Sunday, February 26, 2006

Give me one lil job and I stuff it up!

I had a lil task to complete this morning. Like I asked for ideas, I get one, I intend to carry it out and I cock it up entirely.

I did a practice run yesterday afternoon, of how I imagined my Sunday Morning to be. But then weighing on my conscience was the fact that it wasn't technically Sunday Morning through my eyes, then I went to a grog-fuelled T'wo party.

This morning I woke up, played Lumines a lil, made some french toast, cleaned house, peroused some FHM, picked up my car from The Parents and did the groceries. Then I was delegated back to the bedroom as my lappy was flat and we ran out of plugs in the loungeroom. And as I was sitting on my bed, I let a mutter of a swear word out, realising it was Sun Arvo and too late, and did a quick update.

Enough with the blabby-blab, here ye go mateys.


Saturday Afternoons "Sunday Morning: Through My Eyes"

Splain?!: 'Santa' gave me "The Historian" for Christmas and whilst he's normally spot on with books, I'm struggling a bit with this one. I love the Anne Rice novels for the romanticism, the characters being intertwined through all of the books and some of the naughty bits, but novels based around the 'actual Dracula' just don't do it for me. I'm trying to get through it, but I often find myself becoming distracted by other things - in this case it's one of the FHM's from the showbag. You can also see in the wardrobe three of the four jars of chocolate given to The Hun (one is at his work) and this was one of the main things causing me turmoil - I delivered one of these jars to youngest bro after this photo was taking, meaning that it wouldn't be there Sunday morning (pedantic I know, but it's the lil things people!!!).


Sunday Afternoons "Sunday Morning: Through My Eyes"

Splain?!: Although we spend the morning cleaning, this room actually looks messier now than it did in the previous photo! You can see in the foreground I was perousing my blogroll at the time, with the charger cord in the right. The blue clown DID contain Purple Heaven slushie yesterday, but is now half full (optimist!) of water, as an attempt to wash out the badness of all the chocolates I've been eating - you can see that one of the jars in the wardrobe has been removed, and that the one on the left is decreasing in content. WHY MUST THEY TASTE SO GOOD?!?!!! Also, the angle is different, as I can't use the lappy when laying down, whereas I can read laying down.


So there you go. They're not particularly deep or insightful, just a look at how things are from my point of view. It was interesting to think about what would/could/should be done or shown, and if anyone has any ideas, I'd def do it again! OR if anyone else wants to take it up, I'd be very interested to see it!


ChickyBabe said...

I'm glad you explained about the blue clown... I was too afraid to ask what it was doing to your leg!

Enny said...

That would be "Fyshwick on a Friday Night: Through My Eyes" ;o)

The Student said...

Looked like a bong.

Enny said...


Boysenberry said...

Small shagging clown?
Clown shaped bong?

They sound a bit better than the two ideas that formed in my synapses...

Enny said...

Sorry peeps - looks like ur on the wrong blog for that sorta stuff!

Martie said...

Ok, I've got one.

"Going to work, through my eyes"

Enny said...

HrrrRRRrrrrm...It's aaaawnn!


BEVIS said...

*clears throat*


You've just been tagged.

*runs away*