Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Quickie Uni Goss Party

Jus a quickie today - I have a 20 page report due tmr that's worth 40% and so far I've set the porchlight on so that baby Jesus knows where to stop in to do a spot of document/workflow redevelopment...

There's a few things that I want to write about too - eating overseas, clothing, my sexy new shoes and... other things.... that I can't talk about because the 'watchers' are lurking and making me hold back... so I need to think some more.

Anyways - the real reason I'm updating?




DelightfulJen said...

No gluten or lactose either?!?!

I think if I eliminate all wheat and dairy this is all I will be able to eat :P

What a good day for vegans, congrats Enny :D

And get cracking on your assignment!

Enny said...

d'jen - POPCORN PARTY!!!

...*back to work*...

Deb said...

Wow thats AWESOME!!! cool... i LOVE popcorn!!

Rosanna said...

Well done! But 20 PAGE REPORT? Le?

Enny said...

deb - you and me both!!

rosanna - hooray! It's currently on 56 pages... it's meant to be 20 pages excluding documents and diagrams, and I'm referencing a 21 page document - hence it's only 14 pages so far... I may not be in bed at ALL tonight.

Amanda said...

Oh no! I hope you slept and got it all under control :)

Enny said...

amanda - well, I was in bed at some stage this morning and there WAS some eye closing...!

Word verification: wizsdly

How awesome is that! Like I wizsdly knocked up my report!