Sunday, February 05, 2006

It's no iDog, but it's a new hobby nontheless

I cleaned my room again today (first time since this) and moved a coffee table into my room (taken from my Pa's house).

Tired of weekends spent sitting on the couch doing shit all, I've decided to restart a puzzle - I've tried it once before but I cracked a tanty when one of my housemates decided she'd 'help' while I was away and RUINED IT FOREVER EVEN THOUGH IT WAS ALMOST HALF DONE.

Newly Purloined coffee table? Check.

Also Purloined family portrait from about 17 years ago? Check

Box of dried (the only) roses I got from The Hun? Check.

Cute lil handsfree thang that I'm never going to remember to take out the to the car? Check.

Lappy dowloading Dawn and Drew? Check.

Bottle of water (I'm trying to ensure I drink 2ltr a day)? Check.

Pint of Diet Raspberry Cordial? Check.

Fresh popped slightly burnt lite popcorn? Check.

Puzzle? Check.

I'll keep you updated*.

*Don't hold ur breath, I'm prone to starting and not finishing tasks.


ChickyBabe said...

Oh gawd Enny, you always crack me up with those faces!

somewhat-sober said...

<3 for that picture

MANY years ago i had a tshirt with that piccy in it

that just brought back a hundred or so memories


Enny said...

CB - I wasn't gonna do it this time, but I jus can't help myself!

SS - It's a bitch of a puzzle tho'!!!