Thursday, March 30, 2006

EnnyPen 101 - Week 6

Slept in, went to the doctor and got a certificate for Wed - Fri.

Emailed both tutors at 10am with apologies and promise of med cert nex week, one of the tutors also got my 5% assignment attached.

Read 'net.

Played Sims2 for two hours, batteries ran out, game not saved.

Cranky Nap.

Receive email from tutor at 4.15 requesting I take him a hard copy as the printer in his office was jammed up and he doesn't know how to clear it.

Email him asking if I can bring it in tomorrow (no reply).

Put roast on at 6.30 - IT'S STILL COOKING.

Thus end's this weeks uni day.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Explaining the post below

- I don't know how to move it away but I'll update it every so often!

If there are ppl who wanna know who they are, add it in the comment - else I'll gradually work my way through and try and do all the important ones...

Thanks to TokenWoman for her great idea!

All my P!mps n B!tches!

Who's who in the magical world of Enny-Pen?!

The Hun:
Lovely Boyf of over 2 years, Housemate of over 1 year and givee of half his belongings should the unspeakable happen *knock wood* of over 6 months. Some history can be found here, but as he is my favouritest thing, he tends to pops up every post or two.

**** Family Peeps ****

Obviously my Dad. In his forties, public servant (inherited), GSOH (obviously inherited) and enjoys a bit of a dabble in the grog (seemingly v inherited).

Obviously my Dad Mum. Also funnily enough, in her forties, public servant (inherited), GSOH (obviously inherited) and enjoys a bit of a dabble in the grog (seemingly v inherited).

Eldest Bro:
Only 11 months younger than me (he's the same age as me for 24 days in March). Metro, dating my old housemate and also a public servant.

Middle Bro:
Heh heh heh. Three years younger than me and was long the subject of middle child teasing, but he's come good. He dropped martial arts and picked up computers when he was in primary school, resulting him being 6ft tall and over 140kg. Has dabbled in rugby and is currently on NuShape and lost over 10 kilos and has one of the funnist senses of humour when he wants to share it!

Youngest Bro:
Also known as 'the favourite', he is 4 years younger than me. Still does martial arts and has scrubbed up a bit since I made this pic and didn't post it (he hadn't had a haircut in over a year at the time). He also has a blog but it hasn't been updated in a while - his current hobby seems to be administering a 'secret' forum which he won't tell me anything about...

**** Friend Peeps ****

I've known her since Primary School - way back in year 6. When my 'friend' in year 7 ditched me coz 'her mum wanted her to have more friends', she invited me to sit with her and her friends - she only really wanted my Dorito's ;o). She's half owner of the Monash House with Eldest Bro's gf (thus saving me from the Chifley House-o-doom), started me on WeightWatchers, teaches Jazzercise and, as you can see, is very tall, pale and blonde!

I've known her since Gf1 invited me to sit. We didn't hit it off at all in the early years - theories are that she thought I was 'taking her spot' in the group, and a 'What's your problem Gf2?' 'You! You're my problem!!' incident have now become a bit of a running joke. Very funny, very smart and very pretty, she's the one who I 'played soccer' with over the last two summers.

Eldest Bro's Gf:
Lives with Gf1 and dating Eldest Bro, post them meeting at a Monash House cocktail party. She's also very smart and funny, a WeightWatcher and gym-freak!

(Stands for Martial Arts Good Friend, BTW!) Have known her a long time, only really started to get to know her around my first dan grading in early '98. We've had our ups and downs but have been running our martial arts schools for quite some time now. She too is very smart, works very hard and is a natural at what she does.

Pseudoephedrine - I'm not an addict*

I consider myself to be fairly 'up' on what's happenin in the news. Not so much the politics or the economics, but lil pieces on smh that catch my eye. Which is why I was so suprised to learn of the current Pseudoephedrine thang goin on.

I dropped down to the local chemist on Monday afternoon with a bit of a headache, sore throat and drippy nose, and was promptly given some Sudafed*PE sinus and pain relief. The lil lady explained to me that Pseudoephedrine is only available from behind the counter and that a drivers licence must be provided, and that after April 1 2006, you must have a script to obtain the goods. In my state of desent into illness, I 'fair enough'ed and took to the counter.

That shit is useless.

I took it that night, and four times yesterday, completing my round at 7pm - there is a limit to how many you can have in a 24 hour period. This means that the next 12 hours are spent 'drug' free, resulting in me waking up every 2 hours choking on phlegm, blowing my nose, clearing my throat and taking water in an effort to get an airhole in my throat.

