Thursday, September 29, 2005


A funny thought hit me on Tuesday Night. 'Heh heh, OW!, Heh heh' I chortled.

I was downloading the Dawn and Drew Podcasts whilst watching Rove pull gastric faces thru his 'Nicky Hilton and the other one' interview - they wouldn't fucking stop laughing! Painful!!

Anyways, it was funny that he couldn't *SNAP* them and give them a public shaming, having to nice face his way thru a painful 7.5 minutes of them acting like girls who split a stolly at camp and made like they were pissed. *tee hee hee*

So I gots me to thinking - wouldn't it be nice if he could log onto his own little forum and see what people thought and then be able to speak back, uncensored?

And then I was all like, FUCK THAT. I WANT A FORUM ON MY LIFE!!!

How frickin awesome would it be to come home from work and see what ppl have to say about your day? ...

*EnnyPen pauses as she realised that it's pretty much what blogging is about but continues nontheless*...

CutiePoo99: |-|3y g(_)yz, 1 t0t@l <3 EnnyPen, sh3 k!ck3d t0t@l @r$3 !n th@t (y(l3 cl@ss. G0 GRRL!

EnnyHeart: Hey Enny, wicked work on that query: I crown you Access QUEEN!

NinjaGrrlFan: Sweet Hott Cruiser action last night, EnnyPen - yo the shizzle in my nizzle.

Etc Etc.

Tacky terrible trashy post cruiser jokes aside, think on it.

*ignores requirement for mini camera crew that would have to follow your every move*

*gets to thinking about her kickass reality show concept where technology can somehow film everything from your view and commentated by your thoughts*

*relishes in the potential to finally show the world how awesome her car-eoke {car singing like it's being filmed} version of Bjorks 'Mouth Cradle'*

*squirms at discomfort of having cameras implanted behind eyes*

*realises she's still typing*

*publishes and logs out*

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

EnnyPen 101 - Week ... er... 12 in real time I think....

Is it a good thing or a bad thing to be the only person that the tutor didn't call out during roll call and when you look all unimpressed and call out that he didn't call out your name he says it was coz he remembered who you were and then out of panic you do a fist-pumping yessss in front of the class and then he says that you're the only person out of 400 he can remember...?

I have the terrible feeling it has something to do with me emailing him to say that I dind't understand the essay questions coz the next week in class he was all like 'Oh, yes, Enny, of course.....' and now I'm worried he expects more input coz I managed to make my essay on time and it kinda relates to the stuff we're learning now...

Only like 3 weeks left of classes!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2005


Uni's gonna be that bitch on my shoulder for another week or two, so things might be quite for while!

On the brighter side of things, I think today was the first real day of warm weather in Canberra... first skanky underage thang in woolies in three quarter shorts and midriff baring singlet... first skanky 40 year old in the three quarter pants, sleeveless shirt and super high heels... first skanky old enough to know better muffin-topping her way down the chocolate isle in a tshirt thats 2short...

gotta love it!

*poor excuse for a post I know - blame Economic Rationalism, The New Right, Contract Law and Reduced State Sovereignty*

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Awww, look at his lil punnum!!

Isn't that one of the cutest things you've seen?

Even when it means that ur $500 piece of necessariousness is fucked to high heaven, it still brings on the dimples...

But looking back on my day yesterday, I realised I didn't have a very good one.

I got to work for this:

(not really fired - the lady above me is changing jobs so I'm being put
under a different lady but I couldn't find a pic to demonstrate that)...

and to find out that my this:

(desk at window seat, albeit messy as it is)

is going to be this from tomorrow:

(desk with no window, messy as it will be once I move in).

I went to this:
(pump your legs if you love spinning!)

which was with the annoying lady and left me feeling like this:


I left work early coz I was tired from three-quartering my essay that I'm not going to talk about coz I'm meant to be finishing it now instead of posting and decided to reformat my iPod as it gave me this all day (on the rarity it actually even turned on):

(is this a bad thing?)

But 'experimenting' with the files to see which ones wouldn't work gave me this:

(is this a bad thing?)

And then the chubby lil frownie that's at the top of this post.

Add to it that I didn't do any of this:

(that's meant to be finishing my essay)

and I still haven't won one of these:

(damn you fluffy!!!)

I guess my only saving grace would be that I didn't put all this together until I was showering for bed....

