Thursday, August 31, 2006

Do you know what I love most about going to the gym?

I love being breathless after the warmup, then being partnered with the spunky instructor who remarks 'you don't like to run, do you?' just before I then have to lay in front of him to do situps and punches into the mitts so that he gets the full effect of my stinky pre-worn gym clothes and sweaty stank.

I like it even better when I can feel my belly and handles and wobble when I run.

And to top it off, what I really love, is to catch my reflection in the mirror as I tug up my bra straps yet again and realise it might be time to buy a new one as my boobs are flopping around (in time with everything else) and the worn out bra cups makes it look like I've got giant norky devon slappers.

And the moment of realisation that this may have something to do with the instructors earlier comment.

Did I not inlcude the asterisk to say this was sarcastic?

SO. I just thought I'd let y'all know that upcoming events (tournament, friends wedding, bridesmaiding, ppl not believing I'm vegan as I pack on the pounds) has had me back on my own WeightWatchers regime for a few days now. I was emailing gf1 with my daily point intake but taken it up a notch (*BAM!*) and started a blog for my diet.

(original, non?)

Nayways, I'm not expecting any obligation to go read it, but it may be helpful/entertaining/interesting to some out there.

And I'll have it riced up with statcounters and weatherpixies and those slidey counters in no time, believe you me.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Changing friendship

I think I'm getting to the point where I need to feel good that people are my friends, rather than feeling bad.

Let me explain.

{Deleted by the Author - sorry dudes!}

And so no, it's not a suprise. And no, it's not sad. Because friendship can be found in many forms and we're both happy with where it's at.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Hey you - YEAH YOU!

Canberran who's been reading thru here since 10pm tonight - say hello or sum'n yeah?


*friendly tone

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Melbourne WrapUp

Enny's back and she hasn't done anywhere NEAR enough study!

The flight on Fri morn got us into Melbourne jus before lunch. The Hun, Eldest Bro and I bummed around the city a bit - Eldest Bro was looking for work shoes and street shoes, so we were weaving in and outta shops all afternoon. We walked past Haigh's chocolates and I jus had to get outta there - too much milk chocolate for this poor vegan! But I relented and went back in for another look and discovered that I was able to have the dark chocolate, so it was peppermint choc frogs for all! I also dropped past Lush and I made a mental note to come back and spend up.

We got back to the hotel where Eldest Bro met up with his gf who had been down there all week, and then we met up again to head out for dinner a lil later on (after a lil nap and watching a LOT of WWE on Fox8) (btw - the hotel rooms were really lovely, nice and central, nice and roomy, and nice with a kitchen and sofa as well!).

For dinner we popped onto the CityCircle and ventured out to Lygon St- Eldest Bro's gf was walking in front and almost got suckered into the first place that stopped us! After explaining to him exactly what 'vegan' was he assured us he could cater for that, and he directed us to an ATM that was down the street away from the other restaraunts - we jus walked up the opposite side of the road instead. In the end we stopped at a place with a younger guy out the front who called all the ladies Bella and he made an effort to call you by name. I had pasta with tomato sauce and basil in the end - massive plate of food and VERY nice!

After that we headed into Melbourne Uni for the med revue JUST before starting time, where a real F()CKTARD was manning the ticket counter - get this:

Enny: we have four tix put aside under (insert surname here)
D!ck: we stop holding tix at 7:40, but you can buy some
Enny: OK, but we have four tix put aside
D!ck: well you can buy some, they're $15 each
Enny: OK, but our cousin put some aside for us
D!Ck: yeah, well it's past 7:40 etc etc etc.

By the time we FINALLY get tix off this dipsh!t there were only four tix left - STILL makes me mad jus thinking about it!!!

So anyway, the revue was great! We went last year as well, but I think the musical bit flowed better - last year I found myself getting a bit distracted/bored towards the end, but I didn't have that this year, tho I did have some nerves before my...


That's right! The lovely Erica and I dained that we'd meet up while I was down there, and she made her way to the uni, red shoes and all! I was sooo nervous, and the whole thing felt a lil internet date like (not that I've done that before!) - before it I was all 'can I have your number?' 'I'll be wearing purple shoes' 'how should I wear my hair' etc etc etc THEN afterwards I was all 'It was great to meet you' 'I had a great time' 'Did you think I was weird' etc etc etc. *sigh* I'm such a fangirl.

