Saturday, January 19, 2008

Happy 500th!

Well, it's 10:18 and I'm stuffed full, with half a glass of wine to go!

First - the evidence:



And if that wine looks a little small I'd let you know it's about 'standard' drink size and that cruisers are 1.3 standard drinks... plus it was all I had left in the bottle and couldn't justify cracking another... plus I couldn't phyiscally fit another cruiser on my insides my outsides are another story.

So - it's 10:27 and I FINALLY get to read those questions - wahoo!

(Pre-PS - I totally apologise if this is EXTREMELY anticlimatic.)

Question One from "Secret Admirer of Yellow Faces": 500 posts... wow! Where did the time go? Congratulations on the milestone :). With what you know after 500 posts, if you were starting blogging now, what would you do differently? Happy 500th!

WooOOOoh! Well, it definitely took me a long time to get into my 'stride' (look who has tickets!) but I think that I would advise that you don't just write about whatever you can think of to fill space - my uni posts are a prime example of what not to do. Bloggers do often say that they write for themselves, but that's not true - if they did they would just keep a diary or email their friends or write into the newspaper. As a blogger, you do write for the people. So don't try to bore them to death, do try and keep things interesting. If you had a friend who only ever talked boring details about people you don't know, would you keep in touch with them? I don't think so.

(Now, off to reread the past 499 posts for some severe editing!).

Question Two from Alyndabear: Erm.. I won't ask the real name one, since I sort of invision you as an 'Enny', hee. How about a blogging one.. What blogs do you read DAILY and why do you love them so? xo.

Don't feel bad, A'bear - a lot of the bloggers I have met do still think of me as an Enny! The thing is, I'm a BIG fan of reading ALL of my linked ones daily - I will admit it has been easier since I've started using Google reader. There are quite a few that I do read as soon as I see there has been an update, and they are as follows:
Perez - because I am totally obsessed with Britney and am waiting for her to reveal that the past however long has just been a bizaarre publicity stunt/experiment.
Lolcats - because seriously, who doesn't?!
Yourself - because you are a daily blogger and I love reading about your 'new' life overseas.
D'jen - because I am obessesd with her life as she is so lovely. And I apologise if she no longer likes her nickname, but in the same way I will always be Enny etc... ;o)
Adam - because I love it when he updates and I wish he lived here so we could be better friends.
Desci - because I have met her and read all her posts differently now that 'know' her.
Mick - because I have also met him and I love reading of his adventures.
Sarah- because I have read all of her backposts and she has an amazing style to accompany her amazing stories.
Lulu - because (again) we met (AND WENT CELEBRITY SPOTTING OH MY) and we're in quite similar points in our lives.
Two Peas, No Pod - because they have a beautiful daughter and they are a good source for vegan things.

Now - if you're not on this list it does not mean I don't read you daily, nor that I don't love you because if I didn't you would not be in my feed OR stored in my favorites if I can't feed off you *snicker*.

Question Three from Mars: which blog/blogger do you desperately want to meet in real life? which blog/blogger do you wish you could be more like? which blog/blogger do you (secretly) kinda think sucks?

Heh heh - straight to the point huh?!

In real life - Yourself because you are a piker and chickened out last time. If that doesn't count then Martie because I think she is awesome and would be great to hang out in a pub with.

To be more like - Sarah, because she has such an engaging style of writing. Or Dasbecca, because I think she has the cutest son in existence and I fear motherhood for the fact that my (hypothetical) son could never be as fantastic as Elias is.

Who sucks? - That guy that left freaky comments of RYWHM, creating blogs full of comics mocking her - COMPLETELY MENTAL. Also, I have a hard time reading forums/comment blogs without rolling my eyes at the fuckwits and pressing the red cross in the top right corner. It seems that anonymous commenter's on 'topic' blogs are an annoying pack of whinging c*nts most of the time.

I get potty mouthed when I've been drinking!

Question Four from Adam: If your family was actually made up of bloggers you know, which bloggers would be your mum, dad, cousins, brothers, half-brothers, nieces, uncles,etc? Would you marry any blogdudes or chicks? Is 3 drinks enough for some truly, great drunk blogging?

