to actually use the comment box.

Erica said...

Oh dear! The way I see falling over is that it provides a bit of amusement for the day. It's the only way for a clumsy person like myself to deal with the constant tripping over.

Hopefully you didn't put any holes or stubborn stains on your flasy new skirt.

Enny said...

Erica - I hadn't fallen over since 2000 when I tripped up the stairs at uni (excluding the time in like 2002 when I was drunk and trying to do a takedown on a friend on the beach and somehow laneded on my back). The counter has been reset to 18 hours since my last trip *sigh*

And TJ - I haven't recognised any of style or names yet, but I'm eyeing it off like a spud ;o)

Erica said...

2000! That's like...5 years ago! I slipped over outside my house just this morning on the grass in the rain, and have a very large carpet burn on my knee from falling down the stairs in my house the other day...

Enny said...

Don't remind me!!!
My longest evah!!!