Needless to say, this is not impressing The Hun very much (tho he is soldiering on, lil trooper) and the fact that I'm at home today feeling my worst yet, I have uni tomorrow (with the prospect of my presentation again), work on Friday and we are hosting a combined birthday party on the weekend, I need to get fixed, stat.

I zombie-d my way into the local again this morning and explained to another lil lady my scenario and showed her my crap tablets. She was starting to show me another packet of the same Sudefaed but with an extra tab for the night when she got a lil glint in her eye and started to talk about the ban on Pseudoephedrine. "It doesn't sound like it's dried you up at all - let me speak to the chemist and we may be able to get you some with Pseudoephedrine - maybe your body doesn't respond to the Phenylephrine" (Phenylephrine being the substitute that can't be broken down and turned into drugs). It was at this point I became aware that I had to look like I wasn't going to use it to bake me up some drugs (and I only become more noticable when I'm trying not to be noticeable) and that if I wanted the Pseudoephedrine I had to make sure my nose stayed drippy. "Are you from Canberra?" "Yeah, I'm jus round the corner in Conder" and I handed over my licence, THEN realised my licence address is still in Gowrie. No probs tho, and I left the place with some Echinacea for the The Hun and a bulk 48 pack because "you'll probably go right through those or you'll have some more for next time" - so while the prospect of being on these tabs for 12 days was not promising, it was good of her to stock me up before the laws change. Ooh, and the Coldral also has something to help me sleep. THANKGAWD.

I'm not so sure how I feel about the change in law. For some people, like dadsy and middle bro who get hallucinations from Pseudoephedrine, it's no prob. They can only take the substitutes and it works for them. Seemingly, this is going to be an issue for me, because the substitutes don't work. Similarly for the most senior of the HR ladies, where the only thing that stops her annual crazy barking cough is tabs cotaining Pseudoephedrine.

I'm no druggie, but how much do ppl pay for 'rec' drugs with Pseudoephedrine in it? Like, $50 a pop? Now for each actually sick person, it's going to cost $50 jus to get into the doctor, PLUS the cost of the tabs. I reckon there'll be a rise in absenteeism - more ppl taking longer to get healthy on the substitutes AND more people getting doctors certificates for paid leave whilst in the office to get their script - this is going to cost the government more. And people don't just get the the flu once. AND I got the flu shot this year already!

What was wrong with the system of taking addresses? Why can't they keep a database?

I have a friend who worked in a chemist that was part of a chain that kept in contact and kept details - they managed to track down someone who was hitting up chemists along a set route to get the tabs, presumably for drugs. Why couln't there be a firming up of this process rather then such a setback for the sick peeps?

I don't know how long this has been in place - I escaped last year flu free - Did anyone else aleady know about this?

And it could just be all in my head, but I feel like I'm starting to dry up a little - FINALLY.

*Anyone else got the K's choice single?

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Sick Day Post!

Yup - my headachey Friday, grumpy Saturday, hangover feeling Sunday and gravel throat Monday have resulted in a flu day Tuesday. I did go into work but I got sent home after other bay members complained of imaginary symptoms - not that I'm complaining (other than whinging about feeling shite) - now I can nap, eat cake, do my homework and play with my pressies!

Speaking of which, I had an awesome birthday and thanks for all the birthday wishes =o) I got absolutley spoiled and so I've included my outline so that u can share it with others!

- I got an organiser, my Luvbster t is in the mail and an IOU for proper Ugh boots
- I got into work to find my desk all decorated (if anyone can tell me the best way to get photos off a phone and onto a lappy it's be appreciated!) as well as some cruisers, choccies, flowers, a belt, an ice shaver and some shot glasses
- The tuckshop man gave me my redeye for free!
- We went accross the road for an ice cream cookie at Wendys
- I got my frittata and wedges paid for for lunch
- I got given a bottle of riccadonna and some more flowers from 'The Team'
- I got two cruisers and a vodka, lime and lemonade paid for me during lunch
- The Hun met me at the Sheepskin factory in Fyshwick after an early mark and bought me some knee high ugh boots (with laces!) - don't worry - they won't be worn over jeans!
- Then he told that he also got me a subsciption to Womens Health that I've been trying to track down
- They sung me Happy Birthday at martial arts
- I went home to Gowrie and we had Arnolds ribs, wings and taters
- We also had Cheesecake shop Treasure Cake
- A friend popped in over dinner and gave me some flowers in a bucket
- I got to bring all the leftovers home!
- I also got a DVD player (The Huns Xbox is on the blink) and Sims2 for PSP!