BUT, it was really great to meet her - It didn't feel that awkward at all and it was just like meeting up with an old friend! The pub thing that all the uni show ppl went to was a smokey lil place on the corner that oh-so-subtley moved us on by playing 'Closing Time', turning on the lights and then just telling us C'mon guys, we got the health inspectors in tmr, you really gotta get out before they nearly locked my cousin in the loo! After some time at the 7-11 and the busstop and taxi corners, we bid Erica farewell and made our way back to hotel.

The rest of the weekend was fairly uneventful - we traipsed round Bridge Rd on the Saturday, stopped back into Lush so I could buy a deoderant block (yet to see if it works), bought some MORE Haighs chocolates, visited the mall thing on Spencer St, searched for a technical bookshop that seems to be The Huns Holy Grail (we're determined to find it NEXT time) and met up with The Hun's aunt and uncle in a cold cafe on Hardware lane (or wtf it is named!) - I was in post-chocolate-post-shopping-post-tired nausea and not very 'animated' - and had dinner at SouthBank at that busy Automotic pizza place.

Today we slept in a bit and went back to the mall where I spotted some AWESOME all synthetic shoes in that crazy Myer basement (I'd spent all of Bridge Rd bemoaning the show bargains that were all leather) but they were too pricey! Guess how much for these:
They look better in the real thing - $180!!! (You can by them for me here).

The lines at the airport were INSANE, AND I got picked for the bomb dusting both times - in Melb it said that my bag had traces of explosive on it!!! However, a passerby security guy noted that the machine was stuffed, and the scanner guy made the obligitory "the machine says this girl has an explosive personality" and aplogised for scaring me by having to test me twice due to said explosives.

That's pretty much the wrapup (I know you're all ENTHRALLED!) - There are a few more things that I'd like to post about, but I'm guessing that there's one or two ppl in particular that will proddly come here to see what I say about the trip, so I might leave that for another day, another way... (also, Cuz, if I DO end up sending you the link - Hullo! The show was fantastic! Well done!).

Must get some study done now, and mebbe some dinner (11pm?! ALREADY?!)!

Yes, there will be a Melbourne roundup post...

... but is anyone else watching the Meerkat reality TV show?

I'm gonna be bawling if Shakespeare doesn't make it...

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


A chat with Erica inspired me today for this post - tell me about your:

  • First Kiss;
  • Worst Kiss; and
  • Favourite Kiss.

I'll go first!

First Kiss
When - September 1998
Where - Hoyts Tuggeranong in the screening of that Movie with Liv Tyler where he has to go to the moon...?
What - A quick peck on the lips then a full on slugging. Imaine warm pokey tongue trying to force its way between two dry clamped lips... Mmm, memorable.

Worst Kiss
(Seeing as my first was my worst, this will hafta do)
When - April 2000
Where - Beachhouse in Narooma
What - So much vaccuum force I thought my skeleton was going to be sucked out! It actually hurt the next morning....

Favourite Kiss
When - February 2004
Where - In Blue, on the dancefloor
What - After YEARS of waiting, a peck on the forehead from The Hun in the middle of his hipshake dancing, and then later on the loungeroom floor at the Chifley house when he called me his girlfriend...

Share, won'tcha?!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sunday? WHAT Sunday!

I was SUPPOSED to spend this weekend studying for my test on the 29th.

29th? It's only the 20th today - THAT'S early for you Enny!

I know! I was SUPPOSED to do it this weekend because next weekend (Fri to Sun) I'll be slumming it in Melbourne.

And by slumming, I mean staying here:

Oooooh. Aaaaah.

That's right! I'm coming DownUnder DownUnder to see the comedy revue at Melbourne Uni. *larfs*

Anyways, it seems that I don't operate well under pressure, nor without pressure! I imagine my study panic will set in on Saturday - let's wait n see how accurate my guess is, m'kay?

Nayways, yesterday was spent sitting around on my ass, avoiding studying by doing some washing, roasting some 'taters, looking at my new punching bag frame which was at that stage still unassembled without instructions, flirted with my eTax, napped.... before I knew it I'd watched both The Witches and Jarhead and it was 1:30am (and only half of one chapter of seven had been read)!

This morning? I was at Magf's house at noonish, for 3 1/2 hours of work for the upcoming martial arts tournament we are organising. LESS. THAN. TWO. MONTHS. AWAY. PEOPLE! Let me tell you, it's getting to make or break time. Either I can make my seniors do what we need them to do, or they will break me in the process. Any other martial artists out there are proddly not envying the position I am in at the moment... needing help and hearing offers of assistance, but how to take those offers up without upsetting the delicate balance of martial hierarchy?!

