Wednesday, March 29, 2006

All my P!mps n B!tches!

Who's who in the magical world of Enny-Pen?!

The Hun:
Lovely Boyf of over 2 years, Housemate of over 1 year and givee of half his belongings should the unspeakable happen *knock wood* of over 6 months. Some history can be found here, but as he is my favouritest thing, he tends to pops up every post or two.

**** Family Peeps ****

Obviously my Dad. In his forties, public servant (inherited), GSOH (obviously inherited) and enjoys a bit of a dabble in the grog (seemingly v inherited).

Obviously my Dad Mum. Also funnily enough, in her forties, public servant (inherited), GSOH (obviously inherited) and enjoys a bit of a dabble in the grog (seemingly v inherited).

Eldest Bro:
Only 11 months younger than me (he's the same age as me for 24 days in March). Metro, dating my old housemate and also a public servant.

Middle Bro:
Heh heh heh. Three years younger than me and was long the subject of middle child teasing, but he's come good. He dropped martial arts and picked up computers when he was in primary school, resulting him being 6ft tall and over 140kg. Has dabbled in rugby and is currently on NuShape and lost over 10 kilos and has one of the funnist senses of humour when he wants to share it!

Youngest Bro:
Also known as 'the favourite', he is 4 years younger than me. Still does martial arts and has scrubbed up a bit since I made this pic and didn't post it (he hadn't had a haircut in over a year at the time). He also has a blog but it hasn't been updated in a while - his current hobby seems to be administering a 'secret' forum which he won't tell me anything about...

**** Friend Peeps ****

I've known her since Primary School - way back in year 6. When my 'friend' in year 7 ditched me coz 'her mum wanted her to have more friends', she invited me to sit with her and her friends - she only really wanted my Dorito's ;o). She's half owner of the Monash House with Eldest Bro's gf (thus saving me from the Chifley House-o-doom), started me on WeightWatchers, teaches Jazzercise and, as you can see, is very tall, pale and blonde!

I've known her since Gf1 invited me to sit. We didn't hit it off at all in the early years - theories are that she thought I was 'taking her spot' in the group, and a 'What's your problem Gf2?' 'You! You're my problem!!' incident have now become a bit of a running joke. Very funny, very smart and very pretty, she's the one who I 'played soccer' with over the last two summers.

Eldest Bro's Gf:
Lives with Gf1 and dating Eldest Bro, post them meeting at a Monash House cocktail party. She's also very smart and funny, a WeightWatcher and gym-freak!

(Stands for Martial Arts Good Friend, BTW!) Have known her a long time, only really started to get to know her around my first dan grading in early '98. We've had our ups and downs but have been running our martial arts schools for quite some time now. She too is very smart, works very hard and is a natural at what she does.


tokenwoman said...

You added South Park pics though- that makes yours way cooler :)

Enny said...

It's kinda cheating coz I had already done the work ppl and had the home ppl saved, but "Awww, thankx" nayways =o)