Add to that all the emails and sms' wishing a happy birthday, and the beanie, scarf and Oroton coin purse and key ring I got from the martial arts ladies the day before - I had a great day!

It's not suprising I'd need some time off to recover ;o)

I think that's enough gloating for now, I better rest up, study up and then finally put a decent non-birthday post up!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

I'm not 16 going on 17...

My birthday is on Monday - I'll be turning 24, which is almost 25, which is almost mid thirties which is almost middle age, so on and so forth leaving me a little reflective.

To help things along, I have just one friend with a baby and she came past today, baby in tow, and asked if I was 'planning any soon'. I think I'm pretty much on track for my life so far - I'm in a stable job, I have a great man, and I'm very happy with how things are going - "The Plan" has always been to be engaged by 25, married by 26 and 3 kids by 30. The Hun has always said it would just be two, andafter watching and listening to my friend cope with just one, and ignoring my jokes about pin-pricking and sugar pills, I think that two might be enough if I could have a boy and a girl... My main reasons for wanting three were:

a) If they don't get along, there'd be a spare to fill in;

b) I always wanted an older and younger sibling and I only ever got youngers; and

c) Boys would be more fun to dress but I want a girl for my parents sake.

When my (Catholic) parents were in baby-make mode, they had all four of us within five years (Mumsy aged 22 to 27) which is, I think, a good thing - we're all close in age and get along and my mum has been able to carry on and advance in her career, rather than being stuck changing diapers in her 40s or unable to get back into the workforce. When they go out to dinner, they can stay out later and enjoy the ambience and the alchohol, rather than having to head off early for babysitters sake, and are able to have their kids pick them up instead.

{Deleted by the Author - sorry dudes!}

Anyways, in an attempt to get myself outta this funk (dinner at the club with The Huns ex and her friends tends to do this to me), lemme show you my birthday wish list and we can see how we go with birthday gift bingo:

Emily the Strange Organiser from EBay (this one I know I'm not getting because upon announcing I was going to "Buy it now" The Hun gave me a frantic phonecall where it evolved I was going to receive a more 'professional' one - that I have seen (to ensure I approve) and I can't wait to get it (he has good taste!).

Bjork Tshirt: The website isn't showing pictures at the moment and I can't remember which one I liked the most, but proddly all of them are great!

HomeStarRunner Hoodie from HomeStarRunner: I love lazy hoodies and this one looks great!

Luvbster tshirt from WhiteNinjaComics: The lobster comic is my favourite White Ninja Comic ('Stop it buddy, you're tickling me!) and the luvbster is in my top five. I'm pretty sure I'm getting this one too because when I told The Hun that I'd told youngest bro all about it, he looked shocked and awed and I had to tell youngest bro that he wasn't to get it for me...

Pixel T: I saw this on Defamer and got the CafePress link - it's pretty funky!

Volkswagon Polo GTI: Anyone wanna buy this one for me? I'm in full prep mode for buying a new car in October when the lease on my current beast is up..


Thursday, March 23, 2006

EnnyPen 101 - Week 5

They say that the majority of students that drop out will drop out on or around the Week 4 mark. And I can see why.

Similar to The Student, I haven't been always putting study at the top of my priority list.


Week Two: Given presentation questions and presentation date of Thurs 23/03.
Fri 17/03: Pubs it up for St Patty's day, watches a martial arts class and has takeaway for dinner.

Sat 18/03 - Mon 20/03: Drives to Blue Mountains and does copious amounts of everything except study, such as walking, admiring nature, ordering takeaway, napping, taking photos, flicking thru Austar and drinking in the spa, then drives back. Spends remainder of Monday surfing blogs and partaking in Family Tea night.

Tues 21/03: Wags out on Aquaerobics to 'study', veges out on couch, has friend over for pizza and drinks.