Then I went to the gym for my final personal training session (note: I now get to add weights to the bar in one of my two freeweight exercises! *flexes*).

Then I did the groceries and lamented over the contents of my shopping trolley... chips, mandarins, redeye, condoms, skittles, toothbrushes, vegan chocolate cream biscuits - what was the elder couple thinking as I unloaded my trolley?!

I just don't feel like I've had time to unwind from the previous week and it's already almost the new week...

PS - I'm de-facto-ing a nerd. I should be aware of this as some sort of constant, but instead it comes in blinding flashes ... like how yesterday he ducked out to play 'little men' at a friends house, he built my punching bag frame while I was out WITHOUT instructions (yes, it's a BIG deal being an unspatial girl!) and he's currently engrossed in that STUPID universe show about the string theory, changing between predictiong what the guy will say next and debating with the flat screen about why he doesn't believe in it.

Hrm - work or filler?

Work is a bit stressful atm - there's some rumours going around that I know have a certain level of truth to them. I won't go into them here - so in the interest of updating, I'll answer one of these questionairre things that I'd saved in my drafts a while ago.


Have you ever.....
Gotten stuck in an elevator? No - I avoid them as much as possible (or let semi crowded ones go on without me) for exactly that reason.

Egged a person?
No - I've never thrown an egg at a person (or a house, or a car etc)

Stalked someone to find out where they work or live?
No! Tho I used to 'stalk' gf1s lil brother in school (I can't remember what happned, but I think we'd go seek him out at school and say 'hi! we're stalking you!') - and he's STILL not over it! Almost every time I see him he's all like 'YOU USED TO STALK ME!!!'

Spent an entire day in nothing but your underwear?
Nope! The occassional morning in bed, or arvo on the couch in the summer (HAWT)!

Read some friends mail or other personal papers without them knowing?
I used to occassionally go thru ppls phone messages when their mobile was unattended before I realised how lame that was...

Gone skinny dipping? Yup! Down in Batemans Bay with Magf and two other MA boys... BLAME IT ON THE VODKA!!!

Been in a fist fight? Excluding sparring - No. Tho I DID scrag a friend at the bike racks in year 8 - he was bothering me so I yelled and pulled his hair then rode off on 'black beauty' (my bike!)

Time you tripped? Outside Foot Locker in the HyperD jus before Christmas (ie PACKED and IN WORK SKIRT).

Time you cleaned up the base of your toilet? Um - I do the outside and the duck neck every week or two, but I'm not so sure about scrubbing it out...! (Don't get the wrong idea, The Hun does it sometimes, I'm SURE of it!).

Gum you had? I normally have like 3 or 4 pieces of Eclipse a day! But today I ran out so I got some of that Blue Extra from a workmate.

Pair of socks? Newish white sportsocks that I had to battle to be able to wear - I bought them for The Hun but needed them today...

Beverage you had? Light Tropical Fruit Crush Cordial! (Shall we ignore the lunch and happy hour drinks? I think we will!)

Spur of the moment decision you made? I bought a gift for The Hun today - he doesn't get it till Monday and tho he doesn't really pop in here anymore I'm not game enough to post what it is!

Movie you watched? Confetti! Woot!

What would you.....
Say if your best friend told you they love you? Proddly do that awkard 'Oh... um.. I love you too! Aww....' thang.

Right now.....
What are you wearing? Ugg boots, sport socks, lazy couch pants, lazy couch top and the usual undergarments.

What are you thinking?
Fark my eyes are tired....

What are you listening to? Stoopid AFL - ugly Ugly UGLY game!!

What would you like to be listening to? Waves on the beach!

Are you annoyed by the length of this survey? Nope!

Are you tired? Yeah - tireder than I realised when I started this...

How many people in the room? 2 (same number as in the house, on the couch etc)

Any cuts or bruises on your body? Nothing major - bit of a hole in my thumb from a WWstar badge, tho don't think I need a tetnis shot for it... I bruise pretty easy, so I'm suprised I don't seem to have any atm!

Are there any animals in the room? I'm a saucy minx!... No.

Are you eating anything? Not at the moment.

Not as interesting as I'd hoped - tho I imagine there'll be more shortly - I'm meant to be studying all weeked!