Heh heh - I'm not entirely sure at this point, you tell me! I'm thinking I might have to top up at the halfway point (after question six) but we'll see how my bladder/liver/dignity is coping at that point.

Well, I'll assign parents, brothers and sisters.

Firstly, Erica would be a sister because she knows more about me than most and I think that's what sisters do, right? Plus she has awesome taste in style so could fix me up propers, and give me hints on good music and places to hang out. Shauna would be an awesome sister because she would keep me in check about body things, TJ would be a good sister for telling me when I looked like sh!t and helping me out, and Audrey would be a great sister for keeping everything real and bringing it to poetry.

You would be a brother because you picked on me and my man shoulders pretty much as soon as we met, so you're free game as far as I am concerned - that is certainly how my brothers and I treat each other, but you are much nicer. Mick would be an older brother because he seems good with the advice,

C of Two Peas would be my mum (even though she is too young) because I read most of their posts as coming from her, and Mr B'b'rry would be my father (again, too young) because he seems pretty awesome a dad AND I COULD FINALLY PUT A FACE TO A "NAME".

Would I marry any bloggers? Trent because he is uber sexy and d'jen because everything she lives I feel I'm living too. And she would make me awesome clothes and style tips.

Question Five from Sarah: A Death blow is a Life blow to Some;Who till they died, did not alive become—; Who had they lived, had died but when; They died, Vitality begun. Emily Dickinson.
What's the most dangerous thing you've ever done?

Wow... just, wow. That is the BEST spam I've ever got! Most dangerous would probably be a tossup between nearly drowning at Tuggeranong pool when I was in primary school, and being hit by a car when I was in year 11 (1998). The near drowning is partly responsible for my all consuming fear of deep water, and the car accident meant I could not cross a road unless at a crossing until only a few years ago. Whilst the near drowning meant that snorkelling was one of the most TERRIFYING things I've done, I guess it was not that dangerous - although accepting a travel sickness tablet of a stranger in Thailand was in retrospect pretty dangerous. I guess the first night I drove my 200sx I nearly fanged it into a lightpole with two of my bro's and a bro's friend in the car was pretty f*cking stupid and pretty dangerous, and I did do a lot of unlicensed driving when I was on my L's and my friends were drinking... the truth of it is that I am just too much of a pussy for danger, it does not sit well with me! So now I am curious about the most dangerous thing YOU have done!

Question Six from Adam: Jumpasodasdoausdasdhasdyasdasd asdasdkuyasdjhs Asdasdiuasdasjkldj asldaosdasdh akjsdhaisdhasjdbh Asdasdasd Asdasdliuasdj,hasd Asudbaisudbsjsbn Can you please name your first born 'Blogger' and your second born 'Facebook'? Is the Hun totally drunks right now? Can you dare him to shotgun a can of beer right this very second?

Haven't I answered one from you already, mister cheeky?! The answer to the first question is no - I'm sorry! I am hoping that my first daughter will be 'Eva Elise' and I do hope that my first son does have 'Joshua' in his name, but that's as far as I have gotten with that. I will ask The Hun now for you...

Enny: Oi! Adam wants to know if you are totally drunks right now?
The Hun: Me? Me? I'm not totally drunks.
Enny: Adam and I dare you to shotgun a can of beer right this very second.
The Hun: I don't have a shotgun.
Enny: No - to shotgun. To shotgun a can of beer.
The Hun: *blank*
Enny: Hunny?
The Hun: What shotgun. I don't have a shotgun.

I'm sorry Adam - sometimes I think he thinks this is his own comedy site... you totally need to ask him how they moved the Big Merino ;o)

Question Seven from Jen: Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah how's that for filler :) K, my burning question is.......what color(s) would you like your scoodie? no, that's not really it, here's my real ones:
** (If) you didn't have to work for money, what would you spend your days doing?
** If you knew you only had 24 more hours to live, what would you do in your last day on earth?
** Would you travel to space if you were given the opportunity?
That's about all the good ones I can come up with, you can answer all of them or just choose one if you like! Look forward to reading the post!

