Thursday, September 28, 2006

Oi love youse all!

I'm heeeeEEEeeeere!

Things are actually going quite well (suprisingly!) - not that stressed atm. That said, I'd be lying if I said there hasn't been study related tanties (1:30am Wednesday morning), getting cranky at work (today) and procrastination (Brand Depot anyone?!).

But, I've got some free time and I mixed myself a vodka and diet golden circel soft drink for pre/during/post drinks and I mixed it too strong after I stuffed up dinner (noodles and sauce shouldn't taste like cigarettes!) and now I'm rambling, so I'm going to partake in a little rejoicing of the dot points as Lulu has reignited my love for the lil bastards!

  • Speaking of Lulu - go check out her awesomeness if you don't already! She's super lovely and has awesome hair, and is sending me over one of these:

Mine will be green. Then I will purloin the rest of the colours and kick-the-cheat and I shall rule the earth (go tofu!) - won't we Mr The Cheat?

Damn straight.

  • Speaking of wonderful people sending me wonderful things - I (kinda) won a (consolation) prize over at D'Jen's! She was looking for a name for her jewellery company that she's hoping to set up and wanted suggestions for names - mine were lame-o but I STILL got sent a prize! And it arrived today:
They're delightful! *loves them* I'll be sure to post the link for her online store once it's up and running, but in the meantime, I have a lil question... do you think I can wear them wtih Dress One to the Hens Day? I took them into my room and the aqua is THE SAME aqua as on the dress! So, to all you lovely peeps who helped me out before: vote, Vote, VOTE!

  • AND speaking of the Hens Day, I finally went and bought some shoes. I STILL can't find my camera chord, so I'm'a hafta draw you a piccy:
NOW. Before you write in and complain about the monstrosity - lemme explain. One - well, there's really no excuse for the crap pic. Basically, I had to get cheap shoes as I don't wear leather, and as a result of this, the dodgy company that makes the shoes doesn't have a website so I can't show you an actual pic. The shoes are shiny silver (at D'Jen's advice!) to match the tiara haircomb that I bought the other week. The heel isn't stilletto - it's kinda rectangle (hence the thickness in the pic) and it's not too high. It straps around my ankle and the circley things are diamante circley things that ALSO match the tiara! I'll be sure to get someone to send me a pic of me so I can edit and post if for you =o)

Saturday, September 23, 2006

*Breaks personal record for longest time between posts*

Sorry guys, I've been a bit 'absentia' of late, and it's proddly going to continue on and off for the next six weeks or so.

Because it's been keeping me awake at night /all night / every night and whirring through my head 24/7, I'm gonna jot it all down here (relish in the joy that is my to-do timetable) in three main segments of stress - Work, Uni, Martial Arts (MA):

Sat 23/9 - Finish Org B essay
Sun 24/9 - Study for Acctg Test
Mon 25/9 - Study for Acctg Test / Run grading for my little kids / Training
Tues 26/9 - Hand in Essay/ Uni till 3 / Study for Acctg Test / Get Acctg Assignment
Wed 27/9 - Acctg Test / Planning Day / Training
Thur 28/9 - Work and Overtime
Fri 29/9 - Work / Training / Tournament Meeting

Sat 30/9 - Mon 2/10 - Meant to be going to Sydney or sumn'n similar for gf1 bday / Overtime to catch up on work of which 20 of 163 parts was done by Friday 22/9 / Training

Tues 3/10 - Uni till 3 / Work like madman as boss on leave busiest week of month AND implementing project been working on for last 18mths
Wed 4/10 - Uni till 11 / Keep working like madman / Training
Thurs 5/10 - Final implementation of project that has potential to crash and burn and can only be done once all national staff are logged off computers (work late into night on top of full day)
Friday 6/10 - Deal will all calls re: change that will no doubt shock and awe users / Meeting with Dr about my b12 + folate levels/ Training / Tournament meeting

Sat 7/10 - Hens Day / Acctg Assignment / 'Girls night in' for cancer research
Sun 8/10 - Acctg Assignment