*returns to mahjong*

{updated like 6 minutes later}


*Jumpin the couch, pumpin the fist, hissin the sssss', Tom Cruise styles*

Monday, September 12, 2005

Too brain strained too think of a title

You know things are getting shit crap pretty fucking messed up hopelessly deliriously dangeroulsy close to due date with nowhere near enought work done serious, when the Enny study suite moves from being a pile of papers, milky way wrappers, empty glasses and blog surfing on the couch to a pint of cordial, powdery tomato and basil rice cakes, AGSM sites and swear words in The Huns study (study being a totally make believe word as mine is officially a change room hence impossible to study in, and The Huns is half full of stuff of mine that wouldn't fit in my change room).


*Chokes on rice cake powder*


Friday, September 09, 2005

Oops I did it again

As much as I'd love this to be about Britney (yes, I'm a closet fan; YES I sing and dance to her in the car and YES I've completed Brinteys Dance Beet for PS2), it's more about me ripping off other people's posts.

I've done it before (this spawned plenty of these with no plans to stop; and this was Jelly-induced) and I'm doing it now.

I've been a closet fluffier (not in the same way my cousins used to say 'fluff' or 'poppop' for FART; neither in a pocket monster kinda way; neither that closet anyway as she is listed down the left there) for some times now. She also unearthed the most magical place of all (I've sooo gotta update my sidebars, methinks).

Long story short: checkit, homes:

Go forth n tagz.

(This has the potential to be as much fun as that 'Merlin says' site where you got to pick what his tape letters spelt out when he was protesting that I'm too lazy too track down now but I have it and work and will get right-onz if I remember come Monday when I practice shorteing my sentences).

Tagz, I said!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

My friend used to listen to 'I will survive' by Cake to deal with relationship breakups

But I would totally like to recomend a new hate song to everyone - be it ex-partners, friends, workmates, {insert whomever you're not feeling too 'sunshiney' for} - language warning too, folks...

Poetry is no place for a heart that's a whore
And I'm young & I'm strong
But I feel old & tired

And I've been poked & stoked
It's all smoke, there's no more fire
Only desire
For you, whoever you are
For you, whoever you are

You say my time here has been some sort of joke
That I've been messing around
Some sort of incubating period
For when I really come around
I'm cracking up
And you have no idea

No idea how it feels to be on your own
In your own home
with the fucking phone
And the mother of gloom
In your bedroom
Standing over your bed
With her hand in your head
With her hand in your head

I will not pretend
I will not put on a smile
I will not say I'm all right for you
When all I wanted was to be good
To do everything in truth
To do everything in truth

Oh I wish I wish I wish I was born a man
So I could learn how to stand up for myself
Like those guys with guitars
I've been watching in bars
Who've been stamping their feet to a different beat
To a different beat
To a different beat

I will not pretend
I will not put on a smile
I will not say I'm all right for you
When all I wanted was to be good
To do everything in truth
To do everything in truth

You bloody mother fucking asshole
Oh you bloody mother fucking asshole
Oh you bloody mother fucking asshole
Oh you bloody mother fucking asshole
Oh you bloody mother fucking asshole
Oh you bloody...

I will not pretend
I will not put on a smile
I will not say I'm all right for you
For you, whoever you are
For you, whoever you are
For you, whoever you are

I first heard this piece of Martha Wainwrights 'perfect poetry' on the way home from work one day, and after some 'interesting' googling of the only part I could remember (no prizes for which part) tracked down the lyrics and put them to memory.

When I heard on JJJ that she would be touring, there was much talk 'tween me and The Hun about going to see her, but most unfortunately only standing seats were left.

So I managed to come accross a copy of her album for a few listens.

And my recent foray into obtaining podcasts revealed an interview and a few live songs off the Radio National site.

So I've had it in my head nonstop - helped by the fact that I've got it playing almost continually - work, car and home, day and night.

But, I think I should inform you that there is a limit to how much you should let yourself become obesessed by a song and it's lyrics.

More precisely, when you wake up one morning to find a grumpier than usual partner moaning about the fact that you woke them up at 5am by mumbling and calling them a Motherfucking Asshole in your sleep, it's proddly time to cut it back a little.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

EnnyPen 101 - Week 7

Three cheers for class free period!

Hip - hip - hooray!
Hip - hip - hooray!
Hip - hip - hooray!