My scoodie? Black would be good I think - with purple inside! Also if you could make me a hoodie jumper with long sleeves with holes in them for my thumbs to stick through I would quadron off a corner of my room and set up a shrine for your greatness :o)

If I didn't have to work for money I would spend my days fostering dogs. I would pat them and play with them and then walk them and feed them and coo at them all day long. Then I would come home in the worlds best mood, have a lovely meal, go to bed, get up and do it all over again. I could not think of a better way to spend my days!

If I had only 24 hours left to live? I would write a will to keep it all fair. I would ask The Hun to marry me because I am selfish and immature and could not imagine him being with someone else and happy. I would get my star tattoo on my foot and a Bjork tattoo down my spine saying "Carry my joy on my left, Carry my pain on my right" in lovely script.

The Hun: What's shotgun? Skull? I don't want to do that. Don't say I don't want to do that. But I don't want to do that.

I would have a banquet lunch from Kingsland delivered to wherever I happened to be at 12pm. I would fill a room with well treated pomeranian puppies and roll around in it for a while (not hurting them obviously!!!) lapping up the love and the cuteness. I would fly to the Great Barrier Reef first class and snorkle in the coral. I would invite my family and a great big bunch of friends (RL and internet) to fly up and we'd have a massive party in a 5 star resort. Then at 11pm I'd retire to my room with the bestest view, ask The Hun to spoon me while we talked for my last hour and then I'd hopefully retire peacefully (probably repeating the Hail Mary because my year five teacher told me that if you say it in the minute before you die you will go to heaven).

Would I travel to space if I had the opportunity? Nope. Because heights scare me and I'd fear burning up on reentry. I would settle for seeing a picture in really high definition. And maybe a quick ride in the zero gravity room just to see what it's like - but I don't think I'd enjoy it!

Question Eight from Lulu: Question time: Sorry they are so dull!!!! Oh and if you have answered these somewhere on your blog before just ignore them (or point me to a link!) Enny's questions
1. If you could buy anything in the world right now, what would it be?
2. Have you ever started or spread a rumor about someone? what was it?
3. Be honest- How many hours a day do you REALLY spend on the internet?
4. What would be your ideal girl`s night out (or in)?

The hun's questions:
1. when are you going to propose to darling Enny?
2. What was your favourite part of Japan when you were here?

Man, I am sorry I can only come up with lame questions?! Good luck for you 500th post!

Heh heh - not lame at all!

If I could buy anything at all right now it would a house. A big one, with a spanking new kitchen, polished wood floors, an awesome entertaining area, ducted heating and air conditioning and no bills to pay. Because then I could get a puppy!

Have I ever started or spread a rumor? Not intentionally... though I am guilty of misinterpreting and unintentionally over exaggerating things I have heard, so perhaps I have!

Time on the internet? A LOT. I come home from work and turn it on, looking at my feeds and my facebook - at home I'd say it's on as follows:
Mondays: 9 - 11ish
Tuesdays: 5ish to 11ish
Wednesdays: 1030ish to 11ish
Thursdays 5ish to 11ish
Fridays 5ish to 11ish
Weekends: Whenever I am home and out of bed.

Pretty terrible, huh?! I turn it off when I'm at the gym and stuff, but I keep it on when I'm watching TV, eating dinner etc. Plus The Hun's lappy is always on because it takes soooooo long to boot up.

My ideal girls night is hard to define, because I do tend to be a bit more comfortable with guys! But, I would say we would start at my house eating the dip of awesome and drinking Brown Brothers whilst we played the Wii. I would have an outfit planned that made me look slim and sexy and my hair and head would be looking faboo. We would head out to a club that was not full of skanky 18yo twig girls and all my favourite songs would be playing and all the guys would watch but not do anything inappropriate. We'd cab home and I'd fall asleep in the arms of my lovely boy and wake up with no hangover. HOORAY!

Now - for The Hun's questions, he guessed what one of them would be, so don't be surprised if he answers with something pre-meditated and totally comedic ;o)

Here goes!

