Sunday, January 04, 2009

Not a good way to start the year

Do you know what's more embarassing then getting all ready and sweaty in the gym?

Getting red and sweaty in the gym, feeling a little dizzy, starting to stand up then deciding you can't really, then sitting down on the floor near the wall, then trying to get your brothers attention, then him just getting angry because he's already on the next machine and he thinks your telling him to change machines and he has no problem with the machine he's on, then him pulling his headphone out and yelling at you that he can't hear you and you can tell he just thinks your f*cking around, then him finally coming towards you so he can hear you say you think you need some help, then taking your shoes and socks off because it's so hot, and reaching around to maybe losing your bra straps because it's so hot and it feels so tight, then realising you feel sick so you spread your towel out in front, then a staff member comes because your brother told them you needed help, then answering the staff member that your symptoms are that it's hot and you feel dizzy and that you think you're going to vomit, then the staff member fetching you a bucket, then you ask him if you can just lie down and go to sleep, then him saying no because then the room will spin and you'll feel worse and it will pass soon and that you just need to relax, and then you realise that you can't see or hear anything, and then all of a sudden you're aware that someone is holding your headback and you've managed to throw up all over yourself and the floor and not in the bucket, and then you start to feel a lot better even though it sounds like you're underwater, and then you think you hear the girl say that you've shat yourself and the guy replies that it happens, and then there are three staff getting an oxygen mask out for you, then the girl gets you a bottle of cold water, while one guy makes small talk and the other questions your brother so you can fill out an incident form, then you're taking deep breaths through an oxygen mask and feeling it tickle your nose, then you're apologising over and over for throwing up and causing hassle and freaking out that you may have shat yourself, then your bother points out that one of your martial arts studens is walking past, then they give you a tshirt to put on over the new singlet and shorts that you bought just so you could get back in to the new year and lose those 6kg for your wedding, and then you feel a fair bit better and get up to go home and stop in the toilets and find that thank god you didn't wreck yourself and the girl must have been nothing that at least you didn't sh*t yourself and when you're in the car your brother tells you that you passed out limp and started convulsing before you vomited on yourself, then you thank him for helping out and profusely apologise for getting vomit on his towel and promise to return it good as new, then you drop him home and your dad wonders allowed if you have some kind of heart problem, then you get to your house to tell your fiance and he is angry worried because you're just not the type to have the fire to battle through exercise until you make yourself sick, then you assure him you're going to the doctor at 9am on Monday anyway so you will definitely bring it up.

That is.
And I still have a headache and feel funny in my throat.


Lulu said...


I got like that a couple of times due to low iron- which you have also had before right?

Hope your better soon- that really sucks.

I want to lose 8kg before the wedding...(well technically 10kg since I put two of the kilos I lost back on)- I am getting serious. I hope. Motivate each other???

Amanda said...

Oh Enny, that sucks. I hope it's just a case of out-of-character over-exertion, and not something more serious, but I'm glad you're going to mention it to the Dr anyway. Certainly not a fun way to start off a year of gym going :(

Desci said...

I was gonna say perhaps low iron, too... But poor you! It sounds awful! (Though if I'm being completely honest I'm super impressed with your pushing yourself skillz)...

Enny said...

Lulu - very unlikely and I would hope to god not, not only do we double protect (TMI!) but I drink and stuff so it would be TERRIBLE. I have an iron tablet a few times a week and if it were dangerously low then he would have called earlier, I think? But will find out for sure tomorrow. Sounds like a plan to me!!

Amanda - yeah, but then the worry is that I will not know when to stop and will freak about it happening again!

Desci - it was, I hope you NEVER have it - I didn't even lose any weight! ;o) I am feeling a bit fluey today, so maybe it was part of that?

Mars said...

good god woman. i'm glad you didn't shit yourself though, if for no other reason than the preservation of your dignity.

i was out a couple of weeks ago and a guy i work with got so thoroughly off his face on a veritable cocktail of things and he shit himself. we all just backed away and it's never been spoke of (to his face) again.

i wouldn't worry about the puke though, you couldn't help it! all you did was exercise... see, this is what happens and why i don't think it's a good idea for me to exercise. ever.

Enny said...

mars - thankyou, me too! And ew!!!! I'm starting to feel the same ;o)

LaLa said...

Just back from hols and have about a gazillion posts to read, but Mick mentioned you had been really sick. Poor thing :( Hope you are better now.

See? Gyms = bad :-D

Enny said...

Lala - welcome back!!! Thanks... I haven't actually been back yet...!!!