Wed 22/03: Wags martial arts to 'study'. Upon arriving home from work:
5.00 pm: Watches telly
5.40 pm: Burns toast
7.15 pm: Realises that required reading is 6 chapters
8.00 pm: After reading just one chapter, attempts one question on paper
9.15 pm:Starts transferring answers to overhead
9.25 pm: Black texta runs out
9.35 pm: The Hun arrives home and asks why it's not being done in Excel and printed onto overhead
9.45 pm: Realises that used wrong colour
9.46 pm: Tears up, pouts, eats microwave meal
10.00 pm: Turns on computer to do questions in Excel
12.45 am: Finishes doing questions in Excel
1.15 am: drifts off to sleep
6.20 am: Woken by alarm and feeling ripped off as dream was about uni
7.00 am: Arrives at work
7.40 am: Contemplates escape plan if printer is not overhead safe and catches fire ("Are there cameras? Will they know it was me? Could I get a Doctors Certificate?")
8.10 am: Finishes dicking around with charts and runs out of building
9.00 am: Arrives at lecture half an our late (Shout out to loser Canberra drivers who can't merge near belco, backing parkway traffic up to the Woden sliplanes! It's not the rubberneckers fault - keep me trapped in the tunnel of doom for 40 minutes I've EARNED the right to stare!)
10:25 am: Walks out of lecture having learnt not a thing, but with labelled slided
10.30 am: Tutor doesn't show up
10.40 am: Tutor still hasn't shown up (++ Friend points for chatting to friend-girl)
10.50 am: Writes name on list for tutor who didn't show up of people who DID show up (+++ Friend points for giving friend-girl printer able slides for her presntation)
10.55 am: Emails presentation to tutor, thus ruining chance of copying other answers to ensure they're correct only because otherwise I got five hours sleep for nothing!

Who wouldn't be ready to drop out after that?!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Post Trip and Meme!

The trip was lovely - two nights up at the Blue Mountains (Wentworth Falls) staying at 'Valley of the Waters' - Highly Recommended! Apart from a slight 'misunderstanding' re: The Hun telling me not to keep planning everything 'we' will do and the Brumbies copping a flogging , a good time was had by all!

Now, the lovely TokenWoman has tagged me (Thank GOD! My w/end off put me behind for uni so it may be a lil quiet over the nex few days), so here goes!

Four jobs I have had
1. Pizza Haven Do-it-all (and one night as a del driver)
2. Thai Restaraunt Delivery Driver (Free Siew Gai/Mussaman EVERY TIME!)
3. Pancake Parlour floor/kitchen/drinks b!tch (my 'gap' year tween dropping uni and taking up PS)
4. Queen of HR Reporting/Business Analyst/Public Servant

Four movies I can watch over and over
1. Pokemon: Mewtwo vs Mew (and it STILL makes me cry)
2. Grease (Off. By. Heart.)
3. Amelie (I wish my life were her movie)
4. Superstar (SUPAH-STAAAAAAH!)

Four places I have lived
1. Gowrie, ACT
2. Chifley, ACT
3. Monash, ACT
4. Conder, ACT (You're lucky there's actually four places!!)

Four days of TV shows I love
1. Mondays- Top Gear (I'm hooked now that it's finished!)
2. Wednesdays - Spicks and Specks, Little Britain and Glass House
3. Thursdays- Family Guy and American Dad
4. Any night - Neighbours, Simpsons or drinking and watching whatever!

Four places I've vacationed
1. Sydney
2. Melbourne
3. Gold Coast
4. Blue Mountains (You're also lucky there's actually four of these!!)

Four of my favorite dishes
1. Mumsy's Egg & Bacon Pie
2. Chocolate Mudcake
3. Conder Pizza (Ham, Mushroom & Egg)

Four sites I visit daily
4. (Pink is the New Blog) (and ALL of the other sites in my blogroll. EVERY DAY).

Four places I would rather be right now
1. Any DFO with unlimited cash
2. Sunny beachy place with cocktails
3. Melbourne
4. Brumbies changeroom. grrr. Grrr. GRRR!

Four people I am tagging:
Heh heh, you guys can have a break for a while - do it if u wanna and come back and lemme know!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Thursday, March 16, 2006

EnnyPen 101 - Week Four

Update on the hot topic from last week: friendboy polls lower, friend girl polls higher. Luckily, she seemed to take on some of the gr3@t advice from last week and gave me 'I hope we have the proper tutor this week' intro to encourage more chat. SCORE! So whilst chatting to her about how frickin delusional economics is, I manged to drop in 'my Dad, my boyfriend and my accountant friend have all done it and hate it' for the benefit of friendboy, so that's cleared too, tho judging from this week there's nothing to worry about (Kthx Stoody-stu-stu and Erica!)

In other news, I almost died in a tragic car accident ths morning (calm down folks - the only injury was the ears of the angels as I unleashed a holy torrent of swearwords), so I thought I should release a 3 part public notice so that the masses can learn from the incident and prevent it from happening to any other poor innocent souls:

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Do NOT stand in the middle of the road at the traffic lights where there is a perfectly fine walking man who is CLEARLY blinking red and the rush hour traffic stresses ppl out about finding you sucked up in the vent on the car that makes the turbo work, hence leading the line of their vision to the left instead of out the front windscreen in already sh!tty weather.