Enny: Hunny, Lulu wants to know when you are going to propose to darling me?
The Hun: Just put "dot dot dot".

(He ain't answering that one!)

Enny: Also - she wants to know what was your favourite part of Japan when you were there.
The Hun: Kyoto.

There was some discussion about how to answer this in terms of places or times - but he really liked Kawa's restaruant in Kyoto next to the Traditional Inn we stayed at - he did say for everyone to visit Kawa's. That answer aboveis the long story short, with some convinving from me that just answering 'dot dot dot' to the questions asked of him would not make him popular, even if he doesn't want to be popular.

You know what guys are like when their girlfriends have been drinking ;o)

Question Nine from Desci: So here is the bit of crap at the top. Enjoy this bit of crap, which is finishing up... ... ...NOW!
1. What's the stupidest thing you've ever done?
2. In your whole life, when have you been the angriest? The happiest?
3. You've done martial arts for a lo-HONG time. D'you reckon you could kill someone? (I know you're a pacifist, but I'm saying are you physically *able* to?) Say some big guy was about to rape and kill you, so it's you or him. Or something equally as morbid (god! Sorry).
4. You can eat one food for the rest of your life. It's cruelty free (so if it was meat, say it was from cows who were treated like pets and lived long, deliriously happy and free cow lives, then died of old age) What would it be?
5. Actually, yeah. What's one food you wish was cruelty free, or one food you've struggled with the most when becoming a vegan?
Don't worry if you don't have time to read them all. CONGRATS! Can't wait to read the post! Dxo.


I guess the stupidest thing would be the same as the most dangerous from a bit before ALTHOUGH taking back my stupid f*ckwit cheating ex was a stupid idea as it wasted three or so years of my life that could have been much better spent than ruining my self esteem and making myself thing the two of us were better people than we actually were. Heh.

The angriest I have ever been? Being quite passionate, it seems that almost every time I am properly angry is the angriest I have ever been ;o) I would say that the time I went off the deep end at The Hun for something I can't even remember (proddly about getting married) and just blasted him in a post which was up for about an hour I must have been pretty freakin' angry. Funnily, I was REALLY angry at my mum after I had the dream she was eating baby turtles she found in the backyard of the family home AGAINST MY DIRECTION - that anger was under the surface every time I saw her in the week or so after that. Even though it was a dream. I was also pretty angry when I lived in my first share house and The Hun's ex drunkenly yellingly and tearingly confronted me that she could not cope with the two of us being together and I overheard one of our friends saying that The Hun had traded down. Ooh - and when the firewall prevented me from getting Bjork tickets and work - so angry I nearly cried at work!!

Happiest? I would honestly have to say the night The Hun and I *finally* hooked up at In Blue - he kissed me on the top of the head. For the next few months or so I remember thinking to myself that I finally understood what it felt like to be one of those people that said that they could die straight away and die happy. Aww.

Could I kill someone? You know... I'm not sure. They say that a lot of training is about honing your instincts and whilst my initial-initial instinct is to jump and gasp and squeal, my next instinct is pure panic. Like I have a point even when The Hun is playing around that gets crossed and he ends up a little hurt - because I have a fair amount of control and understand his balls might be of value to me one day. But I think that were I attacked I would work on hitting pain points as much as I could - eyes, throat and balls. I would try to get out as quickly as I could, screaming as loudly as I could, and look for weapons that could also be used to subdue the attacker. If they stopped moving I would not keep hitting until I saw brains, but I would keep hitting until they stopped moving towards me.

That IS morbid!

If I could live on one food for the rest of my life, I would say it would be the DIP OF AWESOME because it is healthy and has lots of different ingredients and is eaten on lots of different things (if you want the recipe, email me - I'm not sure of the copyright coz I was given the recipe over the phone!). When I was younger I often told people that if I had to live inside one giant foodstuff it would be a sausage roll because it was full of hot salty meat and surrounded in crispy crunchy pastry.

I was an unusual kid.

