Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Eldest bro got a promotion

...and now he's senior to me (albeit diff department).

Does it make me a bad person that:
a) I've been telling my boss how happy I am for him (so I can get a promotion);
b) I'm telling everyone I'm happy for (him but I'm jealous);
c) I've told a close friend and The Hun that I'm (a bit) jealous;
d) I'm telling anyone who cares to read it that I'm seriously jealous. (SERIOUSLY. TEN. SERIOUSLY); or
e) All of the above.


Boysenberry said...

Nah, not a bad person, just normal.

My BroIL is heading down this way for a new position (not PS) which will put him about 2x my salary. Bastard.

Enny said...

You gotta hate that - It's not that they don't deserve it, it's jus that there's some sorta equilibrium that needs to be respected ;o)

tokenwoman said...

My younger brother got a well paying job just around the time I chose to become unemployed... That went down well with the parentals.

One year when we were at our yearly family trip to our Accountant, I distinctly recall tesing him, because I earned so much more than him.... Damn karma...

And don't feel bad for being jealous either ;)

Enny said...

Damn that karma... I'm trying to remain graceful (to his face) in the hope that karma will get me back in front...