Sunday, February 10, 2008

Guilty Naughty Pleasure

Monday nights are Family Tea night at mumsy and dadsy's house - a tradition started when the four 'children' had started working in hospitality and it was a rare occassion that all six of us were together for a meal. Monday was picked as it was a quiet work night meant that those of us still training in martial arts training could get home from classin time for dinner. When The Hun and I moved into our little townhouse he scored himself an invite - being my defecto defacto meant he was now 'part of the family' and had to be there - and eldest bro's gf scored an invite at around the same time.

I love Family Tea night - to say it often descends into poor taste is a gross understatement - gross being the keyword. It's almost like having a cluster of us there causes us to exaggerate those traits that makes us so similar and so different, a parody of ourselves. A competition to play up on our 'unusual' sense of humour, our tendency to hold multiple conversations at once and those in-jokes that have been changed and diluted over 20 something years.

Last week I mentioned to my family that I'd bought some ear cleaning drops - I've noticed more often of late that I have to physically turn my ear to someone or something when there is a lot of background noise in order to hear clearly. I told them I'd also 'read on the internet' (code for blogs and podcasts) some stories about people who'd had issue from cleaning their ears with those ear cleaners that are not meant to be used for ears, so thought I should try some other method - in case I have actually been pushing years of wax down into that canal.

Youngest bro was the first to pipe up with just how much he loves cleaning his ears, followed quickly by middle bro and eldest bro.

Youngest bro cleans his out a few times a week, whilst eldest bro only does it on Sundays - a day he looks forward to precisely because he can jam that thing in his ear and wiggle it around. Middle bro started reminiscing about the days when dadsy would clean out our ears - we'd have to line up and he'd dig around in there - though I don't remember it being any kind of pleasurable... in fact, the only thing I remember is that there is a spot in my left ear that would cause me to cough when it got knocked by the ear cleaner.

Suprisingly, mumsy and dadsy looked on in horror, wondering where on earth our combined love for this act came from. The Hun and eldest bro's gf also did not understand - neither of them do it often enough for our liking.

I will admit that I absolutely love the feeling of cleaning my ears - I do it roughly twice a week, and The Hun can attest to the fact that I will stand in the middle of the loungeroom with a goofy smile on my face as I go to town on it. I don't know what it is precisely, because it is very rare that there is actually anything on the bud, but it's something that I could do for hours, or wish could go on for hours.

So how about you?
Do you indulge in this guilty naughty pleasure?
Do you have a different guilty naughty pleasure?


Desci said...

oh GOD you know I love it. Reading this post was almost like erotica. Alas, after being said person to fuck up their ears, I can't do it anymore. SOB!

Anonymous said...

I do it every morning, but I don't find it overly pleasurable. :/
Maybe it's just habit.

Jen said...

Desci, was it EARotic?!

I know, I know, I am fucking hilarious ;)

My guilty habit, unsurprisingly, has to do with feet. I love to give myself pedicures, I scrub all the rough skin, push back cuticles, change toe nail polish and all of that at least once a week so my feet remain soft and presentable. I feel it's the least I can do for the mental health of fellow foot phobes out there.

I am indifferent to ear cleaning, I don't do it with any sort of regularity but I seem to be particularly non-waxy so there is rarely anything to scoop out.

Anonymous said...

Tsk tsk tsk. Cotton Ear Buds are the WORST for your ears. I talk to an ENT once and he told me never to use them. They just result in your pushing the wax further in.

This was after I told him I loved to clean mine and then he cleaned gallons of wax out of it.

I have only used ear buds a couple of times since (about 4 years ago). I do have potatoes growing in there, but I try to get the visible bits out.

My guilty pleasure has to be picking toenails. I love that feeling of ripping off a nice big piece in one go.

Of course this is what has undoubtedly left me with a stupid ingrown toenail...duh

Adam said...


Mick, you tear off your toenail? Holey Moley, that sounds hardcore.

I'm actually the exact opposite here, the thought of putting something in my ear gives me the absolutely heebie jeebies. I'm feeling a bit gross even just thinking about it.

Enny said...

Desci - Perhaps that's why my parents looked so horrified - we were basically discussing porn stuffs at the table (which is a bit of a new one, even for us!).

Racho - Perhaps you're just not doing it right :o)

D'jen - *snicker* nice one - I never thought you would be that foot dedicated!!! I think I'm jealous of The Hun - he does it irregularly and he's always got the goods!

Mick - I know, I tried the liquid stuff last night, but it's JUST NOT THE SAME!!! Also, toenails - ouch/ew!

Adam - it does, doesn't it! Again, I don't think you're doing it right - it's a whole new world of pleasure!

jiminycricket said...

I admit I'm a user...
Although my girlfriend manages to do both ears simultaneously, which I find at once both unnerving and strangely hypnotic.
You could say it was almost aural sex...
But not EAR-otic.
Hehe.. Best ear pun ever d'jen.

Enny said...

j'cricket - you're with good company here, I LURVE the double-budder :o)