One food I wish was vegan was Blue Brie cheese. Because I loved Brie and I loved Blue Vein cheese. That said, it's proddly best for my waist line that it isn't because I could eat that motherf*cker for breakfast, lunch and tea.

Question Ten from Mick: LALALALALA - THIS IS FILLER - LALALALALALALA Ok, that should be enough. My Question for you, and here's hoping you're not a Sam Two-can :) This question is a little bit based on what I have been going through in my head lately. If you got to the point where you wanted to quit the Public Service and find a new vocation in life that could still support you financially and you would enjoy, what would it be?
It's probably a little deep for after 3 drinks, but am interested in the answer! Happy 500th! *hugs*

Heh heh - I've never heard of Sam Two-can!!

If I was smart and rich enough, I would love to run a foster home for abandoned/mistreated animals. I could look after them and make them happy, then people could come and buy them for a reasonable price after I'd checked out that they did really want them to love them. That way I would be happy all day, I'd be helping the suffering and I'd be making new happiness with the new pets and owners. At this point it's not really viable, so I would probably try being some sort of vet nurse or with the RSPCA, but without too much distress. Because animal suffering turns me to tears and I would be miserable. To everyone.

Let me know more about this sea change as it comes to hand!

Question Eleven from Jac: Ok, I thought it was about time I got on this band wagon and sent you a random question for your 500th post. Enough ramble? Ok, let's get to it. Question: Have you ever faked it? And you can interpret that whichever way you like, but I'd be interested to know if you've ever told a lie (or a series of lies) so big that it's affected people and events around you? Has it gotten you into trouble? Ok, that's all. This is going to be fun! w00t! Jac xox


Okay. Well. I don't believe that I have intentionally been involved in a lie that affected people in a ripple... although I remember when a good friend was going through a stint of ecstacy use against my approval and I confiscated his pill. He called me up on Christmas Eve begging me to bring it to him and, because I was a good/bad friend I took it out of it's hiding place and got in Dad's car to take it to him. I was so angry at my friend and inexperienced in using this particular car that I actually reversed the front corner of the car into the side of the house - my dad was less than impressed. So I guess my covering my friends ass affected quite a few people that night! I also stayed with the boyfriend between the stoopid ex and The Hun for longer than I should have but he was just so nice - even if I wasn't really 'feeling' it... he told me he'd already pictured me in a white dress (although, this was after only six weeks!).

I think that my 'brutal' honestly gets me into more trouble than lying - I will tell someone/say what I think, they will find out, I will have to explain myself. Like the issues that I had with eldest bro's gf many moons ago, or when I argued with The Hun over wedding related things, or when I voice my dislike or disagreement with someones belief or action or situation.

Question Twelve from someone whose blog name I'm unsure of if they even have one so I will refrain from posting it: OMFG I have to write stuff so that Gmail doesn't spoil the surprise
for you! Cogito sum, ergo cumquat? Okay, so here's what I want to know: what's the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you at school? For me it was probably an
incident involving chocolate iced coffee.

Hrm... there was the time that I wore pyjamas to school as part of a sports today and literally went in the pyjamas I wore straight to bed the night before so forgot to wear a bra (although I was a total bean pole in school so it was not so much of a travesty!). I wore bright red bike shorts under my school dress that had holes in the thighs and I think people saw. I started the hairy part of puberty in year six which was embarassing in itself. I wore socks over my stockings and got told by my nemesis on more than one occassion that I just shouldn't. There was the time I went to give blood but got knocked back because of an incident involving bodily fluids. There was also the multiple occassions I thought I should be a singer for music and no one could hear me so I kept failing. Basically all of my schooling was an embarrassment ;o)


It's 12:29AM and time for this shenanigan to come to a close!

I hope it wasn't too anticlimatic or boring and you enjoyed the read.

Thankyou SO MUCH to those that participated and SO SO MUCH to all of those who have read me, commented, linked me or let me hijack your podcast! It's been so much fun, it's been a pleasure to meet the many of you that I have, and it will totally be a pleasure meeting the rest of you that I do!



Amanda said...

Nigh nigh Enny!