Monday 9/10 - Rush around like madman to ensure all tournament stuff organised / Acctg Assignment / Training in hall that is too small
Tuesday 10/10 - Rush around like madman greeting 60 seniors and juniors from around Australia as well as USA / Set up hall for 3 day camp / Dinner
Wednesay 11/10 - Get up at sparrows fart to ensure hall is ready / Train 9 - 5 with Grandmaster from USA / 'Social obligations' / Ensure other students are still running normal training
Thursday 12/10 - Get up at sparrows fart to ensure hall is ready / Train 9 - 5 with Grandmaster from USA/ 'Social obligations'
Friday 11/10 - Get up at sparrows fart to ensure hall is ready / Train 9 - 5 with Grandmaster from USA/ 'Social obligations' / Ensure other students are still running normal training / Setup different hall for tomorrow

Saturday 12/10 - Radio interview / Ensure hall setup running smoothly / Assist in seminars from 9am - 3pm (including herding small children 5yo and over) / Assist in Training 30 people in how to judge for tournament / Setup for tournament / Mandatory social mixer with 110 people in small cafe type thing
Sunday 13/10 - Ensure hall ready for tournament / Oversee entire day / Perform three forms (which will need to have been learnt somewhere in this time) and fight some girls

Monday 14/10 - Acctg assignment due / look after interstate guests
Tuesday 15/10 - Uni till 3 / look after interstate guests
Wednesday 16/10 - Uni till 11 / Work
(carries on trng 3 x week, uni twice a week, work)

Thursday 02/11 - Acctg Exam pm
Friday 03/11 - Org B Exam am

So somewhere in there I also need to:
- Sell my car
- Fulfill bridesmaidial duties
- Learn my three forms and practice fighting
- Learn syllabus for three day camp before tournament
- Study for exams
- Try to keep going to the gym
- Find out if my work area is to be made redundant
- Buy groceries / cook meals
- Keep trying to lose weight
- Not pull my hair out
- Schedule breakdown
etc etc etc

I just feel like I need someone to walk over the back of my neck it's so tight!

So yeah, posting may get a little patchy in parts, but bear with me - I'm sure I'll have LOTS of ranting ;o)

Monday, September 18, 2006

What do you MEAN stop procrastinating!!

People - I need some help.

I have a hens day to go to early next month, and it's a day at the races.

Having never been to said races before, I have no idea what to wear.

The way I see it, there are three options:

Option #1: The first dress (in the middle)
This was my 'hooray I lost tonnes of weight' dress - it still does up but is a lil snug (keep in mind I jus had some curry for lunch and there is still time to slim down!). I've worn it to a cocktail party (seen above with gf2 and gf1) and my uncles wedding in Brisbane - but I think only one person was at the cocktail party (like Feb 05) that will also be at the races.

It makes me happy to wear it as it will forever be known as my skinny dress
Outdated? (You know I'm not fashion minded)
Worn a few times before.
Forever navel gazing to ensure everything is tucked away.

Option #2: The Other Dress
This was bought specifically for The Huns cousin wedding in Sydney, and was also worn to a wedding earlier this year - no one at the Hens Day has seen it worn before (For reference it finishes a but above the knee).

I like the colour.
Has not been seen by people attending.
Gives me neck pains/chafe combined with navel gazing.

Option #3 - A new dress!
Perhaps people will let me know what sort of thing I should be aiming to wear and I can seek it out...

New dress!
Trying clothes on is depressing.


Sunday, September 17, 2006

Egads - it's uni time

So, I have an essay due next Tuesday(26th) and a test on the Wednesday (27th), so this was supposed to be a study weekend... I also have tmr off and the next monday off too.

