Monday, September 18, 2006

What do you MEAN stop procrastinating!!

People - I need some help.

I have a hens day to go to early next month, and it's a day at the races.

Having never been to said races before, I have no idea what to wear.

The way I see it, there are three options:

Option #1: The first dress (in the middle)
This was my 'hooray I lost tonnes of weight' dress - it still does up but is a lil snug (keep in mind I jus had some curry for lunch and there is still time to slim down!). I've worn it to a cocktail party (seen above with gf2 and gf1) and my uncles wedding in Brisbane - but I think only one person was at the cocktail party (like Feb 05) that will also be at the races.

It makes me happy to wear it as it will forever be known as my skinny dress
Outdated? (You know I'm not fashion minded)
Worn a few times before.
Forever navel gazing to ensure everything is tucked away.

Option #2: The Other Dress
This was bought specifically for The Huns cousin wedding in Sydney, and was also worn to a wedding earlier this year - no one at the Hens Day has seen it worn before (For reference it finishes a but above the knee).

I like the colour.
Has not been seen by people attending.
Gives me neck pains/chafe combined with navel gazing.

Option #3 - A new dress!
Perhaps people will let me know what sort of thing I should be aiming to wear and I can seek it out...

New dress!
Trying clothes on is depressing.



Anonymous said...

Halliwell sez: continue with the summery/breezy look, it suits you and it'll suit the weather. I'd go with dress 2 as they haven't seen it and u somewhat like to wear it..
from you description(self-put downs about wieght) I imagined you to be an cuddy veloptious woman, WRONG. I did not guess the yellow face though.. Do all Sydneysiders have this distrubing facial feature?

What wrong with my moto? AYE!! scary have you been on a bike? You sound just like Erica "I don't wanna live life to the fullest"..

P.S. change back from beta!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

D'Jen said...

I really quite like dres sone, it's very lovely and I don't think it's dated at all.

If you did want to splash out on a new dress, I'd go for something simple and black, then you'll have something timeless.

Maybe have a bit of a browse for something new, and go with one of your old dresses if nothing takes your fancy.

I really do quite like dress one though.

Tee said...

Found your blog via another's, hope you don't mind me putting in my two bob's worth:
Go the new dress - the stores are chockas with new fashion & a girl always wants to feel good in a new outfit. Otherwise if the $ or enthusiasm is short, go Option 2 love the colour & yes, even green will go well with the yellow orb of your face(??!!). Love it!
Hoo wee, a day at the races, great fun!!! Enjoy.

Boysenberry said...

I'd go dress number one.

Lulu said...

I like dress number one also. But since shopping is also an option you could go for that also...

I have to choose a dress for a party next week, and then from the same two dresses I have to choose one for BB's wedding....Might do as you have done and post pictures.

Shopping in Japan is not an option as getting depressed while shopping here does not even begin to describe what it feels like to go into shops here (I am size 12 and shopkeepers have actual said to me straight out " um we don't stock big clothes") This is why I think you should go shopping since in Australia it is a lot nicer!

Enny said...

I should get you guys in on EVERY wardrobe decision I hafta make!!!

halliwell - why thankyou for the compliment! I dunno about Sydneysiders (I'm from Canberra) but yellow faces have become a bit of a 'thing'. Heh heh, I just don't like going fast or anything (bit ironic with the turbo car and all!) and I CAN'T change back from beta!

D'jen - if I've got your approval, I'm set! I do need a new black dress (I have got a halter neck one with a bit of a split at the bust with purple/pink diamantes but it's from like 2001) but didn't think black was any good for the races? And it does sound like you do like dress one =o)

tee - no worries - welcome!!! Heh heh, glad option two got a vote as well - I will not rule out buying something new if I 'come accross' one, but I may try and get another wear out of these before I hafta retire them!

b'b'rry - short, sweet and to the point. Me likey!

lulu - I'd vote! Tho I'd like to see a pic of the mauvey one being worn for proper comparison =o) I could not IMAGINE what shopping overseas would be like - at 177cm tall and, ehm, busty, I think I'd be fashioing my own out of hessian sacks and the such ;o)

martie said...

Dress one is nice - suits your colouring a lot more. I think dress two washes you out a bit. (Sorry, not trying to be mean).

Like everyone else though - I'd go for the new dress option - treat yourself for reaching your goals!

If you're going to go black - make sure it's black and white - classic race wear. All black can seem too 'nightclub-ish'.

However, I'd go for something in colour - something fun and flirty (because it is a hen's night after all), in nice spring colours. Maybe a pink, or a coral?

The most important thing is to get your shoes right!!

Lulu said...

Will try them on and post perhaps. Maybe I will even draw smiley faces to help others choose!!!

Shumpei chose the first one for you because he said he liked the swirlyness (??). I think that is what he was saying anyway. Hard when you don't speak the same language!!! There were swirly hand gestures!!