That was rather entertaining :) Good job... I probably would have taken forever to get through all those, I think a couple of hours is a good run for you.

Congratulations... 500 is quite the achievement.

LaLa said...

Happy 500th Enny! I can't believe I forgot to send you a question, but then, I am a bit shit like that.

Congratulations xx

Cléa said...

That was so much fun to read. I wish I'd sent you a question.

Happy 500th Enny! Your post has given this newbie the right kick in the pants she needed.

Enny said...

amanda - I'm glad you liked it and thankyou for reading!

lala - Heh heh, no worries! Thankyou :o)

bemused - I'm glad it was good to read, I was unsure how it would go down! I'll let you know when post 1000 is coming up ;o)

Lulu said...

Congrats on your 500th post! It made for an entertaining read...and you do indeed get a little potty mouthed after a couple of drinks (For me I am like that all the kids at school no how to say `crap`....)

Glad you could answer my questions. Tell the hun he is a bum for his ... answer... But I understand. I think if I asked Shun he would have a similar answer....hehe! Actually when my friends or I ask him when we are going to get engaged he answers `ato de ne` meaning `later`

Will have to check out the resteraunt in Kyoto next time I am there. I was there just a couple of months ago and should of gone then but didn`t know about it!

Anonymous said...

Question Twelve was me. Boy, I think that shows that I need to get back into blogging more frequently!

Great post - here's to another 500.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I am impressed. You got through it all, spelling intact.

Potty mouth is good. We condone that.

Good job on the half thou. You'd better still be around for the four figures!

Teej Mahal said...

From your description, I've got myself cast as an acidic Joan Rivers-esque snark, who loves to pick out people's fault.

Yeah. I guess that works...

Lara said...

damn, i'm impressed that you were able to get through all of that! i probably would have given up halfway through. :-P

Adam said...

Ahhh The Hun cracks me up, I think this blog should turn into a The Hun tribute site.

That was very entertaining young lady and a superawesomeworthy 500th post.

I'm surprisingly okay with no skullage, there really isn't any need to give in to internet peer pressure...

Enny said...

lulu - yeah, sorry about that - I try to be a bit more restrained when I write typically! He knows he's a bum, he's jus not that into talking about it... I think you'd be hard pressed to find a guy that was! I can find out the name if you like? It's next to the traditional inn we stayed in, it fronted a sewery river thing :o)

flashman - heh heh - I didn't want to put a RL name up there just in case! Thankyou.

mick - why thankyou! And can you imagine ANOTHER 500?! I can't think of what it would be like then ;o)

TJ - no no, not intentionally nasty! Harsh but fair ;o)

lara - I think the drinks helped!!

adam - Ugh. Just you wait - he is all dismissive of it, but he will ask later what people thought - he is totally the shrinking voilet that turns into a piranha plant a week later :o) I'm glad you liked it - and he's more of a sipper than a skuller, so I didn't think it would ever happen!

Jen said...

That was so fun! I might pinch the idea at some point :)

You know I am all for the lady marriage thing, so if The Hun thing doesn't work for you anymore, you know who to call :P I can make you cool clothes and you can have my back when we go bar fighting, a match made in heaven really :D

P.S I am down with the "D'Jen", I just didn't so much want the delightful part anymore. Now the D can be anything... like dirtyjen, daringjen, dangerousjen, etc :P

Enny said...

d'jen - go for it! It's super exciting to do because the suspense KILLS you - it's a better type of suspense than horror movie suspense (which I HATE). I will keep it in mind - I have your number et al :o)

Sarah said...

That was great, I enjoyed it very much!

And thanks for the kind words ;)

Enny said...

sarah - glad you liked it! And my pleasure :o)

Unknown said...

Congratulations Enny!!

cristy said...

500 posts! Congratulations.

I liked the question about what you would do differently. I agree - many of my posts could do with a good long edit.

Thank you for the kind words. I am very flattered.

Enny said...

chantel - Thanks!!!

cristy - thankyou! It was pretty good, if only there were a way to go back and make it all awesome without having to rewrite another 500 - and you're welcome :o)

Anonymous said...

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