Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I can't keep doing it alone - my arm's getting sore!

So I need some help - from as many of you as are willing to participate.

My Luvbster tshirt and my Women's Health Magazine are still yet to arrive in the lil letterbox. EVERY AFTERNOON I check that damn box and EVERY ARFTERNOON I give it a 'shake of fist'.

And this is where you come in.

*Wild eyed look optional*

I figure the postie comes around 2pm, so if each and every one of you could do me a favour, and at 2pm on Thursday* mutter 'shake of fist' and shake your fist, I'm sure the karma will get to him and he will bring one and/or the other:

Thanks for your help!

* Timezones not enforced - I'm not that picky


Boysenberry said...

Hmmm, maybe if you threw in some Mojo Jojo mutterings...

"Every day, I stand here waiting for my magazine; for my magazine, I stand here every day. Yet my magazine does not come... Curses!"

Enny said...

I had to Google him to see WTFhe was BUT you can picture me lookin jus like that once I get to the box tmr!

Boysenberry said...

lol... sorry about that. It's one of the joys of having an 8yo. You get to see most of the cartoons once or twice :)

Enny said...

It's ok - I'm jus feelin a lil out of touch with the youth of today now!