ACTION BUSSES: Please move the school busstop that is near the uni to be a little further past said traffice lights.

B!TCH MUMS IN 4WDs: Do NOT under ANY circumstance SLAM ON YOUR BRAKES as said ACTION bus indicates it is moving on so that you can CUT IN BEHIND THE BUS to get to stodgy school, while the poor soul in the car behind you is busy dodging said international students posing vapidly in the middle of rush traffic.

International students + ACTION busses + B!TCH MUMS IN 4WDs = (screeching, grinding and shuddering brakes from Ennys HOTT car) + (screeching, grinding and shuddering EnnyPen) + (Panoramic shots of churhbells ringing and birds fleeing trees as unholy verse spews forth from Ennys dainty (and not at all Bill Murray like) lips).

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Ever get the feeling that only do you not make a difference, you dont even exist?

Copying TJ*, I've entered a few pics into this site to get our Celebity Face Matches (it wasn't working in Firefox, so give IE a try). To try and get an average type thang going, I've entered ten pics of me (some of just me, some with me and The Hun)


Attempt One:
The Hun: 66% Heath Ledger

Attempt Two:
The Hun: 71% Avi Nimni (he appears to be a soccer player)
Enny: 67% John Ritter

Attempt Three:

Attempt Four:

Attempt Five:
Enny: 62% Alicia Silverstone

Attempt Six:
The Hun: 68% Sachin Tandulkar
Enny: 66% Bill Murray

Attempt Seven:
The Hun: 60% Pierce Brosnan
Enny: 57% Paul McCartney

Attempt Eight:
Enny: 63% Candice Bergen

Attempt Nine:
Enny: 68% Justine Henin-Hardenne

Attempt Ten:
Enny: 58% Oliver Stone

Enny Verdict.

*I'd give my new shoes to have come back as the pole-dancing woman...

Monday, March 13, 2006

Enny loves her new shoes!

Oh yes she does, Oh Yes, She Does!!

Look at you - smoochy woochy wooh wooh
Who loves you baby?
Enny does!
Worth every cent even tho I couldn't afford you, huh?
How could I resist?
How could I?!
I couldn't!
I jus couldn't!
Who's so pretty?
Who is?
You are!!
Yes you are!!
Yes you!!!



*gets cheap thrills from the 'adult sound' that comes when walking on tiles*


Saturday, March 11, 2006

For she's a jolly good fellow

I might complete the bet after all!

(We'll have to see how it goes after a night at the club - GO THE BRUMBIES!!!)

Friday, March 10, 2006

Only a fortnight late - timewarp!

In the comments of this post, Erica asked for some photographic evidence of my most cringeworthy wardrobe moments.

Ignoring the fact that every day of my life is a bad wardrobe day, I flicked back thru my rapidly detiorating photo album and picked some favs to share (awwww) - I had hoped to share them while they were still relevant, but it's been an interesting fortnight with youngest bro - stay tuned for that one.

Here's my top eight (if I'd been assed to count them, I'd'a picked ten!) fashion moments of the nineties (that can be proven via photographic proof otherwise it never happend, y'hear?!):


1) EnnyPen circa 1994 - the Tshirt dress:

If you're a girly and say you didn't have one or want one then you are a DIRTY STINKING LIAR. I wanted one for this particular farewell party but I didn't have any money, hence spent the week before the party in typical year 8 pouts and pointing out the pic in a catalogue (I think it was $40 at like Susanne - the shirt was joined to the dress and didn't really exist below the fact that it was white sleeves and neck and was very slinky). Completely out of character, Mumsy took me down to the shops before the party and bought it for me (awww). Note also, stone ring on leather strap necklace. Tres in.


2) EnnyPen circa 1995 - the Flanny:

Check it out, punk. My flanny wasn't technically a flanny - it was thin and din't keep out the wind, had a zip at the top for the collar and came from SmartyPants down Erindale way. I also got mine about four months after everyone else but made up for it by practically living in it for about a year a half. I also seemed to have developed a fancy for posing fully clothed with bed hair and sunglasses on in bed....


3) EnnyPen circa 1996 - bad hair/ grown up jumpers (feat. scrunchie):

"Hey Enny, why don't you wear your hair out?" THIS. IS. WHY. Uncontrollable mopsy twists in all the wrong places - although this was a fav pic of mine for years as it looked like I had highlights in my hair (I wasn't cool enough to have them in high school/college). I guess I never realised how stodgy my Jacqui E jumper was - I think this was the only time I wore it. (Bonus trivia - that's youngest bro in the background - he's 19 now and taller than me!)


