Monday, January 23, 2006

I would've posted this yesterday but the screen was making me nauseous...


I take it all back. Well, all the stuff that was in praise of alchohol at least - I'm not withdrawing my habits now matter how much of a Freakazoid they make me appear. Six black label cruisers over six hours should NOT leave you struggling to keep eyes opened and focussed in the car. It should also not result in:
- Swalling a sugar pill rather than the much loved this-will-stop-the-babies Pill;
- Sleeping till 11am;
- Inability to come good on promised brekky of Bacon, Eggs, Toast, Mushroom and Tomato for The Hun for bein the taxi;
- Moving to the couch and just sitting for three hours;
- Being told that there is lettuce in between your front teeth (thank CHRIST that place was dark!!!)
- Inability to eat even one piece of toast;
- Inability to drink a glass of water;
- Inability to use phone for talking just didn't feel right;
- Going back to bed and sleeping for another two hours;
- Moving back to the couch and just sitting for another three hours;
- Inability to drink cordial due to stomach-wrenching reaction;
- Inability to play lumines or read the news;
- Inability to stand up for longer than the count of ten;
- Cooking dinner whilst sitting down, leaving the bench at eye height instead of convenient and practical waist height at 8pm;
- Headaches on Monday morning.

You have been warned.

Six drinks. I'm so embarassed.


Erica said...

Oh dear, that is why I don't consume pre-mixed drinks. I hope you are feeling much better today.

Enny said...

Well, I definately feel a lot better now!