Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I'm not paranoid - If I could black over faces and details in all my photos life would be hella better....

Still basking in post-grading glory, I thought I'd have my own go at photoshopping a few photos of the grading, proddly moreso for myself than anyone else.

So, let the games begin!

This is me beating up on the 'other gal' grading with me. See how I've got her right hand in my left? See how it's bandaged? Yeah, I'm a bitch and was so nervous I forgot it was hurt. It's also funny because in the unedited photo (I'm serious! that's not my real face!) I'm looking all angry and tough and stuff and she's a gimpy-handed cripple (since sneaky breaking practice).

Don't feel sorry for her - here she is getting some back on three pieces of wood with her elbow. She broke em and, according to our master, looked priceless with relief when that happened.

And here she is getting some back on some our first and second dans. She's kneeing my brother in the balls here (the guy on the left does that eyebrow thing all the time in real life, and the guy on the right is one of ones I had to tell off on Monday so he gets a dumb face).

This time I'm the one attacking my brother. I cut my finger open on the first break, so I'm actually covering his uniform in blood with my 'enthusiastic' contact.

This was one of the fights. I just wanted to include it because I'm winning for once and there's not much proof of that anywhere else *gloaty gloat gloat*

~ TJ: Hope you noticed the lovely garden outside ;o)

Here are the first, second and third dans after the grading (obviously one of the more relaxed poses). Sexiest damn school in Canberra.

And here's my toe after I pivotted all the skin off it and had to trim a chunk off with nail scissors to stop it flapping around:



ChickyBabe said...

This is a hoot! I love the faces...brilliant work!!!

The Student said...


sheriff of nothing said...

Great work witht he little faces..

Enny said...

Thankyou! Thankyou! You all is so wonderful!

Student - If I could turn back time I'd let YOU be the one to trim the dead skin off with nail scissors... did I mention it was THICK skin?!

CB & SoN - what faces? That's what I normally look like!

{I swear, gimme some extra greasy pizza n two cruisers n I'm Jerry frickin Seinfield...} ;o)

The Student said...

This online flirting has to stop Enny.

Enny said...

Ooh, but I just can't help myself.

I know you want my sweaty pussy dirty skin flaps buddy, you can just give up on the pretend disgust.

The Student said...

sweaty pussy dirty skin flaps

Hmmmm...... no.

Enny said...

Alright, I'll be honest - it was half for you, half for the google searchers - don't cross me off the Christmas card list ;o)