So far this weekend I have:
  • Been to floriade
  • Caught up with friends
  • Gorged myself of sugar cinnamon macadamias and almonds
  • Watched ALL the LonelyGirl15 and DanielBeast videos
  • Researched what her religion might be
  • Put on a load of washing
  • Been out to dinner
  • Seen Ollie Browne and Holly Throsby live
  • Lined up for her CD's
  • Checked all the blogs on both of my blogrolls almost ten times
  • Done the groceries
  • Chatted to an old friend on MSN
  • Called my parents house twice
  • Brought in the washing
  • Bothered The Hun
  • Ripped Holly Throsbys music to my iTunes so I can sing along
  • Read Lulu's archives and requested a link so I can order a plush tofu
  • Not gone to the gym or hit the punching bag
  • Received ZERO calls about my car
  • Watched Meerkat Manor
  • Watched It's me or the Dogs
  • Watched Australian Idol
  • Cooked Dinner
  • Eaten more than my points allows and STILL feel ravenous
  • Done about 7% of my essay
I feel I should stay up late and make more of a go on the essay but I just don't think I can be arsed. Like seriously - does ANYONE go nuts for the Ohio and Michigan studies of behavioural leadershup and the influence they have on Fiedlers Leadership Contingency theory and Hersey and Blanchard's Situational Leadership Model?


Holly Throsby!

We got into Tilleys at around 7:30 (having incorrectly gone to O'Connor shops first) and met up with one of The Huns friends and her new partner (he was lovely!) to grab some dinner before the show. When I'd called earlier in the week to see if we could book a table for dinner (you can't) I asked if they had vegan options there - "oh yeah of course". Unfortch, the way it works is that you can't get in until 7pm on show night and they only have a snacks type menu - dips or an antipaso place (vegetarian option available) - luckily for me (as I was STARVING) they put together a vegan one which was quite nice.

Anyways, enough rambling.

The lights went down and we were treated to Ollie Browne (of Art of Fighting fame) and he was fantastic! I hadn't conciously listened to any AOF stuff - tho The Hun was singing/playing/strumming one of the songs before we left for the show (and was a lil dissapointed I didn't recognise it!) - but that guy is HAWT - yum (tho his gf was in the audience BOO!) He had a really smooth voice - my closest comparison was John Meyer, but not as 'whiney' - he was fantastic. He did five or six songs - all lovely and quiet and soft, and he talked a lil in between and was entertaining.

Then the delightful Ms Throsby came on, supported by bass/cello/mandolin (Jens I think his name was) and a local girl who played drums, xylophone, keyboard etc and did some backup sining (she got a big cheer from the crowd).

I thought I had only heard one song of hers (the myspace one) but discovered during the show that I had also heard two others.

If I could sing and perform etc, I'd love to be like her. She uses low tone, she articulates very well and her lyrics are very descriptive - it's enchanting. And at the end of the show? I lined up like a fangirl and bought both albums AND her EP - I didn't have enough money for Ollies stuff though, so we're hoping that it'll be available elsewhere (tho I don't know if the band stuff will be AS good as his solo stuff - we'll keep you updated).

My only criticism had NOTHING to do with the show - some rudef()cks had their mobiles on. All through Ollie's show you could hear the interference coming in and out, and you could see ppl with their mobiles on, texting away all the way through. It continued on all the way through Holly Throsby's show until after the third or fourth song the drummer piped up in between songs asking ppl to please turn off their mobile phones as you could hear all the interference - hardly anyone moved. I will be honest and say that I didn't turn mine off (though it was on silent) and I had my handbag between my feet so that I'd feel the phone if something happened.

Anyways, the song like two tracks later was a really quiet one - jus her and drummer - and the ENTIRE TIME there was phone interference! It wasn't just once or twice and all spread out - there was continuous back and forth texttag going on!!! I looked around and there was a lady sitting at the bar right in front of the sound equipent texting away (her message tone was audible!!) and an older lady in like her 40's sitting behind me was doing the same!! So after the next song they asked again for all phones to be turned off and lotsa ppl applauded, and the owner lady (I think) came on over the PA and told everyone who owned a phone to please double check their phones were off, otherwise the lights would come all the way up and they'd check them all!

So there you go - besides the rudeness of some VERY ignorant people, it was an absolutely fantastic show. I loved all her songs and found it entrancing, and the albums are guaranteed to be on high rotation for the next few months until I can sing all the words and visualise myself on stage - catch her if you get the chance!!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Speaking of bizarre coincidences

Remember this?

