Thursday, November 01, 2007

Hooray - uni is done!

We'll see how well it was done in December - the final exam this morning was okayish, but a little too similar to the one I completed earlier in the year where it all seemed fine and dandy and I walked out early, only to find out I nearly failed. Ah well. I need to get 50% on the exam to pass the unit, at which point I would be on 70.2%... I'm trying not to get too excited.

I should also point out I've had two cruisers, one of which was a double, after my run tonight.

Running is going well - there was a bit of a blip in the radar over a misunderstaning between middle bro, myself and his friends over a pink DS but I kept it up (and found out they kept it up) and all is good in the world. He also managed to recuit another 3 or 4 of his friends, so now we look like a bunch of crazies walking and running around a school oval, yelling at each other to STOP! every so often; me shuffling and lagging up the back; middle bro panting in the middle; and the two newer fittest friends bounding along at the front. What was awesome was that the seemingly fittest of middle bro's friends had to walk it out tonight, whilst middle bro and I managed to soldier on. It's a bit mean, but it's nicer to be fitter than someone, even though I feel sorry for the poor guy who didn't have the advantage or participating in the earlier weeks with us.

The Hun came for the run on Tuesday with me, and spend a large amount of the time trying to lift his knees up for some bizarre reason that made sense to him at the time, but left him with calf pains, whilst I managed to stick it out. Again, deriving happiness from others failures (ignoring the fact that he brought it upon himself).

The running has also helped middle bro in other ways - he derived himself an eating plan and has been working with eldest bro on his gym work - he's lost 20kg and is back to the weight he was in year 10, and almost the same level of fitness. How's THAT for results?!

I, on the other hand, am back up a few kilos.

HOWEVER, my blood pressure was the perfect 80 and 120 thing the other week and my B12 is good again. BUT my iron is down - looks like more tablets for me whilst I work on getting more veggies down my yam.

I started Skinny Bitch last night - did you know carcinogenic meant cancerous?! I think I knew the two were related, but didn't really KNOW. I'm looking forward to the rest of the book.

I'm off to ANOTHER wedding this weekend - in the Blue Mountains *which I love*. Should be good - The Hun is bound to enjoy himself more at this one, plus the scenery is beautiful. Not SO keen about the long drive, but will see how al lgoes.

OH! MY! GOD! Could the Sydney Festival be more disorganised?! They were supposed to release the lineup today, indicating times and costs etc for their shows, including Bjork's, but NADA. I think they're also the place to book tickets through... I've pinned my hopes on calling the opera house direct to order and hoping for the best (I called them today) whilst simultaneously trying to book through the Opera House website. Tickets are rumored to be betwen $120 and $150 and a limit of 5000, I cannot WAIT for this show - FANTASTIC!

Oh, I'm sorry - this totally should have been dot pointed. I think the vodka's kicking in - I best be shutting down!


alyndabear said...

Congratulations on uni being done.. and the RUNNING! I've slacked off over the past month, I really need to get back in the groove.

Anonymous said...

Yay, congrats on finishing uni! Feels bloody awesome hey?! :)

And BIG YAY on your running! How inspiring :) So many people do the first week of the C25K program and then stop, so it's awesome to see you and your bros persisting!

Keep the reviews of Skinny Bitch coming too. I'd love to know what you think once you're further in.


Enny said...

a'bear - thankyou! Although it's not much of a run, I'm still keeping up with it :o)

brooke - does it ever! At least until next year - d'oh! It's funny the way it works - you do one week and you're pretty stuffed, then you do the next week and are about the same level of stuffed but the previous week seems so easy! I never thought I would be looking at a 3 minute run as a 'break' - although to be fair it's more of a shufflety-shuffle than a run :o) Expect a book review when it's done!

cristy said...

Congrats on being done for the year. It must be such a relief. I hope that you have a lovely summer break from Uni.

LaLa said...

Congratulations Enny!

20 kilos? What sort of eating plan did your brother devise?!

Steph said...

Well done on finishing Uni. You should be still drunk my friend!

Rosanna said...

Bjork is awesome! What a fantastic end of uni party too.

Congratulations on finishing uni - most exciting moment ever xo

Enny said...

cristy - thanks - It totally is and I totally will!

lala - thankyou! He's started doing a lot more exercise and he's got a more sensible dinner and lunch happening each day - he could be doing more, but I'm not entirely sure. It's pretty awesome - he's at the weight he was in year 10, and almost as fit as he was then too!

steph - I feel like I am - have done SO much rushing around over the last few days - I think the end of 2009 will be an ever bigger party ;o)

rosanna - I KNOW! More on THAT in a second... each semester is dragging on - can't wait until I've done my final semester ever!!