Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Praise the blue cord!

That blue computer cord that goes into the flashy box has made my lappy run a little faster - though I STILL can't play Scrabulous...!

Anyways, wedding fest has drawn to a close - I shall celebrate this in the form of dot points to make it easier to skim.

  • The four hour drive seems quicker there than on the way back;
  • It rained Friday night, poured Saturday morning, cleared up Saturday lunch, got amazingly foggy Saturday afternoon, stormed Saturday night and blew a mental amount of wind on Sunday morning.
  • We ate dinner with one of The Huns good friends and his gf on Friday night at the Hydro Majestic where we were staying - $230 bill for dinner (3 x entree, 4 x main, 3 x dessert, 1 x bottle wine, 2 x glasses vodka)! I don't know that the dinner was worth it - the meals were small, they got my drink wrong the first time, they forgot the creamed potatoes and they spilt wine on the table twice.
  • Also - don't think I'd stay there again - it was a 'discount' rate at $235 a night. The rooms were pretty small, there was no bar fridge facility and there was no hot water in the sink and cold water in the shower on the first night. They also charge an administration fee if you leave anything in the room - they assured me that the $100 charge on The Huns card was the bank fee and that it would be returned and that they found nothing in the room (though I've lost one of my crocs!).
  • Spending the day with the groom on Saturday was an interesting insight - the poor guy was pretty frazzled, he seemed to be doing multiple errands all the time, scattered all together.
  • The outdoor wedding was held in complete fog which was amazing, until it started to get cold. But she looked so beautiful and so happy, and the boys scrubbed up really nicely.
So - hoorah to wedding fest of 2007, and congratulations to the three lovely couples!


Amanda said...

It's not just you- I couldn't play Scrabulous this morning either, I meant to leave you a message letting you know, but ran out of time. I'll see if it's working when I get home.

The wedding fest seems like it went off great, for all three couples!

Enny said...

amanda - thank GAWD! Let me know when you can do it, and I'll see if my internet is being naughty still :o) And yeah, it was quite lovely!

DelightfulJen said...

Oooooh, the fog picture looks really nice, and what a cool story for the grandkids.

$230 is pretty exxy, I have found that the more expensive places are never quite as nice as the cheaper ones. I don't love really fancy food and I think that you expect heaps more when you pay lots for a meal so it's harder to meet those expectations, you know?

So glad you had a nice Wedding-Fest, despite the weather :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! that fog must make for some amazing wedding pictures!


Enny said...

d'jen - totally. The photog was REALLY excited about the fog. Yeah - it was a lot... A LOT. The guy got a small steak on some mash for $38!!! We woulda much rather gone into Leura, but the guy was pretty intent on staying in. But yeah, it was lovely :o)

deb - I can't wait to see them! Hopefully they appear on facebook so you can see them (all my pics are on my facebook!).