Thursday, August 17, 2006


I've been tagged! (ta &duck!):

1. One book you have read more than once:
The Kitchen Gods Wife by Amy Tan. I'd seen the movie for the Joy Luck Club after Eldest Bro had to do an assignment on it for school, and when my Grandmother passed away and we were cleaning out the house I recognised Amy Tan's name on the cover of the book and I got to take it home. I could read it over and over.

2. One book you would want on a desert island:
A book of maps and instructions on how to escape... or the bible because it's long!

3. One book that made you laugh:
That's a hard one! I can't think of one off the top of my head - the closest contender is any of the Scott Adams books.

4. One book that made you cry:
One of the Paul Jennings 'Un-something or other' stories about the dog who was stuck down the well and his neck was crooked up forever. I only read it once or twice and could never read it again. I was kinda glad when I accidentally dropped the book in the bath and it got all wrinkled....

5. One book you wish you had written:
Any of the Anne Rice Vampire Chronicals. Blood and Gold was the first that I read and I LOVED it - favourite series.

6. One book you wish had never been written:
The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy. Um - hullo? incest? not cool. UNNESESARRY.

7. One book you are currently reading:
I'm currently on the current issue of Womens Health before I get to the one in the next question - the last one I sorta skimmed through was 101 Questions To Ask Before You Get Engaged by Norman Wright and Gary Oliver. It was ok, sorta relevent but a bit too Godly...

8. One book you have been meaning to read:
The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche - I got given it years ago by a friend who I've lost touch with - everyone that I know that's read it has said it's hardgoing at the start but great once you're in there - I think I've started it twice...

9. One book that changed your life:
Living Buddha, Living Christ by Thich Nhat Hanh - I'd recommend it for those who want an understanding of the two, and some good ol' contrast and compare. For me, it gave me more of an idea of where I am, where I want to be, and how I'm going to get there.

10. Now tag five people:
WooOOOoh - I tag:
- Erica (to keep her updating often!);
- Delightful Jen (I felt bad after copping out of her last one!);
- The Student (to get him to update again!);
- Tokenwoman (if she has time to read atm!); and
- Boysenberry (I'd love to know what his answers are!).

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I'm writing this because a dream told me I should. Seriously.

Open letter to a person from the past:

We were best friends in primary school - I can't even remember from when, or how or why we were friends. What I do remember is that day at the start of year six when I greeted you near the recycling bin and you told me 'My mum told me I should get more friends, for high school' and walked off.

I remember not understanding what you were talking about - why your mum would say that - why that meant that I couldn't be your friend any more. And I watched as you struggled to fight your way in - as you copied the other girls, tried too hard - they'd all laugh and imitate you. Like that time we had sports on the oval and you'd rolled your skirt at the top to make it short, but you'd rolled it so many times there was a big lump around your waist.

But then somehow you found 'success' and left me behind without a second glance.

The only time you spoke to me after that was to tell me not to wear my school socks over my stockings. Twice. Other than that, it was like we'd never met.

It was like you never stopped to think about what you were doing or what you had done.

How it would make me feel.

How I would lie on the floor of the loungeroom and cry - not understanding what I was feeling and what was going on. And in my teeny confused angst I'd sob along to Radioheads 'creep', thinking it was all my fault.

Do you realise now? Did you ever realise?

I often wonder how much of my behaviour has been dictated by what happened in 1993.

And in many ways I'm still waiting for an apology.

Sunday, August 13, 2006


(Note the big HYPOTHETICAL in heading? Means that this is just a rambling musing...!)

Sacrifices are always a given in a relationship, the unavoidable dance of give and take. But when push comes to shove, when is too much REALLY too much? Too much give? Too much take? Too much change? Too many chances? And when does this become a deal breaker?

Before I was ever in a relationship, I'd tell my friends (at those sleepovers and chats at lunch) that if I was ever in a relationship - I'd never stand to be cheated on. Yet when I was cheated in what was my second relationship, we carried on for another few years - we carried on through the noxious fog. There was no real deal breaker in that relationship - just a sense of realisation that there was a lot more out there for me. There was however a deal breaker in the 'post-relationship' - tiptoeing away down his driveway, tear stained and ego crushed after one too many nights of cruel comments and harsh words.

