Saturday, February 25, 2006

Tis a sad day when you have to bribe someone to come to the show with you

but I am back home now, stanking of The Show and full of content (and slushy).

Luckily, my complete lack of volume/area/guestimation skills rendered The Hun with four(!) glass jars full of Toblerone, Mars Bars, Crunchies and Aeros for our anniversay on the 21st, and allowed me to buy off youngest bro with one for his company for two hours.

I finally go my first taste of the tag-team-dog-racing-over-hurdles-for-the-ball that I read SOMEWHERE ON MY BLOGROLL AND I CAN'T FRICKIN REMEBER WHEREWHENWHOHOW?!?!? And it was a delight. Little toy poodle couldn't get his lil ball out, and newbie dalmation would only jump one before returning. I also didn't get any photo's (ggrh!) so I can't turn this into the photo type post I wanted to (the poochies, the terrible tshirts, the giant balls on those bulls, fluffy baby animals and a ride call the 'Rock'n'Tug' *snigger) but jus wanted to stop in and say thanks for the blogger who introduced the TTDROHFTB, and must now go rifle thru and censor The Hun's FHM showbag (they didn't have Mens Health there this year!).

Did anyone else go/enjoy/capture?


TJ said...


I was watching the Flyball at the exact same time as you.

It was killing me when the teeny weeny black one couldn't get the ball out. KILLING ME. I wanted to run over and help him, and my mate had to practically hold me back by the scruff of the neck. I was the one on the grandstand shouting "HELP HIM! FOR GOD'S SAKE, JUST HELP HIM!"

Oh, and the dumbass Dalmation's name was George.

How perfect is that.

Enny said...


Another potential blog meet bites the dust.

I was the one hanging with the pouty 19 year old, trying to get him into it, right near the umbrella and the judge lady that held it up.

I'm so glad he kept trying - I would have gotten a lil teary if he'd jus given up and trotted back to home =o(