Thursday, August 31, 2006

Do you know what I love most about going to the gym?

I love being breathless after the warmup, then being partnered with the spunky instructor who remarks 'you don't like to run, do you?' just before I then have to lay in front of him to do situps and punches into the mitts so that he gets the full effect of my stinky pre-worn gym clothes and sweaty stank.

I like it even better when I can feel my belly and handles and wobble when I run.

And to top it off, what I really love, is to catch my reflection in the mirror as I tug up my bra straps yet again and realise it might be time to buy a new one as my boobs are flopping around (in time with everything else) and the worn out bra cups makes it look like I've got giant norky devon slappers.

And the moment of realisation that this may have something to do with the instructors earlier comment.

Did I not inlcude the asterisk to say this was sarcastic?

SO. I just thought I'd let y'all know that upcoming events (tournament, friends wedding, bridesmaiding, ppl not believing I'm vegan as I pack on the pounds) has had me back on my own WeightWatchers regime for a few days now. I was emailing gf1 with my daily point intake but taken it up a notch (*BAM!*) and started a blog for my diet.

(original, non?)

Nayways, I'm not expecting any obligation to go read it, but it may be helpful/entertaining/interesting to some out there.

And I'll have it riced up with statcounters and weatherpixies and those slidey counters in no time, believe you me.


Jessikah said...

Hey Vegan Girl, Jessika from WW forum here :D

I enjoyed reading your blog, it's very interesting!


fluffy said...

Give the spunky instructor an accidental punch to the face for me won't you?

Well done with the new regime.

Rom said...

Dude, berlei sports bra, comfy, not bad looking and it in no way resembles aviator goggles, unlike some maternity ensembles I have to subscribe to these days.

Go the flapping devons. I laughed so much at that mental image. ;-)

Enny said...

jessikah - welcome! I'm going thru yours at the mo' ;o)

fluffy - thanks! I DID kick a lil low a few times, so whilst it was out of lazy-leg-heaviness, we can all pretend it was malicious!

rom - i'm gonna look into it over the weekend - i DO have a good one (feels like it's reshaping my ribs when I wear it) but it's somewhere in the depths of my room... glad you liked it ;o) Whilst i may sound flippant about it, it wasn't really THAT funny at the time...! (PS - not jealous of the mat bra's at ALL!)

Ukulele said...

Stick with it Enny. From one sister to another who has also unexpectedly packed on the pounds, results will come.


Enny said...

ukelele - why thankyou! Will do =o)