My lucrative 'study leave' policy means that I've been given the next two tuesdays paid off work to do my assignments:

- A five minute speech worth 10% on how increased financial flows have decreased state sovereignty (due: 11:30 am Tuesday, week 14);
- 2000 words worth 40% where I have to identify arguments in support of and against the philosophies of the New Right and economic rationalism. Are political ideologies relevant to contemporary government, business and society? (due: 5pm Friday, week 10);
- 1500 words worth 20% based on a newspaper article or current topic relating to contract law, e-commence, the Trade Practices Act, the Sale of Goods Act, agency, business ethics, choice of business entity, or tort law in a business context (that is no more than 1 year old) - Analyse and explain the issues involved to another business person (who has not taken this course) (due: 5pm Monday, week 10); and
- 1-2 pages worth 10% on a written contract of your choice from whatever source you choose. Employment contracts, sales contracts, license agreements, and dry cleaning tickets are possible choices, but there are many more. Summarise whether this contract meets ALL the requirements of a valid simple contract and your overall impressions about the contract (due: 5pm Monday, week 10).

This would be the first time in history that I have even looked at a uni (or school!) assignment more than a week or so before it is due, but it seemed to work for my martial arts essay (if anyone wants to read about self defence, history of hyumgs or what differentiates my art from others - let me know and I'll publish it!) so I'm gonna take a stab at it.

My dad's helped me out with some resources (he's doing his MBA atm), but at this stage I am considering studying the Big Brother contract for the last one (it was published all around the place!), tho' I may have a look into it some more. You gotta love having an assignment with 'originality' marked as the first aspect of the assignment you'll be marked on!


On another note, that fuckwit Abott and his sugar daddy Howard should have their asses out of parliament. I know I've already yammered about this before (tho I did lock myself out straight afterwards), but wrap your laughing gear around this. If you know anyone, anyone, who voted Liberal last election, then I prescribe merciless taunting and yammering, blaming and crying, yelling and finger pointing in their general direction. I know one person who did, and boy has he got it coming.

I don't know enough about politics (or if I ever will) to work out why the fuck what Abott did is gonna jus be ignored. Um, hello? Making fun of a work colleague twice after such a sombre incident, in meetings for his job on both occassioans is obviously a bigger fucking deal than joking with friends at parties.

But I'm sure you know all this already.


I'm also considering becoming vegitarian. It's not that I haven't realised the cruelty and total anti-good-karma-ism of eating animals, but I was driving behind a slow truck on my way back to Conder last night. When it wobbled it's way around the roundabout, I realised it was full of sheep. Who were being taken to be killed. Then eaten.

Poor bastards.

Truckin thru canberra on a dark cold night, all stacked up like Jenga blocks, on their way to have their throats slit.

I haven't had any meat since - so far, so good.


Saturday, September 03, 2005

Limbo, Rent, Vodka and Paintball.

I finished my last post just after 6:00pm on Wednesday night to rush off to fetch the youngest bro before Martial Arts - we were holding a meeting that night, so I grabbed some spray-smell and some jeans (technically I could eat dinner in my black training pants but I'd feel like a fraud) and rushed out the door.

Then swore.

Then did my own 'cranky' rendition of the cheesecake dance.

Then checked the windows and the door and the garage.

The cued the swearing and the dancining again.

I'd locked myself outside with neither my car keys or my house keys.

A nervous 3 x knocks on the nieghbours door and a hurried call to The Hun to come straight home please I've locked myself out and I'm on the neighbours mobile no time to explain just please come now thanks (Wednesday night is family tea night with his fam, so he usually heads straight to the Fadden house), left me locked in the dark. And cold. With not even my iPod or mobile to entertain myself with. The neighbour did invite me to stay in and he did seem to be a nice harmless old man, but I won't let myself into that sort of shit. Even if I had explained to him I was on my way to martial arts.

So the people who might have seen the girl in the shadows in Conder, obscured by the hoodie and sitting on a nest of junkmail (I knew there was a reason we don't bring it inside the house!) - I'm sorry if I scared you. And no, junkmail does not stop the dank cold from creeping up into the depths of your asscheeks. And yes, I was singing the soundtrack of Rent, and I apologise that I got them out of order and kept singing the part where Collins introduces Angel to Mark and Roger, but I couldn't remember which song came next and thought that singing it over and over might help (when I was younger I could recite Grease off by heart, except for the car-sex bits that mum always fast forwarded though and that I dind't like or understand nayways).

Anyways, that's a bit of a nothing story, but sharing is caring and so forth.

Have you got a big weekend planned?

Here's my plans (starting in an hour):

And tomorrow?