Yeah, a month to the day ago.

I'm not lying - I had another dream about her last night.

We were like at a beach house or something and were put together for something (yeah, sorry - I'm a bit vague!) and we made small talk. We both knew what had happened but we didn't say a thing about it. And then we started to talk some more and though I can't remember what really happpened, I remember thinking it was nice. And there were no hard feelings.

So there you go - I guess you're forgiven, Kate!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dot Points

Heeeeeere's Dot Points!

  • Go to Bevis' TV is my life (if you don't already!) and check out Big Blogger - this guy puts tonnes of work into doing this just for our entertainment and I'M FINALLY IN THERE! Hoorays!

  • Do you think it was intentional that the Win/Nine lineup for tonight is 'The Great Weight Debate' and then 'Body Doubles - The Search For The Worlds Most Beautiful Identical Twins' - how's your self esteem/body image/binge eating going now, fatty?!

  • Running out of time to sell me car! Curious? Know somebody who might be? Email me or give them my email address!
Dark green/blue 1996 Nissan 200sx (Luxury Spec s14):

Turbo 5 speed manual;
18 inch chrome wheels;
3 inch exhaust with 5 inch tip;
Boost controller;
Blitz blowoff valve;
Pod filter;
Turbo timer;
Alpine Double-DIN MD/CD player;
Fibreglass box with subwoofer;
Pillar mounted gauges;
Non-stock front bar;
New sports suspension, New ABS Brakes and New tyres;
Power windows, Sunroof and Side mirrors;
Dual Airbags;
Full 3 year service history;
Female owner/driver (as was previous owner/driver);
Serviced, detailed inside and out & full tank of petrol
$15,500 ono (all serious offers considered)

  • In other 'stalking Enny' news, we're going to Tilley's on Saturday night to see Holly Throsby (you can usually hear one of her songs here). I'm really hoping it's good - The Hun jus finished saying that he proddly wouldn't like her on CD but should be really good live.

  • TJ is blogging again! Ch-ch-ch-ch-chuh check her out - NOW!

  • I'm also looking forward to checking out Floriade on Saturday as well - I'm meeting gf1 and gf2 - hooray for flowers!

  • When we were kids my dad would always yell at us 'IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY TO ME, COME HERE AND SAY IT!' if he couldn't hear it - it was so frustrating! Now? Now I'm yelling it at The Hun, as he has decided the time he most wants to talk to me is whenever he's in the kitchen and I'm in the loungeroom and the door is closed and the TV is on. BUT HELP HAS ARRIVED! Today I bought these and one of them is about to go in the kitchen:


Sunday, September 10, 2006


Why did I 'make the change?!'


So, if I haven't commented with you recently, it's coz of frickin beta - you hafta sign in with your gmail account... so if you allow only Bloggers to comment, I AM BEING CENSORED - YOU CAN SEE MY MOUTH MOVING BUT CAN'T HEAR THE SCREAM!!!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Maid of honour update

So, I promised an update on the engagement party? It was pretty good! Small, at the Bride and Grooms house - mostly family and martial arts people. It was cold outside, but I had my vodka, lime and Diet Sprite, so I was all good. I also found out the date and the location of the wedding and reception (via one of our new martial arts students - Magf thought she had already told me where it was).

So today we did our first bridal party dress shop. You may be aware from my previous posts that I'm not all that educated on the whole 'bridal party' thing - I was under the impression that the bride presents a dress to the bridesmaids and says 'here you go'. I was wrong. My job today was to pick out any dress I liked, and as long as she liked it then it could be approved. Unfortch, I'm not much of a girly girl (duh!) so didn't have much idea - but quickly got into the spirit of it all.

We visited four shops today - Rosies in Fyshwick, White Doves in Fyshwick, Annabels in Kingston and some place on the main road of Queanbeyan.

