Friday, March 23, 2007

Welcome to the Enny-McLeod

That's right - name change time.

Last night I nicked out of my tute a little early to meet up with dadsy and youngest bro and dadsy's long time friend at the Polish Club.


Merry Muse!

The bistro had closed so I popped over the road with youngest bro for a bag of hot cross buns for dinner and settled in to hear Women in Docs from 8pm - I believe I've seen them before at the Folk Festival and they were absolutely fantastic. The type of songs from the heart that are so suitable for careoke. After the show I came over all fangirl again (as per Holly Throsby) and bought all the CD's they had to sell and loaded them onto the EnnyPod as soon as I was home. I will say that they are one of the few bands that sound better live too - not that their CD's weren't awesome, just that they let loose a little more when on stage - and that's how I hear it when I listen to the CD's.


The main attraction!

Mr Rory McLeod.


I've mentioned him here before - most notably on this post after picking up a copy of one of his CDs. The long of the short of our history is that he was at the first folk festival I ever went to, after which I went home and memorised all the songs on his Kicking The Sawdust album which I still love and have always joked to The Hun that I was going to marry him. Youngest bro also ordered the entire back catalogue the other month so I cannot wait to hear all the ones I am yet to hear.

I mentioned to the family that I believed he was to be at the folk festival this year (courtesty of the blogmeet!) and middle bro checked out his website to see that there was unfortunately no mention of him touring the folk festival this year BUT he was doing a show on Thursday night.

Women in Docs were scheduled to start at 8pm - dadsy and youngest bro were seated at 6pm, while the setting up folk were still madly rushing around getting it all ready - hence reserving us a table right at the front!

Enough rambling - I just want to say that if you EVER get the chance, you MUST see him. He is so charismatic, passionate, funny and I wasn't the only girl in the room who was swoony for him! He proddly only played 8-10 songs in the just over 2 hours he played as they're long songs by standard but he was just able to talk to the audience in between each piece. And you know how sometimes you go to a gig and just want them to shush it up between songs and sing? He was not at all like that - I just sat and smiley gawked the entire time.

Similarly to the Holly Throsby show, there were also some rude biatches in the audience. Sitting right in front of me were two 30ish-something biddies out for a night on the town, who perched themselves at their table to share a piece of cake and whispered to each the ENTIRE WiD performance. At one stage, the older one of the two pulled out her mobile and wrote out an SMS and showed it to her biddy friend before sending it: Waiting for Rory McLeod and listening to Women in Docs, you'd really like them. Wish you were here. YES I'M SERIOUS! They would not have been 3 metres from the mic's into which they were singing and were brazen enough to disregard all manners like that! The non messaging biddy even had the nerve to turn around halfway through a song and ask me if they had CD's for sale - Grrrr.

Anyways, as Rory's show was long, people were actually getting up and walking out - I guess that's what happens in Public Service Town at close to midnight on a Thursday... but I was NOT upset to see those women get outta there.

The organiser guy was signing for Rory to wrap it up with two more songs and he put out a call for what his final song should be. Someone called out for the Fruit Shop song that I didn't know and he finished on it and he got loaaaaads of applause. So came back for encore and asked which one he should play now... dadsy and his friend were really keen for the Copper song but I couldn't help but cheer out for the Mariachi Love Song that is the final track on Footsteps and Hearbeats. And I'm so glad he played it (but feel a little bad I didn't support the Copper song for Dadsy and Co).

And the best part?

Oooh yeah - he is EVEN HAWTER when he is hugging you for a photo.

I've been giddily counting the days till he returns in 2008.

*fans self again*


Artful Kisser said...

Wow! I love Rory McLeod. Didn't even know he was here. How lucky are you?

Enny said...

A'kisser - Super lucky!!!