4) EnnyPen circa 1997 - pyjamas to school:

School sports carnivals were often themed - my classes theme this particular year was pyjamas (Note the bjork hair - I thought I was pretty cool). Funny (in retrospect) moment: Mumsy passing comment that it wasn't like I could just roll out of bed and straight to school because I had to out a bra on under my PJ's - I'd forgotten. I'll never forget that terrible cringing blushing pain I got as I got out of the car jus after she'd said that.... BUT! An interesting photo nontheless - the skipping line features from front to back: Me, The Hun, The Hun's best friend at whoms wedding he was best man, The Huns good friend that was my disk-chat-swap friend for three years, (someone), The Huns best friend at whoms wedding he was best mans future wife-to-be, (someone) and my good friend who bought a house with eldest bro's girlfriend. INCESTUAL!!!


5) EnnyPen circa 1997 - FREAKISH SILVER MAN

Sorry - I'm the one on the left. Not too much interesting to say except that I still have this jumper and wear it. AND THAT THE SILVER GUY WAS A FREAK AND MADE ME KISS HIS CHEEK BEFORE HE'D LET ME GO AND I PINPOINT MY CRIPPLING SHYNESS AND SOCIAL RETARDATION TO THIS ONE MOMENT IN TIME.


6) EnnyPen circa 1997 - Skinny formal wear!

Highlighted in this post - 48 kg and booby-less in year ten (in the green). From L to R: my good friend who bought a house with eldest bro's girlfriend, Enny, my friend who took me to see Brokeback, a friend who is all 'we should stay in touch' on the offchance you can pin her down, and The Hun (Oh yeah, I sat next to him at Yr 10 formal *flutters* but this pic does no justice to the uncomfortable look on his face).


7) EnnyPen circa 1998 - S.K.I. - T.R.I. - P.P.P.P.P

"Sounds like fun!" she said. It was't. It was shit. It was cold and my lack of skillz meant 'stop' required me to drop onto my ass and grab for snow for stoppage. The trip was spent sliding down the hills on the side of the paths on my ass. All. Day. Long. AND I had to wear this tacky hired suit (unimpressed face purely optional). If I ever go skiing again, I'll be cruisin the bar.


8) EnnyPen circa 1999 - bad formal taste:

Oooooh yeah, saucy mama. What do you mean you've never seen anyone wear a see-thruey over dress thing with feather trim to a formal? YOU HAVE NOW, OH TAINTED ONE. Plus it was a shit night, my fake nails kept falling off and you can pick the 10kg increase.



(And I'll proddly be doin one of these in another 5 years time)

Now, I hope to see something similar from at least one of you!

Back in the chain gang...

I had to add that 'verify' comments thang - there was a lot of uncouth lingo goin on in the comments last post - apologies for future time lost that could be better spent than squinting at blurry nonsense 17 letter words....

Thursday, March 09, 2006

EnnyPen 101 - Week Three

It's been a week of contrasts - Sobbing with frustration on the couch whilst trying to catch up on all my Eocnomics homework vs sagely nodding my head in appreciation and understanding in this mornings lecture.

I'm doing a little better now - I'm more like clinging on the edge of the raft with chattering teeth Leo rather than drowning Drowning Corpsey Leo (Titanic, people!!!).

Also - News! I have a friend!


Well, kinda.

Some guy sat next to me in the tute (I didn't see my mature aged lady up the front) and we had to do the questions on pairs. Once he announced that Economics was his favourite course I married him there and then we introduced ourselves and shook hands and stepped through the questions. Did you know that no matter what you get as your answer in economics it can be true? Seriously, the whole course is based on like 45 rules that 'just are, ok?!' and then you draw a table and shift lines up and down and back and forth that can mean something rises and something falls and two things rise and two things fall and that the first thing falls and the other things rises and IT'S ALL RIGHT! You can also add numbers, letter and fractions! Or mebbe I haven't quite got the hang of it yet...

Nayways, I can't remember his name but he's wearing a red shirt. Luckily he looks a fair bit like The Hun's sisters boyf (tall) so I should be able to pick him out. He's also doing marketing and is in a tute straight after the lecture too, so I may be in that class too. But then it raises the issue that if I get in the class and he's there first, is it too stalkerish/wrong impression to sit next to him? If I do, is that like crowding someone? If I don't, will there be that awkward issue where depending on the class it depends to what to degree of 'hi' I give? And what about lectures?! We talked about work and stuff (he's part time as well) and finished with a 'see you next week!' and he gave half a 'it was nice to....', so it seems to be more than jus the usual polite 'godamnit, why do I have to work with this person - I can't wait till the tute is over' that I occassionally get (and are on the other end of). Hmm, I was also kinda friendly with the girl sitting on my left (who I had orignally planned to work with) so mebbe if everyone sits in the same place I can get to know her a little better too and decrease my social retardation...

