Sunday, March 06, 2011

Sunday night

Just popping in to say 'hullo' because it's Sunday night and I will go to bed soon, but ran out of things to read in my reader so thought I'd add in my own.

So far, everything is going well in our continually expanding family!

We went in for a 20 week scan last week and found out our little baby is a little girl - which is just crazy to me but also completely awesome and also a little scary. You see - I'm not a girly-girl (duh) and I never had a younger sister (tho I pretty much treated youngest bro like my own little sister) so I've always thought I'd have two boys. I've always found boys clothes to be cuter (I guess because they look more like adult clothes?) and I think my insecurities make me freak that I'll be a total stranger to a girl but could be a good parent to a boy... or that she'll be a total b!tch or one of those skanky kids you see hanging around an interchange or whoring all over a bunch of gross teen boys. But then, I was about 70% sure it would be a girl, and we only had a girls name picked, and I bet she's adorbs and I totally turned out fine so I must get some of that hereditary parenting skill handed down. Right? Plus it's scary in that The Hun has only ever wanted two kids and the thought of having two girls and no boys really freaks me out.

So yeah, we're working on all that.

I've been quite lucky in that hormones has only brought on two freakouts - one at 10 weeks when I had to start giving myself blood thinning needles (thanks hereditary clotting disorder that was only discovered when I bashed my leg in half!) and had people coming for dinner and a messy house and no food and was shaky from not eating enough because I wasn't hungry and I realised I hadn't given in to a sulk and had a good cry and that I was about overdue for one about 15 minutes before said dinner guests arrived.... the other at 20 weeks when I was driving home from another freakin' hectic day at work and I was listening to Bon Iver (if you haven't heard the album stop reading this drivel and get. It. NOW) and the scan was the next day and I hadn't felt any movement yet and am I even ready to be a mum or did I ever really want kids and oh-my-gawd I'm home already and I haven't finished crying, I better pull up out the front to finish this off good and proper where the dogs can't see me.

Dogs? That's right! We're very lucky to have rescued a long haired chihuahua (who is THE most adorable baby boy hands done) in August last year, and a miniature pinscher x spaniel that we rescued last month to keep him company once babby-pen arrives later this year. She is also adorable and nuggety - we wanted to get a boy looking dog because our baby-chihuahua is probably the girliest little thing you have ever seen - he rocks in at less than 2.5kg fully grown and suffers from IBS.... long hair + weekly stomach upsets = developing quease-battle skills of steel.

Man, this is so scrambled.

How funny that something that I used to do so often is now so totally blurgh to me!

So yeah, hormones = good. I've been told that the only real hormonal difference that was noticeable was that I was tireder and a bit apathetic. Heh. Keep in mind I lost like 3kg in those first 12 weeks because I just wasn't hungry and couldn't get rid of this crazy 'I feel like I've eaten too many lollies' taste and brushing my teeth was a twice-daily battle against the dry-retch and I just couldn't work out what I wanted to eat. Well. That's TOTALLY under control now, though unfortunately the thing I want to eat now is pretty much whatever I can get my paws on , the more chip-like or pure-carb-esque, the better. But still, only 2.5 kg heaver than my pre-preg weight, so I guess that counts for something?

We've only bought a baby monitor and two outfits. No cot, no pram, and no practical baby stuff. No rearranging of furniture done yet, 90% set on a name, and maybe starting to deal with the dawning realisation that I'll only be at work for like another four months and then won't be back until like August 2012. Do you know how far away that is?! Will I still be relevant then?! Will I be keen to go back to work or will I personality-transplant in to one of those mommy's that only lives though their children and bugs the heck out of me?

The Hun and I are also doing very well. We've just passed the seven-years-together mark and are probably in the best place we've ever been. I don't want to go through my archives, I KNOW I was painful (sorry dudes). But maybe it's the hormones that's making me generally happier? Maybe I'm getting wiser? Maybe the fact that I've got everything I could possibly want (except for maybe an iPad)? Not sure. But things are good, things are solid, things are happy and funny and easy and natural.

Anyways, best go get ready for bed.

I hope everyone is doing well - I'm still stalking y'all, so make sure you're giving me things to read!