Friday, June 08, 2007

100 things about me

  1. My initials match up to my Myers-Briggs test results.
  2. My middle name came was handed down as a sign of respect to the family that rescued my ancestors in the gold rush.
  3. I was embarrassed about my middle name and almost complained to the school when they used it in a 'team building' task for my year 12 class as 'whose middle name is this?' task (for breach of privacy).
  4. My surname is Welsh for Reddish-Brown.
  5. My family motto is 'Deus Pascit Corvos'.
  6. The name I've picked out for my first daughter is my dad's mothers first name and the name my parents were going to give to the sister I never had.
  7. I would love to have three children - boy, girl, boy.
  8. I don't know if I'll change my name when/if I get married - I hate hyphenated surnames but I'll have a hard time saying goodbye to my current one.
  9. I'm 178cm tall - when I was younger I wanted to be as tall as my favourite aunty.
  10. I had a different favourite aunty before the tall one, but then she turned out to be kinda weird.
  11. My favorite uncle also turned out to be odd in the end - none of my favourites were blood relatives.
  12. I am the second oldest of 19 (I think) nieces and nephews on my mums side.
  13. I am the third oldest of 6 nieces and nephews on my dads side.
  14. I am 11 months and 4 days older than the next brother down from me.
  15. My earliest memory is dreaming when I was in kindergarten that I was having a party and my teachers head fell off while she was on the swing.
  16. My earliest saddest memory was when my parents had to give our two pet whippets away because they kept jumping the fence.
  17. My guiltiest memory is when my Nana died and I wondered why would I be sad when my dad broke the news and told us not to be sad.
  18. My last memory of my Grandmother is when I visited her in hospital and she called out angrily that I'd woken her up.
  19. My last memory of my Pa is sitting with him in the front room of his house where he lay with his dog.
  20. I never met my grandfather as he died of lung cancer while my mum was still young.
  21. My grandmother had skin, ovarian and bowel cancer and I think this contributes to my hypochondria.
  22. I've had a mole, 3 warts and 2 skin tags removed from me.
  23. The first skin tag I had removed was accidentally done by my mother as she was holding the piece of string the doctor had tied on to it.
  24. I had 3 stitches in my finger when I cut it opening a can of dog food when I was 21. I've not opened a ring pull can since then.
  25. I had 7 stitches in my forehead when I got hit by a car and smashed my head into the curb.
  26. I also received the nastiest case of gravel rash on my side that same day - my pyjamas stuck to it while I slept and I nearly passed out from the pain of showering to pull the material out of it.
  27. The day I got hit by a car was 1 month before my 16th birthday.
  28. My boyfriend of the time crashed his car while dropping me home the week before my 17th birthday.
  29. I was convinced I was going to die driving a car on my 18th birthday because of this.
  30. It took me 24 lessons to get my P's.
  31. I had a lot of driving practice over a few years including those lessons - I liked to go clubbing with my friends and then drive everyone home if they had even just one drink... even though that was illegal.
  32. I've done martial arts for 18 years.
  33. I'm the 11th most senior practitioner in Australia of my art.
  34. I've broken wooden boards with front kicks, side kicks, step up side kicks, roundhouse kicks, axe kicks, crescent kicks, hook kicks, spin back kicks, jump spin crescent kicks, vertical punches, horizontal punches, inner palm chops, outer palm chops, vertical punches, horizontal punches and a jump side kick over two people.
  35. I've broken roof tiles with a horizontal elbow.
  36. I've broken a cement block with my forehead.
  37. The most senior instructor of my school described me as 'the most unlikely martial artist but with a heart of gold'.
  38. I used to hate going to martial arts class, but once my parents told me I couldn't go any more because I kept wagging I realised that I really wanted to go.
  39. I never did any other sports and I think my lack of coordination suffered from this.
  40. I remember being yelled at in Harvey Norman in Woden after asking my dad if the toasted sandwich maker he was buying would make toasted vegemite sandwiches - I still don't know the answer.
  41. Before becoming vegan I labeled myself a meatatarian as I rarely ate veggies, fruits or beans.
  42. When I would visit my favorite cousins house, I would apparently only eat large amounts of lettuce.
  43. I only ate dip for the first time when I was 21.
  44. I've never eaten a honey sandwhich.
  45. I want to have two miniature black pomeranian boys named Buddy and Buster as soon as I can.
  46. My favourite colour when I was younger was red.
  47. When we were younger, my favourite cousin and I planned to drive to the 2000 olympics in Sydney in my red Ford Capri convertible to watch the gymnastics - it never happened.
  48. We we younger we would also pretend to host a cooking show - I was Stacey and she was Tracey.
  49. I was really terribly bossy and nasty to my cousin when I was younger and didn't realise until I was in high school and found a recording of us when we were younger. I cried a lot and wrote her a letter and she told me she'd forgiven me - I don't think I can ever forgive myself for being that nasty.
  50. When I was younger I wanted to be a teacher so I could draw on the board and yell at the students.
  51. I have photos of two of my three brothers dressed in drag.
  52. Before moving out of home I lived in the same house for almost 22 years.
  53. I've share housed with 3 other people in one house, two other people in another and now it's just me and my partner - I would never share again.
  54. My worst share house experience was at the end of a party when a housemate went ballistic at me about all her pent up feelings.
  55. It was pretty much to be expected as I was dating her ex boyfriend and she was recovering from cancer.
  56. I have no regrets about that.
  57. I've had four boyfriends in my life and kissed five people total.
  58. I got my first boyfriend when I was 16 - we worked in the same pizza shop.
  59. We broke up after a year and a half when I turned 18 and I started to become a different person - he wouldn't let me break up with him.
  60. So I went to the coast and hooked up with a guy I'd had a crush on at martial arts, only to be treated like it never happened - my first boyfriend accepted then that we were broken up.
  61. I met my second boyfriend at uni when I asked for a lift to an excursion - we'd actually met before but I was drunk and couldn't remember - he remembered me spinning a broom handle and hitting my self in the head.
  62. We dated for over 3 years before I realised I could do better with somebody else (I was cuckolded the night after my 19th birthday) .
  63. Then followed the darkest few months of my life as I coped with being alone for the first time since I was 16 whilst being used by my ex who became power mad and entirely self centered.
  64. I met my third boyfriend on a course at work on the day I bemoaned to my workmate "Why can't I just meet somebody? I have so much love to give".
  65. We dated for roughly two months before I realised as nice as he was, it just wasn't right.
  66. My partner and I started dating just before my 22nd birthday - we'd known each other since primary school.
  67. When I walked to school I would try to time it so that he'd pass me on his ride to school - when he saw me he almost always stopped to walk with me.
  68. I've never had a one night stand and never had any urge to.
  69. I think I compensate for that by being extra crude.
  70. My favourite part of my body is my eyes.
  71. If I could have three body fixes they would be: full electrolysis (excluding hair and eyebrows of course!), belly liposuction and thigh liposuction.
  72. I never realised I had a gap in my teeth until my friend asked how I coped looking at it every day.
  73. I apparently have small teeth.
  74. I cannot stand wobbly teeth.
  75. I fear a lot of things - heights, speed, deep water, not being in control, being buried alive, flying, birds swooping me and snakes or mice crawling up my pants leg and into my mouth.
  76. If I'm in a coma, I don't want the life support switched off.
  77. I often find myself thinking about what songs I would play at my parents funerals.
  78. I have very poor spatial and guestimation skills.
  79. I do not have one best friend.
  80. I find guys easier to get along with than girls.
  81. I'm instantly cautious of girls and do judge, as much as I wish I wouldn't.
  82. I do not like one-on-one things, even with friends.
  83. I grind my nails through my teeth when I'm stressed or bored.
  84. I'm yet to have a haircut I'm entirely satisfied with.
  85. Even with deodorant I can always smell me.
  86. I've never had a professional massage.
  87. I've got two tattoos - one of my family motto that I got with my youngest brother and one I put together myself.
  88. I would love to get another tattoo but don't know where or of what, plus my partner would go absolutely nutso.
  89. I have six ear piercings and a belly button piercing.
  90. I still think that one day I'd like a nose, tongue or eyebrow piercing.
  91. I'm very messy without even noticing - even when I try to be tidy it's never quite enough.
  92. I've sung backing vocals on a CD produced by my college.
  93. I've played the piano and keyboard and wanted to learn the clarinet - I blamed my parents for me not learning as I was too scared to ask for them to pay for it.
  94. I've never inhaled a cigarette.
  95. I've never used illegal drugs.
  96. I've never been to a rave.
  97. I don't want to meet any celebrities for fear of being so awkward - just knowing about them is good enough for me.
  98. I often pretend the world can see what I see through my eyes like a television.
  99. I hope that one day I'll be brave enough to do karaoke - I practice for it enough in the car.
  100. I hope to be remembered for exactly the way I am.