I need to get back to work where you have no choice over who you talk to/sit with/work with and can relax!!!

The one where Enny claims a moment of zen enlightenment...

... sitting in the carwash at 7:45 am, redeye in hand and listening to Emiliana Torrini...


Monday, March 06, 2006

Two mini reviews and twice as nice!

***** Warning - don't read further if you don't want to know anything about Crash or Brokeback Mountain- I can't review without accidentally revealing too much, other than both are highly recomended!!! ***

Review One - Crash.

F'ing Brilliant.


Sat night we scrimped out on Skyfire for tennis, a video, a few drinks and frozen meal (sammiches for The Hun). I'd seen Crash on the shelves before but couldn't get The Hun into it (he hates Brendan Fraser - I say it's jealousy (see my obesession with his Bedazzled performance)) but my whinging got us out of Cinderella Man (BOOO!!! IH8Uruss!!!). When it started, I wasn't that into it - I thought the opening monologue was a little too blah-blah-blah mushy and that the film was being stereotypical (the two black guys arguing - spesh re: sandra hugging Brandon closer) and racist just for the sake of being racist. But the slow beginning kinda balances out then end - it just gets so tense for the last half that I had tears of relief (albeit, hidden behind the couch cushion). I was relieved that the girl wasn't shot and I was relieved that the woman wasn't on fire, but both meant a gut-wrenching couple of seconds.

It does raise interesting issues though - seeing which characters you agree with and which characters you are against and why you feel that way. What are your gut feelings and how have they been ingrained in you? As a person, I tend to trust the best in people, then quickly judge and then return quickly to empathy. I see-saw back and forth always thinking the best of the people and then quickly jump to insult. So whilst The Hun was still talking angrilly about the Persian man with the gun, I was already back to feeling sorry him. And so on.

But I hafta cut it short so I can talk about my fav, but I gave it


Review Two - Brokeback Mountain.

F'ing Brilliant.


I'm having difficulty writing about it as I'm surfing the forums about it and getting distracted!

I was lucky enough to see this with a friend who had seen it before and was able to warn me when 'it' was coming up (you know what I'm talkin 'bout). For all of the worried ones out there - it lasts less than ten seconds and once you're past it - you're past it. I mean, this might jus be a personal thing (having never seen actual pr0n, let alone actual gay pr0n) but I entered the movie with my friend on the proviso that I couldn't promise I wouldn't giggle. Instead, I cried. It was an absolutely beautiful love story. The type of love to last decades with minimal contact and ALL of the obstacles against them (wives, childrens, little means of contact, fear of being discovered and fear of what it actually meant) is that type of thang that makes me bawl like a baby. When I saw The Hun after it and gave him a big hug, I had to explain that it wasn't pent up randiness from all the man love, but just the reassurance that is needed after witnessing somebody lose so much.

I was fearful at first as I'd heard Jack described as a predator - so seeing him for the first time made me instantly anxious and it took a little time for me to get comfortable with him on screen - but then I became totally absorbed in his character (I never woulda picked the 'giver' and 'taker' roles)! His depth of love for Ennis and his want for it all to turn out for the best - his blind optimism that it could just happen and not worrying about the consequences - I saw parts of him in me (take that both ways). The way he was always so reassuring and in love - it jus cuts me up.

I didn't warm to Ennis straight away - too much hiding under the hat and 'baccy chewin talk didn't do much for me, but as he started to warm to Jack, to talk more, share jokes, smile at him - I really really warmed to him. The final straw was in Jacks flashback and Ennis was the one to hug him - you don't see that sensitive side of him through the movie until the very end. Just seeing that image now makes me teary.

Emotionally, I was OK during the 'break up' fight - it didn't really seem like it would be the end and they'd fought before and talked about the same stuff before. My friend was teary, but I held up - only wavering when Ennis had his hand up to his face and was finally starting to tell Jack how much he had affected his life. But I was sniffling and rubbing my eyes with the backs of my hands after the shirt hugging and the 'I swear...'. And I didn't even realise at that stage that Jack had taken Ennis' shirt after that first time...

The only thing I would change would have been the fathers mention of the other man coming to move in. I don't want that to be there - I want it to be Jack and Ennis, not left hanging somewhere confused between. I don't like the possibility that had he lived, Jack would've been in the hut with the chatty-womans husband, I want it to be that Jack would still have waited for Ennis and stopped it with the 'other men' once he realised how much it hurt Ennis - particularly when he was living the batchelor life.

