Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I think this calls for an intro, two big dot points and a closing statement.

I couldn't pick just one topic, or more topics, so it will just be two today.

  • I had my eye test today (I mentioned in this post that I was making an appointment) and it was a truly bizarre experience. I left work after a farewell lunch for a man who was going to give me a job in his team, but who left instead, and drove out to the Eye Hospital for a 2:45 appointment. I didn't get seen to until after 3pm, when a lovely lady asked me to read some letters off the chart and then put some drops in my eyes WITHOUT TELLING ME THEY WOULD STING. I went out and sat in the waiting room for another hour or so whilst my eyes started getting blurrier and blurrier and I could no longer read a magazine, focus on the pictures or play with my phone - I had no idea how much it must suck to need glasses because I just was not used to not being able to focus! The doctor (who was quite the Mr Attractive, if I don't say so myself) called me in, put my chin and forehead against the restraints and shined light into my eyes before announcing I had the healthiest eyes he'd seen all day, I had perfect 20/20 vision, and that the funny floaters in front of my eyes are actually migraines without headaches (as opposed to retinal tearing or similar). That was pretty good news (though I have no idea what kicked off the final 3 migraines I had in 5 weeks over Dec/Jan) though I felt queasy afterwards (and still do). Hooray for not having to have pointy things put into my eyes!

  • Tomorrow I fly up to Brisbane for a dinner with Jen, TokenWoman, Deb, Jac, Jey and Kate - hooray for Nerdfests! Friday I drive up (down?!) to the sunshine coast for a fairly relaxed day, martial arts training that night and two days meditation teaching courtesy of my martial arts school affiliated Rinpoche. This is very exciting for me - I cannot wait to learn more about Buddhism, as well as catch up with students from around Australia. Unfortunately, it is also very stressful for me - there is a lot of protocol for martial arts AS WELL as additional protocol for Rinpoche AND we'll be sitting cross legged on the floor for seven hours both days. Sunday night we'll be hitting the town (which I don't believe will be party central), Monday I plan to bum around, Monday night I'll be training and then teaching, Tuesday I plan to bum around some more and then arrive back home after 9pm that night. Again - how exciting/stressful.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend without me - speak to you soon!


Rosanna said...

Oh, healthy eyesite! Good job. But how very odd that the eye drops stung so much. That has never happened to me before and I have glasses. I say I have glasses rather than I wear glasses because I haven't actually bothered to use them in the past four years.

Have an awesome time away!!

Enny said...

Rosanna - thanks! Perhaps I am just sooky with eye drops :o) Glad to hear you're feeling a bit more on top of the weather!