Sunday, May 21, 2006

T'wo - the aftermath

Hosted my second t'wo party last night to varying level of success.

I started cleaning jus before lunchtime and finally showered n sat down around 5:30pm, totally stuffed and feeling like jus vegging out... I pretty much did!

- My Boss rocks up on the dot, cruisers in hand;
- Mumsy rocked up 20 minutes late but ordered (and gave me the can opener keyring she won);
- My two old housemates arrived right on time - Eldest Bro's gf was a pleasant suprise as they'd been down the coast all day; and
- Dadsy's sister arrived an hour after start time and receipt of a "Did you forget about me?" phonecall.

- Most Senior of the Other HR Ladies called in with non-attendance due to her continuing flu;
- Middle Techo Guy messaged to say he was coming down with flu (unlikely to attend in first place as he has just suffered the unfortunate loss of his grampa);
- Martial Arts friend called to say she was stuck down the coast with a broken car;
- Other Martial Arts lady doesn't even reply to 'are you still coming tonight?' msg;
- Lady married to Marital Arts student (and her mum) got sidetracked but will order and host; and
- Mumsy's sister piked but will order to 'get me over the line'.

For a paltry attendance rate, it actually went pretty well! I still have bliploads of food (as I was aiming to feed twelve guests plus myself and the T'wo lady and others who were meant to come over at 9pm) which is poorly timed - I'm starting another diet bet tmr *sigh* (What happened to the last one? Ask me and I'll tell you!) .

Cruisers, Vodka Sunrises and Frozen Margarita's were drunk; tim-tams, spinach triangles, clinkers and banana-caramel tarts were ate; and jokes, gossip and laughs were shared.

And I tell you - May is the month to be hosting this! For FREE (ie no cost to me) I am on track to get a cookbook, a red microwave jug, a grater, a pikelet scooper, a 'mystery pack', a hostess 'bonus' pack, a flat bottom scoop and the start of my cupboard collection!

AND I have also increased my T'wo keyring collection to contain a grand total of the following:
- Pink Go-Flex
- Long Fridgemate
- Can Opener
- Peach Wonderlier
- Kitchen Scales
- Shape-o Ball
- Rock'n'serve



Erica said...

Yes, what did happen to the other diet bet?

Enny said...

*hooray!* Thanks for asking ;o)

I'll fill you in on this one shortly too!