My first relationship was somewhat similar - I experience my sense of relisation that there was a lot more out there for me, but he disagreed. And when the opportunity for a weekend away without him presented itself, I warned him that I still felt what I'd told him and that if a certain opportunity came to pass, I wouldn't turn it down. We continued for about a month after that - when he finally came to terms with a betrayal that was intended to be a deal breaker.

And whilst you think you can define your deal breakers before you enter a relationship, or whilst you can look back and define what it was after you've finished the relationship, there are always different breakers for different takers.

You're just too messy - I see it everywhere I look.

You promised me you'd never do it again - you've always know how I felt about that - how can I ever trust you again?

How could you agree to that without talking to me first - what does that mean for us?

There's just no contact anymore - even when we're sleeping - how you can you say you still love me but you just aren't attracted to me?

What do you mean it's my fault you cheated on me?

How can you possibly think that spending less time together will bring us closer together?

Why don't you wear your wedding band anymore?

We were foolish to think we could ever overcome this.

I'm back et al

Conference was delightful - thankyou very much. 24 degree weather, Brazillian rum cocktails, roasted veggies out the wahzoo and plenty of Lumines made the best 'working week' I've had yet. Plus I ALMOST made it to the strips. Heh.

Nayways, thought I'd pop in to show that YES I'm alive and YES I'm posting.


- Working seven hours on a Saturday flies by MUCH quicker than seven hours on a 'normal' day - perhaps the overtime rates, meal allowance and ability to wear lazy couch pants and uggies to the office are the perfect thirds for the 'perfect' working day (as much as working on Saturday CAN be perfect);

- I had two hours between getting home from the airport and leaving the house again to buy ingredients for and make a dinner for a 'shared meal' night with a housemate from the house before the house before this one. We arrived after seven and the house was THE SAME temperature as OUTSIDE - she didn't bring out the heater until we were about to leave (10ish). This is only permissable because I lived with her for seven months and know that that's just the type of person she is, but I can't BELIEVE you could sit in an unheated Northish Canberra House for almost FOUR HOURS and THEN realise you FORGOT to bring out the heater;

- Similarly - she very craftily organised for ppl to bring different parts of the meal - as the only vegan I was asked to bring a main, so knocked up some vegan singapore noodles - v yum. There's no real point to this point, just lauding(sp?!) the fact that I made a yummy dish!;

- I got a call from Magf this arvo and she asked me to be her maid (matron?!) of honour! Hooray! (Also glad as I thought she had the sh!ts with me 'losing' some 'paperwork' last week) But does anyone know if there's some sorta protocol / outline /plan / list of rules thing I should know about? It feels like a bit of a big deal and I have NO idea where to start with all that stuff... But still - YAY for getting to share in the day and feel like a lil bit of my own princess and ARGH I need to get to the gym and stop glutting myself on biscuits and chips;

- After all my fanboygirling, I FINALLY got to see RENT: The Movie tonight:
- Roger looked too Bon Jovi for me, his voice was too high and whiny and WTF was he doing in the desert?;
- Rosario looked a lil rattish in some of the scenes;
- BOO for missing songs/combining songs/ not singing when you're supposed to;
- If I didn't feel some sort of duty to defend the whole thing (since seeing the musical in school) and hadn't seen it before, there woulda been a whole lot of 'TURN IT OFF';
- I cry EVERYTIME when Collins starts singing after Angels passing;
- Engagement Party?! WTF?!
- I need to 'aquire' another copy of the soundtrack since my CD's got scratched to the high hevens in my old car; and
- If I saw it in the shops I'd buy it.

- George Clooneys 'Good Night and Good Luck'? Have a Good Night and don't rent it. YAWN (and some *tears*); and

- Watching Mrs Batman get accustomed to pregnancy is... interesting. I don't know what it is, but there's something bizarre about it - nothing like when my other friend was pregnant.


Sunday, August 06, 2006

Census and Peeps!

My inner nerd is pouting.

Census night is Tues - but I'll BE IN QLD!!! I was soooo looking forward to filling out the form ON PAPER and now I think I hafta do some dodgy 'mini' version in the hotel room.

Anyways, seeing as I'll be off for most of nex week and unable to comment/catch up/reply etc, I figured I could put in a decent post (for once!).

Las night I was jus sitting around on the couch and net, checking out the blogs in Boysenberry's blogroll and I found a few sites with different Memes (now I have FOUR saved in my drafts!) and figured that instead of doing one of those, I should kinda do one of my own.

Please note: I read ALL of these blogs AT LEAST once a day! Even if I don't comment often (or ever!) if you're here, I'm there!!!


