Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Five Things Meme!

I got tagged by Bevis!

God knows how long this will take, but I'll give it a go m'hearties!

***** ~BEGIN!~ ****

What were you doing ten years ago?

I was about a month into year nine, about to turn 14. Gonky, Gawky and Gangly, I was still crop-toppin it up and wearing disasterous outfits (white jeans, green skivvy, linen vest and wood necklace anyone?!). I'd been doing martial arts for 6 years or so and was training four times a week, which was not adding to my dreams of getting boobs (not much fat storing!), and the outfits (and pubescent skin) were not doing anything to help me get a boyfriend (which I really, Really, REALLY wanted). I also started to become good friends with The Huns gf at the time. Oh! And watched as my male teacher challenged the girls to climb all the way around a desk (top to underneath and back to the top) in a dress AND SOMEONE DID IT. Roughtly 45 kilos. (Please don't let my teenage awkwardness drive you away from here!!!)

What were you doing one year ago?

Living in the Monash house with two friends and preparing to move to the Conder house. Getting used to the idea of hearing eldest brothers deep guffawing laugh emanating through my bedroom wall from my housemates bedroom *grinds teeth*. Working up the guts to start blogging, same job, same boy, same pay - thats about it! Roughly 67 kilos.

Five snacks you enjoy:

- Movie popcorn
- Crispy noodles from Lakeview Erindale
- Carrots (zero points, so I enjoy feeling righteous)
- Raspberry Cruisers (they're a snack, right?)

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics:

These are mostly in genre's as I tend to remember lyrics better than anything else in the world!
- Most Elvis songs (it's my Dads favourite and was always played when it was cleaning time)
- Anything by Bjork
- Roughly half the Dave Matthews songs (Live at Luther College and The Gorge particularly)
- Anything from the RENT Soundtrack (may be dodgy in parts, such as the fast bit in La Vie Boheme as pointed out by Jelly.
- All of the Tripod songs on my iPod (four albums) plus half of the 'Best of the 1 hour challenge'

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:

- Buy a house in the city in Melbourne, a coast house on the Gold Coast and a beautiful hard wood floored redone house close to the city here in Canberra;
- Pay off my parents mortage;
- Buy myself a Lotus Elise and a car for each member of my family and The Hun (and one for his parents who are lovely too);
- Pay for all the bloggers on my list their equivalent day's wages plus flight and accomodation costs to come for a blogger party in Canberra so I can finally frickin meet everyone! (Else fly everyone to somewhere else if someone could nominate a decent frickin venue!!)
- Buy two miniature black pomeranian boys called Buddy and Buster and pay for the dogdoors, training and food for their lives (and their replacements on the sad occassion of their passings).

Five bad habits:

- Swearing
- Spelling like an illiterate 13yo
- Flicking my nails with my teeth causing splintering etc
- When I exercise I sweat like a man
- Gullibility

Five things you like doing:

- Eating 'naughty' things
- Holidays - anywhere, anytime, anyplace
- Surfing blogs and gossip
- Drinks
- Lumines

Five things you would never wear, buy or get new again:

This is a bit hard coz there's not much I wouldn't buy!
- Miniskirt (not that I don't want to, it's just against common decency)
- Boots
- 'Big' Clothes (I'll try)
- Ugh this is too hard so
- I'll make it look like I got five

The meme stuff:

Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place. Then add your blog to the bottom slot.

Random Concoction
Anyone Can Try Anything Twice
I Blogged Myself
Welcome to the Enny-Pen

Then select five people to tag:

(I know I've read this lotsa places so if you've already done it, lemme know and I'll pick someone else, and don't think that I didn't read ur answers, it's jus they've all blurred into one and they're not at the top of the page anymore!!!)
- Martie (coz she's one of my new addictive fav's)
- Jelly (coz I tagged her and she dogged me *pout*)
- TokenWoman (coz I'd like to get to know more about her and it can count as a belated b'day gift!)
- TCWH (coz I don't think she gets the appreciation she deserves so you read her if she does it and get to know more about her) and
- Jellibabi (coz I'd love to know all her answers!)

**** ~FIN!~ ****


BEVIS said...

Excellent! Well done, it has been a pleasure getting to know you better. :)

I particularly liked your list of five things that wasn't quite five things but was cunningly camouflaged to look like five things.


Erica said...

You'd like to know my answers? Well, they're not as interesting as your's.

Especially the year 9 outfit. I bet you hide all photographic evidence of that fashion period in your life. Although, some photos (with the yellow faces if you must) would be an excellent visual aid ;)

Enny said...

Bevis - Thanks for the tag in the first place!

Erica - Ugh! I'll see what I can do - I dun have a scanner but the parents do....

sheriff of nothing said...

ahhh Bjork - I could listen to her all day!!

TCWH said...

Okay, finished! Not as good as yours, but still! I tried!

Enny said...

SoN - I know how you feel! If it weren't cerain to annoy ppl, I'd find out how to pipe random tracks of hers thru the site =o)

TCWH - Thankyooooo!

Jellyfish said...

I shall certainly do it - sorry for the delay. I actually forgot you sent it to me! Anyway - sometime this week.

PS - I 'dogged' you? That sounds a bit freaking kinky or nasty or somesuch.