Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Google Feeder

I've finally set up Google Reader, after having not had quite enough time to keep up to date with my reading.

So far I've only set up the first section - putting the actual blogs in there. However, I can't get it to work for Ampersand Duck, Culture Strain, DailyWTF, Dawei, Deb, Michelle, Sarah or The Food Whore. Any help/ideas?

Also - I,haven't put "The 'Other' Ones" in yet - would you recommend it for things like I Can Haz Cheezburger?, Perez or Go Fug Yourself?

Did you always know I was this much of a noob?


Enny said...

Two more questions :o)

- Is there a way to see who has subscribed to your site in there?

- Is there a way for a Statcounter to account for readers through a reader?

Again, yes, noob.

Lulu said...

I put everything in my google reader including news, earthquake updates, blogs and things like Perez etc...

I read all the blogs and when I have time or am looking for someting in particular I will look at `the other ones`

Can`t help you with the blogs that you can`t get in there...Although I know it doesn`t work for private blogs (ie deb) and that is just the way it is....I don`t think there is anyway around it. I have a couple blogs I can`t put in mine either!

Hope you figure out the kinks!

Lulu said...

your site counter doesn`t count visitors looking from a reader...unless they click to go on your page.

non-Blondie said...

hey Enny, reader is awesome for trolling blogs but not looking like a freaky stalker - I'm usually doing it at work and don't want to be showing up on your stats as spending 3 hours looking at one post. I'm pretty sure theres no way to track stats of people subscribed to your rss feed, but you can tell you are being subscribed to if they click through to your page from the reader from the referring urls.

Also, some of your subscriptions might not work because they don't have an rss feed enabled...with those ones I made a folder and added all the links so I can just check them every now and then for updates, without having to bookmark them on the computer or remember a bunch of urls.

Go Fug Yourself doesn't show images in reader, so you have to click through to their site anyway, but it does show when they have updated. Also, I think you should ditch Perez and go for DListed.com - much more hi-larious and less ass-kissy, but again, images dont show up in reader whereas Perez's do.

Anonymous said...

I have ICHC on Bloglines... works perfectly. Yay for kitty goodness! :)

Hope Max is doing okay *hugs*

Rosanna said...

I would never put in Perez - your google reader would be flooded with posts every day! In fact, I used to get so overwhelmed by the number of posts I had to read that I stopped logging in. Now I probably have about five billion.

Enny said...

lulu - I totally shoulda asked you all this earlier!

lulu - I should stop looking at it then, shouldn't I? ;o)

n'blondie - I only get like the first paragraph of each of your posts? I will have to have a look at work, that's a great idea - and I woulda thought GFY would include pictures, being a main part of the post?!! I look at a lot of celebrity sites, but I will keep an eye on DListed :o)

Brooke - I'm glad to hear it works!

Rosanna - That was my fear... I will see whether or not it makes the cut ;o)

Amanda said...

I don't know if you'll notice this little comment all the way down here... but:

For things like ICHC and Perez, I'd just organise them into a seperate folder. I have two folders for blogs, one for general news, and one for Entertainment news. You could put the things that are likely to have a billion million updates in a folder out of the way, so they're not so annoying. If at any point you don't feel like reading them, just click the "mark all as read" button, and they'll stop showing up as unread.

Enny said...

amanda - I get my comments emailed to me, so I definitely get it! I check them at work a fair bit, and I just managed to clear 400-something off my list, so I'm feeling pretty established and efficient. I tend to read all the proper blogs first, then move on to the 'other' ones if I have time.