Saturday, February 18, 2006

RL Busy, BL Quiet (and boring!)

Thing's have been busy, so apologies for lack of (and only boring) posts.

VDay was noice - The Hun got a card, some car speakers and a photo of our friend who kindly offered to install them for him (and picked them out for me!). I got sent a very cute e-card, received a lovely bunch of flowers (irises and lillies - hooray!) and we went out to Ruchi Restaraunt in Pierce - it's the same place we went last year for VDay and the host lady is really friendly and checks the (sometimes lax) waitstaff are being kept in order. We had the mixed entree, prawns in creamy spinach curry, fijian pork special, rice, naan, and cucumber yoghurt (mental note: next time MILD!). You always leaved that place so stuffed - two mouthfulls of stolly or water for every one bite of spicy hot curry!

Wed I had to skip outta work a lil early early - we received our inspection notice for Thursday morning on Friday jus before we left for Dalmeny. I emailed some 'before' pics to my boss as she requested and was delighted to find out that the entire team had crowded around and 'had a good laugh'. Hrm. It wasn't too bad, mainly my mess (you've seen my room - check the archives!) - check out some excerpts:

(Note: 4 hrs of cleaning makes me thirsty re: cruiser on bench)

It went well - ie, we still live here! It'll be one month short of a year on 24/03, so we're holding breath for an 'end of lease' or 'price increase' letter on nex Friday.

Yesterday we drove to Sydney for a wedding - The Huns cousin got hitched. We left about 10:30am and got home aroud 3am, so my sleeping till 1am has been somewhat pardoned. It was a nice ceremony - the priest was cas and made a few jokes, the dress was beautiful and the reception was on the water - here was my view:

Best seats in the house.!It was in Balmain, at the bottom of a hill, and the place started with 'P' - I'm not being cryptic, I jus can't remember!

Nayways, I better ship off again - The Huns sis turns 21 today and I'm due for some cruisers.
I'll try and do better tmr, swears.


Martie said...

You are so neat!!! I shudder to think what my pad would look like on camera.

Enny said...

It helps that it does look worse on camera...