Anonymous said...

That's pretty comprehensive! I don't know if I could think of 100 things about myself - at least, not that I'd want published on the internet.

p.s. #66 & #67 are cute :D

Anonymous said...

Comprehensive indeed! Thanks for the insight!

We MUST go to karaoke one day. I'll get you up there!

meatatarian to vegan. That's one big step :)

So what's your favourite colour now?

Rosanna said...

I'm 178cm tall - when I was younger I wanted to be as tall as my favourite aunty.

JEEPERS! You're SO tall! I am practically minute - and I have always, always wanted to be taller.

PS: Is Enny your real name? I love it!!

Enny said...


flashman - thanks! I thought it would be more difficult than it was - once you get started, it's not so bad afterall!

Mick - my pleasure! One day... but I will have to be VERY liquored up! My favourite colour now? Purple!

Rosanna - Heh heh, do I write short? And it's not my real name, but quite close to :o)

M said...

I am completely in love with #100

What a cool thing to write!

Enny said...

m - Awww *blush* thanks!

Desci said...

*silently shuffles to the back of the queue of people praising you for such a cool post*

Enny said...

desci - Awwwww! Thankyou for the high praise!

coffeesnob said...

#72. that's what friends are for.

#76. that's ok. they can unplug mine instead.

#86. have you ever had an unprofessional one? you know, when it's over you blurt out, "that was so unprofessional!"

Enny said...

C'snob - #72 - HA!#76 - I'll leave a note; #86 - Perhaps! But I didn't say it out loud...