Thursday, December 15, 2005

9 Days till Santa comes!

Due to the large amount of nieces/nephews/grandkids on my mums side (18 and counting, I think) my cuz (13 months younger than myeslf) and I would always get variations on a theme - the exact same thing but in a different colour.

The year I got given the purple to match her flowery, pinky, purpley, hearty, lovely pink stationary set, a frenzied letter writing exchange ensued - back and forth, back and forth - mostly containing 'You stink more' and a fuckload of the talcum powder that came with the kits.

After witnessing a (painful Painful PAINFUL) bunch of year sixers on the oval outside martial arts last night ("Just because YOU'VE got curly hair" "If you're going to be so MEAN then you can just GET LOST" "Mum was so proud to see me doing my makeup" "Yeah, I shave" "Are THOSE your SCHOOL shoes?!" SlashKillMaim), I thought I'd regress to my childhood and finish off my writing paper packet.

Dear Bike Company,

Are the holes in ladies bikeseats for vaginas?

I only noticed it today, so I have included a pic for your refernece:

Yours Quizzingly,


Dear QLD company that mails us expensive stuff twice a month,

I know that you get happy to come down and visit every so often, but I would think that my continued emphasis on meeting deadlines (or your lack thereof) means that you SHOULD express post the data to me on Monday, rather than waiting until Thursday to personally hand it to me. Especially when it is wrong. Again.

Yours Scowlingly,


Dear The Hun,

Please buy me a PSP for Christmas. I've been very nice.


PS - don't try that shit again about sleeping on the couch - it didn't smell THAT bad.

Dear Bold and The Beautiful,

Why have you introduced that terrible 'swoosh-quick slide' effect between scenes? It is very bad.

Also, please have Bridget chase Brookes skanky ass out of town - girlfriend has boofed pretty much everyone in town, including all of her exes.


Dear Bloggers,

Keep up the good work! I'm obsessively checking you twice a day - as well as your progress at the Blog Awards. You're the garlic to my bread, the pikachu to my Ash, the mould to my cheese.

Hugs and sly commments,



The Student said...

Speaking of which, has anyone nominated me yet? there had better be a section for 'most constant whining about university'

Enny said...

I'd be runnning you a close second ;o)