Enny said...

martie - so glad you commented -I KNOW you're the queen of the races!!! No offence taken either ;o) I figured something colourful was the way to go - the theme is 'garters and tiaras' so there will also be a tiara involved (I have NO idea wtf to do with a garter!!!) UGH SHOES I FORGOT ALL ABOUT SHOES... colour recomenndations?!

lulu - hooray - the faces are spreading!!! The swirls are what drew me to it in the first place - i love all three colours and loved them together like that =o) (and tell Shumpei I said thanks for his help!)

Anonymous said...

D'Jen said...

Oh Enny, shoes are my favoruite thing!

Give me a budget, what size heel you're after (flat or high), what type of heel (wedge, stilletto), and any other significant factors (strappy, pointy, slingback) and I'll find you some options.

tokenwoman said...

I like dress number one. Who cares if it is outdated, cause if you buy a new dress, and it is a big race day, you will more than likely see more than one other person in the same dress as you.

When we went to Ladies day for my birthday this year, the young one saw 5 other girls wearing her dress...

As for shoes, don't wear too high a heel- they tend to sink into the grass. Never a good look walking along, completely sober and then having to dig your shoe out of the ground.

Armagnac Esq. said...

How spun out that another Marty/Martie made the same comment I was gonna make...

I think, and I'm not sure how much a lad's perspective is welcome on this topic, but I think the colour in two isn't overly great on your skin. I'd go one or maybe even a newie.

If this is all happening in Melba and you need local bloggers roused up let me know and i'll make up for the beer with zoe and the podders that you missed...

Enny said...

d'jen - excellent =o) My only rules be that they're not too high and not leather ;o) Perhaps if you suggest style and colour and then I can scour around?!

tokenwoman - it's not a big race day, but you're right, there's less chance of someone wearing the same thing as me (seeing as it was DFO bought years ago!) - hopefully d'jen will take your shoe advice for me ;o)

armagnac - lads perspective is ALWAYS welcome! and thankyou for the offer *finishes guilt trip* ;o)

Adam said...

hey chicka, what do you mean you can't comment on my blog or e-mail me? what's stopping e-mails?

Um, I'm sorry, but I disagree with the two lads here, I quite like the second dress and it gives you a much bigger smile. I think the washing out is far more to do with the flash on the camera than the dress - the first photo you're much further away. The first one is nice too. I think any dress you like will make you look lovely/delish.

Also, I hope this doesn't confuse matters but I think a dress you don't feel like you're falling out of is important. I think it's a bit distracting if a girl is hoicking up her dress or rearranging top every few minutes.

Enny said...

adam - I don't know your email address! Valid point about the flash - the second one was taken in almost pitch blackness - you've couldn't see anything thru the camera viewfinder! I think it would be more distracting if I WASN'T hoicking it up ;o)

Adam said...

Nah... people would get used to your bits hanging out after a while. No, what I meant was that if you do buy a new dress, have a bit of a dance in it, a bit of a shimmy, the watusse and make sure you're all good - a good dress is one you don't have to think about or adjust once it's on. You just have to remember once the compliments roolllllllllll in.

Enny for Big Blogger 2006!!

Hmmm, you know, I reckon you could work out my e-mail address if you looked in the top draw/blogspot.

cristy said...

I think that dress number one looks perfect for the races (being nice and colourful and all) and you could always get some new shoes if you were keen to go shopping. But I hate shopping, so I am biased on such issues.

I'm also with your first commenter - your picture and your comments about your weight don't match up at all!

I hope that you have fun at the races.

M said...

numero uno!

(though both are gorgeous!)

Adam said...

Whoa! What's the Official Verdict Of Officialness?

Matty said...

Both are lovely, Enny. That's my unhelpful 2c worth. Perhaps the second one?

PS more Enny internet comics. Here we are now, entertain us!

Enny said...

adam - true, it would proddly be a bit tiresome after a while. I will be sure to fandago nex time I'm in a changeroom too ;o) Yeah - GO ME!! (I don't know what that means?! Email me!!)

cristy - why thankyou! and thankyou! and I will do my best!

m - number one!

adam - looks like number one it is!

matty - i do like to hear that they're both nice - I do worry about my choices sometimes ;o) You want more yellow faces? I GOTTA FIND MY CAMERA CHORD!! I'll endevour to update everyone on pics from the day but don't hold your breath - it's not until next month!!! =o)

Anonymous said...


Sends subliminal/telepathic messages (pick dress 2, dress twooOOOooooOOOoo!)
Also(change back from beEetaAAaA)

Steph said...

Either dress would work, but I think the first one has more of a nightime feel.
About the shoes. Are you doing the members thing or will you be on grass?
Wedge heels for the grass otherwise you'll be dragging half the turf around with you all day.

Enny said...

steph - good point! I'll hafta check where it's at as I'm currently unsure about it all - I don't want to hafta pay $75 and then pay for all my food and drinks as well, so I gotta get some more deets off the girl doin the organising...

Susanne said...

I like the first one. Just get yourself a fascinator and you're all set.

Armagnac Esq. said...

Number one it is, the 'gnac is always right on these matters!

Also, while I think about it, I'm backing what the others say about the weight thing- from a male perspo it would be a real let down if you lost any more!

Now, off to the races with ya!