Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I know what birds like

Keyboard tapping.

Tesla is obsessed with it, and displayed his ability for total adorabless by coming over to my keyboard and tip-tapping at the keys. Squee! Until he started to try to lift them with his beak.

Is it too much to ask to buy them their own keyboard for Christmas?
Considering I dropped $50 on a play pen that they don't really like, plus some clean spray and a Christmas toy...

"We are not impressed."


Cinders said...

They are so cute Enny.

Cléa said...

Teach them who's boss, Enny! Nothing comes between me and my keyboard.

Enny said...

Cinders - thankyou!!!

clea - We're doing our best! I'm keeping an eye out for one of his own though :o)