"With a limit of one sentence each, write something about each person on your Blogroll"

Here goes!!!!

(PS - Too lazy to link them here - jus look them in the sidebar!!!)

Check out my fav C-Dawgs!

* 123 I <3> - Such an awesome storyteller and it makes me laugh out loud almost every single time!

* Adam
- Adam is farely new to my blogroll - But I love the interviews with other bloggers.

* Ampersand Duck
- I love the locals! Ducky makes me feel grownup jus by reading.

* Another Outspoken Female
- A new addition as of last night, but I enjoy the general funny entertainmentness.

* Artful Kisser
- Found via Steph's stalking, I'm liking the parentish talk atm (and the ball observations!).

* Audrey
- I thnk she's having a bit of a rough time atm, but she's still bitingly funny all the way thru.

* Ausculture
- Not updated as much as it used to be, but when it is, it can have some funny celebrity stuffs on - one of the first blogs I started reading religiously.

* Boysenberry
- Another local - at first I was a bit confronted (is that a word?!) but I really look forward to the updates on his site - someone I feel I'm learning more about the more that I read.

* C-Marie
- Another new addition as of last night, but some of the stuff I read was outta this world! A real indepth look at a real life.

* Charlie
- Funny observations from a bit of a comedian!

* Chelsea Peretti
- Another comedian - some posts I like better than others, but just when I'm about to take her off my blogroll she comes up with gold!

* ChickyBabe
- One of the first sites to blogroll me back - she writes some really insightful stuff and gets fantastic feedback from all her dedicated commenters - Plus she ALWAYS ensures to reply to all commenters individually which I really appreciate (and she taught me to do!)

* Clem - she's also in a bit of the dumps atm, and I don't feel I really 'know' her well enough to comment - atm it's a very raw sadness, but at other times she makes some funny observations!

* Clokeeeey - found via BEVIS' Big Blogger - also the home of the HILARIOUS YouTubes.

* ComicStripHero - Another Canberran - good short posts and got me obsessed with CAPITALISING for EMPHASIS as she bolds for emphasis!

* Crapping On (Canberra) - Good political smarts and personal observations (and Canberran!)

* Crazy Brave - Yup! Another Canberran! Like Ducky, makes me feel smart by reading (also counterbalances by feeling less smart as I know I should 'get' more of it!!!)

* Culture Strain - Fricken hilarious - timely celebrity goss with fantastic snark - Luvvit.

* Daily WTF - One I found early in the piece and then only just refound - she'd been on hiatus! It's crude and also very honest.

* Dawei - He's the queen of the beeyotch. Has a very definite style and it's fantastic!

* Dean - Longtime Canberra blogger with a thang for SingStar!

* Delightful Jen - Delightful! I've only found her relatively recently, but you can tell that she always puts tonnes of effort into what she writes and comments - she's very thorough and thoughtful.

* Desci - She seemed really intimidating - until I listened to the podcast! She's v funny and honest (tho to her own admission, less s3x than there used to be!)

* Dilbert! - Yup, Scott Adams blog - I wish I had the stamina to read the comments, but just looking at the sheer number of them by the time I read the path, I don't even click to read any of them!

* Erica - One of my favourites! She's funny and lovely, reflective and poignant when required, and always a good read- Looking forward to meeting her in person!

* Fluffy - Whatta funny mummy - She's good value, even when she's a little down - I'm glad she's back more regularly!

* Hambo - I'm still a Hambo lurker - I like his rants.

* Girl.Blog.Etc - Entertaining dotpoint posts.

* Imelda - Found during TSSH's 'raid', but she's not afraid to say what she really thinks/feels/does as it happens - so you can really feel the mood she's in.

* Javatari - Another of BEVIS' Big Blogger housemates that I'm still getting into.

* Jellyfish - Along with ChickyBabe, one of my longest standing blogroll-ees. Although the posts are not exactly 'daily', it's def a case of quality over quantity - with much musical knowledge to boot!

* Jeut - A fantasitc concept and really Really REALLY well executed - get thee to there now!!!

* Jobe - Short and frequent comedy posts - you're destined to find one that strikes a chord with you quick smart!

* Krankiboy - Much more infrequent now, but he's a lovely funny soul.

* Magical_M - Another Big Blogger housemate, her love on Alan Rickman speaks to me.

* Mars'n'Dot - Hooray! Two housemates and they're funny as heck AND update frequently!