Rosies: looked icky from the moment we pulled up outside the red building. We had an appointment and rocked up early so that we were prepared, and were 'greeted' once we caught the attention of one of the staff. She gave us a half assed 'intro' and left us to our own devices - the appointment time came and went - 15 minutes after our appt time we were standing at the counter trying to get the attention of somone - ANYONE! Some girl was actually paying for something so she got the full attention of the boss while our lady was busy with someone who musta jus walked in. Jus before we were about to walk out we were finally seen to - there was actually another staff member working who had been standing there watching us trying to get served! They took Magf into the changing room and she tried on a few dresses with the assistance of the staff member - the dresses seemed overpriced and of a fairly poor quality (they'd been up to Sydney the week before to have a look at some others). Then it was my turn.

To my disgust, the lady decided that she would stay in the change room while I tried on my stock standard simple bridesmaids dress. Not only that, I had to wrap my head in a scarf before she'd 'dress' me (I kepy my jeans on under). Needless to say, Claustrophic and BodyIssues Enny was NOT impressed with this experience at all. AT ALL. And that was BEFORE I realised that all the ones I was trying on needed to be a size bigger.

Next stop: White Doves. It was lovely in there - clean, nice smelling, open, bright, friendly young things willing to serve. This the store where Magf found her first choice - a fair bit more than what she'd planned to spend - but it was BEAUTIFUL. I tried on a few and yet again - they wouldn't do all the way up at the back.

Then on to: Annabel's. I didn't like most of the staff there - they were a bit too snooty - but there was a fun young newer girl who helped me out, and I found the first dress that I looked at myself in and went 'Hm! I really like this!' Magf wasn't AS sure, and didn't really find anything in there that she liked.

Finally: The one in Queanbeyan. At first I was a lil weary, but the little Chinese lady that served Magf was really lovely and helpful, and encouraged her to try a few styles she wasn't keen on at first sight. This is where she found her second and third choice for her dress, and the most likely candidate for mine:

In Peacock:

When I first saw it in the book I wasn't so sure, but it does look better on. And it was Magf's fav which is the most important thing.

We also witnessed one of the other sales assistants practically snatch a veil away from a 'customer' as she thought she was looking too closely at the veil - ie, steal the idea to save money ($170 for a veil!!!).

So now? I just need to lose 10 kilos so I get some sort of shape to look good on the day/in the dress/in the photos.

Time for bed - I'm pooped - and I'm off to the gym for a hardcore cardio fat shifting workout at 12 tmr.

Today I was standing at the sink

and thinking about holding my wrist under the burning water, for a mark to remember how sad I felt.

Hormones? PMS? Tiredness?


But seeing as I'll proddly never tell anyone, I might as well chuck it in here before another 'lighthearted' post.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Another Thursday, another kickboxing class


Went a lil better than last week tho, I think.

I went thru my drawers (chest of drawers, not undies) and dug up my rib-moulding sports bra - DEFINATELY DON'T REGRET THAT! However, my shoulder is sore - methinks I need to adjust the straps a little....?!

Anyways, there is point to this -

Kranki has pointed us to this site, and because I lack imagination, I've been looking EVERYWHERE for things I can sketch and send in! Note: I have discovered that your sketch doesn't need to be any good for you to be able to see one (they're all approved before they can join the 'swappage') but I'still d really like to send a good one through!


I haven't thought of one.


I though I'd show you a drawing illustration of something I realised at the gym tonight anyway.

In kickboxing tonight we were doing a circuit thing that involved something we do fairly often - one person kneels while the other person does situps and punches the mitts thusly:

Being the person on the left there, you're left with a lot of time to catch your breath, look around and become a bit more self aware.

Here's what I learnt tonight:


Each time the mitts get punched, you feel the wobble in your arms:

So you tense your arms, and feel it in your boobs:

Tense your arms and your boobs, then feel it in your belly:

Tense your arms and your boobs and your belly, then your partner will think they're not hitting it hard enough and will try to hurt you:

Relax too much and, well, y'know...

*tee hee*

Time for bed!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Taking Compliments AND Becoming A Real Girl

"She said you're really good with the kids - really patient!"
"Ah" I mocked "It's because I'm so maternal, heh heh"

Why did I have to mock in my response? Why couldn't I just take the compliment?

