Thursday, May 17, 2007

I sense danger...!


I got to bed just before 4am this morning - I had actually 'finished' at 3, but I couldn't get the stupid email file to send properly... I left it sending while I showered but it still hadn't sent by the time I got out and I wanted Bed NOW so I left it running overnight and shut it down this morning before work (for which I was a leeeedle bit late) (and my hair was still wet when I got to work).

I was telling The Hun about the stoopid home internet after I polished off the last bits of the (mediocre at best) assignment and tried sending it from work - which ALSO wasn't working properly.

"You shoulda stopped the downloads."
"I did!"
"Well, how big was the file?"
"Eleven thousand."
"11 meg?!"
"No, no ... eleven thousand kaybees"
"Hunny, that's 11 meg - of course it wasn't sending."

I know that's a bit big as I tried to email 17meg of photos (zipped) to some friends and it wouldn't send.

Moral of the story? F*ck uni.

That is my favourite saying at the moment - mostly because I say it sarcastically to The Hun many times a night, but Ipause before saying the 'ni' part. Good times.

I popped home after work (heh, almost typed 'pooped') and picked up the lappy so I could see the lecture notes- a collection of slides containing notes from two other units here at the uni, text from wikipedia and pictures of a treacherous path up a hill - one of those presentations that your public servant friends constantly spam you with thoughtfully forward on.

Now I'm sitting in an amazingly comfy chair outside the room my tute will be in in 15 minutes - it's kinda like a futon and low to the ground and feels like I'm resting on a doona.

Last week I made it out to the uni after almost deciding to notify the tutor, only to find that the email I'd been sent stating that the tute room had changed must have been incorrect - there was no one in either the old room OR the new room. I later found out that the email was incorrect, but the third website for this subject (yes! three! why?!) contains the correct tute room. I fricking hope.

Oh noes! Teh internet nearly ates my rambles...

Has anyone googled "Fucking harvard referencing" lately?


Amanda said...

No, I haven't tried googling that. But it sounds like a good idea.
BTW- Would you believe that I am in fact the LAZIEST PERSON IN THE WORLD? I bought the envelope thingy to send you your cd, plus the stamp, plus made the cd and labelled it, but STILL haven't put it in the post box? I'm sorry. It will come. I promise.

Fuck uni.

Enny said...

amanda - I strongly recomend it :o)

That's ok - I thought you may have alraedy sent it and I didn't get it again and didn't know what I was doing wrong!!!

Mummy/Crit said...

Sounds like fun Enny! i'll give it a go...

Enny said...

M'/c't - lemme know what you find! ;o)