* Martie - As soon as I found her, I became one of her stalkers - She's also in a bit of a rough patch atm, so if you drop in, be sure to send her teh hugz, but she's also good at the rants.

* Mel (Under-Whimsy) - Well written.

* Melly - Another last night addition -I loved the agapanthus story.

* MelbourneGirl - Another courtesty of Big Blogger, I'm currently very anxiously awaing her knickers poll!

* MelbourneTrainGirl - Beautifully written lyrical observations of Melbourne and her life.

* Michellesarah - Perth blogger whose all growned up with some stories that jus crack me up!

* Mick (O/S!) - Ex-Canberran working in the US who I started to get into jus before he left.

* Miscellany - Another addition of last night and I really liked what I was reading, so looking forward forward to more updates.

* Momo - The famous Momo that I only found after finding her other site and not making the connection between the two (and the other abandoned one)!

* Mr Da Stu - I love his uni observations and his occassional posts otherwise.

* Ms Cynic - Another 'smarts' with humour and very well written and topical.

* Ms Fits - Yup - I'm on the bandwagon - always enjoyable.

* MsNewlyWed - I stumbled across this site and decided to link it just for the stories about what happened before her wedding - insane!!!

* Nadstown - Lovely and funny, she's good with the words.

* PetStarr - I think this is another one found via Steph, I loved the fancy dress costumes post!

* Rach - One of Stephs as above - she's straight to the point!

* Rom - Fairly recently found helpdesky Qld librarian type!

* Ruby - Now about the boob job, but I fell for her haircut post.

* Sarah - Vegan Cookbook author in Canada.

* Scottie - Another quality over quantity type of poster - he's another amusing anecdote teller.

* Shauna - Expat to Scotland - she tells funny O/S culture stories

* Spirit Fingers - Packed with pics and tongue in cheek commentary on fashion roadkill and celebs.

* Steph - I jus love to read what she's getting up to (altho I unfortunately didn find her until another TSSH raid) - awesome.

* Susanne - I love Susanne - I really like what and how she writes, and her Friday Five are a real find.

* Sweatergirl - Fantastic with the gossip - I obsess over sites filled with celeb pics!

* SydneySpy - I wish I wend to Sydney Uni so I could get even more out of it!

* Tammiodo - Another Big Blogger housemate - funneeeeee!

* TCWH - Honest and Hilarious teacher O/S (found courtesy of TJ!)

* Teo - Canberra WOW nerd I also found via TJ.

* The Food Whore - Funny chef stories!

* TOBYToby - awww - he's so angsty and lovley, and I love the format he follows.

* TokenWoman - She's on the edge of a hiatus, but another one I started stalking as soon as I found her - and she's super lovely happy atm!

The 'Other' Ones

* Babysitters Club!!! - BabySitter club recaps!!!

* Bubble Cam! - You can press the button to work a real live bubble gun!

* Defamer - The first celebrity gossip site I ever found.

* Found - Found things from around the world - now I keep my eyes peeled!

* Foundphotos - Similar concept as above, but found on peoples computers! I SWEAR I found someone I know in one of them, but he denies it's him...

* Go Fug Yourself - Deliciously catty appraisals of celeb fashion.

* Overheard in New York - I've only recetly found this stuff - it's a concept my dad often thought about and I LOVE it! They should have one for every city in the world!!!

* Perez Hilton - I'm a bit love/hate with Perez - his stoppid software keeps crashing my FireFox!!!

* Pink Is The New Blog - I love Love LOVE Trent - He's the original and the best!

* PostSecret - An amazing concept - I wish I had a secret to Post and a creative bone in my body.

* RiotACT - The first Canberran site I came across on the intenet - good for local info.

* Saddest thing I own - Hasn't been updated for a while - ppl post in a story of the saddest thing they own and why - draws you in.

* Shoe Blog - Mannolo he loves the shoes!!!

* Sperminated - Pregnancy blog of Sweatergirl as mentioned earlier - Interesting reading (tho still fairly new!)

* Spin Starts Here - I'm not a fan of the raid campaigns, but I'm obsessed with the Neighbours recaps.

* TV is my life - BEVIS' brainchild - he must spend so much time on this - he's so in depth!

I Heart

* Desci and Bob - The site for Desci (and her bfs) Podcast!

* Dawn & Drew Show! - The first podcast I ever listened to and became obsessed with!!! GO THERE NOW!!