"Really? She only had nice things to say about you..."
"It's all an act"
"Maybe you've been overly influenced...?"
"No, because I've seen more and I'm more with the other side"

Why do I make other peoples problems my problems? And why did it hafta take me saying out loud to my mum to realise jus how petty I can be?

"It looks good hunny - you're beautiful"

Why can't I just take the compliment without pulling a face or making a smarmy comment?

(So here's the second part)

The last compliment was nice enough, but then the hole got dug deeper.

Basically? It would appear I go to efforts to make my self unattractive - I could be beautiful, but I seem to make some effort to hide myself as plain jane - so not many people can see how beautiful I can be, not that he really wants any other people to see it anyway...

So I'm taking it on board...

Can anyone give me any hints on how to not be a plain jane?

The thing is, I'm lazy. I like my comfy pants around the house, I like my tracky dacks and sloppy joes, and I like thongs and jeans and singlets when it gets warmer. I don't wear makeup (my concealer is from my year 10 formal), I can't straighten my hair and I can't do anything with it other than attempt a straighten or put it in a ponytail.

I don't know what's cool, I don't know what's attractive, I don't know what's in, I don't know what's hott or nottt.

So I'm asking for a little help for a mini-overhaul.

Any ideas, ladies and gents?

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Mike Goldman you C-DAWG


(Also - who's a good vegan? Enny is! I did the groceries this arvo and bought TWO types of beans (including the one in the cupboard that's THREE!!!), two types of tofu, two types of veg burger and lotsa fresh veg! Go team!)

Friday, September 01, 2006

Another of those 'circle of life' things.

SO. I was at the doctor this arvo to get my 'ladies pill' script refilled and decided I'd pack in a few questions to get my money's worth - I actually booked in with the 'lady doctor' such was my desire to not get ripped off (see: here).

So, after she went through the typical 'you're happy with the current pill you're on?' and started scribbling out the new script, I jumped in with the 'I had some questions about that cervix vaccine?'...

Now, some of you should be aware of this - it hit the news this week. They released a vaccine to the public on Monday, that, administered over three shots, prevents four strains of HPV - two of the strains are directly linked to the development of cervical cancer, the other two are more complimentary. It's not on the PBS yet (ie, costs the full $155 per needle (x3!)) and they're currently lobbying to get the needles done at school, similar to the Rubella etc they do at the mo'. The main issue is a bit of a sticky one... for the needle to be fully effective (ie, 100% effective at preventing the 4 main HPV strains) it has to be administered before the girl is sexually active - they're currently estimating between 9 and 14.

"Well, it's not yet in the computers and I don't have any information, and to be fully effective it should be administered before a girl is sexually active... how long have you been sexually active?"

*quick calculation and cringe*

"Um... about eight years...?"

*THE look*

"well.... I suppose I could handwrite a script and you can go think about DOES say it's for people aged up to 26..."

I also managed to walk out of there knowing that my clicky knees aren't quire ready for the gunk clearing tube to go through them, and a referral for a blood test so I can get my Iron/B12/folate tested (beats my last appointment where the doctor just told me that, as a vegan, I should 'um, just watch your iron and calcium - I think that's what vegetarians don't get much of' (end consultation)).

I haven't got the vaccine yet - seems v few places have it in stock atm, so I'm gonna hafta see about getting it ordered in and making the doctors appointment (and getting my dad to pay as he offered and I don't have $450 to splash around in atm - I think if he hadn't offered I wouldn't have decided to get it as it's obviously a bit, er, late for me to start.. but YOU try and have that convo with your parents!!!).

As I was milling around the chemists waiting for my boring-sounding-microgynon-pill to be ready, I walked past a woman who looked familiar... OMG! my internal monologued tooted IT'S YOUR FIRST BOYFRIENDS MOTHER!! HIDE!!!! And I did. Until the chemist called my full name out loud to pick up my script

Chances of running into the mother of the boy who deflowered you on the same day you're refilling your pill script and contemplating a jab directly linked to how long you've been hitting it?