Thursday, March 09, 2006

EnnyPen 101 - Week Three

It's been a week of contrasts - Sobbing with frustration on the couch whilst trying to catch up on all my Eocnomics homework vs sagely nodding my head in appreciation and understanding in this mornings lecture.

I'm doing a little better now - I'm more like clinging on the edge of the raft with chattering teeth Leo rather than drowning Drowning Corpsey Leo (Titanic, people!!!).

Also - News! I have a friend!


Well, kinda.

Some guy sat next to me in the tute (I didn't see my mature aged lady up the front) and we had to do the questions on pairs. Once he announced that Economics was his favourite course I married him there and then we introduced ourselves and shook hands and stepped through the questions. Did you know that no matter what you get as your answer in economics it can be true? Seriously, the whole course is based on like 45 rules that 'just are, ok?!' and then you draw a table and shift lines up and down and back and forth that can mean something rises and something falls and two things rise and two things fall and that the first thing falls and the other things rises and IT'S ALL RIGHT! You can also add numbers, letter and fractions! Or mebbe I haven't quite got the hang of it yet...

Nayways, I can't remember his name but he's wearing a red shirt. Luckily he looks a fair bit like The Hun's sisters boyf (tall) so I should be able to pick him out. He's also doing marketing and is in a tute straight after the lecture too, so I may be in that class too. But then it raises the issue that if I get in the class and he's there first, is it too stalkerish/wrong impression to sit next to him? If I do, is that like crowding someone? If I don't, will there be that awkward issue where depending on the class it depends to what to degree of 'hi' I give? And what about lectures?! We talked about work and stuff (he's part time as well) and finished with a 'see you next week!' and he gave half a 'it was nice to....', so it seems to be more than jus the usual polite 'godamnit, why do I have to work with this person - I can't wait till the tute is over' that I occassionally get (and are on the other end of). Hmm, I was also kinda friendly with the girl sitting on my left (who I had orignally planned to work with) so mebbe if everyone sits in the same place I can get to know her a little better too and decrease my social retardation...

I need to get back to work where you have no choice over who you talk to/sit with/work with and can relax!!!


Enny said...

Crisis reduced to Code Orange - said 'friend' is not in tute.

Martie said...

Then I think it's perfectly okay to sit next/near him in next lecture.

That's one thing I don't miss about uni. Because my course was so career focused (read: boring), everyone pretty much kept to themselves and by the end of the semester, you still hadn't said more than two words to most of them.

The Student said...

Im looking forward to stumbling across the blog of an economics student who has just met this girl and is wondering if she has a boyfriend.

Enny said...

Martie - I dunno if I could pick him from behind! I'd have trouble pickin The Hun from behind! It's jus I'm so socially retarded I hate meeting new people so it's so PAINFUL!

Studey-Stu-Stu - I was thinking the same thing - posted at the same time, but more like "I think I let this girl think I could be her friend - I can't believe I started with the 'It was nice to ... AWKWARD" heh heh.

The Student said...

BigLeagueFacials indeed!

Enny said...

Blind Date Bangers? I Spy Camel Toe? TinysBlackAdventures?

Someone's been reading my diary?!

(Do you think I should put on that annoying verification?!)

Erica said...

Enny, I think you should definately just talk to these "kinda friends". Just go up to them and say hello - they're probably not sure if they should speak to you or not, so if you make the move then they might be greatful.

I'm just trying to stop you from doing everything I manage to do wrong myself in social situations. Or maybe I'm just socially retarded in general and no matter what I do it's going to turn out the same. Perhaps don't take my advice.

Oh, and one other thing, if you think this guy is cracking on to you don't wait too long to slip the fact that you have a boyfriend into the conversation somewhere. It can get very akward otherwise.

Enny said...

Erica - I will skull my morning redeye for the strength to go up and say hi - and if there is any more talking there will def be name drops and the oh-so-casual-opening-of-the-wallet-revealing-picture-of happy-couple.

SooOOooo subtle ;o)