* Home Star Runner! - When I worked overtime for a little bit I just sat and watched these NONSTOP - I gotta get back to into it!

* Vegan Freaks Forum - Worldwide vegan forum.

* Vegan Lunchbox - Vegan mum making lunch for her vegan boy.

* - More localish vegan forum full of lovely vegan people.

* White Ninja! - I luvbster White Ninja - not everyone's cup of tea, but most of them crack me up!


* Angela - Went on hiatus almost as soon as I found her!!!

* Bevis - He's on and off hiatus atm - he's a bit busy!

* Emotioneric - I read the entire site as soon as I found it - I WISH it were updated!!!

* Fop - I still check back every week to see if the site has somehow been ressurected.

* Karma to Burn - I love the karma points.

* Ms Misanthropist - Another that went on hiatus as soon as I added her.

* Pop Goes Canberra - I really like it when it's updated!

* Things I Hate about my Flatmate - I can relate to some of this stuff!

* This is My Computer - HILARRYIOUS!

* TJ - The first blogger I ever read, and as soon as I found it I read it ALL. I just wish it wasn't broken, coz I can't even get my fix via archives!

* To blog or not to blog - The other blog of Mick that's O/S atm.

* Treading Pugwall (WTF Pugwall) - The Students 'Other' blog.

* Two Minutes Happiness - Momo's old blog (but not the OLD old one).


Saturday, August 05, 2006


We decided to relax today and pop out to Manuka for a sammich and a movie.

The (my) chosen one?:

The premise of the movie is that there's a magazine running a competition for the most 'original' wedding theme - three couples get their wedding paid for and covered in the magazine, and the winner also gets a house worth half a million pounds.

I really enjoyed this film - 'Best in Show' is one of my favs, so I'm a fan of the mockumentay.

I'm also a big fan of 'Tim' from The Office (UK!) aka: Martin Freeman:


Without any further ado, lets get the rest of the ticks and crosses outta the way:

Ticks - fantastic casting - everyone was convincing and realistic
Crosses - sometimes so much Penii, vag*na's and titty-boos can be distracting!

Ticks - apparantly largely unscripted (hence the realism)
Crosses - I laughed out loud like a Nelson in the theatre twice - making me sound like a Googly-moog.

Ticks - some really hilarious moments and some really touching moments
Crosses - a couple of painful/cringeworthy/sad moments

Enny says: Highly recomended - 4 stars!!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Clicking thru the 'Explore Blogs'

...on the blogger homepage and was hypnotised by this.

(courtesty of here!)

Scheme Meme Spleen

Nicked from Tammiodo - Help yourself!!

(I think the pre-bit is sposesd to say: One word for:)
(I've smooshed some words together to make "one")

yourself: reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-t

your partner: CouchAndBlanketHog

your hair: TowelTurbaned

your mother: DrunkEyes

your father: RedCheeks

favourite item: MyLappy

your dream last night: Ican'tRememberButMyBossDreamtIwasReallyThinAndBitchyAndRunningAwayFromHerAtTheTrainStation

your favourite drink: Redeye

your dream home: WellMaintained

the room you're in: CozyAndWarm

your pleasure: HappinessMakesMeHappy

your fear: YouNameIt

where you want to be in 10 years: MarriedKidsHouseHappy

who you hung out with last night: MyMartialArtsStudentsAndTheHunsFamily(andTheHun)

what you're not: SuperWoman

your best friends: GoodToTalkWith

wish list item: iPodThatWorksUnplugged

your gender: SheGirl

the last thing you did: KickboxingShoweringCooking

the last thing you ate: TofuAndNoodles(TooMuchTofu)

your life: NotAllThatEventfulButLuvverlyAllTheSame

the last person you talked to on the phone: TheHun'JustBecause'(Ican'tHelpIt,It'sWhatGirlsDo!)

who are you thinking of now: JayneFromFireflyAndHisWinterHat

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

EnnyPen 101 - Week Three

The headband girl? SoooOOOooo surly!
And she smokes - but she's the type of person that you tend to look at and go 'Hrm, she only smokes coz she thinks it'll make her cool'. But she IS smart - I'll give her that...

I did learn about this tho:

HrrRRRRmmm interesting!

Basically, it's a diagram to explain why we get jealous at work.

It's good to be in class and understand what's being taught, but proddly not so good to understand so well that you blush and cringe and crouch back in your seat...