I loved it - loved it, Loved it, LOVED IT!

Girlies - get out there and see it and get swept up in the one of the most grippingly beautiful and sorrowfully tragic love stories that you will ever see.

Fellows - get over your homophobia and see it with your girlfriend - appreciate the film, appreciate what you partner gets out of it, and appreciate the real power of real love. AND I DON'T CARE THAT IT SOUNDS CHEESY,


'Going to Work: Through my eyes'...

... as requested by Martie!

Ever wanted to know what the last thing I see is before I take off for work*?

Here 'tis!

Sorry it's not 'artier' - there was only so long I could sit taking photos of my arm in the driveway before the neighbours came out (they're perpetual window-looker-outerers!).

Not to much to deduce - I'm messy (suprise!), I take three bags to work (handbag, foodbag (the pink one underneath) and gym bag), I have a cute lil bobble-head policeman to remind me not to speed ('sif it helps!) and I'm a Paul Frank fan to the degree that I have a bright red monkey lanyard hanging off my work pass (as apposed to standard navy).

Enjoy, and suggestions always welcome!

*Apologies that it involves neither a vibrator or a bong this time

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Blank Canvas...

... as requested by Greg Stehle (obviously without the URL accross it!)

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Week of fuckw!t exes!


To celebrate the occassion (you never know when it's gonna come round!) I thought I'd share a sparkler with you, courtesy of one of MY fuckw!t exes.

(Background: you may wish to scan this to get a bit of perspective):

FWXBF: Hey,I saw (The Huns ex) the other day, shes looks good (cancer free) better watch
out for (Immature nickname for The Hun), he get back with her now... do you and her still talk or what?

Enny: Yeah, she had another scare on like August 04 and went thru chemo again but came thru fine and went to europe for a like 3 months for like world youth day or something but yeah, she doin well I see her at parties n stuff.

and why would he choose her over me?

FWXBF: I don't know just a thought... Why would he not choose her over you? Na, just thinking he left her coz of that and now that shes all her systems are go he might have second thoughts. Just a thought.

Enny: he didn't leave her because she got sick, crazy!!! They broke up in august and she got ill in january!!!!


It's not the content that bothers me (I have absolutely no fear of that happening), it's just the way that FWXBF's jus seem to get their kicks from coming from nowhere to interject with their 'advice' and shit. There needs to be some sort of crunchy-munchy machine that squooshes them down to little cubes that you can flush down to the crapper so they live out their days in the stormies.

(Oh, and there's plenty more of these -I could go on forever, but some of the published ones are like how I told Martie bout his response on being told my dog died, or how I told Desci about his excuse for cheating, or the time.... Ah, forget it. I'm sure I'll reach a word limit on this thing. EXES ARE FUN!)

EnnyPen 101 - Week Two

Flailing, Sinking and Drowning
Underprepared, Underinformed and Overwhelmed

And it's only week two. I have only attended 7 hours worth of class this semester and I am already fucked.

Has anyone out there done Economics?! CHRIST! It's insanse!!!!

Add to the fact that little miss cleverpants here thought she was prepped for last week by printing out the outline BEFORE uni started and so didn't grab a copy being touted by the lecturer because SHE ALREADY HAD IT COZ SHE'S ONE OF THE CLEVER KIN AND PRINTED IT OUT HERSELF EARLY, and went to a tute this morning wondering why there wasn't any tute questions to be completed before the tute but was still feeling confident but was then informed that there WERE tute questions to be done and they are in the back of the OUTLINE that was handed out last week WHICH SHE DIDN'T GET COZ SHE ALREADY 'HAD IT'.

Add to the fact her name wasn't called out on the attendance list, leaving crickets chirping while the 60-sum'n yo tutor searched over and over for what is a fairly unusual surname that does tend to 'jump out'.

Add to the fact that she just checked online and had in fact made a lil typo re: tute room number on her oh-so-convenient timetable that she printed out in colour and stuck onto a convenient wallet sized business card so she could CARRY IT IN HER WALLET FOR CONVENIENCE.

Add to the fact that she sat down near the front of the lecture and tute in an attempt to attract some mature-age students for what would be very handy assistance and sympathy at being uncool at uni but got NOTHING.

And finally add to the fact that ALL THE GIRLS HERE HAVING FRICKIN TINY RAKE THIN ARMS. Seriously - thin as rake - like this thin:

(this is an arm)



And you have me. atm. logging off.